5 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox


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5 Signs You Need a Social Media Detox

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From sugar detox, eating a healthy diet, now we go to social media. Of course nowadays, the old and the young want to be on social media. No one wants to be left out. You can share and know other people’s opinions globally at the comfort of your sit. Unfortunately, it has some disadvantages for your mental health. There are signs you need a social media detox and live a healthier life. Do you feel jealous whenever others post their photos or even admire to live like them? Do you feel lonely whenever you stay long before getting connected? Those are some signs you need to watch out. Check the list below.

1) Social Media Dictates Your Moods

You need a social media detox if your mood relies on your social media. Whenever you post a beautiful picture, you expect many likes. If you don’t get them, that may change your mood. Remember that self-acceptance should come from within. If you have to depend on other’s opinions about you, then there is a problem.

2) You Are Impatient

Social media tends to give you instant gratification. Whenever you post something, you receive immediate feedback right away. You require a media detox if you expect the same in real life. You expect the real-life to give you whatever you need by a click. In your career, you quickly get bored with long projects or even doing some detailed work. If you realize that your impatience level is increasing, then you require a change.

3) Physical Attachment to The Phone

The phone is an important device when it comes to communication. Many people have to carry it around to help them in their everyday business. Can you stay for ten minutes without checking your social media? If you realize that you wake up at night to check it, you need a break.

Use the time to do hope things like working on your dissertation. You can also check https://dissertation-helpers.co.uk/ to learn more about how to perfect your skill of writing one. Don’t waste your time on social media. 

4) If It Affects Your Confidence Levels

Everyone in social media has six-packs. They have expensive cars and wears the best. The ladies have bodies with beautiful shapes. They look happy and have beautiful families. If You keep on comparing your life with others, your confidence levels lower. Take a break from your social media immediately.

5) Mindless Scrolling

What do you do whenever you feel bored? Take a break from your social media if you spend so much time on it. Social media is addictive, instead of talking to people around you, you want to take time checking what people you don’t know are saying.


Social media is addictive to many people. Some signs will help you realize that you need a break from it. They include mindless scrolling, effects on your mood and confidence levels, and even your physical attachment to the phone. 





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