Era of 303 Book 1: The 100th Son


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To my grandfather, John Karagiannis, my family and cousins in Australia (I'll never forget the times we spent in Perth. The memories will be cherished :) And to the Greek Australian director, Alex Proyas who motivated my love for Egypt, filming and story making to greater heights.

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1: Carter


 - 5:30 PM Brooklyn House, December 16th 2013 (five days till winter/summer solstice)

The slight shimmer of light, reflected off the cold white snow, which blanketed rooftops on buildings and apartments. The Brooklyn skyline extended across the coast, facing the island of Manhattan in all it's glory. 

These two islands are home to some of the most greatest and most powerful gods in all of the universe. The Greeks rule the north east and the Egyptians rule the south west. Both strips of land face each other like two majestic arms. Two cultures that never should have met... Yet, they did... Now they're secret allies...

It was a normal regular winter day for the citizens, grey depressing sky, cool temperatures, countless traffic jams and snow filled streets. It's just a completely same old typical day, while it lasts, but something is not right. A great darkness is stirring, an unknown evil filled the atmosphere of the Brooklyn house. They were not having a splendid day like everyone else. 

This house, is in fact a mansion. It is five stories high and is magically hidden on top of an abandoned warehouse called the Warehouse and Storage. Company of Brooklyn . It is built from enormous limestone blocks and steel-framed windows with Egyptian hieroglyphs around them. The entrance is a block of wood with no handles or knobs and can only be opened by magic, Egyptian magic. A terrace wraps around the house and contains a swimming pool in which a massive crocodile called Philip that swims gracefully inside. 

It cannot be seen by regular mortals and magical barriers keep pests, gods and monsters out. 

The Great Room's cedar ceiling climbs four stories high and is held up by stone pillars with hieroglyphs engraved upon them. Three of these stories contain balconies looking out onto the Great Room. The walls are decorated with strange assortment of musical instruments and Ancient Egyptian weapons. 

There is an enormous fireplace (big enough to park a car) with a newly brought curved screen TV above the mantel; it is flanked by two leather sofas. There is a giant snake-skin rug on the ground. In the center of the Great Room is a black marble statue of Thoth. 

Magicians, known in Egyptian as "shesh", are those trained in the methods of Egyptian mythology and magic and can cast a variety of spells. Anyone can become one with access the basic knowledge and practice, but those with a family history in the art (such as the descendants of pharaohs) have greater innate power and skill.

The Egyptian magicians of the house of life are a vast majority of members, as well as a large scale of ages. Today, it was not a holiday. The chief lector (Amos Kane) has received numerous of reports and remarks from the outside world. Not just, their greatest ally (Percy Jackson) being lost according to Camp Half Blood. But many attacks from the earth itself. Many magicians have come to this very location from all over the world to help out with issues. Rebels from the Hall of the Ages have also come as well. 

Basically, the house was packed! Kids, teenagers and adults scrabbled up and down the stairs.

The Egyptian gods have also been absent from communicating with our fellow godlings, Carter Kane and Sadie Kane. Both two of the most greatest magicians of all time.

The two siblings, together in Sadie's room in which is on the third floor and adjoins with Carter's room. She has a huge bed with ivory headrests and a private balcony over the East River. Her chest of drawers has a built in fridge with Ribena drinks and chilled chocolates. 

She has a dock for her iPod, and she has headphones and keeps a tape recorder from London. Her walls are magically soundproofed to play music as loud as she likes, and she has her own bathroom and a walk-in closet with lots of new magic outfits. She thinks her room is posh. 

But today, they sit at the table studio, recording their latest adventure to date. They have always had the habit of recording their trips and quests on this device, since they've started teaching young magicians. 

They are rather close to completing their project and can't wait to send it out for the world to see. Well, to those unfortunate mortals that accidentally believe that it's all fiction. The last five tapes have barely made it from the vile clutches of deadly monsters. The Serpent's Shadow had evidence to proof that statement...

Start of Carter P.O.V

Carter decided to finish off their project, he spoke into the microphone:

 'Maybe.' He smiled, but he didn't look convinced. 'Okay, Sadie. Time to fly. The initiates at Brooklyn House are going to be worried.' 'And Khufu is making jelly fruit salad for dinner,' she said. 'Should be delicious. Toodle-oo, demigods!' The Kanes turned into birds of prey and launched themselves into the sunset." 


"Argh, don't get too excited, chicken man". Sadie crossed her arms. Carter was used to hearing that kind of insult so he didn't take action. 

