Bullets through time


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Diana strode forward with purpose, though she had lost any sense of it long ago. She could feel the raw energy of the eldritch realm bleeding out from her body tearing holes in the fabric of time and space, knowing she was tearing apart the universe. She had been warned so many times on her limits as a human with such power and she gripped her pistol tightly in anger. But damn it had felt good to kill the bastard at the time, she holstered the weapon, looking up as a car fell through a rift and de-materialized in front of her in a blast of cosmic colour.

“You have to fight this, you can't let the power dominate you” came a voice she couldn't even recognise now. She put it from her mind as more latent power tore free, wracking her body with pain and searing a burning line through the carpet, the glass windows of the hallway turning into demons at its mere touch and beings of mind bending form poured forth, perhaps sent by Tor Ganoth, and with a stray thought she destroyed them all. Power was raging within her uncontrollably and she knew that any moment now it would erupt and the elder gods would finally know she was ready... especially him. Then she would have a choice, to kill them all and lose what remained of herself, or join with one of them and save what remained of her at the cost of the universe itself. Neither seemed a great option she thought, collapsing to her knees, her duster falling away and blasting away into nothingness in the maelstrom of power swirling around her.

She couldn't keep back the surge any longer and her power blasted forth ripping open the last barriers of reality and sucking the castles remnants into the void of nothingness. As she thought, he was the first to find her, his visage both disgusting and beautiful to her. The being that had kept her pure all these years.

“My love... I had thought this day would never arrive. Yet we both knew it would eventually”.

Rez Kiall Vas shrank from the terrifying demonic visage, a mass of teeth, tentacles and wings and into a form of human size, a perfect female form that walked through the great maelstrom of power without being ripped out of existence, his now long raven hair swirling around him.

He knelt before her, fondling her exposed breasts, it was strange though that she hadn't even noticed the last of her clothing being destroyed and It made her angry beyond measure, she had loved that hat.

He placed the hat back on her head, laying it over her curly red hair. It was her hat of course, just simply taken from another point in time... another reality perhaps and at this point it didn't even matter. He leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips, she was becoming aroused, she couldn't deny it and in a way she had always both loved and hated him equally for his protection.

“So are you ready to join with me Diana as you promised so long ago... or will you kill me?, I know that there is no other choice left to you” he said softly as she looked down at his erection, spreading her legs apart as he licked his lips greedily.

“Together we will be so much more Diana, the others will fall in line with us or be destroyed. From the first moment I found you in the universe, I knew we were destined to be together at this very moment” he told her running his hand down her thigh, teasing her.

“I want to... but there's also a third way” she said sadly, power roaring around them as she stroked his beautiful face running her other hand along his length, seeing his face contort in pleasure.

“I know my love, but the outcome will be the same... this will always be the end scenario for you Diana” he replied calmly with a sigh and backed away.

She tore open a rift in time and threw herself through it with abandon, wondering if this was the first time this exact event had happened. He shouted something after her. but she couldn't hear him now... time was a strange thing.

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Chapter 1

Missy woke with a start, the memories of just a few minutes ago fading away as if from a distant dream.

“Missy” her mother shouted angrily, striking her hand sharply.

She flinched at the pain, dropping her stitching onto the floor, her mother stared at her sternly as she picked up the fabric and put it back on her lap.

“Always with your head in the clouds Missy, how are you to get a husband if you have not the traits he wants” her mother said, shaking her head with a sigh.

Missy hated needlework, cooking and cleaning. She would rather be doing the farming like her brothers, or be a banker like her dad, she didn't want to bare children and be subservient to a husband.

“Missy your doing it again. Now finish your work and then we shall start the dinner” her mother interjected, trying to make dinner sound like a respite from the boredom of needlework.

An hour later she put down the finished work with disdain, following her mother into the kitchen where she put on her apron and sighing heavily, knowing that the next few hours would be spent chopping and peeling vegetables as she looked out the window, seeing her brothers toiling out in the fields with the sun still blazing away.

“Mother, why can't I work the fields and Sam do chores. He's so much weaker than I am” she pouted.

She heard her mother put down whatever she was holding and take a deep breath.

“Missy, we have had this conversation now for the last time!, you are to be a lady and a wife. You will be responsible for advancing our family standing and getting away from... this. Your brothers, god bless their souls will never be more than they are. You are beautiful and tall, with an intelligence you most certainly have not inherited from your father. Now, you will do your chores and learn, next year you will marry and then, hopefully live your life in comfort like me and your father want for you”

She made to respond with indignity, but her mother picked up her pan again and continued to work, perhaps this would be her lot in life after all. When she had moved west with her family two years ago she had thought adventure would ensue. A brave new world she was told, in the west of America where the redskins might carry her away in the night and gunslingers plied their trade in blood. But no such things happened here, trade was pleasant with the natives and there was nothing out here to attract the rogues to town. And so she had seen little of the world around her except out the windows of the house or carriage that had brought them here, her mother not wanting to ruin her pale complexion.

“Missy, Diana, I'm home” she heard her father call as the front door opened.

She ran to her father excitedly and as she hugged him he picked her up, spinning her in the air making her feel like she could fly before placing her down gently once again.

“Your back a day early, what happened dear?” her mother asked with concern.

“It's great news, I got promoted at work. Can you believe it was only last week I said I'd sell my soul for my bosses job and lo and behold he suffered a massive heart attack two days ago... god rest his soul of course” he added quickly.

“Well that's certainly good fortune for you, now go set the table. Dinner will be ready in a few hours and I expect that table to be immaculately laid out. Come on Missy you have chores to do” her mother said stiffly Missy followed her mother into the kitchen again.

