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Mr Wrong (INTRO)




I'd fallen hard for him; so hard, I actually thought my heart would never beat for another again. It'd taken me a while though; to finally realise, I'm worth more. I'm worth more than what he, was willing to give. But after him; it had taken, a long time to finally move on. Sadly, it'd taken given up on something really, special, to finally realise where I'm truly meant to be.

I now know my true worth; or should I say his? He's the only one for me; I know this now. I just hope he'll hold on; I hope he'll think to wait for me, to finally catch up.



(Side note; sorry about the chapter mix-up between two and three. I’ve tried to fix it, but for season it won’t change it over. 😔 sorry again.) 





Mr Wrong

Copyright © 2018 DMB

All rights reserved.

This book is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events or places or real people are, used fictitiously. All content was, made up of the author's imagination. Any similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

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I do apologise if chapter Two & Three are messed up. It's showing its fine on my phone app, but on the website, I cannot see it. :(
Please let me know if it's the same for you.




'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Jolie; happy birthday to you.'

While my mum and dad sing this to me, I'm kinda chewing on my nails; only because I hate it. People singing to me, just makes me feel uncomfortable. I know they mean well, but seriously, just give me my card and allow me to get out of here.

The bonus I guess is that when I do get my card, there's always money in it; which is always a plus for birthdays.

'Thanks, guys that's great. I um, I mean; is it okay to go out? I know we normally spend the day together, but Kara wants to meet up in town. We're going to do a little shopping, and then maybe hit the cinema.'

I watch as their smiles falter; it makes me feel bad but, we've already made our plans. Besides, my parents have already had sixteen birthdays with me so far. So, one isn't going to kill them surely; right?

'Oh,' is all, my mum says; while my dad just tilts his head. It's like my question, was in a totally new language.

'Sorry, I kinda made plans with her. You guys don't mind though, right? I mean, we can do something later. 

It's just, we kinda want to go out and shop; you know.'

While I wait for them to say something; I end up chewing on my nails again. Of course, my mother tells me off about like, all the time. Apparently, I'll end up with 'boy-fingers' yeah, she's nuts.

'Well, I guess it is okay. I mean, we had a day planned of watching your old baby videos and maybe look through a few old photos too, but.'

Before she can say any more guilting words, I'm up and out of my seat. I'm also thanking them too; before they can change their minds. 

I know they mean well, but come on; I've already watched the videos. I've also looked through those photos, like a million times too. I just, cannot look through them again. Trust me; they aren't all that special anyway.

While I thank them, I gave them big hugs too. Once I tell them I won't be late; I'm outta there. 




Once I make it to the town centre, I head to the music store. I'm still a little early so, I thought I'd check out their selections; old school being my favourites. I just love the seventies and eighties stuff; I know they're way out of my era, but they're just so funky. I also love a bit of rock too; only my parents think I'm too innocent for that kind of music. I still listen to it though; just not around them. You see, my parents are pretty strict, they don't allow me to do much; not without their say-so anyway. They're pretty much church lovers, so everything which is bad for me is a sin. I have to stay clear of them all, that's including boys too. However, the boy I'm having trouble actually looking away from is standing by the tills. Oh lord, please have mercy; he's beautiful. He's also way out of my league too, trust me; he looks like the popular boy. You know the ones right? The ones who all, the girls swoon over but he only has eyes for the popular girl. The ones who us, mere mortals have no chance of even getting a sniff, of his cologne.

Anyway, after actually sighing at the sight of him, I turn back to the CDs in front of me. I can't decide on buying, the eighties remix or a bit of Wham? Yeah, since George passed away, I'd been, fascinated with his music; I just have to hear more.

'I'd go with Wham; it's got some pretty decent remixes on it.'

My head snaps up when I hear a smooth, male voice wash over my neck. Only, when I turn my head and my eyes meet his, my stomach dances while my hands begin to tremble. It's him, the godlike creature. He's standing behind me, just off to my left. He's so close though, I can actually smell him. Yep, this 'mere mortal' is getting a good whiff of him, and oh Lord he smells good too.


Oh; seriously, that's all you can say to him? Come on woman, you're better than this.

'I-I mean, yeah, I've heard good things about it. Of course, I'm kinda wondering why you'd like it though. You don't look like, the Wham type of boy.'

Instantly, my face flames; only because he's not really a boy as such. No, I think he's not much older than me, but he's defiantly not a 'boy' not with the way he's looking at me anyway.

