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Her body rhythmically moved to the beats of Danger BTS as sweat continuously dribbled down her face. She was heaving heavily. She had been at it for almost two hours but the constant pain in her right knee wouldn’t let her get the steps for the chorus right. She wore a dark blue tank top with black ripped jeans and black boots. She had a bandana tied to her left arm to complete her messy look. Her chin lengthen strawberry blonde hair was dripping with sweat and falling in her face. She gritted her teeth as she applied too much pressure on her knee yet again by mistake. Her right leg slipped from under her and she messed up the step for what felt like the 100th time today. She bent and grabbed her knee with one hand and yelled in anger as she pulled the earphones out of her ears and threw them at the wall with the other. She limped over to her duffle bag and took out a pill bottle. She took out two pills and put them in her mouth. That’s all she needed to do. Take pain killers and the pain would be gone in five minutes. She then reached out for her black water bottle and gulped down a mouth full of water.

Wiping her mouth with the back of her sweaty hand, she stood up straight and walked to where her iPod was. She picked it up and held it in her palms. One of the ear phones was broken. She sighed and looked up at the ceiling where one old fan was spinning at a slow pace. She closed her fists and dropped her hand, the broken earphone hanging from her hand. She walked back to her duffle bag and threw her belongings in. She pulled out a face towel and zipped up her bag. She wiped away the sweat on her face and pushed her hair behind her ears. She then placed the face towel on her head feeling too lazy to open her duffle bag zipper again.

There was a man outside the room. He had been carefully watching her for about twenty minutes. He had arrived with his band to discuss their music video when he saw her. Dancing like she was forced to do it. There is nothing passionate about the way she dances he thought to himself yet he still couldn’t leave. His band members had all gone ahead, only he was left behind, watching her dance. His phone vibrated in he’s pocket and he quickly pulled it out only to see he had received a text.

Sender: T.O.P

 ‘Yah! Ji Yong. Where are you? Everyone’s’ waiting for you.’

He sighed and locked he’s phone putting it in his jacket pocket. When he looked up, through the square glass on the door, he could see her approaching the door with a towel placed on her head. She looked so tired and worn out. His phone vibrated again. He pulled it out again and unlocked it. It was another text from T.O.P. He sighed and locked his phone again not bothering to read the text. He walked away from the door and followed the hallway like he initially was when he first got here.

“Where have you been?” His manager questioned angrily as Ji Yong walked through the doors of the office where his band members had been patiently waiting for him. They were all sprawled on the couches reading an old magazine or playing with their phones. “Sorry I got lost.” Ji Yong said chuckling a little as he scratched at the back of his head. His manager rolled his eyes and threw a file at Ji Yong who quickly caught it before the papers slid out.

Opening it, he questioned. “What is this?” He asked going through the papers quickly.

“It’s a profile for the dancers for your next music video.” He’s manager replied.

 “Why are you giving this to me?” He asked throwing it back to he’s manager. “Just make sure they’re good.” He said plunging on one of the bean bags next to Teayang.

He let out a sigh as he shut his eyes and thought back when he stood outside the door of that room where he saw her dance. Was she going to be one of the dancers on the list? He hoped not. He definitely didn’t want someone like her with no passion for what she did on he’s music video. “What is next on our schedule after dance practice?” Seungri asked putting down the magazine he was reading and getting up. “You boys can go back to your hotel rooms. I have to go to the department store and make sure everything is all set for tomorrow’s fan signing.” Their manager replied. “So you boys go have your practice, I’ll be going now.” Their manager said grabbing he’s coat from the coat hanger and wearing it. “Lee Sung Joo will be waiting outside to drive you back to your hotel.” He said before leaving. The boys got up from their positions and left the office, walking to the room they practiced from.

The fan signing day was here. The boys arrived in a lack van that was tinted everywhere except the windshield. Ji Yong leaned against the plush seats and shut he’s eyes. He wasn’t ready for the day yet and he felt a small nap would help. Fans and reporters were crowded outside the cars taking pictures and screaming. There was definitely no way they were going to make it through the front doors.

