Thousand years of a decade


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I felt the breeze whiz past me, winding into my hair and leaving it flying through the sides like a banner butI couldn't care less. There was an echo of crunching leaves on the mossy and humid floor of the forest which reverberated through the forest air sending chills down my spine. As the crunching of leaves became louder, myheart beat up to a tattoo realizing that I could never outrun the rustling sound chasing behind my heels as the pain shot up through my body and my legs came crashing down to the earth below. I was beginning to get breathless but my brain screamed at me for halting. ThenI finally realized thatI was running ,butI could run no longer because my legs were giving out and my lungs burned for air.

I came to a stop and fell straight on my bruised knees making it all the more difficult to get up and decided to surrender to fate.There was asudden threatening silence that seemed tolull the whole forest quiet ,the crunching of leaves behind mehad faded away too and I was about to take a sigh of relief..

Just then an arm snaked through my waist and took me off to the undergrowth at a distance. My lungs were too busyfilling themselves with much needed air than help me scream...I remained quiet and then the seductive voice boomed at me , " Not far to go lady, you don't need to tire your pretty legs anymore. You cannot escape this as easily as you think 'Pulchra' "

My heart started pounding frantically in my rib cage andI could not make my lungs draw in enough air again. This is it. This is the end I have always feared . I won't be surviving this time .I turned my head and looked up from my lashes to see a pair of ice- blue eyes staring at me menacingly and then there was...

Fire! ,fire all over!

I could see the fire ,spreading and engulfing everything around me ,dancing up like a graceful temptress, first giving warmth, then all of a sudden charring and burning the one coming to touch it. But then I realized that I felt so cold despite the raging firethat I couldn't even feel a speck of itswarmth .It was so weird to see somany of those blinding flames reach up to your body causing nothing but tingles.

Then all of a sudden , it all seized, almost as fast as it had started and there I found myself staring at the same forest trees as before, so lush green that I think the fire was all my imagination. Everything feels normal except a faint burning stench. I look down at the ground, only to see the charred body lying with a silver knife in its chest, with those same ice blue eyes staring into nothingness, lifeless and blank. Oh my! No! What just happened?It is so disturbing and horrific a sight that I have to keep myself from looking at it again .I stand fixed to the ground in shock .After finally realising it, all my built up horror and confusion channel themselves into a gut-wrenching scream which resonates through the whole forest and a flock of birds frantically fly helter-skelter in panic.

I cannot bring myself to look at that utterly horrifying sight before me .Tears stream down my cheeks and I feel a strange tingle in my chest. It hurts to think about the dead body, or should I say, the person who died? Something in me unconsciously pulls me to put my fingers on those openlids and momentarily close them , trailing the fingers along the strong jawline , to the familiar muscular chest and at last, the wooden knife handle .I withdraw my hands asI see the blood stains on my palms .I stare at my bloody fingers in horror as realization of what I have done, dawns on me.

It is too much to take in and I scream like there is no tomorrow ,till my throat refuses to produce anything more than a whimper and fresh hottears pool up in my eyes ,making my vision hazy and tiny drops roll down my flustered cheeks as I close my lids tightly ,making them wrinkle in the corners.Guilt drives deep through me. It still feels like I am a monster, a dreaded cold hearted beast.

My eyes flutter open as I frantically sit up on my bed, breathless,with my chest heaving wildly. I rest my heavily pounding head on the headboard with my bed sheets sticking to my sweaty skin and I look around the room to realize I had been having the nightmare again.

Every night I see the same nightmare with those meaningless turn of events but each time it feels so clear; soreal when I wake up and not to forget my heart, which has forgotten its actual rate of beating; it has become way too much inspired by Usain Bolt as it is almost beating out the walls of my rib cage.The dreams are so stupid and never make any sense to me, yet they never fail to scare the hell out of me and lately I am afraid to even fall asleep because of this nuisance.

