Strange Ways


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Chapter 1

 *Fist ever fanfic I write.. so get ready to put up with me :3*

Chapter 1 

I woke up and looked at the clock. 4:30 in the morning again. Why do I keep waking up at the same time? I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so I turned on my lap top. I logged on to Netflix and started watching a scary movie. When it was about 6:30 I started getting ready for school.

I pulled on my black Pierce the Veil sweater and some ripped jeans and converse. I brushed my long dark blonde hair. I got my daisy hair clip and put it on. I am not a big fan of makeup, so I simply applied some dark red lipstick.  When I was done I went down stairs to make breakfast. My parents only come by the house once every month so I pretty much have the house to myself. While the waffles were cooking I decided to try it again.

I got out a candle and set it on the dining room table. I just sat there and stared at it. I was concentrating on the candle. The candle caught on fire without anybody lighting it. Ever since I was small I was able to do strange things. My mother can do these things too but we keep it a secret from my father. He doesn't know we can do these things. Mother told me we could do much more than simple witchcraft, but she wont tell me how.

After I ate I headed out the door. It was the beginning of September. The air was cold and it smelled beautiful outside. I walked passed the woods. While I was passing I stared at it as if I was waiting for it to swallow me whole. I made it to school. The cheerleaders were out there practicing. One of them was having a make out session with a football player near the side of the school. I walked into my classroom trying my best not to get in the middle of their session and sat down in an empty seat in the back. After the bell rang our teacher started talking.

"Class we have a new student. This is Jeff. He's not really new he just got his schedual changed."

I looked at the guy. He wasn't bad looking. I definitely haven't seen him around here at all. Maybe he was in the suspension hall. But then I would see him at lunch which I never have.

He had really dark brown shaggy hair. His bangs swept across his face. He wore a white hoodie and dark jeans. I could see a bit of food stains on his shoulder. Probably ketchup. The teacher sat him to the desk next to mine. We both made eye contact. I studied him. When I realized I was staring I quickly looked away. He gave me a glare. I'm such an idiot. The bell rang for lunch.

It was cold out and there wasn't many people but I didn't mind. That results in less crap i have to deal with. I took out my headphones from my pocket, untangled them and listened to some Fall out Boy. That's another reason i dont have friends. Because I'd rather listen to music that relates to me than a coupe of girls who constantly gossip about the most stupid things. I closed my eyes imagining that I was in a music video or creepy dark forest as i listened to the lyrics. 

Just when the song ended I looked up and I saw that new kid sitting two tables down from me. He didn't have his lunch he just sat there. His dark black hair peeked out of his white hoodie and blew across his face. Something metal shimmered inside of his pocket but i just brushed it off. I looked down at my phone to put on another song, but the screen went black. What the hell? I looked up from my phone and the kid was gone. I shrugged it off. I was mostly concerned about my phone at the time. I mean who wouldn't be? That phone is my life line. 

The screen finally came back on. I'll call tech support or something they'll probably fix it. The bell rang and I went to my fourth period class. The rest of the day was a drag. All i did was day dream, thats probably why I'm failing english. I wish we could choose the things we read and write instead of doing the topics our teachers give us. I'd like a topic that I'd enjoy rather than talking about the environment or if the other is "Bias" or not. Yeah, that would be interesting. Finally when it was time to go I walked home. I put in my headphones and listened to Can You Feel My Heart. If you haven't noticed by now i'm what you call a "Band freak". Genres dont really matter to me. As long as it's not talking too much about sex and drugs i'm good. I dont know why but it makes me feel uneasy.  I had an odd feeling that someone was watching me. I turned around to see that kid walking about 10 feet behind me. Ive never seen him walk over here before. That "Schedule" thing is bull. I'v gone to this school from the very start and i've never seen his face.

His hood was up but you can still see his dark shaggy hair poking out. It was kind of attractive. What? Ew. He ran into the woods and I never saw him for the rest of the way home. Please don't tell me he lives in a tree or something.

When I got home there was $100 on the table with a note saying.

                     "I came by to check the house.

                     You can go by the mall if you want and buy something.

                      Me and your father are going on a long business trip than usual. So we wont be back until  Thanksgiving. 

