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Chapter 1

❛❛The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it's over.❜❜ 

He stood on the shores of the beach, his suit coat folded in his arm, and his other hand was tucked away in his pocket. His long white sleeved shirt was folded up to the elbows and it wasn't difficult to see that he was tired from a long day at work.

His eyes watched the waves as they dissolves just before reaching the shores, claiming the unlucky particles of sand that were to be lost in the back wash. He found it beautiful, the incomprehensive music the water made as it circumnavigated the ocean, soothing his very being.

The shore line was empty to as far as his eye could see, giving him the freedom he craved to enjoy the orange sky and red sun as it set below the levels of the ocean dragging down its light with it, so that the moon and stars could gain control of the sky.

He dug through his pocket, instead of a pack of cigarettes, a packet of gum appeared in his palm and at the back of his mind he realized, he didn't smoke. He pulled a strip of trident gum free from its companions in the packet and removed its foil layer. Placing the it on his tongue, he felt satisfied as the minty flavor broke lose in his mouth, making it feel cold and vulnerable to cold ocean air he sucked in.

Had it really been four years since their story started? To him it was as good as yesterday when he landed on the foreign soils away from the comfort of his home, England.

Had it really been four years since she had collided and spilt hot coffee all over him, was this smell of black coffee he could almost clearly smell and feel burn the skin of his chest really be from four years ago?

He held his chest as the scalding sensations seemed all too real, he closed his and his mind drowned in the memories of that day blessed yet cursed day, four years ago.

--------------4 years ago--------------

The temperature was different from what he was used to. England was way cooler. He stepped out of the private plane taking in a deep breath. He pushed the sun glasses up and he looked at the beautiful orange sky. It looked better than the one he was used to in England. He sighed. He hadn't been here since he was old enough for high-school. It was then that he was sent to boarding school in England and he wasn't glad to be back.

He casually walked down the steps as he searched the pockets on he's black leather jacket. After a short while, he pulled out a small box of cigarettes and pulled one cigarette out putting it in he's mouth. He pulled a lighter from he's jean pocket and lit it sighing heavily as he started walking away from the plane. It was a private landing strip, owned by his late Father so no one dare bothered him about the dangers of lighting a cigarette. They all knew he had a tendency of losing his temper when told what to do. They all knew except one young flight attendant who quickly ran to him, her heels clucking with every step she made. "Excuse me! Excuse me sir! you can't smoke here!" she said now in front of him heaving heavily. He looked up at her face. He's hands were in he's pockets and he looked so relaxed, most especially with the cigarette in he's mouth.

He looked at her, studying her face. She wore bright red lipstick, her bleached hair was tied into a tight bun on top of her head and she wore the uniform well. He looked behind her and saw one of his Fathers drivers pull up to him, with a truck right behind the car which carried his bike. The driver parked right next to where the two stood and quickly came out of the car.

"I hope I am not late Sir." he said carrying a shining black helmet out with him. The man wore a black suit like he was born with it, though he seemed like on more comfortable in an army uniform. His physique screamed army and his eyes shone at least three tours of either Syria or Afghanistan, he looked thirty years old, clean shaved and with a deadly serious face.

"No, your right on time." he replied, his words carrying a small hint of a British accent. Ignoring the flight attendant, he side stepped her and walked to where he's bike was being off loaded. The keys were given to him and he hoped onto the bike. He started it up and the engine purred to life. He smiled to himself and rode it back to where the driver stood.

"Make sure you bring all my bags to the Maximilian Hotel. I'll be staying there." He then looked back at the flight attendant that was staring at him furiously. He took the cigarette out of he's mouth and threw it to the ground and smashed it under he's foot smirking at her. He looked back at the driver. "And also make sure she cleans that up." he said pointing at the smashed cigarette.

"Yes Mr. Augustus. " the driver said humbly. Mr. Augustus, satisfied with himself, put on hiss helmet, roared up he's engine and sped away.