"God! Someone make this bitch shut the hell up! I would make you choke on your own slaughtered tongue if you scream one more time! Open the bloody door you witch! What is the problem with you? You think you can get away with that little plan of yours to make me lose my sleep?! " I am startled by the banging on the door and the edges of the door start popping ,but I know better than opening itbecause once I do , all hell would break loose. I can almost imagine my aunt Laura with her bitch-mouthed daughter Isabelle shouting on top of their lungs.

"I said OPEN THE DAMN DOOR YOU SLUT!!" and with that, the banging grows louder and the door starts popping even more, I fear that it may break and if it does, thenI am in for a bigger trouble.

Iconsider opening the door for once, but then Isabelle or her mother might be drunk and won't even realize that they were hitting me untilnext morning when they wouldn't care any less and be their usual mean self .So here goes that weird, pathetic life of mine-

My name is Veronica Leah Fandora and I am seventeen years old. When I was three, my parents either disappeared or died or got killed ,I don't really know. But I am quite curious and would like to find out about their death some day for sure . Right now the thing I miss most in my life is not my parents but their immensely comforting love, which I craveso much that I would lay my life on the line just to get somebody to love me genuinely . But what reminds me of their unfeltlove is actually the lack of it in my present...not that I even remember how it feels like to be loved. Because basically,I dont remember them, my parents.

After my parents vanished, they left some considerable amount behind, given that my dad was a wealthy architect with his own architectural empire. But at the same time, he alsounintentionally left the responsibility of my upbringing to my aunt who is my only blood relative left in here, on this hell called the world .She usurped my dad's empire and due to obvious lack of business acumen, led the company to such bankruptcy, that I don't have a single penny left to get myself to the university.

My uncle Matt is a heavy alcoholic and is the last person in the family I would like to stay with, not because he is too mean, but because he is too good to me for my own comfort. He would rather have me on his bed than on the adoption papers.And last but not the least, my cousin Isabelle, who sees me nothing but a little piece of meat to nibble on. There are hardly any nights when she doesn't come home drunk and absolutely no nights when she doesn't blame me for her breakups, hurling choicest abuses and yeah , choicest bruises too.. Sometimes I wish I would rather be in a foster home than this one .The only reason I am still here is because of my ten year old cousin brother, Jamie who is the only one in this house with whom I can talk anytime and never care about my secrets getting spilled because well, he is mute.

Next morning , I wake up early because yeah, I didn't sleep at all. I look at myself in the bathroom mirror and expect the same tired and haggard morning face with tangled hair. However,I am quite surprised to see a huge change in my face. I look ...well...pretty .My skin has become smooth and almost flawless like eyes have turned more golden honey coloured than they were and it looks like I have grown my lashes too.

While showering, I feel an extra swell in my chest, to my utter surprise ,I have grown some quite busty boobs , shapely curves! Wait! What's happening? I had a defined chest but not such visible breasts and..curves? No way! I was a total flat lined lateral! I rub my eyes till they start hurting and try to splash as much water on my face asI can .I take a deep breath and stare at the mirror , thinking that my mind has gone sick crazy after those nightmares , I really have gone crazy! how can I change so much in just a night??

As soon asI am coming out of the shower, I hear the sing-songvoice of Miranda, the only person on this planet who cares genuinely for me "Hola! HAPPY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY GIRL!! Now the birthday girl's gonna...God!! You are such a spoilsport! I was planning on surprising you, but you just have to come out of the shower just in time toruin it for me right?! Girl I am telling you one da...OH MY! OH MY GODDD!

Ver, you different!....I mean, you look so ....pretty!!""

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Chapter 1:Weird Birthday- Part 1

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Miranda stares at me with her jaws so wide that I can almost shove in my books into them, not that I was thinking of it though.