“Why don’t we just use the underground parking lot then use an elevator to get to the floor of the fan signing?” Teayang asked.

“I don’t like sitting here for a long time. It’s starting to get uncomfortable.” Deasung said flipping away the hair that was in his face.

“The manager is making arrangements for the underground parking lot. Hopefully this mass of people won’t be able to reach us there. I hear is only for V VIPs.” T.O.P said as he took the phone away from he’s ear and ended the call with their manager.

“Can’t wait for this day to be over already! I am so tired!” Seungri groaned.

Ji Yong remained silent, pretending to be asleep. They were driven to the underground parking lot to avoid the huge masses of people. The all came out of the van wearing their face masked except Ji Yong. He chose to remain inside.

“Ji Yong, we need to go. The fan signing starts in an hour.” T.O.P said looking at his wrist watch.

“I’ll be there. Just give me twenty minutes to take a nap.” He said lying down on the seats.

“Alright. Sung Joo will stay here with you then.”

It had only been five minutes when Ji Yong heard someone outside the van. He groaned and sat up thinking his band members had come to pick him up only to be shocked. The girl from the dance studio was standing outside the van holding lipstick in one hand. She started applying it, using the van’s tinted windows as a mirror. Her hair was curled and held back by a red bandana. She was wearing a light blue blouse that stopped above her belly button with loose threads falling over her stomach and navy blue shorts. She had a lively aura around her, different from what she had the first time he saw her. She made kissy faces when she was done applying the lipstick and laughed at herself. Ji Yong put a hand on his mouth to stop the laughter that wanted to erupt from him. She put the lipstick back into her hand bag and looked at the window again blinking her eyes like she was trying to make a cute face. Ji Yong couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to meet her boyfriend.


“Oppa!” she said smiling sweetly and looking down at her feet. For a moment, Ji Yong was taken back. Was she talking to him? Did she know he was here? He’s eyes widened as he moved away from the window. When she looked up, she had a serious face on. She tried different kinds of smiles and she blinked a lot. Ji Yong couldn’t help but find her adorable. She cleared her throat and went again. “Oppa please.” She said again swaying from one side to another. She seemed to have been practicing for something and from what Ji Yong could tell, it seemed like she was going to ask her boyfriend for something. He chuckled and got closer to the window where she was practicing from. He studied her features. She had small cat-like brown eyes that complimented her pale flawless skin. Her face wasn’t too chubby but it wasn’t too tight either. She had small pink lips and a perfect smile.

She ran her hands through her hair, making final touches to it before she cleared her throat and shut her eyes taking a deep breath. She seemed nervous. She cleared her throat one last time and gave her face on last look before she walked away towards the elevator. Ji Yong found himself smiling at her. He shut he’s eyes again and laid against the car seats.

It wasn’t long when he was woken up from his short nap yet again. There was a ruckus outside. The guards seemed to be chasing someone. He rubbed his eyes and turned to see Sung Joo deep in sleep in the driver’s seat. He slide the door open to go check what was going on. Only after two steps, he was knocked to the floor by someone. He groaned in pain as his body came into contact with the stone hard floor. One top of him was the girl he had seen using his van window as a mirror. She looked down at his face and she quickly pushed herself off but she failed to tear herself away from him. His pendant had somehow found a way to entangle it’s self in her blouse. She pulled her blouse away but it didn’t come off.

She glanced behind and saw the security guards gaining onto them. She looked back at her blouse and tagged at it again but the pendant refuse to come off. When she was about to pull again, he grabbed her wrist “That’s important. Don’t break it.” He said. She forcefully took it off him. “Stop! You thief! That’s very important!” He shouted at her. She ignored him and started running. He quickly stood up and followed her. That pendant was important and he was going to get it no matter what.

“Yah! Ji Yong! Come back!” Sung Joo said coming out of the car. The noise had woken him up. The guards continued to shout after the girl as she ran out of the parking lot with Ji Yong behind her. As soon as they got outside, they were attacked by fans and reporters who were waiting outside anxiously. They had been given barely a thirty second head start.