"Besides, you're always finishing off these stupid tapes. Since we were both on this quest, I'll do the ending for you, like we used to do in the first three, remember that? Wonder why it got attention? Because my ending was perfect ." 

She snatched the mic from Carter's grasp. 

"Jeez, okay. Just do what you have to do. It's your problem if you mess this attempt up." Carter sat back in his chair and yawns. 

"Pfft, as if brother dear." Sadie cleared her throat and proceeded.

After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.

"Yep, I got it" Carter said, as he went over to turn the knob.

The visitor, is his girlfriend, Zia Rashid. A female Arab magician and a powerful scribe of the House of Life. She is the favoured one of Ra. 

As always, she is very beautiful with 'vaguely Arabic' features. Even though she looked stressed and uneasy, she still looks beautiful in some way. Her tanned skin emitted a warm glow, in which her straight jet black hair; cut at her jawline, more visually appealing. It is as of fresh cotton silk and gleamed in the spot were the light reflected. 

"Egyptian-style". Carter always digs saying that in his head.

Her skin is caramel-colored and her eyes are startling amber and lined with kohl. When she is furious, Zia's eyes look like they "might ignite." She wears loose linen clothing and Egyptian perfume. She wore simple white clothing, along with a golden starburst stitched pattern around her collar area, which made her look like an Egyptian martial-artist.

She has been described as 'both beautiful and dangerous'. According to Carter, she looks like Queen Nefertiti, with her high cheekbones and bright red lips-

"Carter! We need you, asap! Stop, locking yourself inside your room! This is serious!"

"K, okay" Carter said carelessly. "We all know about Ramesses has returned, but. Isn't that a good thing?"

Zia sighed in frustration. She put her hand on her head and shakes it. She spoke ominously.

"We are involved in something very major, that Rameses hasn't spoken of yet." She looked up at Carter. "Many people from the past are somehow walking in the living world. Ever since Ramesses abruptly arrived the last few days, shaken and drained. He has been keeping a secret, and..." She faulted . "And, I don't think it will last very long... All I can see is in his eyes, his face. It,is, a sense of panic. Fear. Like he's waiting for someone to confront him. He is always concerned about something. It.. is too painful to look at."

Sadie jumped in, like always."Ok, what are we waiting for? What must we do?" Her blonde hair with the red highlights, swept across her face

Zia groans, then she lashed out."Will you!" She exaggerated. " Gods, just follow me..."

"What's her problem?" Sadie whispers to Carter as they proceeded to follow Zia out of the room.

"I dunno. She must have been quite busy lately. I knew there was something wrong with Ramesses and Nefertari returning from their tombs. Some sort of evil magic is causing these issues to pop up."

Sadie gasped.

"What?" Carter asked surprised.

"Setne!" Sadie yelled. "He's behind this. Remember".

"What? How? He's in my room-".

Sadie put her finger to her lips, shushing him up and then whispered into Carter's ear.

"Remember the Demigods. Percy, Annabeth. Hybrid magic. Crown of Ptolemy. This could be related to that event. "

Carter felt like straggling his sister.

"No!" He spat. "No! It's",he hesitated. "It's a SECRET remember? It's classified."

Sadie bit her lip. He knew she was trying to get a point across, but, it is just that Carter had taken his mind off the "team-up" he had with Greek demigods for like a year now! Dang, was it that long? 

He got headaches when he thought of what happened that day on Grovernos Island.

Sadie spoke." Well, don't you think this stuff is an after shock of what happened? Setne was the only rogue villain left after the downfall of Apophis. It would make perfect sense. "

Sadie stopped walking. "He is also the son of Ramesses. Expect a baby like him, would resurrect his dad to prove him wrong, that he his the god of the universe ! That means Ramesses isn't meant to be walking again on Earth. What if, Ramesses is a spy? Huh? Ever thought of that? What if he is trying to steal the back the Crown of Ptolemy and complete what Setne started-".

"Stop!"Carter interrupted even though he secretly agrees with her theory . 

"Sadie." Carter was angry now. "Can you please, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" He was yelling louder than he thought. Zia glanced back at them. "We're talking about a spell being able to raise the dead." Carter continued in a softer voice. 

"Carter?" Zia exclaimed her luminescent eyes flicking. She started to power walk towards him."What's the matter?".

Carter face started to burn. He wasn't aloud to speak of the hybrid event to anyone. He knew he had to make up his mind, quickly. Zia was his girlfriend, she needed to at least get a brief explanation of this.

"Ugh..." He stumbled. His eyes rapidly looking around. "I,i, Just, talking about.... Setne." Even though he knew it was false. "We might have an answer to the issue."

