Lust of a Goddess


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Lust of a Goddess

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In a Meadow She'll find her blossom sweet

Like a tree planted at the young years of life. You wait for it to grow. Year after year it only seems to go so high. But then one day, you finally notice it has grown past the sky.

Oizys in the same way, knew when her tree was planted. She waited and waited, but it never seemed to grow. But then one day she felt his sorrows. She had forgotten of her Blossom sweet. He was now grown and full build. He was Worried of the troubles of war, being the one who led the army to battle. He had never met her, nor did he believe in the Gods. But He was hers, and he would always be hers.

Her soft footsteps were eaten by the short purple, blue and yellow flowers. Her movements made no sound. She studied the man in front of her; Tall, muscular, wise, and worried. She had waited so long to have him. Now was her time, she would claim that in which the gods gave her. She watched him grow from a child, and eventually gave up. He had stayed short and thin for so long. BUT now he was a man. Now he was hers.

With his back to the unknown stranger, unaware of her presence, he shook slightly from her voice; Even though it was as soft as a moving river. “What troubles you Sir?” She walked in front of him, her long raven hair blowing in the wind. Like a seductive dance, her hair blew in rhythm to the wind. Her eyes a dark color, he would almost say violet, but surly not! What woman had violet eyes? But still they seemed to be purple. He watched as she sat in front of him. The skirt of her dress laid about her in a perfect circle. His eyes washed over her form, from her bare shoulders, to the now hidden body underneath her dress. She brushed her fingers along the circle of flowers around her.

Watching, he noticed the flowers change from purple to pink, but quickly back. Perhaps he was suffering from a heat stroke of sorts? Or was it this woman; This woman with black hair and mysterious eyes. This girl with a perfect face and body, no older than 17. Full of youth her breast young and perked. Was it this strange young lady who came suddenly? Making his mind go nuts, perhaps with lust?

‘No it couldn’t be…..could it?’ He asked himself silently. He stopped thinking, noticing the young woman starring at him. Why? He suddenly realized he had not answered her question. “I- I am just thinking on personal matters…..none in which should concern you. You are too beautiful to be worried with such stress.” Her black painted lips curved in to a smile. A smile that made him want to lay right where he was and allow her to do anything of her pleasures. She continued to brush her hand back and forth over the flowers. He was sure now that they were changing colors as she touched them.

“Perhaps I can help you more than you think I can.” She said softly, starring down at the flowers around her. A sarcastic chuckle left his lips as he crossed his arms and leaned his back against an old stump, “You!?” He started to say with a pointed finger “What could you do for me?” She could help him with one thing, and only one thing; The throb that was starting between him. She was just a girl after all, even if she could change flowers colors.

Her lips again curved into that smile. She looked up at him, her bangs covering the top part of her eyes, “You look strong, and smart. What could worry a man such as yourself?” He drew in his legs, sitting crossed legged, and leaned his elbow on his knee. He smiled sarcastically and spat out, “War. And a little girl like you has no business in it.” Her smile did not fade she spoke softly, her hand brushing the flowers around her, they were now turning black. “I could help you.” The man threw back his head and laughed, “What could you do? Bring us color changing flowers and let us screw your brains away? Yeah, that’ll help.”

Her anger did not rise, nor her patience. She calmly said “I am not a little girl….unless you consider the ages of all my family. I am Oizys, Goddess of despair.” He sat back, the smile that once sat on his lips faded. She was either a liar or insane. “You’re a goddess, eh? Prove it!” He hissed at her, watching her movements with his arms crossed. She raised an eyebrow towards him and motioned to the flowers around her. They would change to black and shortly back to the original color.

He grinned slightly and said, “Magic, lots of girls are practicing it.” She stood and looked around the meadow, as if seeing another realm. She spread out her hands, her eyes glowed a bright yellow. Around her the wind blew, a tornado formed directly around them, consuming all the flowers. He leaned on his knees, trying to grasp for dear life to the dirt. He gasped out, through what little air he had left “Oh to the heavens. I believe you!” The tornado stopped suddenly. She watched as he helplessly gasped like a dyeing fish. She waited until he raised his head to look up at her.

“That trick is neat. But I don’t want the goddess of despair on my side. If you do tricks like that, you’ll kill my army too!” Her lips fell to a frown, she sneered; almost even growled. “YOU DON’T WANT THE GODDESS OF DESPAIR?!” Seeing the man’s fear as he cowered like a cornered rabbit she calmed. She walked confidently to the man, looking down at him. “Pyoths, If I am on your side the other side will feel this……” Bending down she put her hand to his cheek.

His world erupted into sorrow and pain. He clutched his hair and shot forward on his knees, falling to his face. He screamed in agony, his head slowly formed a layer of sweat. She let him squirmier in agony until she saw his sweat turning to blood. She released his mind and soul. He lied in fertile position on his side, his hand clutching his head. He trembled in fear.