Park Min Young’s knee was in pain. She saw a hotel across the street and decided that’s where she needed to go to get rid of the man that had his pendant entangled in her blouse.  Ji Yong angrily asked her where they were going as they recklessly crossed the road but she ignored him and ran straight for the hotel. One she ran in, she went straight for the emergency stairs. She threw herself onto the rails and tried regaining her breath.

“Who are you and why did you steal my pendant? Are you a crazy fan? I can have you arrested for what you just did!” Ji Yong said to her. She still had her back turned to him. Ignoring him, she grabbed the strings that were holding the pendant and she ripped them off her blouse. The pendant fell into her hands. She threw it back at the owner who caught it. She then turned her back again at him and started rampaging through her bag.

“Wow! You think you can steal my stuff, have me chased by fans and just get away with it? Look at me!” Ji Yong said grabbing her shoulders and turning her to face him. “Do you even know who I am?” He asked.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Kwon Ji Yong famously known as G-Dragon. Who doesn’t know you here in Korea.” She replied. Ji Yong was taken back. He expected her to jump up and down in excitement like what the other girl did when they saw him but she was the least bit interested. “What? Did you expect me to jump up and down in excitement?” She asked chuckling. Ji Yong was tempted to say yes but he held it in. “Well I’ll let you know, you’re not the first famous person I’ve met.” She said pulling out a box from her bag. She took off the cover revealing chocolates. She sighed and hugged the box. Ji Yong just stood there watching her in complete shock. She covered the box and put it back in her bag.  She walked to the door and turned the knob ready to pull it open when Ji Yong grabbed her wrist.

“You’re leaving me here alone?” he questioned.

“You’re not a child, am sure you can find your way back.” She said swinging the door open.

Ji Yong slammed it shut. “Do you have any idea how many people followed us here! And just how much trouble I will be in for missing the signing?”

She gave him a small fake laugh. “That sounds more like a you problem not a me problem.” She said trying to open the door.

Ji Yong’s hand held it in place. “Well you better find a way to sneak me back into that department store before ten or else it will turn into a you problem too.”

“What will you do?” She said confidently smiling and folding her arms against her chest.

“You did steal my pendant. I mean that’s why I followed you. So I guess could press charges. Find a way out of here before ten or else I will press charges and have you arrested.”

She opened the door and peeped outside only to see a huge swarm of people outside the hotel waiting for them. Min Young’s jaw dropped. She looked at her wrist watch and saw she only had nine minutes to ten. “It’s only nine minutes to ten! How am I supposed to get you past all those people!”

“I suggest you start getting creative.” 

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kansas marie Friedman

Very cute light novel, I love these kind of couples, both so stubborn. I enjoyed chapter one immensely.


Min Young cracked the door open slightly and peeked outside only to see the reporters and fans still waiting for them to come out. “It’s been an hour! Aren’t they tired? Why cant they just leave.” She said closing the door and leaning against it sighing before she sunk to the ground.

“Because am someone of great importance. A star.” G-dragon said arrogantly earning him a glare from Min Young. “Is your brother the only person you can call?” G-dragon asked sitting on one of the stairs and leaning against the wall. “Don’t you have friends?”

Min Young looked up at him. “My best friend is a news reporter. There is no doubt she is outside with the other reports waiting to get an exclusive. If I ask for her help and give out our location, we are handing her an exclusive and I do not, for the love of me want to be in a scandal with you of all people.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“This situation would have been nice if I was stuck with someone like Lee Jong-Suk instead” She whispered and sighed deeply.

“What was that?” G-dragon asked sitting upright and looking straight at her.

“Nothing, nothing.” She muttered shutting her eyes as she recalled the conversation she had just had with her brother about forty minutes ago.

“Oppa! Please. Save me. Just this once. Please.”

“Why should I help you?”

“What kind of question is that?” She shouted into the phone. “I am your little sister.”

“Are you yelling at me?” He asked chuckling.