He stopped outside a cafe not so far away from the hotel. He felt the need to have some food in his stomach and even if they had food at the hotel, the cafe looked enticing. It almost felt like it was calling him. He parked he's bike close to the entrance and hoped off it just as the bell above the cafe door rang. A girl came rushing out of the cafe with a pile load of books in one hand and a cup of steaming hot coffee in the other. She didn't get far though. Tripping on a relatively small rock, she was sent crashing into Mr. Augustus. The hot coffee spilled all over both their fronts. The force at which she fell on him caused him to take a few steps back sending both of them crushing on he's brand new bike which also fell over, making a loud noise on hitting the ground attracting people's attention.

The hot black freshly brewed coffee burned both their skin but Jace Augustus was in more pain as the bike that he fell on had parts that were now protruding his back.

The clumsy girl quickly pushed herself off he's chest as she cursed under her breath. Her books were now scattered all over the place. She whined, ignoring the pain she now felt on her leg and chest as she quickly bent down to start picking up the books, groaning when she picked those that now had coffee stains or were ripped.

He slowly got up, trying to keep calm as he watched her talk to herself picking up the bunch of books. She paid him no attention. Its like she couldn't see him let alone acknowledge the fact that not only had she ruined he's designer jacket, she had also just destroyed he's new bikes body. He had barley had her for two hours and yet she was already ruined. This had got to be a record breaker for him.

He noticed blood slide down her right thigh where there was a small wound, staining the bright blue skirt that she wore. He also noticed the coffee stain all over the front part of her white blouse that now made it possible for him to see her bra. He tried to get a glimpse of her face but some of her hair was falling in front of her face covering it well.

She picked up the last of her books and quickly stood up, sprinting like she was in the Olympics. Jace stood in shock as he watched her sprint away. He expected at the very least an apology if not compensation for the damages caused. He watched her disappear out of he's sight as something inside him made him believe that they would definitely cross paths again, and when they did, he planned to make her do more than just apologize.

This, is when their story started and the accident marked the very beginning.

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Chapter 2

Linda's pace slowed as breathing got harder and harder for her. She made her last two steps and stopped, gasping for air. She looked down at her chest and let out another string of cuss words. Her blouse was drenched in coffee and now clung onto her chest like a second skin. She couldn't make an appearance looking like this at the Maclane house, but she knew she couldn't go back home and change either. Mrs. Maclane would have her head for being late. She looked back at where she had come from. She could still see the coffee shop but the boy she had a run in with wasn't there anymore, his bike lay on the ground, trashed. She turned back, rearranged her books and hailed a taxi.

Jace walked into the hotel taking in a deep breath as he ran his fingers through his messy hair. A bodyguard was waiting for him at the entrance of the hotel and when he spotted Jace, he quickly ran to his side. "Mr. Augustus is here." the man said into a small microphone hidden under his sleeve. Jace ignored him and walked to the receptionist's desk. Behind the desk sat a light skinned woman with chocolate brown hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a light shade of pink lipstick that matched the blush on her cheeks. She had mesmerizing crystal blue eyes that constantly flickered from the computer screen in front of her to the phone next to her.

"Hello si-" she started but she was quickly cut her off.

"Honey I don't care about what you have to say okay." Jace said taking off his coffee stained jacket. "The reason I walked up here was to give you this." he said throwing the jacket at her face. "Now make sure you have it properly dry cleaned and in my room by tomorrow morning looking as good as new or else you will have to look for a new job." He finished arrogantly, making his way towards the private elevator.

As he was about to enter, his bodyguard stopped him. "Sir I am afraid I can't let you get in."

"And why is that?" Jace said, annoyed.

"I have just been ordered by Mr. Williams to take you to the mansion. He said it's important."

"Can't it wait?" Jace said sounding frustrated. His bodyguard didn't reply so he pushed him aside.

"Well he is just my parent's lawyer, not the boss of me or you. I am your boss. You take orders from me. Not that money sucking fraud." And as soon as those words left his mouth, his phone started vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out and answered it.

"This better be important"

"Not if you don't want your inheritance it's not." the person on the other line replied with enough arrogance to match Jace's.

"Willows." Jace said with a detestable tone.

"Mr.Willows." the man corrected Jace. "Tommy Willows, your parents-" the person from the other line said before getting cut off by Jace.

"yah my parents lawyer. Now cut to the chase. I want to go rest."

"Jace you have to come back home now. It's something to do with your parents' will. I already have a car waiting outside the hotel for you."

Jace rolled his eyes. "Alright. I will be there." he said ending the call and walking back in the direction from which he came.

