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There has as yet been no publication that covers 'The First Tiberium War' in the late 1990s based on the popular 'Command and Conquer' computer game series. I am now attempting to write a three part Book Series on the War with all the major characters included. Kane, General Gideon Raveshaw and General Mark Jamison Sheppard of the Global Defence Initiative. The First Tiberium War 1997 to 1999 was a war on a global scale resulting in massive destruction between Kane and Seth of the Brotherhood of NOD. Plus the gamut of other characters that appear such as Umagon and Tratos who form the 'Forgotten' in the Tiberium Wastelands. When I have a Book cover I will upload it. I would like to make a custom book cover of high quality to share with you. This Part 1 of the First Tiberium War I have estimated to be approximately 250,000 to 320,000 words. I realise and have read the 2007 book byDeCandido. However this book was just concentrating on one unit of the GDI and did not attempt to give a comprehensive and full accounting of the three Wars involving Tiberium. This book is Part 1 of the First Tiberium War. The other book I mentioned deals only with a small segment from a limited viewpoint of the Third Tiberium War which I hope to write later.