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‘Don’t ever go out into the forest John!’ The middle aged woman said, shaken with fear. ‘Momy, I was playing with my friend!’ The young brown headed boy pleaded innocently. ‘No! It’s not safe!, monsters, monsters live in there, you are NEVER to go in there again! Do I make myself clear!’ The mother replied shaking her son by the shoulders. ‘Yes Mommy.’ The young boy replied sadly, his head lowered in disappointment. ‘Good, now get inside!’ The mother walked into the house. The brown headed boy began to follow his mother, with on glance back into the forest, he starred into two circle brown eyes. The little girl stared back sadly. With a smile the boy said ‘Don’t worry! I’ll be back, we’ll have to play in secret, but for now I have to go!’ He watched the little girl smile, and run away, deep into the dark forest, supposedly filed with monsters. Succubus

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‘JOHN! Wake up, it’s time for breakfast, and chores!’ Johns mother blew from down stairs. With a groan of disapproval, John slipped from his bed and pulled on a pair of pants. Grabbing his old worn hat, he ran down stairs. ‘I’ll do them now Mom!’ His mother scowled at him, her eyes spoke all the words he need, ‘Go get a shirt’ they screamed. With a sigh he quickly ran upstairs and put on his white shirt. The day had barely begun and he was already dreaming of Adeline.

‘Here mom, I Swept, mopped, vacuumed, and even took out the trash, may I go now?’ His mother had a way of making him feel like a child, even though he would be turning 17 soon. John had snuck out late at Night to play with Adeline in the forest ever sense his mother scolded him as a 8 year old boy for going in the forest. Adeline became his best friend, but ever sense he was 15, he had been feeling; attracted to her. He wanted more than a friendship. He would find himself getting aroused over the slightest things she did. Sometimes he even felt she did things on purpose. Like the other day when she fell on top of him. She was never clumsy, so she had to do it on purpose. ‘I suppose, but don’t stay out so late this time John.’ His mother’s voice interrupted his thoughts. He looked at her with a frown, this is when she made him feel like a child. His mother put her hands in the air ‘Ok, ok, fine, just…… careful when you hang out with the boy’s.’ John had made an entire lie that he spent all day with his friends, or Mark. He even got all of them to go along with the lie. With a smile, John was out the door faster then what seemed the speed of light.

As he neared the spot in which Adeline, and himself met all the time in the forest, he stopped dead in his tracks. Adeline was bathing in the pool of water. They had found the waterfall when they were younger. There was even a cave behind the falling water, hidden out of sight to those who did not know it was there. She seemed to pause, as if she felt his presences, but she continued to bathe. She splashed her shoulder with water, rubbing it in slowly. He could see she was using the shampoo he got her. He actually stole it from the market, but he didn’t have money to buy her nice gifts, so he stole them. He crouched slightly behind a bush and watched her rub the shampoo into her soft skin. He could feel himself getting aroused. He suddenly realized how creepy his actions were. There he was, hiding from Adeline, watching her naked. ‘At least she hadn’t turned around yet’ He thought to himself. As if hearing the thought, Adeline turned around and swam to the edge, grabbing her garments. He quickly closed his eyes, ‘This is so wrong, so very wrong’ he told himself. He kept his eyes closed for a long while, finally feeling it was safe; he opened them. Adeline was squatting in front of him, her face mere inches from his. He screamed in surprise and fell back on his butt.