"Mrs. Maclane! I am really sorry! I got held up!" Linda said at the verge of tears. The woman she was talking to had a hard facial expression and seemed displeased. Her short blonde curls fell to the sides of her face and her stone cold blue eyes brought nothing but fear to Linda.

"Young lady, we don't need your services anymore now please leave my house before I call security to escort you." The woman said folding her arms at her chest.

"Just please give me another chance Mrs. Maclane. " Linda said pleadingly.

"We already arranged for another tutor for my son. Now just take the money and leave!" The blonde woman said angrily throwing her money at Linda's face. Linda sniffed as tears threatened to fall. She needed the job and the money badly to help her father financially. She stood still as a tear slid down her face. "Security!" The blonde woman yelled and men came rushing in. "Please escort this young lady out." Mrs. Maclane said harshly before walking away. Two security guards grabbed Linda from both sides and dragged her out through the big iron gates. Her books were thrown after her and the gates were shut behind her. It was dark outside and she stood in silence trying to process what had just happened and what she was going to do about it.

Ignoring the pain in her chest, the most painful headache and the fact that her world was now spinning, Linda bent on her knees and started picking up her textbooks as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. After she was done, she slowly got to her feet and started walking back home. She looked like a complete mess and if anyone had spotted her, in this neighborhood, at this time of the day, they would have mistaken her for a thug in an instant. She was in the rich side of the town. Where only those that swam in money could afford to stay. Each house was a mansion or something of the sort, hidden behind big iron gates with more security systems than a bank.

Linda made slow steps, one foot after the other as she lost herself, deep in thought. She held the books tightly against her chest as a huge wave of fatigue hit her. So lost in her own thought, she didn't notice the group of boys walking towards her until one of them pushed her roughly against the wall. The boys were teenagers. Teenagers reeking of alcohol. Linda fell to the ground, her books falling around her. Groaning in pain, she tried getting back up to her feet. Finally standing up, she came face to face with about six boys with smirks plastered on their faces. Her heart rate fastened. Fear seized her body's impulses.

"Where could you be headed at this time of the night." One of the boys said stepping out if the semi circle they had now created around her. Under the street lights, she could only see little of his features. He had sandy blonde hair and a buffer body than the rest. His facial features were hidden under the shadow his hair created so that Linda couldn't make them out. He slowly stalked towards her, cornering her. She felt like a mouse, cornered by an eagle.

"Come on baby. I know a place where we can all have fun." He said reaching his hand out touch her. She tried running away but one of his friends grabbed her from behind, holding her captive tightly against his rock hard chest as they all burst out laughing. She tried getting out of his strong hold but he had almost 10 times her strength.

She was now shaking in fear. She seemed tired and the look in her eyes was that of someone who had lost hope. Her detainer caressed her cheek as a throaty laugh escaped his lips. She flinched away from his touch as the rest of the rowdy bunch cheered him on.

'This is it. They are going to gang rape me and leave me here to die.' she thought as she shut her eyes stopping any tears from welling in her eyes.

"Lord please" she whispered.

"Take your hands off her before I cut them off and send them to your parents, nicely wrapped. " A figure from in the shadows threatened. They all stopped their snickering and looked at the direction of the voice. All that could be seen was a lit cigarette and white smoke in the darkness.

"Why don't you come out of your hiding place!" The blonde guy said daringly. Jace stepped out of the shadows holding the cigarette to his mouth calmly. He took slow steady steps towards them inhaling on his cigarette.

He was driving to the estate when he saw them surround a girl. He was going to drive past her until he saw the stained blouse. In that instant he knew it was her. The girl that owed him new bike spare parts, if not a new bike and an apology as well. He had the car stopped and stood in the shadows analyzing the situation. He wasn't one to dive into matters that didn't involve him anyways. When he saw them touch her, he knew what was coming next and had to get involved. She was indebted to him and she hadn't paid him so he after long thoughts, it did seem like his business.

"And who are you?" The blonde guy asked as Jace stepped into the light.

Running his fingers through his hair sighing, Jace replied "The guy that she owes a lot to. After I am done collecting my debt, you can have her back."

