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Wakening to snow white

Aaron woke up in a room lit by the moon and lamp light. The lamps on the walls obviously had light bulbs in them and where fake. The room looked old though, classic bed frame with the tall frame and roof over it. Red sheets and golden tassels it had the classic Dracula’s castle look. Sitting up there stood snow white. Her hair curled in that odd 1920’s way where the curls fold toward the neck. Her skin literally snow white. But her dress was like that of a masquerade party. The skirt poofed around her waist and the top was fitted tight to her frame. Her glassy green eyes made him curse subconsciously. “Shit she’s pretty.”

The lady smiled, “Thank you….” He palm slapped himself for saying what he did out loud. “No worries, it’s been awhile sense I was able to take a complement.” Aaron stared at her puzzled, “what do you mean?” The lady sat gently on the dresser behind her. “All the other men that complimented me I was going to kill. I had to drink their blood.” Wow blunt any? Aaron sat up and scrunched his face, “you killed them for complimenting you?” The girl walked forward with a sigh, “No idiot, I met them at night and already planned to kill them as I led them home.” She was quickly by the bed side, pouring him wine from a nearby glass container. Aaron accepted the wine and sipped it. It was better than chocolate milk, that said a lot coming from Aaron. He gulped it down and wiped his lips, “What is this?” he asked referring his question the brand not the substance.

Taking the glass from him she set it down, walking around the bed to the opposite side she closed the curtains more. Aaron noticed how carefully she was to avoid the invading sunlight. “It’s blood.” She replied with easy. Aaron suddenly felt sick. He grabbed the container and swooshed the drink around. The thickness made him want to barf, it was blood. But the odor, the taste was beyond description. He threw the glass down, shattering it on the floor, “What the hell did you do to me?” he asked just now realizing the color of his skin.

The lady turned from the window, looking at him. Her eyes began to gloss, “I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want to kill you, honest. I thought turning you would be better than letting you die. I just wanted to right a wrong but I messed it all up!” Then the dam broke, her tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Monster or no monster something that beautiful needed not to cry. Aaron slid off the bed and held the woman by the shoulders, he was easily a head or so taller. “Hey, hey. No need for tears, what is done is done. We’ll just have to work around it.” Her eyes lifted to his, tears still streaming down, “really?” she asked, Aaron asked himself the same thing. But why make enemies or hate the only person he has right now? “Really.” He assured her.

Her lips quivered as she spoke, “Oh my gosh, it’s finally happened.” Before he could ask what happened she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. “it’s ok, it’s ok.” He repeated again and again as he stroked her hair. She was finally given a lover, this time she would not let him go.

Love me right

“Fuck.” Aaron muttered rubbing his face as he sat up on the bed. The last thing he remembered was trying to get laid with the lady. He had comforted her for at least an hour; finally he made his move by placing his hand on her behind and kissing her. Then she hit him with her fist, which knocked him out cold. And now he woke.

Walking to the dresser, he looked at himself through the mirror. So the rumor was false, you could see vampire reflections. Sighing he placed his hands on the dresser and leaned forward, starring at his pale self. “ I’m a vamp.” He said, trying to convince himself it wasn’t a dream. “I am a vampire.” He smiled, starting to feel childish. Looking to the door to make sure she wasn’t standing there, he put his hands up, his hands positioned like a bear. He called in a loud voice like Dracula, “I AM A VAMPIRE! BLA BLA BLA!” He wiped his chin laughing at the thought of the movie. It wasn’t just two days ago he thought vampires where fake. Trying his best to put on a serious, seductive face, he grinned and said in a Dracula voice, “My lover, I will fuck you tonight, and make love tomorrow! Mwa hahaha!”

“If you ever say that to me, I will rip off your man hood and feed it to the wolves.” Aaron spun around as a blush painted his face and left. “I-I didn’t know you were there.” With a role of her eyes the lady walked forward. She had a new dress on today, but the same style. The dress was dark purple with a bow on the hip. The top was tight fitted with purple sparkles painted all over it. “Well goes to show what’s on your mind, doesn’t it?” She was still angry about the other night. “Listen, I’m so-“ before he could finish, the lady shoved a warm glass container of blood in his hands. “Shut up and drink, you’re going to have to start catching your own blood. Be ready in ten minutes.” The lady turned and left. Turning once again to the mirror, Aaron grinned as he un capped the bottle and said, “I will drink your blood!” with that he slurped it down.

He felt like a little kid, sitting on his bed waiting for the big event. He remembered when he was little and his mom said they were going somewhere. He use to sit on the bed swinging his legs. It was like time was repeating itself. Aaron laid down just as she came in, “I told you to be ready and you’re taking a nap?” Aaron sat up and starred at her, the masquerade style of dress was getting on his nerves, how about something short and tight? “NO, I laid down just now I hadn’t even fallen asleep.” With a roll of her eyes she turned on her heels, and started to walk down the hall, “follow me.” She called out, already going down the stairs.