 Then, all of a sudden she starts screaming at me,

“What have you done to my best friend? And yeah, dare you say that you are Ver ? I might kick you right in the gut! Look, I have some great fists and my punches can really make you see stars .Now don’t look at me like that! I know you are impressed by my fighting skills, but listen, miss whichever-planet-you-belong-to, I need my bestie back! So before I call the police and your mother, wait, kidnappers have mothers?..Um...never heard of it, anyways, so where was I? Yeah, I was talking about your little stunt and listen up kid, you might be taller than me but you can’t smirk at me like that. Wait, you even smirk like Ver??"

 Now it was my turn to drop my jaw to the floor and make my eyebrows touch the ceiling. There was silence for a minute and then the room echoes with my laughter. I laugh uncontrollably at my best friend's banter .Firstly, she has fighting skills of a pumpkin and secondly, she is always so damn obsessed with her short height that it would make a guest appearance in almost every sentence of hers 

"What makes you think that I am someone else? Mir, look even I am confused about this sudden change but I definitely don't look like some extra-terrestrial kidnapper!" and burst into giggles again.

Miranda narrows her eyes at me." Ok, I would buy that only if you answer three questions of mine" I think the crime sagas are actually getting into her head for all bad reasons.

“What is Ver's favourite colour"....well, or not


"What is our secret hangout called?"

"HoneyCreamMarshmallowPopsicle" .Yeah, that was her idea of the best code name..What can I say?

"What do I call Ver?"

"Mm...Tough question, uh.....Ver??" I couldn't stifle my laugh any longer after this one. The room fills with my loud laughs once again.

"Ok, then I guess you really 'are' Ver" she says it with so much dejection because it put an end to her mini detective spree- something more suitable for Comedy Central rather than BBC, I might add.

When I was finally able to halt my laughter, I ask “What made you ask the last question Mir?"  Realizing her goof up, she starts laughing with me too. Yup, she is slow and quite oblivious to her stupidity which I find so damn adorable.

Then we finally sit on my bed after our little laughter class, thanks to Mir. "I can’t help but feel curious about your change. I mean it isn't that obvious, because you still look mostly the same, but yet, on looking up close you look quite different...and I mean... beautiful .You should be sleeping quite well to look so good in the morning!" If only she knew what happens to me at night. I let out a sigh.

I think she noticed the drop in my mood because she asks “So your nightmares are still there." as I was about to open my mouth to clear it up, she shouts, "Don't you dare fucking lie to me Ver! I told you to visit the doctor but you never listen to me! Do hell with your money-problems excuse, I am taking you to the doctor myself! Well after we have a little celebration for your birthday. “With that last sentence, her mood was back to normal.

I would have refuted her plan but I want her mood to last a little longer as she is constantly busy worrying about me and my pathetic life in here. She needs to let go sometimes, so this celebration would give her that much needed boost.

10 minutes later

"Look, you should really wear that one, I am sure Yolanda would no longer be able to keep Casper away from you. I mean just look at you, so hot!' I am in a great dilemma as my chest looks a little plum in all my old clothes .They are no longer efficient in keeping me invisible at school." I am quite sure Casper will trail behind you like a lost puppy, in that top! God! I am so freaking excited to see Yolanda's face today .Let me tell you something, even her fake boobs stand no chance against yours." she starts laughing as I throw my pillow squarely on her face at that.

Casper is our school's eye candy who is in a classic bad-boy-shags-queen-bitch-with-huge-boobs relationship with our school's meanie- Yolanda. Casper has grey eyes, dark blonde hair and a beauty pageant smile which makes the girls go weak in their knees. I have a very slight crush on him, but it’s not something major as I am invisible in my school and hold no sympathy for guys who date women just for their bodies.

Finally my clothing woes end with a fluffy, oversized grey sweater which covers most of my chest efficiently and a maroon scarf with black faded jeans, but there is still an obstacle and that is- a shouting Mir.

" Are you kidding me? You are not wearing that on your birthday! That is for sure. Girl, what was wrong with the previous ones? You looked so hot in them! Please don't tell me that you are wearing THIS… on your BIRTHDAY of all days" But she knows better than arguing with me on petty things like these as I am too stubborn for her ways, so she leaves the argument.

