Paladin the path begins

Since his earliest memories Tar'vid has trained to be a Paladin, a holy warrior and defender of the innocent. Now upon reaching his eighteenth birthday he is to face the judgement... a ritual few return from. Should he pass his judgement he will be set upon the path, to walk the world for a decade, before returning home to train the...


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Half of The Sun

She was named after the sun. She was chosen by the sun. She was meant to be his meal. Her duty to let him devour her. In payment for her sacrifice he would continue to bless the village with the rays of light. However, their was one thing she did not know. The sun god did not want a meal.

The Logic Engine

A person wakes up with no memories or knowledge of the world, the only thing he knows is that he has the ability to teleport himself. On his journey he will discover the world as well as his past. Each chapter is an event in his life and in each one of those he learns something new. ( 14/100 chapters)

Empire Of Souls: Pride

{Empire Of Souls} {SERIES #1} Welcome to the life of Hubris Duke. The Prince. The Highest royalty. The Saviour. The Crazy. When his grandfather gifts a young Hubris a locket on his death bed to look after, Hubris doesn't think twice about it being anything other than normal..He was wrong. Welcome to the life...