Short Story Collection #1


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Firstly, a huge hello to anyone reading this.

This is the very first collection of mystery novels I have ever compiled and I hope you will enjoy them.

Each story will form part of a larger arc and I aim to create lore that will find its way into other collections as my list of works increase. The main influence for this collection (and hopefully this soon to be series of collections) is without a doubt, the 'Ace Attorney' series of video games made by Capcom. Other influences include Perry Mason, the Persuaders! and various other mystery novels I've happened to read.

So without further ado, please enjoy this collection!

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Chapter One

There's always an infuriating rumour being spread by the older generations that my own generation is one that is 'wet behind the ears', 'severely lacking in life experience' and 'live in their own cotton wool society'.

Drivel. That doesn't wash when the person you're earbashing to has saw five dead bodies, solved the murders behind them and been shot at twice in the process.

Then again, maybe it could be said about the most of them.

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