'Are you kidding me? I love all this stuff; the eighties, and nineties rocked. Personally, I can't stand all this, thumping crap; old school is definitely the way to go.'

I end up smiling, and I ask him what he thinks of the seventies era; to which he tilts his head, seemingly thinking about it.

'Hmm, well I guess it's not bad either; they had some good stuff back then too.

Why do you ask, is that what you're into?'

I end up nodding my head, while my face heats up again; hoping he won't make fun of me for liking it. Of course, he doesn't; no he just smiles while telling me, I have good taste.

Oh boy, that smile though; Jesus, it's so beautiful that I actually swoon; just a little.

I suddenly feel, my phone vibrate in my bag.

'Sorry.' I tell him, not wanting to be rude.

'It's okay, I'll leave you to it; my boss is kinda giving me the evils anyway but hopefully, I'll get to see you at the tills.'

He ends that, with another smile; only this time he blushes too. Oh Lord, my stomach is going crazy.

*Hey, I'm outside; where are you?*

It's Kara, my friend; you know the one I came here to meet up with. Naturally, I respond and tell her where I am. But before I tell her I'm on my way; I take one last look at the boy with the amazing blue eyes and dark blond hair. Oh boy, he is beautiful.

I so want to go to his till; I'd also like to know his name too. Only, my parents wouldn't approve. Trust me; they'd no doubt see what I see too. he's defiantly not, the settling down type. I know this because he's chatting away to another girl; one who's a lot prettier than me.

Oh well; he smelled really, nice anyway. I guess that's something I can keep to my memory, at least.




'Bloody hell lass, take forever why don't you; Jesus, I'm starving here and I need cake; did you bring it?'

Kara asks while handing me, my birthday card.

'Wow; not even a happy birthday first. Love you too, friend. Now I know you're only using me, just to get to my dad's baking skills aren't you.'

I end that with a chuckle, while also pulling out her slice of cake from my bag too.

'Oh, it's not his baking skills I like sweets.' She sends me a cheeky wink, making me pretend to gag.

'Too far lass, just too far. Please don't make me puke on my birthday, it's really not a good idea; especially with boys hanging around.'

Suddenly she turns her head; I guess to look for those boys. Of course, there isn't any, but you never know; the boy in the music store could be watching. However, that's probably just my wishful thinking though.

'There better be some boys around, I'm sick of being single now; hell, I think I have a few cobwebs. I.' Before she can finish that sentence, I'm shushing her, telling her to behave. Of course, she just laughs at me, calling me a prude.

Yeah, she's not a virgin. Apparently, she'd lost her virginity when she was only fifteen. My God, my parents would have a fit with that one. No, my parents aren't fans of hers either. No, they kinda think she's a bad influence on me. Only, I kinda think we're pretty similar, minus the virginity of course. Oh, and not forgetting her dirty mouth, but other than that, we pretty much like the same things. We don't, however, have the same tastes in boys. She tends to go for the geeks, the proper bookworm kind. Whereas for me, I tend to go for the ones who are way out of my league; like music boy back there. However, I've still yet to be, kissed. I know, it's sad really, but my parents have kinda told me, I need to wait for the right time. Lord knows when that will be, but I'm slowly losing the will now. I mean, I'm now seventeen years old, and I've still to get my first kiss.

'Oh, I have news too. My dad's returning home from the army; says he's staying for good now. Oh my God, Jolie, I've missed him so much; it feels like forever since we'd last seen him.'

'Wow; no way? Ah, that's great news sweets; I'm so pleased to hear that. So, do you know when he'll be back?'

While she fills me in on the 'when' we're walking towards McDonald's. Only by the time she's finished, she's practically dancing with joy. I don't blame her though, only because he's been away for a few years now, and he only returns once in a blue moon.

I tell you, as much as I love my parents, I wish they go away more. Oh don't get me wrong, I really do love them, it's just they kinda smother me with all their righteousness. Don't do this, don't so that; stay away from the devil. Yeah, they didn't really say that last part, but they might as well have. I mean, they kinda stop me from doing anything bad; you know anything that's classed as a sin. Only, I hate it. I hate getting told what to do, or in my case 'not to do' I'm kinda a free spirit, and my parents are strangling me with their rules.

You'd think I'd be, used to the 'Christian ways' and I guess I am, but I've never really liked it; it was just kinda forced on me. Don't get me wrong, I still go to church with them. But it's only at Christmas and Easter; you know, the important dates with the man upstairs.

Anyway, while she's dancing around me, she's telling he'll be here soon. Her mother had gone to pick him up from, the train station.