The teenage boys all started laughing like he had just cracked the funniest joke ever. He ignored them and focused on Linda. She rose her eyes from the ground and looked at him. He finally got to see her face. It wasn't a clear view as her greasy dark brown was all over the place and it was too dark. But for Jace, it was enough. He studied what he could of her face and when her Hazel eyes locked with his, he gave her a small wink and smile causing her to gasp.

"But we got her first. She belongs to us now. First come first serve." One of the boys said out loud. Linda wasn't even surprised that she was being treated like some sort of item. She knew how it was in the world of extreme wealth.

"How about you come get her yourself? " The blonde boy holding Linda challenged as he held Linda even closer to his body.

"Fine by me. " He said dropping the cigarette to the ground and smashing it under his shoes. He was soon attacked by one of the boys. He came with a punch which Jace easily dodged. The boy went flying past Jace and Jace landed a punch in his gut sending him crushing to the ground.

"Is that all you got?" He asked smirking arrogantly. This time, two boys came charging towards him. Jace smiled satisfied with himself. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as he karate chopped one on the neck and held the other in an arm lock before knocking him out. Jace had taken three down. The fourth one that came charging came as Jace was finishing the third one off giving him an opportunity to land a punch on Jace's cheek bone bursting his lip.

Jace slid his foot under his attacker's tripping him, sending him falling to the ground. He punched him twice knocking him out. When Jace looked up, the guy who had Linda had now let her go and was now approaching him with his blonde friend. Jace stood up straight ready to face his last two opponents.

After he dropped the blonde guy, Jace looked around looking for Linda who had disappeared. "Sir if you're looking for the girl, she left a while ago." His bodyguard said stepping out of the shadows.

Jace was disappointed. He had lost her yet again without even getting her name. "Dammit!" He said running a hand through his sweaty hair in frustration.

Jace lit another cigarette as the door was opened for him and he got into the car. Putting the cigarette in between his lips, he inhaled deeply before taking it out and blowing out a puff of smoke. He shut his eyes as he leaned back against the car seat.

"Nice of you to join us so soon." One of the lawyers said sarcastically as he looked at the big clock hanging on the wall. It had been almost two hours since they called for him.

"Please have a seat Mr. Augustus." Another lawyer said motioning towards an empty seat on the big dining table.

"Already made a few new friends I see." Mr. Willows said studying the burst on his lip.

"You know, boys' gotta fit in." Jace said with a shrug as he walked past Mr. Willows.

Jace took a seat and studied his surroundings. He was surprised to see all six lawyers from his parents legal team seated around him dressed up in suits.

"Is this some sort of welcome party?" He asked leaning back into the chair and sighing.

Mr. Willows, the lead lawyer took out an envelope from his briefcase, and slid it across the table to Jace.

Jace picked up the sealed envelope and tore the seal open. Inside was a thin official document.The will. He thought as he pulled it out slowly and carefully. He was right. It was indeed his parents will. A smile developed on his face as he scanned the document quickly for the part where it talked about inheritance. When he saw the company and all his parents shares were to be transferred to him, his grin just grew even wider and he put the piece of paper on the table smiling at all the lawyers around him.

"I guess it is indeed a welcome party." He said sliding the piece of document back to Mr. Willows. "I should treat you all to a nice dinner somewhere fancy, your pick." He said pushing the chair back and standing up.

"Not so fast Jace." Mr. Willows said talking out yet another sealed envelope. "Please retake your seat." He said with a small smile.

"What is it now?" Jace asked annoyed as he did as he was told.

"That is a document that states I have ownership and guardianship over you and the company until you graduate high school." Mr. Willows said with a smirk.

"That is such bullshit." Jace said rolling his eyes. "First of all, I am 19 meaning am an adult who does not need a guardian or whatever you want to call yourself and I just recently finished up with highschool so what do you mean graduate highschool? Such bullshit." He said laughing as the lawyers all watched him in silence.

"You will be redoing your final year." Mr. Willows said calmly.

Jace stopped laughing and looked at him. "Redoing what? Excuse me?" He said angrily.

"As per your parents request." Mr. Willows said unsealing the envelope in his hands.

"Due to recent turn of events," Mr Willows read out loud. "Jace Augustus will redo his final year of highschool and pass it with average grades at the very least before he can finally inherit the company. Mr. Willows will be given full authority over Jace during this period of time.

