Billionaire's Wife


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"One for the money, and two for the show

I love you honey, I'm ready, I'm ready to go

How did you get that way? I don't know

You're screwed up and brilliant,

Look like a million dollar man,

So why is my heart broke?"

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thank you soo much!! glad to see at least someone loves it!! :P

Paris-Tyler Gusta

OMG I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter one

She swayed her hips provocatively to the rhythm of the music, she threw her head back, her eyes wild with excitement and started grinding the pole. She knew he was looking at her, his emerald eyes not moving a second from her body as she danced. His eyes sparkled with intensity, "Come here," he said, in a lustful order. These were the first words he had said since the private session began. She walked slowly to him, moving confidently yet alluringly. He continued to stare in to her eyes, despite the mask on her face, she still felt that he was looking right through her. Her mask, her red bangs of her wig. Her heals made click sounds as she moved, going in sync with the rowdy music. As soon as she was close enough, he placed his hands around her waist and settled her on his lap. She knew what this meant, he wanted a lap dance 

She slowly moved her body up and down on him, her legs spread over his. He didn't move at all. Her actions didn't even trigger any emotions in him. She became faster as she ran her fingers through his dark brown hair. His hand suddenly moved. It went into his jean pocket, and he pulled out a few dollars. Slowly he moved his hand into her bra, putting the dollars in and rubbing her perky boobs. He did this intentionally to tease her. She quickly bit down on her lip to stop the moan that was threatening to erupt. She had never done this before. She had never let a man touch her, but it was different this time. He was very compelling in everything. His looks were an example of that. "You have to go. The session is over." She said it in quick breaths. He had gotten to her with one touch, and she didn't want him to know how horny she had gotten. She could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins. She quickly stood up and attempted to leave when he grabbed her hand. "What's your name?" he asked. "Roxanne." She rapidly replied, attempting to pull away from his grip. "I don't want your stripper name. I want your real name," he urged. She looked at him one last time before she finally broke away from him and muttered, "That's none of your business."

She walked on the lonely streets by herself. The wind rushed through her brown hair. Kylee Summer was a very troubled girl. Her father was dead, and her mother's job at the hospital didn't pay enough. She had a seven year old crippled sister, and she had to pay her collage tuition. The only way that she could help her mother financially was to work as a stripper. Even if her mother disagreed with her job decision, she had to be able to support them.

When she got home, she saw two black SUVs parked next to her mom's small Toyota outside the gate of their two bedroom house. When she entered through the front door, she could hear voices. They had guests over. She quickly threw her jacket on the floor and went to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water that was lying on the table. 

"Ma!" she called as she walked to the living room. 

When she got there, she froze in her tracks. His looks caught her off guard. It felt like she couldn't breathe. In the living room sat her mother with a man who could pass as anyone's grandfather, a man who seemed like a bodyguard from his posture and attire. Sitting next to her crippled sister who was in her wheel chair as always, was the man who made Kylee freeze. He looked like he was in his early twenties. He looked up selling away more of his appearance. His hair was unruly, dark brown, and it got lighter at the tips. He had intense green eyes like the man from the club but his were brighter. He also had tanned skin and rosy pink lips. She took in his mesmerizing looks as he took hers in too. Her brown hair, her beautiful hazel eyes, her flawless face, her lips that were masked by the red lip stick and her beautiful olive tanned skin. As they were still taking in each other's looks, the old man spoke.

"Hello Kylee," he said in a sort of raspy voice. "How nice of you to join us. We were just talking about you. My name is Jonathan Pierce and this," he pointed at the young man next to Kylee's sister, "is my son Aiden Pierce." 

Kylee smiled politely and waved before looking at her mother with a what-the-hell-is-going-on look. Her mother noticed the look and stood up. "Excuse us Mr. Pierce. I would like to have a word with Kylee in private if you don't mind." Her posture was stiff as she spoke, walking out of the living room. She signalled for Kylee to follow her. As soon as they got to the kitchen, Kylee loudly hissed, 

"What the hell is going on?" Her mother placed a finger on her lips and hushed her.

 "Keep it low, will you?! They can hear you!" 

Kylee asked again. "Mom, what's going on?" Her mother's face flashed with worry. "Mom.." Kylee whined shaking her mom. "Tell me" The woman seemed to age rapidly as she looked into Kylee's eyes and said,

 "I'm sorry." Kylee let go of her mom. She was scared. The last time her mother told her she was sorry with this much fear and pain laced around those words was when she came into her room to tell her that her dad was dead. "Kylee, I don't know how to tell you this," her mother continued as tears started to slip out of her eyes.