She pulled the phone away from her ear and brought it in front of her face. Gritting her teeth she punched the air that was near her phone. “Aish!” She said angrily before putting the phone back to her ear. “No I wasn’t Oppa.” She said in the sweetest voice she could forge.

“I will only agree to help you if you return what you stole from the department store.”

“Oppa! You know how much I love those chocolates.”


“They only come once a month! I missed them last month I can’t miss them this month! I will die! Do you want to see your baby sister die?”

“Then are you going to pay for them?”

“Oppa! Your prices are so high! I can’t afford it right now but I will pay you when I get money.”

“Then return them.”

“Oppa.” She cried desperately as G-dragon watched with amusement.

“I can’t help you if you don’t return them. I am busy am going to hang up.”

“Oppa!” She called into the phone.

“I am hanging up. Bye.” Her brother said before the line went dead.

“Kang Joon! Ya!! Kang Joon!” She shouted into the phone. She took it away from her ear and looked at the screen. Call ended. She gritted her teeth angrily. “I am going to kill him she said locking her phone and looking up at G-dragon who was smirking at her. “What are you smirking at?” She said angrily raising her fist and lowering it almost immediately.

Min Young stood up, dusting her shorts. She ran her hands through her hair in frustration. “How do you not move with your phone? Hell how do you not know your own manager’s phone number by heart?” She said getting G-dragon’s attention.

“Sorry, I didn’t think I would need my phone on me. Didn’t think someone was going to rob me.” He replied sarcastically.

“I didn’t rob you. It clung onto me. It’s not my fault it prefers me to you. I wouldn’t blame it. With that attitude of yours who would want to be with you.”

“Wow! How am I the one with the attitude? Just look at the way you’re talking to me.” He said angrily as he stood up.

Frustrated, Min Young looked at the box of chocolate that was still untouched. She sighed and took out her phone and dialed her brother’s number. “Okay I will return them.” She said sadly.

Ten minutes after the phone call, they were waiting behind the door to the emergency stair case on the second floor. Someone knocked startling them. Min Young opened the door and peeked outside. There were three men dressed in black suits outside. One of them spoke.

“Ahjumma. We’re here to pick you.”

Speechless, Min Young stared at him mouth agape as G-Dragon snickered behind her. “What? Ah-Ahjumma? Who are you calling Ahjumma? Do you want to die?” She said raising her voice.

“Sorry, but Mr. Park told us to address you that way.”

She gritted her teeth in anger. “When I see that idiot!” She said clenching her fists.

“The package.” One of the men said holding out his hand. Min Young slowly took the box out of her bag and stared at the box on last time before handing it over. “Follow us. A car is waiting for us outside the door of the building.” The man said turning around and walking towards the private elevator on the floor.

When they got back to the underground parking lot of the department store, the rest of the big bang members and their manager were waiting next to their van and Min Young’s brother on the other hand was waiting impatiently, arms folded against his chest with his personal secretary on his right and the general manager on his left. When the car pulled in, Min Young almost jumped out. The ride was as awkward as they get. They sat in total silence after they had seen the articles that had been published about them already. When they got off, they were greeted by Min Young’s brother who apologized for the unfortunate turn out of events. G-dragon accepted the apology and apologized too for disappearing before the fan signing. G-dragon then calmly walked to his band members without as much as a glance at Min Young. Min Young on the other hand, had to face her brother.

 “Are you crazy? You ran off with the guy who was supposed to start off today’s fan signing!” he said angrily.

“Oppa I am sorry.” She said lowering her head like a child and pouting. “But you know,” She said looking up again. “In my defense, I didn’t run away with him nor did I ask him to follow me! He just did!”

“Now tell me what are we going to do about these articles? Because he is so famous, they have gone so viral in under a short time our IT technicians have failed to shut it down.” Her brother said putting the tab in front of her face. She looked at the articles she had already seen with her phone during the unpleasant car ride.

“They can’t recognize me. There is no clear picture of me.” She said innocently.

“Them recognizing you is not what am worried about! If mom even gets one glance at this article, she will know it’s you right away! You know the way she is about bringing attention to the family. She will kill you!” Her brother groaned.