Dinner was remarkably quiet as her father carved up the pork roast and dished it out, her mother leading them in the lords prayer as they salivated over their plates. Her three brothers sat on the opposite side of the table to her and her mother, making faces whilst their mothers eyes were closed. Another prayer followed thanking God for the food they were about to eat, they all let out a collective sigh when it was over.

“So father, Missy says you got promoted at work, does that mean we can move into the town now?” Henry her older brother asked excitedly, his eyes wide on his thin face.

“Perhaps, but we'll see how things go over the next few weeks” her father replied, swallowing a mouthful of food and washing it down with a glass of water.

“Hey, no work talk at the table you two” her mother interceded, staring them both down.

Once dinner was eaten, the plates cleared away and washed she was exhausted.

“Come on children, time for bed now. That means you too Henry” her mother said nudging them gently along.

“But mother I'm nearly fourteen now” Henry protested indignantly.

“Indeed, and when your sixteen you may stay up with the adults” she replied and pointed towards the stairs to where their single large bed was where they all slept together. They proceeded in file to bed where the boys drifted off to sleep quickly, snoring loudly. There was still an hour or so until it went dark out yet and her youngest brother Sam nudged her.

“You awake Missy” he asked in a whisper.

“I am now” she replied grumpily, rolling onto her side.

“I wish I could stay indoors all day like you, field work hurts my hands” he complained, raising his hands up.

“Yeah, well being indoors is boring beyond measure” she replied.

Her brother simply sighed in response and they fell asleep together as the sun finally disappeared over the mountains.

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Chapter 2

Missy woke deep into the night needing to use the toilet and she wondered whether she could wait until morning... she couldn't, and using the moonlight to guide her she snuck downstairs as quietly as possible trying not to wake anyone upstairs.

She went outside to the outhouse enjoying the cool night breeze that only summer could make you appreciate. The outhouse seemed so daunting in the dead of night and she moved slowly hoping the devil hadn't come for her this night. She held her breath as she pushed open the latrine door, only breathing out when she found it empty, only then did she plant herself down seeing to her business.

Missy tossed a shovels worth of soil down the hole and went back outside again. There were no lights inside and she was sure no one had noticed her missing yet. Perhaps she'd get away with it this time, she'd rather not get a spanked bottom twice in a week.

The door opened smoothly and she walked in slowly, deciding to sneak a small glass of water before going back to bed. A bang came from upstairs and a blue flash of light beamed against the wall followed by her mother's screaming and a loud, sickening snap.

It took all her willpower not to scream as her brothers bounded down the stairs and hid behind the dining table.

“Get down Missy, father's gone mad. I think he just killed mommy” Sam snivelled putting his hands over his ears.

Heavy footsteps echoed from upstairs as their father came down, his body moving unnaturally.

“Children, come on out now, there's nothing to fear from daddy” he cackled in a voice that was distinctly not her father's.

“Daddy I'm here” said Jimmy walking out from his hiding place and towards their father.

“Good boy” her father said in a sinister voice that made her scream out her brother's name involuntarily.

Her father struck Jimmy with a limb that was no longer human, knocking him through the air and crumpling him against the far wall. She screamed and tears ran from her eyes as the lifeless eyes of her brother glared back at her.

“Come now children, time to meet your mother, especially you Missy. Did you really think we wouldn't find you here?” the creature cackled manically, stalking towards them, it's left arm now a giant crab claw.

The creature smashed through the dining table with it's giant claw crushing Henry who had been hiding there splattering the ceiling with his blood. Sam ran and hid behind her as the creature that had once been her father knocked furniture aside to get at them.

“I must say, your far more helpless than I would have thought. To think you had the gods on their knees at one point. Well, time to die little girl!” it cried in victory.

She pushed Sam aside and leaped in the opposite direction, landing in a heap beside Jimmy's body. Her father's revolver lay beside him with the remnants of the cabinet Jimmy had smashed through.

She raised the pistol quickly, the gun was heavy and she struggled to keep it level as she pulled the trigger. The guns kick threw the weapon from her hands, the loud crack of the weapon making her ears ring.

As she stood and the ringing stopped there was the sound of her brother groaning and crying, the creature standing over him laughing.

“Fantastic shot my dear, you hit him right in the guts. He's going to die a slow painful death... and at your hands no less” the monster cackled.

She burst out crying and scrambled round looking for the gun once more.

The monster was on her in seconds though and she fell backwards, paralysed by fear.

“I wonder if your god really does exist, anyway... farewell Missy” the monster cackled raising it's claw high.

She closed her eyes and waited for death. Then came a shotgun blast and the creature roared in pain, then a second shot, and a third. She opened her eyes slowly to see the monster on the ground, it's body torn apart from the gun fire.

“We'll always hunt you girl, be sure of that” the monster said, almost at a whisper before it's body returned to that of her father once more.

She sobbed uncontrollably as her brother still moaned from the other side of the room, a man standing over her a second later, his face obscured by the shadow.

“This one's still alive” he shouted out, his eyes never leaving her.

“Afraid this poor guys a goner Garrett!” called another man from behind him.

“Come on girl, if you don't lose your mind, I guess your my problem now” the man said annoyed.

He picked her up and carried her outside towards a couple of horses tethered outside, as he put her onto his horse she heard a pistol shot ring out in the night. She was alone now, her whole family was dead and she was being taken by two strange men. Perhaps losing her mind would be a kindness now, the other man mounted his horse and the three of them galloped away from the slaughter house that had only minutes ago been her home.

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