Blood Maid


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Please note that all characters, plots, and places are of the author’s imagination. Some sexual situations are presented in this book. Please leave feedback, good or bad. This author does not have a disqus account, but will take all and any feedback into consideration. Thank you for your time and respect to this author.


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Andrea Baxcy

I like this, I could lose myself in these chapters... read like a best seller!

Chap 1 Clara, The offer

My Green emerald eyes starred out the window. The village streets darkened and the wintery snow was blowing softly. No one dared to waste their lanterns in ignorance, knowing the cold winds would blow the fires out. My eyes traveled to the stump at the end of the snow covered road. The offering lamb sat tied to the stump, alongside a dead woman. She was chosen to be Lord Vicicono’s sacrifice; the deal though was that all offerings of peace had the option to die first, she chose just this. I had no idea why; even sense the age of seven, the ‘creatures of the night’ excited me. I was always severely scolded whenever I spoke out loud of my wish to live and be with one. At first my hopes where childish, but as I began to form into a woman; I realized just how far a relationship could go. Now at fifteen I would be married off next year, my romantic dreams would be shattered. That’s why I waited sitting, watching for him, waiting for him to come and take his meal. I had an offer to make to the ruler of this province.

Just as my hopes were dying, feeling as if he would never come; a dark figure swooped suddenly down in front of the stump. He bent inspecting the offering. In a hurriedly manner, I grabbed my wool coat and threw my written letter on my well-made bed. You can likely assume I had planned this run away for a while. To me, vampires aren’t beasts or creatures; Rather superior mortals, mortals that excel in all aspects. And I think that very fact is why humans branded them as immortals, because of envoy and strife. Sure they had to feed on other humans, but at least they didn’t eat them. What about the scavengers up in the mountains? No one branded them as creatures, yet they were cannibals. Vampires drink blood from humans because they have to, scavengers EAT humans because they can. I mean I understand there are some vampires that go out and make the reputation of other vampires violent and scary, but mortals do the same. Honestly it doesn’t really matter what anyone thought, vampires would always be stronger and superior compared to Mortals, always.

My feet crunched through the snow as I closed the door quietly behind me. I was sure he heard me, we were only 60 feet or so; but he seemed not to care. Perhaps his confidence he could kill this whole village in under a minute made him confident? Who could say? I ran as far as I dared, about 10 feet away from him. He was inspecting the woman, for cuts and loss of blood I assume. After waiting a minute or so I awkwardly shuffled my feet and said, “Sir..I MEAN, um Lord, sir?” He stood, probably 6’4 or so. I looked up at him, I being only 5’7.

His eyes glowed softly, not anything like the tales that spread around my village, like that his eyes glowed like a lantern. But it was a soft dull golden glow, but yet still as intimidating. He studied me, eyeing me, sizing me up before he spoke softly, but scary “Children shouldn’t be out so late.” I stood up straight with a boost of courage and defiance before I saw him staring at me, but then my bravery fell. I lowered my head in respect and bowed slightly. “With all due respect…Lord, I am no child.” He chuckled as he watched me. “No woman is a woman until they lose their virginity, which you have yet to do.” My cheeks flushed, I looked up at him and parted my lips for words, but they came in a soft whisper, “I plan too, eventually.”

His lip curved to a devil’s grin, his eyes glowed slightly brighter as he walked around the stump. “Perhaps I could help you with that.” He stood directly in front of me and brushed his finger under my chin to lift my head. I stared at him, frozen and afraid, I finally whispered, “Maybe…you can.” His eyes widened as his lips grinned, it wasn’t the answer he had expected, I realized he was just trying to scare me with his rape act. “Why did you bother to see me, hmm?” He pulled me closer, wrapping one arm around my waist and holding my chin in his fingers. This on all normal logical sense was breaking all rules of lady dignity. Never get this close to a man unless he’s your husband. It thrilled me; I was breaking such a big rule, but at the same time terrified me of what I could be getting into. “I-I” My head went foggy as my human instincts kicked in, I pressed myself to him.

