New York

From a life of spoils to a life in the modern world. Will Liz be able to change quick enough to go back to her life of riches, or will things change forever?

Until Death

This book IS in English. A girl swore till death she wouldn't lose her purity to a vampire. Especially Ken, the lord ruler of all mortal and immortals. Bent on revenge, Cherry seeks the death of the man who killed her parents.

The vampire

If it gets a few likes i'll write the rest of the story. This is just the preview basically of the beginning story. So If you like it, make sure to mark 'like' on the story so I can write the rest.

Beautiful little misfits

Now the people of New York live in our world. The world we lived in for so long, the world the other people, just didn’t see. We saw it though; we just made it visible for the other people. We broke windows, destroyed cars, and left them to sit on the side of the street, lonely, cold, broken, and sad, just like our souls. In...

Him and I

A gothic boy meets a bubbly girl and they fall in love the first day! (a love story.) All characters and events are fictional and are of the authors imagination.


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Rainbow Connections

It's a painfully sunny day in Eastwick...bright and full of unimpeded life. The birds are singing, the people are terrified--all knees had bowed millennia ago to the mighty interconnected powers of Frankie Wong's Paolo Cladwell, patriarch of the Cladwell Family and owner of Cladwell a new, more feminine threat rises to...

You're Mine

*Major Hiatus* Josie hasn't spoken to Isaiah in about ten years. She sees him everyday at school but they never talk. She put the memories of their childhood behind her. She didn't think he would ever care again. She didn't know he never stopped caring.

Maid For Majesty: Forbidden Fruit

When cunning servant, Madeline Black helps her mistress throw a party, she meets King Alexander, a gorgeous, seductive man who can’t keep his eyes off her. Suddenly, she is sold by her mistress and whisked away to Buckingham Palace to be apart of the Royal servantry. Though she knows his reputation and tries to focus on her...

Off With The Fairies-A Journey From Madness To Recovery

At twenty one I lost my first love, my career and my mind, all at the same time, I was wrongly diagnose with schizophrenia, and went on to survive three years of clinical depression. After being diagnosed properly with bipolar 1 disorder, things didn't get a lot better. I had continual suicidal thoughts for fifteen years, and made many...


Gemini is a lonely, viciously abused little girl with a loveless mother and a dire future ahead of her. She longs for an exit route, a crack she can fit through and escape to a better life. On a night like so many before, she slips into one of these magical spaces: a universe parallel in almost every respect but worlds apart in the...

White Frost

Once upon a time, that's how most of these stories start. But this isn't one of those stories... Christmas is a time of magic and joy. It's the one thing in the world that can warm the hardest of hearts. At least, that's what it used to be like. For the last 200 years, under the cruel regime of the militia, hope and believe have faded...


When Lena was 16 she saw something that no one believed she saw. And for the last 10 days she has lived in perpetual fear of the monster who set his sights on her. On the outskirts of the city she's from she lives in a cabin with her daughter Solene who is kidnapped one night by the very creature she has been hiding from. Desperate to...

The Orphanage

(NaNoWriMo 2015 flop) The boy. The room. The boy in the room. The boy who never left the room. The boy who never left the room because he was locked in the room. The boy who had never left the room... Well not for a long time anyway. Four. Thats how old the boy was when he was taken to this room. Taken to this room never to come out....


I'm not continuing it, but what I did get down was pretty cool. This was a writing exercise I did like fifty years ago, and I just recently remembered that I really liked it.

Try Outs

Clara Bruir, the richest and craftiest woman in 1895, Boston, MA. When she is invited to the governors ball she is faced with a dilemma. Single women women are looked down upon, not exactly wanting to look single she has 'try outs' for the perfect man to take with her to the ball. Clara is happy being single, but she doesn't know what...


|First Book and Prequel In "The End Series"| Year: 2036| It's time for the United Nations Convention again. But are the nation's really united? Rumors and possibilities of war are forming between Russia and America. . Two people. An unlikely team. . A proud American man, and a dignified Russian woman team up and try to mend the...

Soul Burn

Holly watched an angel kill her brother. Now, hunting them down one by one, she plans to destroy the one responsible, but her new friend Ande keeps getting in her way. By the time she learns what’s really happening, it’s spiraled out of control. She has to find the real enemy, and the truth, before the world tears itself apart.