Zia looked troubled as Carter spoke of that name. "Setne" that atrocity of a magician. Carter never should've freed him. He would always bring stress and struggle to the hearts of all magicians. That evil coward stole the Book of Thoth .He had once help them locate The Serpent's Shadow a few months back and betrayed them surprisingly. He had also once attempted to destroy the world by becoming a deity, but, of course, he was stopped with the help of the Greek demigods. If it wasn't for them, the whole world would have been toast.

Zia slowly swallowed. She placed her soft hand on Carter's shoulder and took a deep breath.  

"Hey." She eyes were as flaming as ever. "I know all this, business is too overwhelming. But." She slipped her hand away. Carter made a short humming sound in his mouth. He was stressed, just like her. Her stern tanned face made her look a lot like Isis, in the rich orange light from the chandeliers.

"Look, we should just, stay calm. Ramesses, returning could actually be a good thing, if you think about it." She started to fidget with her clothes in a nervous way. "We're all scared..."

"True, but, he was a bit, you know, stubborn back then. Ramesses the great." Carter added. Now becoming a whisper as they spoke.

"But the point is." Zia continued, in a quite voice as if Sadie isn't alowed to eavesdrop . "We need to try to get him to speak for himself. Ramesses looks pretty shaken up, I can't help but to feel sorry for him. Together, the three of us will go to the First Nome in Egypt to confront him friendly. We will not overwhelm him, otherwise...."

Zia has changed so much since the day they went to the mall on their first date. The day Zia became a regular teenager. But, the tone in her voice wasn't like anything Carter had heard before. It was, somewhat, jittery and fill with consternated awe. Just having the concept of an ancient sentient human that was from a far distance world living right now, was somewhat, daunting and a disturbing feeling.

Zia's eyes broke from his gaze and stared at the carpet. Her mouth was slightly open with her lips nearly touching.

"He, he isn't as confident as I thought he would be." She trembled on the verge of tears. "Ramesses' character has been completely shattered. We must, we have to, get the truth outta him. I know it sounds awkward, but it's the only way."

Carter almost thought she was crying, but Zia's baffled and embarrassed face said to him she was holding it all in.

Carter couldn't objected her. Zia was right. Ramesses is in strife (which is basically impossible, because he is the greatest pharaoh of the Egyptian empire) and needs an explanation of what's going on. Something terrible has happened and if that is the case... Just then, bad thoughts washed into his mind.

Setne didn't do this, Carter thought. Someone else much more deadly.

He silenced the voice in his head. 

No, that's wrong.

"Um, Zia. What if this is a situation we need to worry about?" He stammered suddenly.

Zia paused for a brief moment. She started fidgeting with her white cloth on her clothes again. Without hesitation, she zipped her head up and kissed Carter on the lips. After about three seconds (which he couldn't really tell because time seemed to slow down), she let go.

"At least we're in this together." Zia finally said. Carter could smell her sweet breath as they held hands. Their heads were almost touching.

"I promise, everything will go as planned", she breathed quietly. Her hand was so warm to feel, it was as if his whole body felt like melting. She could if she wanted to. Literally burn up Carter of Brooklyn house, that would be embarrassing...

Carter blushed, he wasn't sure why, it was probably the thoughts in his head. Many crazy thoughts...

Zia moved away, keeping her eyes locked on to his, and finally continued to proceed down the staircase. 

Sadie was busy observing over the railing at the hustling of the crowd down below. This place used to to be abandoned when they first arrived...

"Carter!" Sadie said cheerfully. "Stay positive. This bad stuff only gets worse, unless we constantly be negative about it. Besides, it shouldn't be that bad. Setne is only a ghost, mate. He wouldn't dare to mess with the House of Life".

Carter stared at the floor. This wasn't a time to joke around. Horus hasn't kept in touch for months and he is starting to feel paranoid. But, if there is something behind the return of Ramesses ii, it must be something so big and powerful, that surely would have information about. But, all is a secret. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE A BLOODY SECRET!

"Alright, we shouldn't worry too much about anything now. We will soon be exposed to the truth soon, k?"

Carter placed his arm around Sadie's shoulder. He knew she was just as confused as him at this point.

"Soon, we will discover the truth... It's only a matter of time..." Carter mumbled as the pair followed Zia down the stairs.

End of Carter P.O.V


The frosty sheets of ice outside the commotion of the Brooklyn house remained unchanged on the streets, like a white carpet. The people took no notice of what dangers are about to unfold. They are completely blind from viewing through the glamor. 