He leaned in, in return. He let go of my chin and held me closer, leaning to my ear, “How do you even know what sex is? You’re such a…… little girl.” I pushed away, he was chastising me. I starred up at him as I sat in the cold snow, my breath coming out in clouds of fog. “I am not…-“ I stood facing him eye to eye, “A little girl. And I’m not a street walker from one of the cities. I came to ask…..” I suddenly realized who I was getting sassy with. I backed off slightly with a bow of my head, “I came to ask if you would…..take me to live with you.” It sounded normal in my head until it came out, until I had asked this vampire to take in a simple girl… a woman; like me.

He grinned studying me until he finally said, “Why would you want to do that? I’m a vampire, remember?” It was my turn to grin, “I know, that’s why I want it. I’m fascinated by you…your people.” I felt my cheeks burn again. He shook his head, his grin widening, “What would I gain?” I bit my bottom lip softly and said in a hushed tone with a shrug of my shoulders, “me…I can cook and clean, and……” My eyes glanced over at the woman, her breast so large and yet so very lifeless, “And other…things.” He walked the distance between us and looked down at me, showing me a good smile that revealed the two sharp canines, “How about all that and…..” he reached gently and stroked the side of my neck, “a blood maid?”

I got nervous and pushed back, “Will you kill me?” He shook his head, “you promise?” With a smile he walked the short distance, grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it, “I give you my word; I will not harm you if you obey my rules.” My heart was beating faster, it was all happening. “Ok.” I whispered. In a blink of an eye he had thrown the dead woman over his shoulder and handed me the lamb. Wrapping his arm around my waist he flew me up. I had no time to marvel at flying, we were at his castle in seconds.

We landed on his balcony; the glass doors were wide open. He set me gently on my feet and walked in, what I assume to be his room. He threw down the dead woman on his overly large closed coffin. Her lifeless head hit the closed coffin with a sickening thud. I watched silently as I stood in the balcony entrance. He turned to me, his eyes illuminating just as they had before when he tried to scare me, this time though I knew it was real. He tore off the woman’s dress with ease, her pale flesh exposed to the open air. His hand reached for her lifeless body but stopped. He turned to me, his face serious and terrifying. “Stand here and watch”. My feet moved at the sound of his voice without my permission, I was standing beside him. I couldn’t bear to watch the corps of this woman be raped. I had known her, I had known her children, and she was just the ‘unlucky’ one that they chose to be a sacrifice, she chose to die before she was handed over to Lord Vicicono. But watching would be total disrespect to her.

I grabbed his hand with the gentleness of a butterfly, my way of showing my respect. He stopped unbuttoning his shirt and looked at me, his eyes flickering with a fire like glow. “Why do you have to do that? She’s already dead. Can’t you just drink her blood and get it over with?” I spoke quietly with my head bowed. He watched me, studied me. I gently removed his hand from his chest and held it in my hands.

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Chap 2, William, The peasant girl

I watched as the girl took one of her hands and began to undress, she continued to hold my hand with the other free one. I wanted her to stop, she was so young merely a child, but at the same time I was dying for her to continue. Something about her intrigued me, her lack of fear for me. I was trying to scare her, show her vampires are merciless, on any other occasion I wouldn’t dare touch a dead corps except for my meal. But I needed to show her how horrible my race was, I needed her to want to go home and never return. But I wanted her to love me.

She had shimmied out of her coat and peasant dress. All that was on her was her thin white night gown that all girls wore underneath their clothing. She even slipped out of her boots. I wanted her, but at the same time I wanted to treat her right. She was too young. “Take me instead…… lord Vicicono…..please.” Her hand hesitated at the string of her night gown, once she pulled it, it would fall of like a leaf in the fall. I took my hand from hers and grabbed her hesitant hand firmly. “No, I do not want you. You’re a child.” Her face was hurt but defiant. “I am not a child my lord, and I would suggest you no longer called me that.” Her lack of fear infuriated me, yet aroused me to the deepest core. A girl like her didn’t belong with a creature like me. I had to scare her, away from here, away from me.

I slammed her against the wall, she whimpered at the impact. I held her by her throat; just enough to let air in but still hurt her. “You will never talk to me like that! You have no say in what goes on here! You are my slave now! You will respect and obey me, do I make myself clear?” She nodded helplessly, her eyes wide with fear, a tear stroking down her cheek. I let her body go and watched her fall to the floor. I wanted to beat myself for doing that to her, but it was already done.