We head downstairs for breakfast and because of my sheer luck, or the lack of it, I find Uncle Matt sipping on his coffee and reading the newspaper. I try to mumble the most inaudible 'good morning' in hopes that he won’t notice me, but as luck would have it, he looks up and stares right into me, ogling at my body and eyes lingering on it a little bit more than my level of comfort.

You would think that I have grown accustomed to it in the last five years, but its wrong. He scares the hell out of me every time I see him and that's the reason I stay locked up in my room most of the day. Miranda knows about this and tries to be around my house for that reason as she stays just two blocks away. She has tried to persuade me to live with her, but I know better than leaving Jamie alone in this hell house.

Uncle Matt used to get furious if I ever called him 'uncle'. I was quite young back then and took this as a friendly gesture, well, until one day. I remember that day as clear as yesterday-

I was fifteen years old back then and it was a warm night. I could not sleep due to the sticky heat, so I decided to keep the door of my bedroom open. Big mistake. I was rolling on my bed, irritated with my sleeplessness, when I heard the tell-tale squeak of the door , I started panicking when I saw Matt closing the door behind him and tiptoeing towards my bed.

As I planned to scream, he put his large palm on my mouth and stifled the scream into a moan…This sound gave him the wrong idea and when I opened my eyes, I was startled by the proximity of his face.

"Try to be a little cooperative sweetie...I know it will pinch a little but as long as you are quiet, I will see what I can do.."

His breath fanned my forehead and it reeked of alcohol...My heart was pounding with fear...This cannot happen. Matt cannot go to this extent.. I scream again but to no avail. His weight on my petite frame almost squeezed the life out of my lungs. There was a building anger along with the fear in my heart...I closed my eyes tightly as the pair of hands roamed my body and humiliation and anger started to pent up inside ...when the hands started discarding my clothes, tears rolled down my cheeks and I screamed, pleaded and struggled against him when my anger took over all my senses.

Right from the beginning, life had been the most unfair to me in all ways. First it took my parents, then my wealth, then my happiness, my pride, my share of love and care and now...the only thing left with me- my dignity!! I wont allow life to do it again .I won’t be played with...and while the fire of my anger still burned strong in me, I heard a loud scream, at first , I thought it was me, but before my watery eyes  laid the charred fingers of Matt, which looked like they had been fried. Matt cried and wobbled in pain, in the mean time, throwing curses and closing the door behind him while quickly scurrying away to his room... after which he never took such drastic advances towards me.

Don't ask me what I did that night to save myself; I would probably stare at your face and blink for eternity or mumble something incoherent, because I myself don't know the answer to that yet.

As it is, I had to make the breakfast for the family. Nobody here would care to even light up the oven for me but Jamie helps me out by bringing the ingredients from the cupboards to the table top…Yeah, not much , but way better than pecking at it and finding as many faults as humanely possible ; something typically characteristic to the rest of the Blackwell household.

I hastily finish my breakfast, keep my aunt's and Isabelle's plates on the table and make a sprint for Miranda's car with Mir tightly clutching my arm. We hop in the seats and speed away to school, with Mir looking at me like I am some prophet fallen from heaven" Its only you who can endure those monsters and still be in one piece, Ver "

With a lot of speeding and breaking of traffic signals, topped with my sudden frantic screams when she took sharp turns, we finally reach school.

"You really need to brush up your driving skills before you die, that is ,in case you don't want to die because of your driving skills" You must never get in a car with Miranda never.