'What; wait, well why aren't you with them?' She smiles and then reminds me, it's my birthday.

'I couldn't back out, sweets. I mean, you're my bestie. Trust me; I couldn't possibly let you spend the day with your, overprotective parents now could I?

Plus, my parents will be here soon. Mum wants to pick up the new TV; she'd ordered it weeks ago for my dad's garage. He spends most of his time working on old cars, so she's surprising him with it.

Personally, I just think she's sweetening him up. She's preparing to break it to him that, she's now working night-shifts at the hospital.

She'd only taken them on because he was away a lot; she said it helps her to focus. I've no clue of what that could be on, but I'm good with it. I mean, I've kept myself entertained with sneaking Carter in. Oh boy, that lad has an amazing set of abs.'

While she's telling me about his muscles, my mind is wandering off. I'm thinking of that boy again; wondering if he has a good body. He looked like he did, but he had a grey hoody on, so I couldn't tell you if he had abs or not. Although his shoulders we're pretty broad, and his waist looked narrow too. So, I could tell he takes care of himself.

Damn, I should go back there soon; maybe he'll talk to me again. Hell, even that would be the highlight of my year. Trust me; my life is pretty boring. Well, aside from when I'm with Kara. We've only recently become very, good friends. But we'd kinda clicked over winding our mutual friend, Max, up.

I've met her mother she's nice but, poor Kara hardly ever sees her. Luckily for her though, she's in college now, learning how to be, a hair stylist.

Of course, I've not allowed her to cut my hair: not yet anyway. Oh Lord, I love her to bits but, I'll wait until she's got her skills down first. I like my long wavy blond hair, just fine the way it is. Although I've always liked the idea of having it, all chopped off and dyed black too. I'm kinda loving the 'Ruby Rose' look right now; totally girl crushing on her. She has blue eyes too; just like mine so, I know I'd probably suit it too. I just need to convince my parents; you know, to let go of the strings.

We're both turning around when we hear, her name being, called out. It takes me a few seconds to focus on what's happening, but I'm hearing Kara gasp. Then I watch on as she practically jumps, into who I'm assuming are her dad's arms.

Oh my lord; he's there in his uniform too. Holy mother, he looks hot as hell in it too. You know, when ladies say that men look good in uniforms, I never used to quite believe it, but seeing him? Oh boy; Mrs Taylor is one lucky woman.

He has dark hair, it's short, but it's a little wavy on the top; I can tell he has a natural curl to it. His eyes are dark, I'll have to get a little closer to see what colour they actually are, but I'm kinda glued to the floor. I'm not sure if it's because he looks so hot, or that I'm giving them space to greet each other but, I'm kinda stuck. I can feel my hands shaking again, suddenly becoming very aware of his manly presence. Holy crap, what the hell?

Okay Jolie, get it together. Stop drooling over your best friend's dad, for god sake.

'Earth to Jolie.' Instantly my eyes snap to Kara's and I end up having to shake my head a little; especially when she asks if I'm okay.

'Um, yeah, sorry I guess I'm feeling a little light headed. Sorry, lack of food, I guess.'

I can feel my face, it's heating up. I'm feeling pretty silly, with getting caught out drooling over her dad.

'Ah, well it's a good job I'm here then isn't it. Come on then, I'll treat you girls to a burger.

Your mothers off on a little wonder so, she's left me to my own devices.'

I'm still staring at him, still completely mesmerised with how gorgeous he is. Damn, talk about hot; this man should be stripping for a living. Oh boy, if only he wasn't married, and if only his daughter wasn't my best friend; oh, and if he was my age too, I'd so. well, no I probably wouldn't do anything, but I'd imagine myself all over him. Damn; what is wrong with my brain? Hormones; it's got to be my hormones kicking in. Crap, I need to seriously find a boyfriend, or maybe I'll just become a nun; you know, like my parents always wanted for me? Oh hell, the thought of never experiencing, a man's touch just doesn't sit right with me.

One thing that's making my insides, confirm that thought though. Well, it's that he's looking at me when he tells us; he's been, left to his own devices. Oh hell; I end up blushing too.

I can't speak, and I end up carrying on with my silence, all throughout our lunch too. Of course, it didn't help that he'd sat down right next to me. I'm serious, I felt his leg touch mine, and it sent a crap-load of tingles, rushing over me. He didn't move either, I mean, the booth we were in was kinda small, so I'm guessing it's only because he'd only had a little room. But still, I couldn't eat much of my food; my stomach was in bits. What was worse was when Kara had left me for the bathrooms; leaving us alone.