Should anything happen to us that leads to our death or us being in comatose state during this period of time, Mr. Willows is to take full authority over the company until Jace graduates.

Jace's allowance is to be reduced to an amount of 500$ only per month and he is allowed only one vehicle as a means of his transport.

If Jace refuses to comply with these simple requests, his current shares of the company will be given to him in cash and he will never step foot into the company again.

Then down here we have the signatures from the witnesses, your parents and me." Mr. Willows finished turning the paper over and lifting it up for everyone to see.

Jace got over his shock and stood up. Fueled with anger, he reached out for the paper and scanned through its contents, his hands shaking.

"I was supposed to go to England and put you back into school, be your guardian and all but then the accident happened and your parents past so that meant you had to move back here. I have already enrolled you into a school as required of me by my guardian duties. I have also sent for your luggage to be delivered to the house and I live in the guest room on the second floor."

Jace tore the paper in half and threw it back on the table. "Since it's ripped it holds no significance right?" He asked and looked at the shocked faces of all the lawyers with a smile.

"That was actually just a copy and not the original. And even if you did get your hands on the original, all these lawyers you see here," Mr. Willows said gesturing at the lawyers sitting with them on the table. "they all acted as witness when this document was being made." He finished with a triumphant smile.

"You manipulative son of a bitch!" Jace said standing up from his chair and jumping for Mr. Willows, holding him by the collars of his shirt. The other lawyers quickly got up and tried to pry him off Mr Willows as he shouted a string of cuss words.

"Let him go." The middle aged man said straightening out his shirt and tie.

And the other lawyers complied and let Jace go.

"Jace you have school tomorrow so I'd suggest going to bed early. The driver will be here to pick you up to take you to and from school since you ruined your requested transportation mode just a few hours after you got it and you know what the document said. Only one vehicle." He said holding one finger up.

Defeated and frustrated, Jace walked past him and bumped into his shoulder roughly before walking away.

"Wait!" Mr. Willows said before Jace could exit the room. "Because you are also behind in school, I got you a tutor. She will be here at 4:30. Don't be late."


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Chapter 3

Linda sneaked quietly into her small, cramped room, turning on her desk lamp and placing her books on the small table in front of her ancient Windows 98 computer. As she waited, she scanned her table and saw her pill bottle sticking out among the mess. She reached out for it and held it close to her chest, sighing in relief, before popping a few pills in her hand and throwing them into her mouth, cringing as she swallowed.

"You forgot your medicine at home again," Ellie, the girl she shared bunk beds with, said as she rubbed her eyes and yawned.

Startled, Linda looked at Ellie guiltily as she held the bottle behind her back, trying to come up with an excuse.

"Don't even think about lying. I came home and saw it on your table today," the thirteen-year-old scolded, propping herself up on her elbows .

"Please don't tell Dad," Linda pleaded.

"Linda, this is the third time!" Ellie whisper-yelled. Linda's eyes dropped to the floor as she nervously bit her bottom lip. "I won't tell Dad. Just stop forgetting to carry it."

"Thanks, Ell." Linda smiled weakly.

"What happened?" Ellie asked, pointing to the dark stain on Linda's blouse.

"Oh, this..." She placed a hand over the damp spot as she thought back to the accident. "It's nothing. Just me being clumsy."

"Of course," Ellie said, rolling her eyes as she fell back on her pillow.

Turning off her desk lamp, Linda changed into a faded t-shirt and pajama pants before getting into bed.

"So you're not going to shower?" Ellie questioned when she felt movement in the bunk below.

"If I go to the bathroom right now, Dad might wake up and notice how late I came in today, and you know how he gets."

"Yuck!" Ellie said in disgust.

Linda chuckled. "Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"Shouldn't you be caring about your personal hygiene, not my sleep schedule?"

"Touche," Linda laughed.


"Wake up, loser!" Ellie said, nudging Linda awake.

"Shit, am I late?" Linda said, jerking up into a sitting position.


"Crap!" Linda said, throwing the covers off and jumping out of bed.

As soon as she stepped outside her door, she was bombarded with loud squeals of children running up and down, playing before they got ready for school. She put her towel on her shoulder and started to make her way to the bathroom.