                     I love you so much."

                                                        "Yours, Mommy."

 I grabbed the $100, walked out the door and got on my bike. When I got to the mall I went into, of course, Hot Topic. It's my main go-to place. They have everything! I was looking around at the band and anime shirts when I turned around and saw that kid again. He was right next to me looking at the same shirts.

"Hey." He said in a raspy voice. I wouldn't imagine him with that kind of voice.

"Oh- uhh sup." I said awkwardly. God don't be so weird, I thought. 

"You like these bands?" He asked.

"Yea those are my favorite." I grinned and nodded. I know this sounds weird but he likes my type of music and he's attractive!

"Sweet. Favorite anime?"

"Well lets see... I like Attack On Titan, Yuri On Ice, Bla-" 

"I never got a chance to know your name." He said changing the subject looking at my ocean blue nails. 

"Oh im Delores. But friends call me Lo. And yours?" I asked smiling. 

"Jeff." He replied with a rather creepy grin.

For the rest of the time we walked around and got it know each other more. We picked a few items and window shopped at some other stores for a while. When we checked out we walked and talked for a while.

"How come you are so quiet?" He asked me looking forward.

"I don't see the point." I replied. You see at my school if you say one wrong thing or do one thing that someone doesn't agree with you're instantly crown class idiot.

"Why are you quiet?" I asked him.

"Nobody talks to me and I don't have any friends any way."

"Oh. Well consider me your first official friend." I said. I guess I was way to confident and looked like and idiot with that huge expression on my face. I awkwardly coughed. Well Delores, way to look like an idiot!

"What time is it?" He said changing the subject once again.

I looked down at my watch. "7:30." I replied.

"Shit I have to go. See you at school." 

"See ya." I said as he ran down the escalator ignoring my goodbye.

When I got home I changed into my pajamas and went to bed for tomorrow would be Saturday.

*So.. what'd yeh guys think? :) Sort of ok with the story so far, and I will make more chapters if the mind lets me :P Anyways even with a calm start, I hope you guys enjoyed. But for now.... go to sleep..*

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Chapter 2

 Chapter 2

I woke up at 7:00 in the morning. It was cold and dark outside. Its been like this for days. I liked it though. I put on the ripped jeans and my new Harry Potter shirt that I bought with Jeff. I slipped on my converse and rose hair clip and headed outside. I decided to go walking through the woods since it felt so good outside. While I was walking I was thinking about Jeff and how he seems to be everywhere I was. He was kind of cute. Delores seriously? Stop it. Why did he have to leave so fast?


I heard a twig snap. I turned around. There was nothing there. I kept on walking when I heard someone laughing. I turned around to see a woman in a black dress. Her eyes were completely black and she had pale skin and black hair. What worried me is that she had a knife in her hand.

"Silly girl. Don't you know you're not supposed to walk in the woods alone?" She said in a disgusting tone.

"Who are you?" I said in a frightened whisper slowly stepping back.

"Im Jane. And I am going to.... kill you." 

With laughter She raised her knife. I thought fast and ran. I ran so far into the woods I had no idea where I was. I couldn't scream for no one would hear me and the woman Jane would attack. I looked behind me and saw no one. I didn't take any chances though. All of a sudden I tripped over a tree root. I hit the ground hard. That's going to leave a few dirt stains. I got up on my feet but when I looked up there she was right in front of me. I let out an ear piercing scream.

"No one can hear you." 

She said with an annoyed tone grabbing me from behind, putting her hand over my mouth. I tried getting away but it was no use. She had me good. 


She said into my ear. I can feel a tear running down my cheek. She held up my arm and put her knife against it. 

"Ill go slow." 

She pressed the knife against my arm. I screamed from the pain. She sliced down slowly. My vision was beginning to get blurry. She dropped me and disappeared. I got up but could barely walk. I finally gave up and fell. I was laying on my back in agonizing pain. I looked up at the trees. My vision was now extremely blurry but there was someone hovering over me. But who? An angel? Was I dead yet? Hopefully. The pain was to much to bear. Then I blacked out.