'So, Jolie, what does it feel like to finally, turn seventeen?'

Again, I end up blushing when his cool breath caresses my arm; I also shiver with it too.

'I-I, I mean, it kinda just feels the same if I'm honest. I guess time will tell though, you know since it's my first time; I mean, day. It's my first day, of being seventeen.'

Oh God, that's doesn't make me sound like, a freak or anything does it? Damn it, get it together Jo.

He grins and then tells me, he guesses so. Only to then move his thigh again, making me tremble, just that little bit more. He then clears his throat, bringing my eyes back up from his thigh, to meet his amazing dark green eyes.

'You look older though, I mean, you don't look seventeen. I'm guessing you're more mature too? Your boyfriend is a lucky guy; you know, to have a beauty like you on his arms.'

Holt crap; did he just say that to me? He's winding me up, right?

'N-no; no there's boyfriend.' I'm stuttering now; my face is burning while I'm bloody stuttering.

'Oh, well I wasn't expecting that at all. I mean, you're a good-looking woman; if only I was a few years younger and I wasn't married, I'd.'

'Oh my God, those toilets need a match set to them. Jesus, I'm feeling a little sick; I dread to think about their food hygiene.'

Kara sits down, forcing me to pull my eyes away from her dads.

Damn it, Kara, if only she'd stayed away, just that little bit longer, I'd of heard the end of that sentence.

'Oh, I forgot to tell you; mum said you can stay over tonight. We can celebrate your birthday, with a movie night.'

Her Dad clears his throat again and then tells her, it sounds like fun. Oh God, I wouldn't have called it that; especially with him being there too. Shit, I'll end up starving myself. Seriously, the man had my stomach in bits. It's when he says this though; I feel his fingers brush against my bare thigh. Naturally, I jump a little at the contact, but I'd managed to hide it with a cough.

Surely, he didn't mean to do it? Yeah, it was just an accident; right?

'I um, I'll have to clear it with my parents Kara, you know what they're like.'

She nods her head while telling me; we'll do it after we've finished our shopping.

'Don't worry girls, I'm sure they won't mind, just let me talk to them; I'll assure them that she'll be safe with us.'

Oh, shit; oh hell, I'm going to hell. I'm completely lusting over my friend's dad; one who's probably double my age too.

Eventually, her mother walks in and I end up pushing Kara's leg, silently telling her we should go.

I can't sit here, lusting after her husband while she sits by. No way, could I do that. I mean, it's bad enough his daughter was here, never mind his bloody wife too. Trust me; she's bound to pick-up on it.

Before I stand though; I make sure my backside isn't on display; you know, since I'm wearing a skirt. Yeah, flashing him won't do my embarrassment, any favours.

'Oh, Jolie, don't forget your card.'

Mr Taylor says while picking it up for the table. Only when I reach out to take it, I notice my hands tremble; especially when my fingers brush with his.'

'See you tonight, darling.'




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Later that day; I'd gone home to ask my parents about staying at Kara's place. Of course, they weren't too pleased about it, but what swayed them was that Mr Taylor had already called them. Holy shit, he'd actually called my parents, just to clear it with them. He'd told them that, he'll be supervising making sure; it'll only be us in there. He'd told them, how Mrs Taylor will be working, so it'll only be us. Oh god, I really wish she didn't work nights; only because I'm scared. Not of him, no; I'm scared I'll actually make myself look a complete fool. I'm actually having thoughts of him, and how sexy he looked in his uniform. I'm imagining what his body is like, is it muscular, does he have abs too? What does he feel like, his skin; is it warm or hot? Is it soft, I know his hands are rough; I'd felt them today when he touched me, and when my fingers brushed with his.

I know it's wrong, to even think about this, but nothing going to come of it, so I can have these little fantasy's; right? I mean, he's not only married, but he's too old for me too. Plus, like all my other crushes, they come to nothing; only because my parents won't allow it. So yeah, I can only fantasise.

Meanwhile, I'm like a total contradiction of my words. Trust me; every time he enters their video room, my eyes flutter. Not only that, but my stomach is dancing too; just with the sight of him in his normal clothes. Oh lord; blue wash jeans, with rips and a black faded T-shirt; one that shows off his hard chest. Oh Lord, he looks good. Kara told me that, he's only thirty-five so he was pretty young when she was born.