‘You know john, it’s rude to watch a lady naked without her permission.’ Adeline said with her arms crossed. John stood, his face a deep red. He rubbed the back of his neck and tried to explain his actions, ‘I was coming to see you, but, you, I……argh.’ He took a deep breath and exhaled. Finally he looked at Adeline, she was slightly shorter then him, so he could scan her body without her noticing. Doing just that, he finally said ‘I’m sorry Adeline, it was immature of me.’ Adeline nodded her approval and punched him in the shoulder. He winced in pain, sometimes he didn’t know where she got her strength. ‘If I catch you doing it again, there will be punishment.’ She said it so calmly, but he knew how serious she was. She was a bit sadistical, but he couldn’t help but love that. It was like she had a dark streak that she purposely kept locked away. His lip tilted up to a grin as he walked with her through the forest. Naughty thoughts filled his mind. ‘Waite until I get my hands on you,’ he thought as he looked at Adeline, imagining her naked and in his arms. ‘I’ll get you back for your sick games, but I won’t be too rough.’ He then imagined her moaning in his arms. He was ready right then to grab her and kiss her, but without warning, he remembered the first time she ‘punished him’. He had promised to visit her one day. They were only 10 years old, but he promised he wouldn’t stay to long at Marks Birthday party. He had forgot about Adeline, so the next day he came to say sorry. But she refused to be friends until he accepted her punishment. Finally he did, but he had no idea what she was planning. She had hung him by his feet to a tree. He had thought to himself ‘hanging upside down? Bah! What kind of punishment is that?’ But after ten minutes, his head threatened to explode. He kept trying to sit up to let the blood flow back out of his head, but it only throbbed worse. The only reason she let him down, was because he pleaded and begged with her. He hadn’t broken a promise sense. With that memory his urge to forcefully take her in his arms left.

He watched her walk along the forest path so gracefully. He learned a long time ago not to ask personal questions. He avoided asking about the ‘monsters ‘ in the forest, her family, and why she lived in the forest and never came out. But he always wanted to know. If she was what his mother warned him of, if she was the monster, he wanted to be surrounded by all the monsters. Adeline laughed suddenly, she often did that in their quite times. He ignored it and went back to his thoughts. He rolled his eyes at the coming festival. It was when all the farmers of the land put 10 of their best live stalk tied at the edge of the forest. Supposedly, the ‘monsters’ come and take the animals. And though he didn’t know it to be true, but along with the animals, they put one live human. He was sure it had to be fake. The Town mayor said that the people aren’t given to the monsters, each year a student is chosen to go to a top 10 school in the country. What made John nervous though, is that, that student never came back, not even to see family. He shook the eerie thoughts from his mind, and again thought about Adeline’s barren skin on his.

Feeling himself again aroused, he innocently tripped, sending her to the ground and him on top of her. He closed his eyes, taking in the brief moment he had. He pressed his body to hers, ready to get up, but he found himself unable to move. His eyes shot open. He looked to Adeline who studied him curiously. It felt like a cold hand pressed his lower back. His body pressed into hers. The cold hand he felt before, seemed to grab His hand. It forced him to reach for her skirt, ready to pull it off, but suddenly a sharp sting to his face knocked him off her. He held his cheek looking at Adeline, staring down at him. He again blushed, how could he tell her that a cold hand pressed him into her and made him do it? He stammered for words, but nothing came. Adeline crossed her arms with that sadistic smile she wore so well, when she planned to bring him pain. Bending down to meet eye level, she dug her nails slightly into his neck. She pressed harder until blood trickled and John squinted his eyes to block the pain. She smiled, now taking off his shirt. His eyes shot open in surprise, he quickly grabbed her hand. ‘What are you doing?’ he asked still in shock. In a whisper she continued to take his shirt off ‘Shut up John.’ Studying his bare chest, she grabbed the dagger that was always strapped to her thigh. John had gotten her it, so she could stay safe. He made her promise to always have it near. He never thought she use it on him.

‘Adeline?’ He said nervously. She looked up at him, her pupils un naturally large. ‘What john?’ she said harshly. John sat up slightly, watching the hand that held the dagger. He cleared his throat, ‘Um, just, just don’t go to crazy, ok?’ She smiled at him, ‘I wouldn’t kill you john.’. With that John spread his legs and pulled her to him, letting her take her demented pleasure. Was he really that desperate, he would let an odd beautiful girl who lived in the forest, cut him all over, just so her sick needs could be met? Sadly he was.