“Do you want to know my dying wish then?” She asked with a smug on her face. He just looked into her playful eyes silently. Her smile widened as she pointed at the box of chocolate that had been taken away from her that was now in her brother’s secretary’s hand.

“Nope!” Her brother said turning away from her and walking away.

“Oppa! Please! I will love you forever!” She said running after him. “By the way! Why did you tell your guards to call me Ahjumma! Do you know how old I am?” She questioned as their voices stated fading away as they got further way from the big bang members.

“Yes Ahjumma.” Her brother said jokingly.

“Stop calling me that! Oppa!” she said as they walked into the elevator.

The big bang members along with their manager and Sung Joo watched them in complete fascination. “Wow that girl!” The manager said “She just made such a big mess for us to clean up and she doesn’t even apologize! Wow! The kids of today!” He said without tearing his stare from Min Young.

“Let’s go. I am tired.” G-Dragon said entering the van and joining his band members. His manager turned to face him. “Why did you follow her?” he complained. “She had taken something of great importance to me.” He said taking the pendant out of his pants pocket and holding it in his palm. The Star with a cap on it. It still had remains from Min Young’s clothes on it. Some loose thread here and there. He sighed and enclosed his fingers around the pendant.

“Ji Yong! You totally ditched us! Do you know how much explaining we had to do to our fans for your disappearance? Then we hear you’re running around with some girl? Have you even seen the articles?” T.O.P asked.

“Just let him be Seung Hyun.” Deasung said smiling at G-Dragon.

“So that girl,” Seungri started.

“Who is she?” Teayang asked smirking and wiggling his eye brows.

“She’s no one. That girl is nothing but trouble I tell you.” G-dragon said as the car was started.

“Aren’t all girls?” T.O.P said quietly looking outside, past the tinted window like her was reminiscing. All the members looked at him with sad expressions written all over their faces.

“Anyways, Jo Yong, you have to apologize publically about missing today’s fan signing and we have to find a way to sort out this crazy ‘who is G-dragon’s new girlfriend’ rumor.” Their manager said from the front.

“Okay.” G-dragon said without giving his managers words much of a thought.

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She was lying down on the couch in front of the television in pajama pants and a baggy T-shirt when she heard the familiar beeping sound of her apartment password being punched in. It could only be one person at this time. She thought glancing at the clock on the wall. “Min Young! I am going to kill you today! Today I will strangle you with my own hands!” Her best friend shouted as she walked into the living room. Min Young kept her eyes on the TV in front of her and took a sip of beer from her beer can. “YA!” her best friend shouted in attempt to get her attention. Min Young shut her eyes for a moment and sighed.

“Kyung Joo I swear what the news is saying is not true. I am not dating G-Dragon.” She said standing up from the couch. “Can I at least get an interview from the both of you?” Kyung Joo asked smirking. “If I can be the first to get a one-on-one interview of you guys, I could finally get the exclusive I have always wanted.” Min Young rolled her eyes. “There is nothing to going on between us so there is no need to interview us. Besides, I hope to never meet the idiot ever again!” She said angrily running her hands through her hair. “Why? What happened?” Kyung Joo asked laughing as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

They all sat in silence waiting for the final dancer to arrive. Min Young. G-dragon looked at the name of the final dancer and wondered who it was and what on earth was taking them so long. He yawned loudly getting everyone’s attention. He could barely get any sleep the night before. He kept on ransacking his mind thinking of where he had seen the crazy girl before. She looked so familiar but he couldn’t quite place where he had seen her before the time in the studio. Someone barged into the doors getting everyone’s attention. Min Young bent over and put her hands on her knees as she took in deep breaths.  “So sorry I am late. There was traffic and I had to come out and make a r-” she said out of breath as she stood straight and met G-dragon’s eyes. “Ahjumma?” He asked raising his eyebrows. “What are you doing here?” he asked setting the file on a table.