"Ok, ok, fine ,I get it. Now save some of your precious sarcasm for Mrs. Millers today. Surely, she is the only one who appreciates your sarcasm in this world, and even gives you A's for those, not me for sure." When we entered the corridor, it was bustling with activity as usual, with Yolanda and her 'ass shadows' behind her. [a word coined by none other than the great Miranda Hart]

"Look, I just saw Jay around in here, I would need to go and say a quick hello, you know I need to stay in his good books if some fine day, he decides to dump that Georgia, I should be a first choice to ask for prom.", thus, she scurries away to a corner, flicking her ponytail dramatically. She has been crushing clueless on this boy called Jason, who unfortunately has a girlfriend, called Georgia .

Mir is still so optimistic even after a year of failed persuasion. I just don't see the reason behind stupidly following someone when the person straight forwardly refuses to acknowledge you...never mind, such behaviour out of Mir is completely expected, she has been worse in the past.

As of me, I don't have time for stuff like these, because I need to work my night shift to save up for college. If I reek up a valedictorian, I can expect to land a plum scholarship. But still, it wouldn't be able to cover the hostel expenses and I plan to leave this house at all costs, with Matt's growing advances, Isabelle's continuous bitchy ways and aunt's constant beatings, there is only so much I can take at a time ,and along with my daily school lessons and night shift at Stacy's, I am no longer able to keep up with rest and my nightmares aren't helping either, speaking of which, I am still confused with my sudden beauty-unleashing miracle.

I am trying to remember if I had used any cosmetic cream or something like that which might become the elixir of life for the female-kind if this is the result it brings, but I cannot really remember any such purchase because I usually don't waste my money on stuff like these.

My thoughts are interrupted by a hard object hitting me squarely on my back, landing on one of my fresh bruises in the lower back, making me wince in pain. I pick up the ball of paper which is wrapped in a pebble. Perplexed, I look up to see Casper smirking at me. After staring for a while he eventually he walks away whistling, turning to flash me a megawatt smile and sprints to his class......jerk!.... but I would be lying if I said that smile didn't affect did...slightly...

I stared at the paper in my hand in disbelief.


"Day after tomorrow, I have my brother's birthday party and would really like you to be in attendance. 10 pm sharp. Dont be late....and yeah , you look beautiful when you smile, try to do it more often. ;)"


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Chapter 2: Weird Birthday -Part 2

