For Paul...


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For Paul...

(the agony of a sudden departure…)

How can someone so good be gone so soon?

I can’t quite understand…

I was just looking at you

suddenly you’re gone

It’s been a long time

but pain’s still the same

same grief that burns insides me

sorrow that hurts so deep.

One last time,

let me write this one for you

as fragment memories allows me to

you might not have known me

as we exist through different worlds

and you could never know how much

you have touched my life

but since day one till this last ride

your memory lives in my heart.

Sometimes I wonder,

why an angel called so soon?

I couldn't find any answer…

but my heart,

like unspoken goodbye lay trapped in silence

between your world and mine

died that same time…

but your legacy will live on

from this day and years to come

it will never fade

no speed can race its own time

until then, so long my friend…

So long… never goodbye.


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