Linda's father, a man in his mid-fifties, climbed up the staircase to the second floor, a toddler sitting on his shoulders. He held a small pair of pants and was chasing around a butt-naked three year old. Linda couldn't help but laugh.

"Morning, Linda," he greeted, heaving heavily.

"Morning, Paps." She walked towards him and placed a light kiss on his cheek.

Before they could exchange any more words, the toddler hit the old man on the head.

"Horsey, horsey, go!" he squealed brightly.

Linda laughed out loud. "Go on, horsey!" she said, pointing forward.

Mr. Grover chuckled as he looked at his wrist-watch. "Young lady, I suggest you go take a quick shower before you're late for class."

Linda replied with a quick nod before she entered the bathroom. She shut the door behind her and noticed the sticker on the back was peeling off. She slowly outlined the edges as she pressed it firmly back on the door with one finger.

The sticker had an image of an animated, two-storied building, just like the one they were living in, with the words Home of Hope Orphanage below it. She placed her forehead on the sticker and shut her eyes, exhaling slowly.


Mr. Willows pressed a button on the remote control in his hand, causing the curtains in Jace's room to open slowly. Sunlight fell onto his face as Jace slowly stirred awake. Rubbing his eyes, he sat up to find Mr. Willows smiling at him.

"Rise and shine," he said smugly.

Jace looked at the digital clock on his bedside table, then looked back at the lawyer standing at the end of his bed.

"School doesn't start for another hour or so. Why are you waking me up this early?" he asked angrily, narrowing his eyes.

"Because you are not supposed to be late, remember? And knowing you, you’ll  spend ages in the bathroom, so I figured the earlier you got out of bed, the better."

"Get the fuck out!" Jace yelled pulling a pillow from behind him and throwing it at his lawyer, missing him by almost five centimeters. Mr. Willows laughed as he walked out of the room, shaking his head and throwing the remote on the bed as Jace continued to glare at him.

"What the actual fuck!" he shouted in frustration, kicking his legs around as he fell back on the bed, only to hit the back of his head against the headboard.

"Son of a bitch!" he swore loudly, cradling his head.

Jace carelessly walked down the stairs, throwing one foot down after the other as though he didn’t have a care in the world. He was now fully dressed in his school uniform, which consisted of grey trousers, and a dark maroon blazer with the image of a roaring lion and the words Lincoln Park Academy embroidered on the left of his chest. He wore a white shirt underneath, not properly tucked in, and his maroon tie hung loosely from his collar.

"You can’t seriously be planning to go to school like that," Mr. Willows said as he watched Jace descend the staircase.

"Why? Isn't this the school uniform? I found it on the sofa in my room." Jace pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from his pocket.

The lawyer muttered something disapproving under his breath, obviously frustrated.

"Come on, old man." Jace placed a hand on Mr. Willows’s shoulders. He used his free hand to put the cigarette in between his lips and light it before pocketing the lighter. He inhaled deeply, letting out a loud sigh as he shut his eyes, enjoying the taste and feel of the smoke. Exhaling it, he turned his head to the side and looked at his lawyer with a small smile.

"You don't need to look so frustrated. I’ll try to stay out of trouble," Jace said with a playful smirk.

"As if," the frustrated lawyer responded, trying not to roll his eyes.

Patting the man's shoulder twice, Jace walked away, still smoking his cigarette.

"Smoking, drinking, or taking any sort of drugs on campus isn’t tolerated, Jace, and the punishment is immediate expulsion," the lawyer shouted behind him.

"Don't worry; I’ll try not to get caught," Jace said, giving him a thumbs up.

His lawyer let out a low groan as he watched Jace walk towards the tall, dark, oak doors. One of the maids handed him his school bag and asked if he wanted breakfast.

"I'd rather not," he answered.

The maid opened the doors for him, and he stepped out, finding a black Mercedes waiting outside the house. He descended the stairs and walked towards the car. The man who had picked him up from the airport the day before was standing outside the car, holding the door to the back seat open. Jace threw his bag inside.

"My name is Thomas and I will be your driver and bodyguard today," the man said, giving a slight bow.

Jace looked at him, studying his face for a few seconds before flicking out his cigarette and looking away. Thomas quickly shut the door, got in the driver's seat, and drove the car out of the big, iron gates.

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