Aaron followed her outside, there was no longer a demon at the fence. “Hey when I came here, I was chased by a demon. You know, the type with long black creepy hair, pale skin.” He looked over at her, her snow white skin glowing in the moon light, her long raven hair held tight in a bun. Oh. “Not like you, your beautiful, that thing was…….scary. empty soul, no color in its eyes, like silent hill, or the grudge.” Squinting at him the lady said “what are you talking about?”

Aaron rubbed the back of his neck, she may have electricity, but she had never seen a tv. “Never mind, just….I wanted to know where it went.” The lady walked forward opening the gate, Aaron following close behind. “Probably the spot where it died. You most likely past over the spot on the road, that made it angry. And then once you came here, it’s not allowed in my territory….none of them are. So it left.” Aaron nodded, but it was eerie to think he drove over the spot the once upon a time girl had died.

Aaron continued to follow the lady until finally he stopped saying, “When are we going to find some animal to catch?” With a shake of her head and a sad chuckle the lady replied softly, “we’re not catching Animals.” They weren’t? “We’re not? Then what are we-” Aaron stopped talking as the lady stopped at the tree line that led to the city. “Humans?” he said with regret and sadness.

The lady looked at him with teary eyes, “I’m…..sorry I brought you into this, but you’ll die if you don’t feed. I can’t always catch your food for you.” Aaron then did something he didn’t even realize he was doing. Pushing her against the nearest tree he lifted her chin and whispered only an inch away from her lips, “Don’t apologize anymore. What’s done is done. It’s here and now, not then and then.” Letting go and stepping back he watched as she released the breath she was holding. He could see her body shoot a slight tremble through her. She was getting aroused.

“Listen….” He said leaning back against the tree that was behind him. “I started this friendship off all wrong. Despite the fact I’m handling this vampire stuff fairly well. I shouldn’t have tried to have sex with you the other night. It was wrong and you were in need of just comfort, I’m sorry for that. I admit I am an overly horny son of a bitch, with the mouth of a sailor. But I’m a nice guy if you can learn to get past my childish behavior.” He stopped speaking, watching her green eyes pierce him with attention, he continued on again. “I really am sorry miss…..” he looked at her for an answer, she breathed out on a whim of air, “Raven……. My name is Raven.” He smiled, “well that’s a pretty name, but I am sorry and I think we should-” before he could finish she launched forward wrapping her arms around his neck, crying out, “Just shut up and do me already!” Her lips pressed firmly into his, she parted them allowing his tongue to dance inside her mouth.

He moaned deeply into her mouth as he wrapped his arms around her waist and back. Like in a tango dance he pushed himself forward slamming her against a tree. She whimpered out, causing him to stagger back, tripping and falling on his butt. “Gosh..I’m sorry, I don’t know why I was soo… violent.” He watched as she pulled down her dress, he could see the frustration as she tried to tug it off. Her lips parted and locks of her hair stranded about her head, the bun now sloppy and loose she walked forward, crawling down on top of him. “I know you can’t control it. It’s common for male vampires to get violent.” She grinded down on him while straddling him, feeling his rather excited state. She threw her head back with a moan.

“Please, please. I waited too long for this…for you.” She pleaded as she took of her bra and laid down on the ground, legs apart. His eyes were wide and his smile broad. “What about the other night? You knocked me out for trying to do just this.” He crawled over to her as she spoke. “Please stop teasing me. Just do it!” With a wicked smile he pulled off her panties. “Tell me first.” He said in a hushed tone, studding her frame. He gently guided his finger starting at her hip down her inner thigh. She moaned pressing her head back firmly to the ground. “Please!” she hissed, her woman hood wet.

He had taken off his garments, but he was serious. Why now? “Tell me why Raven, you don’t even know my name, and you hit me for-“ She cut him of, sitting up and kissing him passionately, “Because, because I wanted it the other night but it had been so long I got nervous. I want this, please?”

Though he had been a womanizer in the past, this girl was different. He actually felt something more than an urge for her. Maybe even to go as far as saying he cared for her. And sleeping with her without getting to know her, or she him; would not be caring. “No.” he said plainly, already getting re dressed. “What? What do you mean no? I just offered myself to you, and you turn me down?” He looked at her calmly, already shoving his legs into his pants. “Why? What did I do to make you not like me?” she pleaded, covering a birth mark that rested on her left breast. He smiled, now fully dressed. Crawling over to her he removed her hand. “It’s not that, I could give a crap less about a birth mark.”

She again wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself into him. “Then why?” He held her for a moment, reaching over and grabbing her dress. “Because…” he said as he slid the dress over her head. “I don’t understand it, but I really like you…” he urged her to put her arms through, she obeyed. “ I mean, besides the fact your beyond gorgeous. I like you….just…..there’s something about you that I never felt about another woman. Other than sex, I…..I just don’t know how to describe it.” By this time tears rolled softly down her cheeks. “You mean you Love me?” she whispered, stroking his cheek with her hand. Did he love her? After only two days he loved her? Maybe…….

