Scorned - gateway to revenge


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Kierdon smiled as he tucked his son into bed, the years had been hard on them both since his wife had died.

"Good night son" he whispered, brushing a strand of Janus' hair from his forehead.

His son slept soundly, perhaps for the first time in months... he'd dreamt of terrors that terrified him. Kierdon had been afraid too, though he'd only heard them, it was strange his son remembered such things on waking though.

"Don't leave us, mommy..." Janus said in his sleep, wriggling as another nightmare startled him.

Kierdon put a hand upon his son's forehead, he was burning up, just like his mother had... no, he couldn't lose his son too, not like this as well.

"Damn the gods!" he cried out in frustration, tears streaming down his cheeks.

As he opened his eyes once more the room seemed darker than before, the small candle he'd lit must have gone out. Turning back to the door Kierdon froze, a stranger stood there, shrouded in darkness that swallowed the light.

"Who are you?" he blurted out, knocking down his chair as he stood.

"I am here to help, the gods are certainly a bunch of bastards yes?" The stranger asked in return, his voice smooth and dripping with ill intent.

"You're a demon... sent from hell to take my son!" Kierdon raged, clenching his fists angrily. "Well, you can't have him!"

The demon chuckled mirthlessly, tapping the doorframe with his knuckles. "I feel you misunderstand me Kierdon, I am here to give you an out. A way for your sick son to live... will you hear me out?"

Kierdon clenched his teeth, so hard they might crack... but what could he do but listen, Janus was all he had left in the world. Collapsing to his knees Kierdon nodded his head and the demon walked towards him, squatting down in front of his face and smiling. The creature would have been handsome were it not for the dark intent that surrounded it. Kierdon winced as the creature ruffled his hair.

"That's a good human. Like I said, I will help you out... but there is a price" the demon said, standing once more and looking down upon Janus.

"What is your price demon?" he asked, knowing he would pay anything to save his boy.

"It's not my price Kierdon, there must always be an exchange, the universe demands it... and call me Konrad, pretty please" the demon replied, drawing a knife from his belt, the blade glinting in the moonlight now flooding through the window.

"The price is... of course, an exchange, your life for his" Konrad stated bluntly, looking back at him with glowing red eyes.

"But who will look after Janus? My son is barely ten years old demon" Kierdon asked, though he'd already resigned his life for Janus'.

"Do not worry so, the universe will not allow him to die... call it part of the bargain" Konrad chuckled, twirling the knife along his knuckles.

"Then I accept the exchange Konrad, take my life for his, gods be damned," Kierdon said with a sigh. "Farewell Janus, I pray you live a long happy life."

The demon's knife flashed in the light and Kierdon felt his throat open, blood spraying forth and covering Janus' body... every drop. As he collapsed the demon vanished, a loud banging coming from his front door.

"Open up damn it!" Came a woman's voice before the door exploded inwards.

As the last of his life ebbed away the woman charged into the room,  warhammer in one hand and a shield in the other.

"I'm too late..." she said, dropping her weapons and checking on him.

"Sa... save... my boy" he croaked with the last of his strength, the woman nodded, her black hair falling over her pretty face and obscuring her green eyes.

"Of course" she replied, standing and retrieving Janus from his bed.

Kierdon was glad Janus was safe now, he could die in peace as the woman took his son from the house and to safety.

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