The other dancers who were all sitting on one side of the room waiting for instructions watched the scene unfold in front of them. The other big bang members except T.O.P had smirks on the faces and they kept on making eye contact with each other almost like they were reading each other’s minds. “Ahjumma!” Min Young exclaimed angrily. “Who are you calling an ahjumma?” She said walking up to him angrily. Just at that moment, the manager of the dance studio walked in with Big bang’s manager. “Ahh.” He clapped his hands together. “Now that everyone is here, let’s begin the meeting now shall we?” he said smiling at big bang’s manager. “Please sit down Min Young.” He said walking to the front of the room.

“Min Young?” G-dragon whispered now walking behind Min Young to one of the couches. “Ahjumma! Your name is Min Young?” he asked smiling innocently. “Ya! Stop calling me Ahjumma. Who is an ahjumma! I am still in my early twenties!” She said lowly through gritted teeth as she sat next to the other dancers. “Catch you later…Ahjumma.” He said winking before walking to his band members. The meeting didn’t take more than ten minutes. They discussed the shooting of big bang’s new music video. Timings, roles, locations, it was all settled during the meeting. “When everyone was dismissed, Min Young stayed behind with the studio’s manager.

“Sunbae, can I not be part of this music video?” She asked politely.


“I am not comfortable with the band members.”

“If you have a history with them, why don’t you just put it behind you? This is business. You shouldn’t let personal things get in the way. We are already short on dancers. I can’t have you pulling out now.” He said getting his files together. “If you miss this shoot, I will take you off other videos for the next two months. This Video is important to the studio”

“Okay.” She said lowering her head.

“Now if that’s all,” he said grabbing his bag, “You should probably go and practice with everyone else. And make sure you’re at the airport before 5:30 for check in. The earliest flight to Jeju Island is at 6. Don’t want to miss it.” He finished walking out of the room, leaving Min Young alone in thought. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you’re avoiding me.” G-Dragon said leaning against the doorframe. Min Young looked at him. He looked so godly. His light hair was combed back, his cheek bones look all too perfect, his small lips had a smirk playing on them and his narrow eyes were looking at her with admiration.

“I am trying to avoid you. I don’t want to be seen with you!” Min Young shot back.

He threw his head back, closed his eyes and placed a hand over he’s heart. “Ouch! That hurts.” He looked at her with a small smile on his lips. “Why don’t you want to be seen with me?” He asked innocently.

“Didn’t you read yesterday’s articles? People are asking you your girlfriend is. You think they won’t recognize me instantly if I show up in your music video? Not many people around you have my hair or height!” She said glaring at him.

He stood straight and took a few steps inside as his face held an expression of deep thought. He put rubbed his fingers against his clean shaved chin. “You do have a point. No one around me is as short as you with hair that looks like it hasn’t seen a comb in years.” He finished dropping his hand from his chin.

“Am going crazy. He is going to drive me insane.” She whispered to herself with clenched fists.

“I understand, but what to do Ahjumma?” He asked innocently. “You heard your boss. You have to be there tomorrow. And besides, I don’t think anyone will be paying attention to you when I am in the video.” He said smiling at her. Min Young glared at him. “Why do you hate me so much Ahjumma?” G-dragon asked talking slow steps towards her.

“Because you’re so full of yourself and besides, I lost my Turkish chocolates because of you!” She said angrily.

“If it’s the chocolates is what you want, I can get it for you.”

“Really?” Min Young said, losing her pissed off act. Her eyes were glinting with hope and joy.

“No.” G-dragon said bursting into a fit of laughter. “I just wanted to see your reaction. Totally worth it.”

Min Young’s face dropped. She angrily clenched her fists and stormed out of the room. “Ahjumma! Wait for me!” G-dragon said following her outside. When they got there, they came face to face with Deasung, Teayang, T.O.P and Seungri. Min Young muttered her greetings and walked past them leaving G-dragon alone with them.

“Thought she was trouble?” T.O.P started.

“And you want us to believe there is nothing really going on between you two.” Teayang muttered smirking.

“We are just friends.” G-dragon said rolling his eyes.

“Suree.” Deasung said smirking.