To me though; his age doesn't mean anything. I mean, what I'm feeling toward him is totally throwing it, out the window. I actually cannot concentrate on the movie, we're trying to watch. All my thoughts are, consumed with him, and what he's doing. So much so, I actually leave her, just so I can get a glimpse of him while I make my way to the kitchen. I'd told her I was thirsty; of course, she had drinks in there for us already, but I'd made the excuse that I just needed water.

While I'm in there; I eventually hear rustling move towards me. Of course, I sense him before I feel his body heat, stand next to me.

'How's the movie going?' he asks, and I had to take a moment just to find my voice, just enough to tell him it's going okay.

'But Kara wants to watch, a horror next.' I tell him, with a little shake of my head.

'And I take it that, you don't like horrors?'

Oh bloody hell, I hate them. I tell him this too, and he grins while taking my glass from my hands. I'm wondering why he's taking it, but then I find out when he takes a drink, before handing it back to me.

'I-I have nightmares, without fail, they stay with me for days.'

He tilts his head, only to then tell me that's what boyfriends are for.

'They're there to protect you from the bad monsters; you know, pull you close, and hold you until it's over. Then, when it comes to bedtime, he'll make you forget all about it, by pleasuring you.'

My eyes bulged from their eye sockets. I'm just about to leave when he tells me, he's sorry for making me blush; while also moving his hand to caress my cheek too. Oh, shit; my body is pulling so tight. I'm feeling stuff, stuff I shouldn't be feeling at all.

'I-I don't have a boyfriend, a-and I've never slept in a bed with one either.' He suddenly smiles, and it's a wicked smile too. It's like, he's happy to hear this little piece of information.

I'm just about to ask him, what he's doing when he moves in closer. But then, he suddenly moves away from me to open the fridge door; that's when Kara walks in. She's asking me if I'm up for that movie now.

'Y-yeah, let's go.'

I don't even give her time to respond before I'm practically running, back to their video room. All the while I'm heading there, I'm feeling so confused; hot and bothered, but so confused.

What the hell is going on? I mean, he's married for Christ sake. I'm I reading this wrong; am I getting my signs mixed up, or is he flirting with me? This is so crazy; beyond crazy stuff. It's not only crazy, but it's also wrong too. He shouldn't be doing this, hell I shouldn't either. Only, for some reason I want it. I actually like the attention he's given me; it feels nice to be on the receiving end for once. Granted, none of us should be even doing it, but still, I want it. Oh god; I'm a really, bad person.

About an hour into the movie, I'm practically hiding behind her sofa cushion. Shit, I'm definitely going to have nightmares. The worst part though is when I see, she's actually fallen asleep on the floor. Oh God, she's fallen asleep, and I'm left watching the scary movie. I'd turn it off, but she has the remote, and it's dark, and I'm freaking too scared to move. Damn it; I'm going to kill her.

I end up jumping when the room door, opens, and my wide eyes snap up to meet his. His eyes do the same, especially when he sees how petrified I actually look.

He then looks over at the TV screen and then to his daughter, before walking into the room. I'm thinking he's going to switch it off, but he doesn't. Oh crap; no, he allows it to play on while he sits next to me. He actually sits down with me, and once again I feel his thigh brush against mine, setting my body into overdrive.

'Don't worry, I'll keep you company.'

Holy crap, seriously? I didn't want to watch this crap in the first place; she's asleep so I definitely didn't want to carry on watching it. However, feeling his thigh kinda makes me forget all about the movie. It's so intense that, I'm finding it a little hard to breathe. I'm trying so hard not to bring attention to it that, I'm actually holding my breath. Well, that was until I feel him move closer. He asks if I'm okay, and I end up taking a deep breath, feeling my lungs burn.

I can't even speak, so I just nod my head, silently telling him I'm fine. Of course, as I do this, I secretly want him to touch me. I want it so much that, I end up squirming in my seat. The need building inside of me is so intense that I end up, moving closer to him. I hear his breathing hitch, which makes me look up at him. Oh God, he's looking at me too; total lust shining in his eyes.

'Fuck me, you're beautiful.'

Oh Lord, please don't send me to hell. Hearing him tell me this, I feel my face heat-up again; especially when he moves his hand to my thigh. He gives it a little squeeze, which causes me to move my hips.

'W-what are we doing? This is crazy, Mr Taylor, you.'

Before I can point out he's married, he covers my lips with his finger, where he whispers, telling me not to say it.

'I know you feel it too, Jolie. What you're feeling, I feel it too. See.'