I woke up on my bed. How did I get here? It was Sunday night. I guess I was out for a long time. Well no shit sherlock i was sliced on the arm for pete's sake. I looked down at it. It was bandaged. What the? Who did this? I got up and looked in my mirror on my door. I was still a bit pale from blood loss. Why was that woman trying to kill me? I had so many questions going through my mind. I waved the good arm and levitated my books in the air. Powers are still okay. That's good. I was still tired so I decided to go to sleep. Tomorrow was school. I think if I could choose between school and hell, hell would be the answer. 


I got up and got ready for school. I pulled on a Gap hoodie, some ripped jeans and blue vans. When I got to school I went straight to home room and sat down in a desk. Jeff walked in and sat beside. When the bell rang the principle came in. Everyone perked up as Emma, one of the cheerleaders, came rushing in crying.

"Class I am sorry to inform you that Jennifer Whittacker was murdered last night. She was found dead in the girls bathroom this morning with knife wounds. You will all be going home early. You can pack up your things and leave." Said Mr. Thomas. I was so confused. Who would do such a thing? Well it was Emma. And i wouldn't blame who ever killed her. She had it coming for her when she cheated twice on the same guy.

Everybody got their stuff and left the room. I on the other hand was still packing my book bag 

"Hey." Said a familiar raspy voice. I looked up to see Jeff.

"Oh hi." I said with an awkward smile. I don't do well with conversation. Where did he come from?

"Can I walk you home?" He said with a smirk on his face. His smirk was kind of off but it was comforting.

"Yea sure I guess." I hesitated. Don't get me wrong he was attractive but something about him made me a little uneasy.

We walked out of the school and onto the sidewalk.

"Sad huh. She had to die so young." He said looking forward. Emotionless.

"That bitch got what was coming for her." I said looking down.


"Well she wasn't a nice person." I said. He looked so confused. 


Out of the corner of my eye I could see him moving closer to me. We were so lost in conversation that I clenched my fists too tight and made my bag fall open. My leather journal fell on the sidewalk. I was putting my book bag on when Jeff opened the journal and looked through it. There were drawings of different Pastas. Oh crap! My obsession!

"Creepypasta fan?" He said looking at me. My eyes got wide as i realized he was going through them.

"Uh.. ehehe yep." I said. Snatching the book from his hands.

"I like them to."

"You do?!" I raised my eyebrows. 

"Yeah. Which one is your favorite?" He asked.

"I adore Jeff." Wait what. "N-not because you g-guys have the same name o-or anything but-."

"He-he I know." He gave me another smirk. I put the journal back in my bag.

We got to my house. When we got to the porch I asked him, "You wanna maybe come in? My parents are never home."

"Uh-Sure." We walked in through the door. 

"My room is upstairs." I said. We both walked up the stairs and went in. 

I turned on my Speaker that played my favorite song. That Last Drop. He sat down on the bed.

 "I like your room, Its.... nice and dark, but not that dark."

"Thank you." I said as I sat down on the bed next to him. His eyes wondered all around the room. He sat there awkwardly taking everything in. I was sitting way to close for comfort.

"This is the first time having a guy in your bedroom isn't it?"

"What? Nahhhh." I said shifting from side to side.

"Lo you can't lie to me." He said cocking an eyebrow. The way he said my name was so sweet. 

"I'm not going to do anything."

I looked at him. Once I noticed I was full on staring I looked down pretending that the bed cover interested me. He was.... He was still watching me. Eyes piercing through my skull I could feel him still staring at me. that's when he leaned in and kissed me. Lips brushing against each other. 

I opened my eyes.

"I-I'm sorry." I shook. What was I thinking? he probably thinks I'm so weird.

"I have to go. See you at school." He said giving me a light punch on the shoulder. And a wink.

"Okay." I said smiling. Was I smiling? I need to stop smiling. BUT I CANT STOP SMILING. Dammit Delores. 

I followed him downstairs. He was about to walk out the door when he turned around.

"Oh- And.. your face is red."

"Get out!" I laughed and pushed him out the door.

*Oof is it hot in here.. or is it just Jeff? :3 anyways I have been getting a bunch of ideas for this book.. but I don't think it's enough. Feel free to message me your ideas and thoughts. I ALWAYS wanna know what you guys think.  ^u^ 

Hope you guys like it:)*

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