Sad Story

"Promise me you wont fall in love with me" she said failing to look into he's eyes. He froze at her words, pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, he stared at her intensively. He couldn't believe his ears. A smile slowly crept onto his face and soon, he was bursting into uncontrollable laughter. "Ohhh you crazy girl, you needn't worry....

Billionaire's Wife

She was a Stripper sold by her father to a multi-billionaires son. living with him is hell and she has no way to re pay her now dead fathers debt. a deal is a deal right? she has to face the consequences of not only her past mistakes but her fathers past decisions under the roof a a billionaire husband who does not show any compassion...


"But remember, you can never, NEVER EVER fall in love with me." "So all we have to do is pretend?" he asked amused. "Yes." she nodded firmly. she said as she played around with her straw. His eyes moved to the glass. He watched the ice hit the sides of the glass making a chink sound with each hit. He then looked up into her brown eyes...


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