 "Mom just say it. Why are you crying?" Kylee persisted.

"Your father..." her mom said wiping the tears.

"My father what? Tell me!" Kylee was starting to raise her voice again.

"Your father.....he...he sold you Kylee." Her mother blurted out. Kylee thought she was prepared for whatever rat was going to jump out of the bag, but she couldn't have expected this. She was hurt. She was left speechless. She didn't know what she was going to say next, let alone do.

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Kylee asked after composing herself. "It all happened after that day," her mom said wiping the tears with the back of her hand "The day that got Khloe crippled. We really needed money because your father had just lost his business, so he borrowed money from Mr. Jonathan Pierce and signed a deal saying that if he couldn't pay back in time, Mr. Peirce could take you as payment. Now, he wants you to marry his son." 

Kylee's mouth dropped open. How could her own flesh and blood do this to her? She felt her whole world crumpling down. What about true love? What about finishing college? If she was married, would she be able to do it? "Why didn't you tell me? I could have worked extra jobs to pay him on time!" Kylee asked her mother. Her mother looked at her and a stray hair behind her ear.

 "Honey I didn't know about this until tonight when they came knocking at the door. I am really sorry." She was in tears as she apologized to her daughter. She gazed at her mom. She also wanted to collapse on the floor right now in tears but she couldn't. She was the pillar of the family. She had to be there for them. 

She looked at the woman who raised her and said "Mom, go wash up. I will go to the living room." She forced a smile before going to the bathroom. Kylee sighed and went to the living room.

"So, Kylee, I was thinking of a legal marriage. You know, not a church ceremony but at a court," Jonathan said. 

Kylee took a small sip of water from her bottle before replying sarcastically, "Ever since I was a kid, that's definitely how I wanted my wedding." Jonathan chuckled but Aiden kept his eyes on the ground like the floor had some interesting pattern and said nothing. 

"Okay, darling." Jonathan stood. "It's already late, and we have to get going. I have already sorted out money expenses for this event with your mother." He put out his hand. "It was nice meeting you." Kylee stretched her hand out to shake his. "The pleasure was all mine," she drawled sarcastically, a fake smile plastered on her face.

They had already left before her sister spoke up almost in tears. "Does this mean you're going to leave us?" Kylee's heart broke at these words. She looked at her sister who was now crying in the wheel chair.

 "Khloe, I will never leave you. Ever." She bent down and embraced her in a hug.

 "You promise?" Khloe asked. 

"I promise," Kylee replied as a tear slipped out of her eye. She knew that she was going to break this promise and her life was pretty much over. So was her dream of meeting the perfect guy in the café and getting married out of love.

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Chapter 2

Edited by: averageweirdgirl2000

Kylee stared at her reflection in the hall mirror. Oliver and Lacy, her two best friends, were happy for her and assured her that they would come see her the next day. She had arrived at the mansion a few hours before. She believed that the home was perfectly ideal for a rich boy. Everything, from the spoon on the table to the paintings on the walls, seemed luxurious. The furniture and the chandeliers, that were hung everywhere, were obviously expensive. Kylee could work five jobs for the rest of her life and still wouldn't be able to make the amount of money equal to anything in the house.

It was hard to imgaine that, three hours ago, Kylee was a single independent woman, but, now, she was a married woman. She ran her index finger around the ring as tears stung in her eyes from the memory of her sister crying and not wanting to let go of her. Kylee didn't want to leave home, and it killed her to leave her mother and her crippled sister alone. She knew, though, that she had to do this to protect them.

She was so into her thoughts that she didn't notice Aiden behind her. "You can take the masters bedroom," he said, snapping Kylee out of her thoughts. She looked at his reflection in the mirror, not bothering to turn around. His green eyes looked at her intensely like he was studying her. "N-No its fine I will sleep in a guest room," she protested, turning to face him. He shrugged. "Okay, suit yourself. I have to go to work." He turned to walk away. Work? Kylee thought to herself. He just got married, and all he could think about was work! "Great!" She murmured to herself. "I don't love him, and he is also a workaholic. Just what I wanted in a husband!" She couldn't contain her sarcasm as she went up the stairs to go find a room.

She sat on the bed in her chosen room, hugging a pillow and cried silently. Her makeup spread all over the white material of the pillowcase. She covered her face with the pillow again to muffle her screams. She didn't even notice that Aiden was standing by her door watching her. he wa debating whether he should go comfort her or go to work. Before he could decide, his phone rang. He reached in his pocket and pulled it out to see that it was his secretary. He went to his car and left for work, leaving Kylee alone.