With a sigh she walked the short distance to his side. Sitting, she, with difficulty, turned him to her. She rested his head on her lap and stroked his head. Leaning down she kissed his forehead gently. His eyes shot wide, but not of pain or sorrow, but of pure bliss. His eye’s looked up at hers, begging her to make the feeling again.

She played her hand through his hair, taking away all despair; he was literally at eternal peace. She stopped, the normal despair of life returned, but what he felt from her did not. She spoke in a whisper that eased his soul. He did not try to remove his head from her lap. He wanted it to last forever. “Pyoths, I have waited for your maturity. You were a creation from my mother, Lyssa. You were a gift for my obedience to Olympus. Everything that I love was put into you. But given that you are human, you still have flaws in which I do not like. But all and all you are my destiny. I can help you win this war. I guarantee this will be a victory; no man shall be lost on your side. But it has a great price.”

He pushed his head into her lap firmly, breathing in the fresh sent of flowers and honey. Almost like a dog would do their master. “What is the price?” He asked. She smiled, stroking his brown hair, “I will not tell you until you accept and the battle has been won.” He hesitated, lifting his head, sitting up he looked at Oizys. “Will I be with you?” She calmly let her eyes size him from head to toe, “yes Pyoths you will be with me.”

She may be a god, but she could not read minds. He launched forward, wrapping his arms around her. He pressed his head to her chest. She let out a small gasp. “I will accept anything, as long as I am with you.” Though it was a haste decision, he had good reason. For one he had never been so attracted to any woman in his life. For two, he had never felt so happy, so at peace as when she stroked his hair. And she was a goddess.

She continued to stroke his hair, playing her fingers up the back of his head. It was a price he would not expect.




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The price

Pyoths’ army rode in chariots, following him and the young lady he brought along. With a war cry the other army’s leader cried out “Attack!” and so they did. The battle raged until finally she sensed the other army getting the upper hand. Her eyes rolled back and were replace with a light as bright as the sun. Her arms out stretched, a great wind formed around her, Blowing her hair in every which way. She released despair through the army. Ten times the amount in which any human can handle on each man. Even if they survived, they would be insane. All around her and Pyoths, the other army fell, screaming and wailing in mental agony. And Pyoths army killed each and every foe.

Weeks passed, Pyoths had not seen Oizys. He had given up on looking for her, until she met him in the meadow. His back turned just as before, he was unaware of her presence. She walked a short distance behind him, five feet or so. “Pyoths.” She called. He turned around, looking at the Goddess. “Pyoths, It was agreed if I helped you, you would pay any price I asked, no matter how great.” Pyoths walked forward nodding his head, hoping her punishment involved them in passion. “That is true….Oizys. And I will accept whatever you ask.” She hesitated, her body was flushed in a glow. She was just as beautiful, but her skin was a white color, like white smoke. Her hair seemed to be made of black smoke, and her eyes bright green. This was her god form.

“Pyoths……..I ask for your soul. By your words you have bound yourself to the river of torment. Accept the cost, or forever live in agony.” He had not thought she would ask for such a thing, so personal, so…his. “What does that mean…if you have my soul?” He asked, in awe of her godly form.

She took a deep breath, she was shorter then Pyoths, at least by a head. Looking him dead in the eye she said “You will be my slave, to do and obey anything and everything I say. When a soul is sold or given to a god, it becomes immortal, until the god decides to end the person forever. I tell you on this day, you will live for as long as I breathe.” He thought shortly and asked “what about love, you said I was yours. How can I be your slave, and mate?”

Her black painted lips curved in a smile, that same smile he had saw before. “Pyoths, you will be my mate. But at the same time you will be my slave, so that I can do with you as I want. And if I want to set you free millennia from now, I might. But until then you will obey my every word. Pyoths I ask again, do you accept your fate?”

With a deep breath he looked down at her and whispered out, “I do. Forever and always until you see fit, you will be my master.” Her smile did not widen, but it did not fall either. In her hand appeared a silver collar of sorts. It seemed to glow an eerie shade of gray and black. Reaching up, she opened the collar and fastened it around his neck. A small metal ring appeared at the front, followed by a silver chain, dressed in the same eerie glow.

Behind her, from the heavens came a set of transparent like stairs. It seemed to glow a golden color. Oizys smiled at Pyoths, this smile made his skin crawl. With that she pulled on his chain, it instantly tightened around his neck, choking him to a never ending death. He was immortal now, and she was the goddess of despair. He quickly followed her up the stairs so that the collar would loosen by his obedience. They disappeared from mortal sight through the clouds. There was one thing he never considered, despair from others, to her, was like sex. It pleased her. He had sold his soul to the goddess of despair, dear gods what had he done?

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