“Stand up!” I was acting, I wasn’t really that angry, but she needed to feel like I was. She stood shakily to her feet. The front of her night gown wet. I would say only children pissed themselves of fear, but I’ve seen grown men do it. “You’re disgusting, look at yourself.” I motioned my hand towards her night gown. Her cheeks flushed and she began to sob. I walked to my dresser and got a white long sleeved shirt. I tossed to her, surprisingly, though afraid; she caught it. “Change into it……Child” I said at a medium voice. She scowled but didn’t dare say anything else. She pulled the string on her night gown and let it fall to the floor. She didn’t look up at me. I watched for a few seconds as her shaky hands tried to open the shirt, and then I turned my head.

“Lord.” She said quietly, curtsying as decently as she could without the shirt rising to far. It came to her mid thigh, her slightly hairy legs exposed. She was still trying to please me. “I’ll give you a chance child, just one. And from this point on you’ll forever be my slave. I’ll take you home now, and forget this ever happened.” I waited, watching her, her eyes an emerald green. She finally spoke in a hushed whisper, “No my lord, I will stay, but…..” she bowed her head “may I make a request?” I sighed and did a gesture with my hand for her to continue. “My Lord, if I can be so ever bold as to ask you to hold your promises.” I had held my promises, hadn’t I? “I have yet to break any child.”

She watched me, her eyes wide and afraid but she walked forward and dropped to her knees, laying out her body, her arms pointed out. A total sign of respect and surrender. I was thrilled and horrified she had given such a promise. “My lord, you have not kept your promise.” I tilted my head, watching her as she sat face down. My eyes traveled to her slightly tooted behind. “How have I not?” I asked, watching as she began to shake slightly in fear I’d hit her. “My lord you hurt me, you said you would not if I obeyed your rules. How could I know speaking back was a rule unless you had told me?” Dam she had got me, I hadn’t told her the rules.

“I suppose you couldn’t……stand up” She did so without hesitation. “From here on out you will follow these rules….” She nodded softly as I continued, “No sexual relations with any of my gust or servants. No sassy talking like you own this place. You never leave without me or my permission. You give me yourself at any time I wish, without fighting. Do you understand?” she nodded “Yes, May I ask one more thing?” I nodded. “Can we call one another by our names?” I couldn’t help but grin at that, even after she saw what I could do to her she was still trying to get close to me. “Yes, I suppose we can, but I expect you to still show respect.” Her face lit up, as if everything that had happened a few moments before had been erased. Her total attitude perked and she was happy again. “That’s wonderful! I’m Clara….sir.” she bowed her head in respect, but her lips held a smile. “You can call me William.” Her smile grew larger, she practically jumped in my arms and wrapped hers around my neck. “Clara…” I growled in warning.

She simply smiled and let go, taking my hands in hers. “You never said I can’t be playful, kind, or happy. Nor did you say I couldn’t give you hugs. You simply said to respect you and all the other stuff. A hug shows my liking to you, it’s a good thing.” I put her arms back around my neck and held her closely by the waist. “It is, isn’t it….Clara, do you realize your my blood maid?” She nodded softly. I looked over at the dead woman, rigor mores already starting to kick in, I wondered how long she had been dead. I gently pushed Clara’s hair to the other side of her neck. I studied her neck, I could hear her blood rushing faster as her heart sped up, from fear or excitement I wasn’t sure.

I bent my head ready to drink from her but she pushed back softly. “William?” she whispered, I noticed it was in fear. I leaned back and looked at her. “Will it hurt?” I smiled at that. I pressed her closer, “If you don’t fight, it’ll feel as pleasurable as sex.” She bit her bottom lip softly and looked back at the dead woman. “Maybe…” she whispered to me, her eyes pleading for me to listen “Sense it’s my first time, you could do it somewhere comfortable….if you can get rid of the body.” I let go of her and walked to the body, picking it up gently. “Clean yourself up a little, there’s a bathroom right over there with a bowl of water.” I said with a nod of my head, I didn’t want to embarrass her, reminding her as to why I wanted her to do so. I didn’t like having to be a vampire, or having packs with werewolves, but it’s just how life is. I walked out to the balcony and whistled, three werewolves ran out quickly, looking up at me in hope for food. I dropped the body over, they viciously attacked it. When they had withdrawn, nothing was left at all.