I keep staring at the scribbled letters of the untidy handwriting on that paper for quite a considerable time. It is not the first time I am invited to a party, but well, it is the first time I am personally asked by the host through a formal scrunched-paper-wrapped-on-pebble invitation [I don't know about a better description] it had always been a 'no' from my side for every invitation that came my way throughout the years. By now , the whole of the soccer team has tried to get me to their parties, but I ain't a social butterfly, nor do I intend on being one.
Going to a party means that you have to spend hours thinking about what you will wear, then another half an hour in make up and hair, then a majority of time admiring yourself in the mirror and trying to see from which angle your waist looks the most slim and.. which smile suites you best ...blah-blah-blah and add a fucking bleh too. Don't even get me started on the series of events after you enter the party- there are the classic red cups and bass music and plenty of boys trying to win you over for the night, be it by a dance or a drink or you force.
You might be wondering that where from do I get this picture in my head if I have never been to a party before? Well, who do you think does the hair-and-make-up-with-how-to-walk-with-heels stuff for Mir? Yup, I do it. I have also seen her regretting the one night stands , hangovers and feet aches from walking in those sky high heels. And hence I know better than wasting my time and the precious night shift's money on a night that I am finally going to regret. I cannot blow up my hard earned money like that when I know that I would need every penny of it for college.
And so I have earned myself an image of a girl with a lot of attitude because no one ignores invitations to the parties thrown by the school's rich-and-famous ,well...except me. And I am Ok with being the outcast and having 'negative attitude'. You call it being recluse, I call it not letting everyone in.
 I like caring 'deeply' not 'widely' and expect the same from the people I care for. Mir is the only person who has showed me, how to love unconditionally, without letting the other person's perception of you affect your love for them in any way. She is the one who keeps me sane amongst all the negative things and people surrounding me and she ,therefore is the only person who truly understands my stance on socializing and partying...
The whole day, I keep getting lust filled stares from the guys I pass by and after glaring at some of them, finally decided to ignore the rest of them which come my way.
At the end of the day, we have our English lecture by Mrs Millers. She has a very visible soft corner in me .If you ask any random student about Mrs Millers, you will possibly get a stink-eye from them. She is the 'Voldemort' of our school; another name for terror. The most surprising thing is that, you cannot get away with insulting her behind her back as she probably has her minions around and you will get an earful of her in the next class
. But because I get a little favoured by her, all the students here think that I am the one who fills her ears about her critics strolling around in the corridor. I don't care...whatever makes them sleep at night.
It is believed that she once made a student go round the school campus six times as a punishment for not submitting an assignment on time.The poor guy could not even come to school for the next few weeks as he had torn a tendon in his calf .Even the most notorious kids work their asses out to get at least a B in their English tests even if they are failing in all other.
Mrs. Millers enters the class and scans the room from behind her glasses. When her eyes rest on me, she passes me a small smile and starts her lecture.
"Students, I have a surprise test for you at the end of the class on 'Troilus and Cressidae' or you can even write another test on 'As You Like It' if you had already given the test in my previous class.
 I expect that you have attentively heard all my lectures and thus there is not anything you won't be able to attempt in the paper . Its going to be easy for you if you have read the texts well. Those who have brought the assignments from the last class can keep them in my cabin. Others who haven't, are forbidden to attend the prom this year. I have talked to the Head Mistress, so you wont have to waste your energy in trying to withdraw my order. If you don't find time to waste on studies, you won't have to waste it on prom either. Simple"
The class goes dead silent. That was, two big bombs dropped in one go. I know what prom meant for the girls, and they also know that it is impossible to make her withdraw her punishment , even if they work their asses out all year, they wont be making it to the prom. As of the surprise test, even I didn't see it coming. It would prove to be hell for those who would fail the test. God! poor Mir beside me is sweating already. I completed her assignment on 'Evolution of English from Latin' a day before yesterday before going to bed. I guess she is tensed about the test. You must have figured out that she is not someone who cares about keeping up with the lessons.
The class is comparatively much quieter today, courtesy to dear Mrs. Miller's nerve wracking test and the awaiting hell for those who did not bring their assignments. She does not give those teeny-weeny detentions, to which we had become immune, instead, she comes up with new and innovative punishments. You can imagine Mrs Millers running a camp on how-to-make-little-innocent-kids-see-how-it-is-like-to-die. Ok, we are no innocent kids , but still.