As he tells me this, he'd taken hold of my hand and placed it against his hard length. I then, gasp when he pushes into my hand.

'Trust me, this is okay; she doesn't care. As long as she's unaware, this is okay.' He's still whispering, telling me what I want to know; telling me, he wants me too. Only, this is too much for me, and I end up running out of there; heading straight for their bathroom. I need to breathe; this is too much, it's too intense. To want someone this bad is too much and it's wrong.

Of course, when I eventually come out of there, I find him. He's there leaning up against the wall, looking every bit of the sexy soldier that he is. His arms so big; so strong and I just want to feel them wrapped around my body. Only, I know it's wrong. I want him so badly, but I know I can't have him. However, it doesn't stop him from moving towards me, asking if I'm okay. He's telling me, he's sorry if he'd scared me, or if he'd hurt me.

'Y-you didn't scare me or hurt me, I-I'm just, a little taken back; I wasn't expecting you to say those things. I.'

He moves in; pulling my body flush against his and making me, breathe his scent in. Oh, my; he smells good.

'Tell me, you don't feel it too, Jolie; tell me and I'll back off.'

His leg suddenly moves between mine, forcing me to press my heat, against it. I like it so much that, I actually moan with the contact. Then he whispers against my lips, and I end up shivering, just with hearing him, tell me he wants me.

'You can feel how hard I am for you, and I know for fact, your pulsing for me too. I know it because I can feel the heat, between your legs. Tell me it's not, and I'll pull away now.'

Our lips suddenly connect, and I'm not sure who made the first move? But I actually lose myself in his kiss; it's so good. It's even better than I could've ever, imagined it to be. He's pushed my back-against-the-wall, and end up wrapping my legs around his waist. Only to then feel his hard length, press against my heat. Both of us moan at the same time, and we begin to move. I'm grinding my heat against him, while he moves with me.

'Fuck; I want in Jolie. I want you; all, of you.'

He rasps out, and moments later; it all becomes too much. I end up clinging to the back of his neck as I come, hard against him; he silences my cry while I do it too. Only to then open his jeans, before taking hold of my hand, asking me to take hold of his hard, thick length.

'Make me come; fuck, I want to come so hard inside of you. But, you're not ready for that yet.'

He's moving his hips, and I follow his movements, making him come in my hand, just moments later. He's breathing hard into my neck, telling me how beautiful I am. He's telling me, he needs to see me again.

'This isn't over Jolie; we both know we have something here. Trust me; we're going to have a lot of fun doing it too.'

Seconds after he tells me this; I'm once again running. I'm running, back into the bathroom while he runs into his room; only because we hear footsteps. Then suddenly, I hear a tap on the bathroom door.

'I'll be out in a second.' I tell Kara, while I wash his seed from my hand.

Oh God, what have I done? I've just committed the biggest sin ever.


That night, I had a quiet word with myself. I'd told myself that, I'd never fall for the charms of a shark; one that's taken. That shark will only end up, ripping my heart out; I just know it. Trust me; nothing good, will come of this. I mean, I carry it on; I'll only end up, not only hurting myself but, his family and my own family too.

So the next morning, I'd left before anyone saw me. I'd left Kara a note of course; one telling her I was, called into work. I hadn't of course, but I needed an excuse to get out of there before I saw him.

Where do I work? Well, luckily I work in a hotel, as a maid. I clean all, of the rooms; along with working in the relaxation-spa-area too. It's my uncle's hotel, so I was pretty much set with a job before I'd left school. The bonus is that I can take time off, any time I want too. It's a pretty big hotel, so he has a lot of workers to cover for me; you know, if needs be.

I could've gone home; only I couldn't possibly look into my mother's eyes, and lie to about what happened last night. So I'd gone to work and as expected; they were, shocked to see me. I was, meant to be off for a couple of days. Naturally, I'd quickly made my excuses, telling them I was, bored.

The only thing is though; I didn't exactly get much work done either. No, because my mind was still, on him. I can't get him out of my head, he's in there and I'm actually terrified, just-in-case I can't get him to leave either. Trust me to fall for, a married man; a family man. Why the hell do I always fall, for the ones I can't have?

Damn it, I should've gone to the till; I should've stayed there and asked that boy out. He'd have probably said no, but at least I wouldn't be in this mess. Obviously, there's still a chance I would have met Mr Taylor. Oh, who am I kidding? I think this still, would've happened. I knew I was in trouble the moment my eyes landed on him; I knew then that I was in deep, shark-infested waters.


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