How to View Your Google Sidebar


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How to View Your Google Sidebar

Google Sidebar comes when you open Gmail website. It is a slide that appears on the right column of the window, it shows the calendar, Google docs, etc. Google sidebar helps you to remember all your pending work, write short notes if you have any critical work in future, and shows your scheduled tasks. You can only view Google sidebar only on the applications of Google. This sidebar will not show on your smartphones, and it only appears on your computer and laptops. Here you can quickly improve presentations by using compelling visuals which include visuals, images, videos, graphs, transitions and animation.

Things you should know about Google Sidebar

Google Sidebar helps you to make your document well managed and make you easy to work with working with Google G Suite application. You can use various applications on your desktop background easily.

You will get some of these options in the Google sidebar:

•    Google Calendar:  You can make your work easier by putting a reminder of your pending tasks, marking on a specific date which includes meetings date or any other occasion date.

•    Google Keep:Here you can keep your important documents and also can share with your colleagues. This will help you to complete your office work on a daily basis.

•    Google Tasks:You can be well organized by keeping records of your document in the column where you want to.

•    Add more applications:You can use G Suite application, in this, you will get many other add-ons in the Google sidebar.

How can you hide and unhide the Google Sidebar?

This option you will get in recent used Google applications. It is located in the right area of the right column.

In case you like to view the Google Slide bar again, then choose View side sheet on the top of the desktop.

Stepsfor opening Calendar:

By opening Gmail, you can quickly get your calendar. This is a very most comfortable way to see your calendar in your Gmail account. The steps are listed below to open your Calendar:

•    Choose the Calendar tab on the list of a sidebar.

This will give you a page of your all recent bookmark date.

•    Open that bookmark date on your calendar.

The steps are listed below to move to a calendar:

  • Open another month page. Choose the bullet on the right column of your recent file and then select your last month or the coming month. Go down to the month’s option till you see your searched month.
  • See you’re another date. Choose last day or coming day till you don’t get your search date. The option of the date you had chosen will begin at the end of your page.

•   Insert an event to your Gmail account calendar.

Go to the date of that occasion and then choose the fixed time for that occasion. Give all the necessary details and then choose Save option after completing that process.

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