As I get the question paper, my eyes almost volunteer to roll out of their sockets. The test is nothing like she had described. I can imagine Mir's sweating palms drenching her answer sheet. I look up to see her on the verge of tears ,cussing like a sailor under her breath. She looks up at me and mouths I am gonna fucking kill her! I let out a little giggle and start writing the paper.
15 minutes later
There is a sudden tap on my shoulder. I get startled and drop my eraser as a result.
Frowning, I turn around to find Casper craning his neck in front of his desk.
" Can you shift a little bit, I cannot see your paper anymore." he whispers in the most inaudible voice ever, the audacity of that jerk!
"No, I think you can do without it." That boy is seriously going to be killed if Mrs Millers finds out.
There is sudden a tap on my desk again. What is it with people and tapping today? I look up to see Mrs Millers staring at the space between me and Casper from above her glasses...crap!
"May I get the privilege to hear what you were talking about?"...saying this , glares at Casper. I take the opportunity to kick my fallen eraser as further as possible towards Casper's desk, not breaking eye contact with her.
"Miss, I accidentally dropped my eraser and was just asking him to hand it over to me"She stares at the fallen eraser and finally after getting convinced by the unreachable distance between me and the eraser, walks past me without another word....phew!
"Hey, that was genius! Now move your pretty ass so that I can see your paper missy"
My blood boils at this. I just saved him from probably a straight-from-hell punishment for cheating and this is what he gives me? Move your pretty ass so I can see your paper?... no apology? not even a thanks? Okay, I'm not getting giddy because he called my ass pretty; these butterflies are because of the exam fear... I think so.
That asshole is getting it from me today for disturbing me during such an important exam .He does not know what it is like to get it from me. Even if I like him, I ain't one of those who keep mooning at him like he is a fallen angel. Payback is a bitch Casper.
As I look down, my hands are having a death grip on my pencil, on uncurling my fingers, I see little black finger-print like patches on my pencil. On sniffing from up close, there is a faint smell of burnt wood. If I say I am startled, it would be the biggest understatement of the year. I gasped. How could I even remotely burn a pencil? This weird burning thing happened last on that fateful night when Matt tried to rape me...and now it happened again....what is wrong with me?
With the burnt pencil still playing on my mind, I try to finish my test as fast as I can. I hastily submit my paper and bolt out of the door. I look back to see Mrs Millers reading my answer script. She looks up at me and nods impressively. I let out the breath I was holding and head for the corridor, to wait for Mir. This has been a ritual since the beginning of the year: Me writing the exam and Mrs Millers approving my answer sheet with a nod. It gives me a satisfaction that I will be pulling off another A+. Little steps towards being the valedictorian- and eventually leaving this hell-hole.
Everyone is talking about the monster test and people missing the prom ,by the time I reach the corridor. But my mind is somewhere else. How can I burn something just like that? It is so disturbing that I decide to drop it. Maybe the pencil was burnt before I pulled it inside my pouch and I just didn't notice. Maybe it happened when I was cooking escapade for last night's dinner while trying to do my homework as well?...Yeah, that was it!
I decide to wait for Mir in front of her car as the corridor started getting crowded. As I reach the parking lot, I see the shiny black Audi of Casper and it wakes the devil in me, who licks her red pointy tail and flaps her membranous wings in appreciation.
I quickly tear a little piece of paper from my notebook and write a note. I take out my life-saving eraser, wrap it with the paper and tape it like a gift wrap. I stoop low and insert the little ball of paper in the ignition pipe at the back, blocking it and put some superglue to keep it in place. Yeah that's it! My inner devil puts on a smirk and taps her long nails on the arms of her throne. I look around and sigh in relief as the parking lot is deserted and no one saw me
As I see Mir strolling towards me, I run to her and pat her back to bring her back to life after the near-death experience for her called the 'Mrs Millers test'
"I am telling you she will have little monsters as kids if she doesn't have them already, and they will abandon her on the streets after growing up, and her husband will have to spend his whole life on Viagra, and she will die of Cataract from all the stink-eyes she gives, and she...will have people all over town throwing massive parties when she dies...and ...and...Oh God! I am having a headache from trying to understand all the old English and half Latin!"
Trust Mir on giving the most inappropriate curses. Come on Mir, she doesn't deserve THAT worse of a fortune for just setting a difficult paper"
" How was your test Ver? Oh yeah! The eye-candy of the terrorizing beast is always spared"
She never fails to point out the soft corner of Mrs Millers and tease me.