As she wiped the tears from her eyes, she heard a phone ring. It was distant, and, if the house weren't so quiet, she would have never heard it. She slowly stood up and went for the phone in the kitchen. "Hello," she asked carefully. "Kylee, I forgot to tell you dad, brother and sister will be joining us for dinner tonight. It's not too special. Cook whatever you want or you can call in caterers. If you do, tell them to put it on my tab. Just thought I should let you know. Bye." Aiden's voice no longer filled her ear, and she hung up. She thought it was very kind of him. She looked around, thinking about what she wanted to do. She wasn't going to call any caterers. She took this as an opportunity to impress him and his family. She ran her fingers over the black marble table, wondering what she would cook. First, she would go change. She had carried a travel bag with a few of her belongings that she couldn't leave behind. It contained a few clothes to help her go through that day only because she was going shopping the next day. Aiden said that he wouldn't want the press taking pictures of his wife in lousy clothes. He stressed the word 'wife'

A while later, she found herself ushering in Mr. Pierce and a girl around 18 in the house. Unlike her father and Aiden, she had big, light, chocolate brown eyes. They all shared the same dark brown hair. Her hair was curled and waist length. She was beautiful with her flawless skin and gorgeous outfit. Kylee couldn't help but feel envious. She had thought she had even seen her in a newspaper before. "Oh my gosh! I love that dress!" The girl exlaimed, pointing at Kylee's dress. Yes, it was a pretty simple dress. It was long, plain, and black with silver gems all around the waistline. It exposed a lot of cleavage, but she didn't complain. Aiden had brought it with him when he got back from work. It seemed a little expensive in Kylee's eyes, but it was nothing to Aiden. "Aidey!" The girl squealed as she ran to Aiden and threw her arms around his neck. "Mila," was all Aiden said before he slowly pushed her away, earning a glare from her. Clearly he didn't enjoy hugs. "Where's Robert?" Aiden asked, not hiding the bitterness in his tone. Kylee immediately got that the brothers didn't exactly get along. "Oh, he's going to be late." Aiden's father said as they all made their way to the dining hall.

It was big and elegant with a long table that could seat 20 people. Above were three chandeliers that looked like diamonds hanging down. The food had been set on the table by Kylee with no help from Aiden even though he was home. They sat in the middle of the table. Aiden, being a gentle man, pulled out Kylee's chair for her.

"Mmm...this food is GREAT!!" Mila declared as she put a slice of roasted steak in her mouth. "You should become my personal chef!" She joked, and Mr. Pierce chuckled. Kylee smiled, pleased with herself. She took a sip of water as a tall bulky figure walked in. He came closer, and she choked on her water. The light might have been dim on that day, but she recognised his face instantly. He was the customer from the strip club a few days ago. Kylee almost had a heart attack. "Kylee are you alright?" Aiden's father asked. "Yes," she gasped. "Kylee meet my first son, Robert. Robert Pierce." Mr. Pierce said standing from his chair.

Questions were passed on for Kylee from Mr. Pierce and Mila. Both Aiden and Robert ate silently. "So, Kylee." Mila spoke with her mouth full "Did you have a job?" The question caught Kylee off guard. She almost choked once again. "Um...Yes I did." Kylee concentrated more on her plate now. When the words left her mouth, Robert looked up from his plate and stared at her. "Really? Where?!" Mila asked, giving an interest in Kylee's life. Kylee panicked and said the first thing that came to her mind. "A caretaker. I went to people's homes and took care of their children." She prayed they wouldn't ask for a name. "Oh that's nice," Mila said and changed the subject. Kylee gave out a sigh of relief.

Kylee carried the plates and put them in the dish washer. As she walked back to the dining hall, she was roughly pushed against the wall. She was so lost in thought that she didn't see Robert approach her. He pinned her hands above her head. She gasped "W-what are you doing Mr. Pierce!" He leaned in closer, so she could feel his hot breath on her neck. Her breathing increased rapidly. "I know who you are." He said tracing his finger down her cleavage, giving her slight shivers. She was left speechless. "I wonder if Aiden knows." He placed a soft kiss on Kylee's neck. He quickly pulled when they heard footsteps coming through the hall. It was Mr. Pierce and Mila, who were leaving. They thanked Aiden and Kylee for hosting them and for cooking such a wonderful diner then said their good byes and left.

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