“So what were you guys doing in there alone?” Seungri asked folding his hands across his chest.

“Can’t two friends have a friendly conversation?” G-dragon asked.

“From what we heard, it didn’t seem like a friendly conversation.” Deasung whispered chucking.

“You guys eavesdropped on our conversation?” G-dragon asked with misbelief.

“No.” They all said in unison. “Anyways, let’s go do some practice before we head out.” G-dragon said changing the topic before things got any worse.

As they walked to one of the free rooms in the studio, Teayang whispered to Deasung. “I am sure something is going on between those two.” Seungri and Deasung nodded in agreement. “I have an idea.” Seungri said with his eyes glinting with mischief.

At exactly 5 am, Min Young was sitting on one of the airport benches literally freezing to death. She rubbed her hands together and hugged herself shaking as she scolded herself for the choice of clothing she had on. A coffee cup was placed in front of her. She quickly reached out to grab it. “Thanks.” She said taking a sip of the hot coffee. When she looked up to see who her Samaritan was, she almost dropped the plastic cup. “Deasung?” She asked shocked. “You seem surprised. Don’t be. We are going to be working together for a week if things go well so don’t be too surprised to see me around you.” He said giving her a wide grin. Min Young nodded and took another sip. “Why are you dressed so lightly? Here take my coat.” Deasung said taking off his trench coat and draping it over Min Young’s shoulders. “No its fine.” Min Young said shyly as she tried to take the jacket off her shoulders.

Deasung put his hands firmly on her shoulders holding the trench coat in place. “Your cold, keep it.” He said smiling sweetly at her. Min Young returned smiled back at him and continued sipping her coffee. Seungri walked over to the couple with a small box in his hands. “Ta-da!” he said enthusiastically as he presented the box to Min Young. Putting the plastic cup aside, she grabbed the box away from Seungri and hugged it tightly. “Oh my God! It’s the chocolates from turkey! How did you know I loved them? Did G-dragon tell you?” She asked looking up at Seungri. “Did he buy these for me?” she asked letting her excitement slip into her tone. Seungri and Deasung looked at each other and smirked.

“No. I got them. It’s just every girl loves so I guessed you would love them too.”

“Yes I love them soo much!” Min Young exclaimed excitedly. She put the box in her lap. “But why did you buy them for me?” She questioned. “Did you get for everyone else too?”

“No. I could only get one box.” He said faking disappointment. In reality, he only went for one box. He didn’t think about other people when he was buying it. All that was on his mind was imaginations of G-dragon’s reactions.

“The other dancers might think we have something going on.” Min Young said laughing weakly. Deasung and Seungri joined in. In a distance, T.O.P, G-dragon and Teayang saw the trio and started making their way towards them. Luckily enough, there were no fans or journalists because the shoot was kept a secret ergo there were all able to walk around freely. The only thing was that they had to wear glasses or hats to disguise themselves from the people at the airport.

“Really?” G-dragon heard Min Young say before she laughed.

“Yes. It was so funny!” he heard Deasung reply.

“What are those guys doing there?” G-dragon said fastening his pace. Teayang smiled to himself. There was definitely something going on between the two. Maybe he articles written about them were right. Walking past Deasung and Seungri, G-dragon stood right in front of Min Young. “Is that Deasung’s coat?” he asked eyeing the coat that was draped over her shoulders.

“This?” Min young asked pointing at the coat. “Yes it is. Why?”

“And what’s that in your hands?” he said looking at the familiar box. “Let me see it.” He said reaching out for the box.

“No!” Min Young said putting it away from him. Right before he could say more, their manager walked to them. “Okay the other dancers just got here. Let’s all go sit together.” He said pointing at a few benches away that were occupied by the dancers. Min Young grabbed her stuff and stood up. “Who wears such light clothes with this weather?” G-dragon muttered as Min Young walked past him in her shorts. Behind him, T.O.P was watching quietly and disapprovingly. And behind T.O.P was Teayang, Seungri who were high fiving each other as Deasung handed each 20,000 won with a disappointed look.

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