"You know that sounded eerily like KingKong?" She blinks twice and then bursts out laughing.
5 Minutes later
"God! how can I be so ignorant. I always forget to fill in the gas !"
Great! Just great! I just thought Payback is a bitch .. and payback or karma decides to put her bitchiness on display for me! Bloody show-off! Now I have to walk home as our dear, dear Mir has forgotten to fill the gas tank of her car.
After dropping Mir off to her home, she waves at me and closes her door , I start walking towards my home alone .The streets are eerily silent as it is afternoon and people here love their mid-day siestas. As I walk, I hear a faint purr at the corner of the street. I keep walking but the purr is disturbingly painful. I head to the direction of the sound and in a secluded corner ,I find a white coloured fluffy kitten licking its tail which is being pecked by some gruesome crows. Its tail is getting a little bruised and it has a little leather belt around its neck which shows that it has been abandoned. How could someone possibly leave such a lovely kitten on the streets like this?
The kitten reminds me of myself and I cannot leave that little ball of fur alone. I shoo away the crows and pick up the little thing." You just have to be so cute , isn't it? I think you must be quite hungry , right? "
The kitten tilts its head at an angle almost humanely and makes a faint purr as the corners of its mouth lift up to give an illusion of a smile. I open the half-eaten biscuit packet which has been in my bag since the past week and feed it to the little kitten. I think it got a little too excited and ended up coughing, an awkward cough nonetheless. I had never heard cats coughing before and was quite amused by it, so I decided to name him 'Caecus' -after the sound of his unusual cough?
I know that is silly , but do you give cats names like 'Vlad Racontier' or 'Felix Guanhall' or 'James Davidson Haidley" when your own name is something like " Pucker" or "Tommy". I know some people do, but they sound fake.They try to make their cats exude the intelligence they lack, and well...I ain't fond of such people.
"How do you like your name, Caecus? Now look, I have already named you but I aint sure about taking you home, I am telling you, you yourself won't be liking that place any more than this filthy corner and the people there are much more monstrous than those crows. Believe me, you are better off with these crows, buddy." I know what a drunk Isabelle is capable of doing and if they can beat up a human like they do, a cat is possibly nothing to them. On top of it, I know what a scene aunt Laura will make if she finds out that I am keeping a cat in there.
I quickly open my sample of dilute hydrochloric acid that I was carrying for my chemistry practical assignment and try to pour a little of it on Caecus' wounds as an antiseptic, but he twitches his tail away, lifts his chin, closes his eyes and sits up straight on the ground, with his little bushy tail, snaking over his tiny paws, as if throwing a tantrum.
I almost understand what he is willing to say-"You cannot just feed me, give me a name and leave me on the streets for the crows, you may as well go" at least I think he said so.
I leave little Caecus there in the corner of the street and begin walking. After going a distance, guilt singes the hair at the back of my neck , I turned around to find the faraway spot where I left Caecus, empty. I frantically look all around me as the guilt grows larger in me than ever before. What if he was attacked by the crows again?
 I start sweating with worry, but just then, there is a sudden feeling at my ankles ..I look down to find Caecus rubbing his tiny ears against my ankles. I can't take it anymore, I need to help him or my conscience would eat me up. I will see what happens once I take him home, for now, I cannot leave him here as the nights can be really chilling and the crows might bully him again. So I pick him up and start walking.
After a small distance, I can almost feel someone's eyes on my back. I turn back to see a little rustling in the side-road bushes. I feel like somebody is following me.
I double my pace and try to reach home as fast as I can. After finally closing the door behind me, I let out a sigh of relief and bolt straight towards my room upstairs before Isabelle comes home wasted or Laura sees Caecus and starts shouting her usual profanities at me again.
I close my room's door and start working on my impending chemistry practical assignment. After completing it hastily, I see the clock has struck nine. I look at Caecus to find him sleeping peacefully on my shabby heart-shaped pillow, which I arranged for him on the rug, under my bed.
"Poor little thing, look you need to sleep buddy, but I have a night shift and cannot leave you alone here. You need to be silent while I get ready, okay ?" He sleepily opens his eyes and purrs softly, tilting his head to one side and giving me the unnerving 'Caecus-smile'.
After I get ready for work, I look at the clock - 9:20 AM. Perfect. I bring out my big oversized tote and place Caecus gently inside when he purrs slightly."You have to stay completely silent while I tiptoe down the stairs. Buddy, look, I am taking huge risks for you. You need to cooperate a little bit okay?"
He tilts his head again. The way he emotes himself is so humane that I am quite baffled by it.
Thus, I head to the routine night's work at Stacy's Restaurant, with Caecus accompanying me in my tote.
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