She slid the blade down his chest, a hot red stream of blood followed. He tried to avoid eye contact because her eyes were black. Of course she still had the white area, but that didn’t help much when her pupil had taken over. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She looked at John and slowly leaned forward, licking the blood from his neck then chest. John grunted slightly and managed to whisper ‘Oh that’s wrong, so wrong.’ She looked to the ground for a minute or so and finally said ‘Forgive me John, sometimes… I can’t control myself.’ John smiled, again imagining her naked and in his arms. ‘I hope, when that time comes, you won’t be able to control yourself’ He thought. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. He became hot and nervous, this was it. He would make his move. He leaned his face to hers and in a whisper said ‘I don’t mind Adeline, honestly, I want you to lose control.’ He gently leaned forward to kiss her, but as if by magic she was standing up facing away from him. He began to apologize ‘Adeline, I’m sorry, I just-‘ She cut him off harshly ‘Shhh

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The real her

Her eyes now seemed to be like a cats in the sun. she circled around, seemingly trying to hear or see something. She walked a little ways away, hopping from shadow to shadow as she always did. She quickly rushed to John in a blinding speed and slapped what john thought to be air. But when he thought back to it, he could see a blur of a human. The man crashed into the tree from the force. She must be stronger than I thought’ john thought to himself. The man who came to attack John stood smiling. He looked to the forest beyond and two other men appeared. John was stunned by their skin. Each man had raven black hair, and snow white skin. One rushed at Adeline, but john stood in front of her. ‘No You won’t touch her!’ Adeline put a hand on his shoulder ‘Stop John, You don’t understand.’ John shrugged her off. The man that was going to attack Adeline laughed. With half a second his fist met Johns stomach and sent him flying back. John tried to get up, but watched desperately as Adeline was left to defend for herself.

The first man that appeared came forward. He smiled cockily and said ‘Share your food, succubus.’ Adeline’s fist clenched and she gritted her teeth, ‘He’s not food’. The three men looked to one another laughing. The first one that attacked said ‘Aww, has the succubus fallen in love? That’s not your job, remember? It’s only to lure them here.’ Adeline looked back at John, her eyes full of sadness. ‘I….I did not lead him here for food. You will not have him.’ The first man laughed, and in an instant attacked saying ‘show him your true form succubus!” He lashed his now suddenly long nails at her. She easily jumped high in the air. John watched as her tan skin rippled into a lavender color. For him it seemed everything slowed down in time. Her hair grew longer, and the normal brown he had grown to know, turned to a light baby blue. Her brown eyes turned to crystal blue. Her breast enlarged, she grew taller, and her lips became even more beautiful than before. As she landed on the ground, she looked to John. She whispered, her eyes to the floor ‘I’m sorry I never told you.’

With that she jumped into the air and in a blinding speed dug her nails into the heart of one of the men. Ripping it from his chest, she spun on her heel, catching the oncoming attack. She gouged her nails into the other man’s eyes, quickly jumping on his shoulders, breaking his neck with a sickening sound. She looked to the last man who pleaded, ‘I thought you were a typical Subicis, forgive me!’ He began to run but, somehow, she floated into the air, her arms held out to her sides. ‘it gives you no right to pray on the weak!’ Her eyes became pure white, and a blue glow seemed to form around her. The man burst into flames and fell screaming. In a matter of second all that was left of him was a pile of ashes.

Adeline came down to the ground. Her long blue hair blowing in the wind, her eyes now their beautiful blue again. She looked to john sadly and said ‘This….This is the real me. I am the monster… we’ she said as she spread her arms indicating the dead men. ‘We are the monsters your mother warned you about. We suck the blood of humans and animals, and torcher them. I-I was young when I met you, and spending so much time I fell in love. But I always knew we would never be able to love one another john. I’m sorry’ She began to cry, with two single words it was as if his body was not his own ‘GO HOME!’ she shouted. His legs began to run. He wanted to stay and hold her, but he had not control.

John couldn’t stop running until he was half way from the forest. He tried to turn back, but something prevented him, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t do it.

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No matter what

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Elders of the clans

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