The House In High Wood


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 Hannah woke up with a start, she pulled down the covers and sat up. She hadn’t learned how to tell time yet, but there were only three numbers so it must have been early. She had school in the morning, but she’d heard something and couldn’t sleep now... what if the monster in her closet had escaped? She wandered over to the closet, reaching up on her tiptoes to grab the knob. The closet door creaked on its hinges as it swung open and Hannah fell back, her long brown hair falling over her eyes as she toppled. When she got up again the monster was still there, his fluffy ears still loosely stitched on and his soft teeth stuck out of his silly mouth.

“You stay right there,” she told him sternly, “I need to find mum”.

She wandered out into the hallway, wondering why the lights were still on, daddy always said he wasn’t made of money, though what that had to do with lights she wasn’t sure. Curling her toes on the hallway carpet she walked towards her mum and dads room, the door stood slightly ajar. The light from inside the room suddenly went out and a man came out in a black robe and a ghostly mask... there was red all over them. He stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing her.

“Is my daddy in there?” she asked, moving towards the doorway.

The man caught her arm and she could hear his heavy breathing.

“You’re not to go in there. You hear me girl,” he panted, crouching down beside her.

Hannah put her hands on her hips as her mummy did when she was cross as daddy.

“I’m going to see my daddy!” She stated, pushing past the man and opening the door, he grabbed her arm, but too late. 

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Chapter 1

 Hannah lay back on her bed, listening to some pop song she cared nothing for, but all the in crowd at school liked it and you never knew who was listening. Rolling onto her side she contemplated the coming end of high school. Her friends were going to be moving away as they found colleges, she guessed that, perhaps, she might be going away too... her mobile lit up before ringing, cutting off the awful tune.

“Hey Becks what’s up?” She asked, her best friend always rang her early on a Saturday, usually about boyfriend problems, but it was nice to hear from her.

“Jason’s rented a cabin up in High Wood, we’re all going up there on Monday... please say you’re coming?” She said in a frantic tone, her words coming out quickly.

“I guess so, when you say ‘we’re all going’ who exactly do you mean?”

Hannah knew, roughly who would be going, Jason Carpenter, Becky’s boyfriend, Robert his brother, Trish Mathis and Fran Kellerman their mutual friends and...

“Thomas is coming isn’t he?” She cut in accusingly, a little angrily too.

“Come on Han, he’s still part of the group. Can’t you just forgive him?”

Thomas was her ex, they had parted on less than friendly terms, though looking back on things it had been a stupid fight. She could make nice, after all it was probably going to be their last trip together.

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