I turned back to the room, watching Clara search for a latch on the coffin. As I walked to her I grinned and said, “I never once had a blood donner want to get bit in my coffin. They all want it fast and over.” Her hand skimmed over the latch, she couldn’t tell it was what she was looking for. “Well…” She said as I came behind her and traveled my hand slowly down her arm to her hand. “They all thought you were a monster. I think you’re the superior race.” I led her hand back to the latch and pressed upwards, as the coffin clicked, and the lid rose slowly to the wall. “Oh…..” she said flushed, “I guess I didn’t know it was there.”

“I know you didn’t” I picked her up gently and laid her in. She starred up at me; her eye’s now curious and excited. I began to crawl in, but she stopped me. “Wait.” I sighed. “If I may request, sense this is my first time….how about you do it in your birthday skin?” My lips spread to a wide grin as I shook my head and took off my shirt and pants, my undergarment still on. “This is all you’re getting Clara.” She sat up and scooted over, leaving room for me. “That’s enough for me.” She whispered, watching mostly my muscular chest. Once I sat, she scooted closer and put her finger tip on my chest, looking with her wild forest eyes for permission, I nodded. She pressed her whole hand and traveled my muscles. She continued to nibble softly on her bottom lip. Her hand traveled to my waist, and would have continued if I had not grabbed her wrist. “Clara.” I warned again.

She blushed and smiled, looking down at my covered crotch, the bulge big enough to tell her I enjoyed it some. “I excite you?” she asked, traveling her hand up my chest and then the other, pulling herself to me. “Yes, but your young.” She shook her head and gently touched our noses and foreheads, “I’m yours now, what does it matter?” My hand, despite myself, snaked around and pressed her to me. “There are certain ages to do things, your too young for this.” She sighed, I should have known what she was doing but she pressed her lips to mine. She tried to form her lips to kiss, her inexperience making me love her all the more. I lead her in that, as guilty as I may be I enjoyed it. I held her patiently, kissing her properly as she learned to move her lips to mine. Once she began to get the hang of it, I drew back. “No more Clara”, She pressed forward, “But-“ I growled softly, just a warning of who called the shots. She let go and turned her back to me. She played with the sheets. “You know…” she started, “This is exactly like a bed stuffed in a coffin. It’s the softest bed I ever felt actually. I on-“ I realized she was blabbing in order to avoid me drinking from her. “Clara, you’re deterring.” She sighed again and looked back at me. “I am…but I’m afraid.”

I sat up next to her, and starred straight out at the large oak door that led to the hall as she did. “When people fight it, they tense and make the muscles stiff, which causes us to have to bite harder. If you relax it hurts at first, but I promise it feels good once we start drinking” I saw her look at me in the corner of my eye. I looked at her.

I pulled her on my lap and pushed her hair to the other side of her neck. She nodded her head softly, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She was breathing deeply, trying to calm herself. I watched her as her eyes were closed and her heart slowed to a steady beat, I had to do it now before she started to panic again. I unbuttoned her shirt just enough I could easily pull one side of the shoulder down. I trailed up her chest across her collar bone with kisses, once I felt her pulse of the vain I was looking for on her neck I sunk in. She was relaxed, I could tell because my teeth went in like a warm knife through butter.

She gasped as her eyes shot open from pain, and she tried to shoot forward, but I held her in place. Her muscles tried to tense, but I began to run my fingers through the back of her hair massaging her scalp. I felt her ease into my arms, once again calm as a butterfly. Then I began to suck. Her warm blood exploded into my mouth, it was even better than it smelt. I continued to drink from her until I knew she was right at the verge of fainting, she moaned quietly, her lack of sound mostly from weakness.

I removed myself and laid her limp body beside me. I watched as her eyes rolled back and her lids fluttered shut. I watched her all night as she slept, I watched her every night as she slept in my bed, until the last night, then I put her in the room I had made up for her. I knew I had drunk a lot more than I should have, but I also knew she’d recuperate.

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Chap 3, Clara, Teased

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Chap 4 William, Understanding

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Chap 5 Clara, Snow Ball Fight

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Chap 6, William, How the months go by

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Authors thoughts....

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