“I-I’m not sure Raven.” He quickly spoke again as he saw her face fall to disappointment, “It’s defiantly possible, just give me time, ok?” She nodded softly and watched as he stood to his feet. “Weren’t you gonna teach me to catch a human or something?” he asked nonchalantly. She smiled gently and circled her finger in the dirt, “Yeah……what’s your name?” Aaron looked down at her with a smile, “Aaron.” Thinking for a short moment she finally said, “A-Aaron, when will we…do this?” He knew what this meant.

“When..” he started to say as he began walking towards the city, “we get to know each other.” He listened as she stood and appeared besides him. “Alright, that sounds fair.” She said, starring forward at the nearest building. Aaron remained silent. “Maybe, we could….be more than friends though?” she asked in a hushed tone. Aaron looked down at her with a smile, “I’d like that.” She locked her arm in his and said suddenly happy, “time to teach you how to lure.”

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Barbie doll

“Please?” Aaron pleaded with her, he had been asking her to go out to the movies. “No, people might get suspicious seeing a random girl. Your city is big, but not that big. Everyone knows each other.” Aaron sat back on the large plush sofa, his hand resting behind his head. “Fine, I’m going by myself.” Her face fell, “Fine! See if I care, I don’t need you here anyway.” Aaron raised an eyebrow at her. She turned defensively towards the window, her arms crossed and her face crunched in defiance.

“Alright then, I just won’t return.” He said, walking around the sofa and too the door. She watched him, as he watched her and then he left. She was instantly off the couch, swinging the door open. “Aaron!” she cried out, just as he was about to fly off with his bat like wings extended. He turned around looking at her. “Aaron, I love you.” She said softly. He walked the semi long distance up to the door and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her gently. “I love you too.” She fiddled with the gold dog tag he always wore. He said it was his fathers, who got it from the military. It had his date of birth, and death printed on it. “It looks weird with two long slits in the back of your shirt you know.” He hadn’t thought about the fact his wings ripped through his shirt. “Oh…” he said disappointed he now couldn’t go.

“Well….” She pipped up, “Remember how I told you about the man who raised me and all?” Aaron held her tight to him as she continued to play with his dog tag, “yeah, what about him?” She sighed and leaned back, the sign he had learned meant for him to let go. “Well, he has a lot of clothes here, your about his size.” She was already at the top of the stairs as she finished her sentence. She quickly came back with a set of clothes. “Try them on.”

He smiled and went up the stairs into his room. As he put it on, he realized they were a little…old fashion. He could make it work though, just a matter of discarding of the odd ones. After he had finished he wore black pants with a white long sleeve shirt and a vest. He actually looked pretty normal.

Coming down the stairs, raven leaned against the door waiting for him. “You’re looking good…..where’s the jacket and cape?” Aaron picked raven off her feet like a bride and carried her up the stairs. “Are we going to……” Aaron smiled down at her, she was light as a feather, but that was probably because of his vampire abilities. So what did a feather feel like? “No, I’m going to teach you to dress.” Raven scowled, “I dress fine thank you” Aaron swung open Raven’s door and carelessly dropped her on the bed.

“Hey! Gentle any?” Raven hissed sitting up on the bed. “Nope, it’s the vampire in me.” With a roll of her eyes, she watched him dance his eyebrows. “Soooo what are you going to dress me up in?” she asked watching him in her walk in closet. “I’m not sure, something short, but not to short considering your now my girl….i don’t want any other men looking at you, ya know? But at the same time I want them to flip their wigs when they see you.” Raven slowly slid off the bed and walked behind him, “I’m not going anywhere.”

With a wicked grin Aaron replied, “I know”. “Aaron!” Raven said slapping him playfully on the back “I am not going anywhere.” Pulling a dress from her rail, he held it up to her. It didn’t have a poufy skirt like all the rest. He could make this work.

When he had finished sewing, cutting, and mending the dress he had himself a dress worthy of the fashion run way. “Raven, put this on!” he called throwing it on her lap. Her eyes fluttered open, looking meanly at him. “You could be a little more considerate when you wake me.” With a roll of his eyes he walked to her and began to pull of her dress, mostly to get a reaction. “Aaron!” she shouted in a scream giggle. “Well get it on then!”

Aaron stood by the front door, awaiting his Barbie doll. And there she came. The dress rose to about mid-thigh, it formed to her body and was cut at the breast with a v. It was just the right amount of revealing to make any man jealous, but still hold dignity for herself. “You, are stunning…..” His eyes went down to her legs. They were hairy. Not horribly so were it was repulsive, but enough that you could tell she hadn’t shaved, ever. “Come here.” He demanded, walking into the kitchen and to the bathroom

“What is something wrong?”. Aaron smiled, “not exactly, I’m sure you lived a long time, so your use to hairy legs. But now a days, guys like smooth and clear.” With a blush she let him lead her to the bathroom. Pulling out a pocket knife and splashing her legs with water, he carefully shaved her legs and underarms. “There….” He whispered, admiring his work. “Now your perfect.”

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I’m stuck on what else to write. I saw someone liked the first story so I tried to write a second. It’s a bit rushed and I don’t have a plan for the story. I’m just kind of writing it. So We’ll see if I finish the rest, I may or may not.

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