It's a veil that deceives the weak minds of mortals and even demons, allowing  gods, magicians, and demons to appear differently. Once a magician becomes aware of the spell, their glamour becomes see-through.

However, on mortals, it works just fine and it is effective to move around security. It also makes it so that mortals can have a understandable explanation of events, such as destruction created by demons or a group of magicians fighting a god. It's the magician's job to protect the mortals, it's their duty, their whole purpose.

But, as Carter had speculated, there IS great magic and sorcery flowing through this place. An unimaginable power. So strong, that even mortals are able to glimpse...

A large hulking black and honeycomb pod slowly rumbled out of the concrete like it was hatching from an egg. A great sonorousness sound, vibrated through out the whole street. Causing car alarms to go off. 

Many innocent civilians ran in fear, thinking an earthquake has struck. In no time, the police and some soldiers in armed vehicles arrived just in time to see the cyber sphere half way out of the ground.

The sound switched off. The echo of the roar drifted away into the vastness of the bitter city blocks.    All was silent, the whole city had froze, holding their breath as the earthquake had abruptly halted.

The sphere waited... Waiting for the right moment..

Adrenaline filled the air too soon, not a sound was heard, the uneasy still silence was not normal, but, all was heard after a few seconds, is the slightest movements of uncomfortable soldiers.

"What's going on sir?" Reported one of the soldiers. "It's stopped?". Asked another in confusion.

Curiosity took the better of them. A few soldiers mumbling, as they edged closer and closer to the pod with their rifles loaded.

But, suddenly, a great robotic growling sound was heard like giant gears turning. Soon, an ear wrenching hissing sound made them flinch. White steam spewed out of gaps between openings on the machinery. 

White steam filled the air, hydraulic noises, arms, legs and bits and pieces start to move around like a transformer.

"OH GOD!" Yelled the commander over the loud racket. "FALL BACK. FALL BACK!". The soldiers began to panic and scatter around. Some inside their vehicles, lifted the sunroof and began to shoot their machine guns. Bullets got crushed and ricocheted on the moving cluck of metal. Some men just stood there in complete shock.

Just now, the pod morphed into a buff, tall, cyborg. With a highly voltage filled spear, cracking with thick tendrils of electricity.

He has a bronze gothic crown, rimmed with horns on his head, symbolising that this dude means business.

Two slender robotic like pinches arouse from his back. His suit is spotted with yellow jacket tesselate hexagons over his entire body. 

His hide is tough, bullets and projectiles bounced off the armour like it was nothing but irritating him even more.

The tall robotic figure walked it's way towards the soldiers angrily. As he strides, nightmarish metallic sounds filled everyone's souls with terror.

Their screams are drowned by a blast. Flashing lights completely blocked the view. Rapid fire balls flung out of the pinch's sockets releasing streams of pure flames of fury. Noises of war constantly overwhelmed the tiny army soldiers. 

One soldier ran in circles, shooting at the sky. (Well that's pretty useless) he soon became a pile of black ashes.

The duel stingers crazily recoiled back and forth, each time as it released the vicious embers. The explosions were instantly wiping out the men, running for cover. Vehicles tossed over the place, on fire, melting the snow. Men, panicking and squealing in fear, jumping out of cars and retreating.

Yet, another horrible sound came. A sound like an electric light sabre was heard, it must've been a weapon of 10,000 volts of electricity was twirled around like a cricket bat, constantly, grinding up of all that remains. Sparks flew in the air like party streamers. The lightning bolts whipped around the street, lapping against background buildings. Bringing them down.

This thing, had successfully cleared a small pathway for him to walk towards the Brooklyn house. It began to twirl it's electric staff more savagery. Spinning it in circles in a inhuman way so fast that you could hardly tell it's moving. Whirling charges blared the whole city, the very air around the centrifuge of pure electricity was flaring up. It spun so fast, the weapon began to glow like the sun. It was like friction was at it's best.

The suit must've given the wearer unnatural human abilities. The incredibly fast spinning disc, started grinding up a police car, from front to rear in a second. Dust exploded in all that remains. The car has been dissolved into small particles.  Matter flew in the air circling the cyborg  and his spinning  blackhole.

In moments, the robot staff raised its staff, with the sabre facing the ground, and plunged it into the solid concrete.

Complete devastation.

A massive power wave of electricity, erupted out of the ground. Shockwaves of golden energy spreads around, clearing everything like a ripple. Lightning spurted out of the centre of the staff upwards,like a sprinkler zigzagging across the block. The blast grew bigger in milliseconds, disintegrating buildings, cars and people. The pulse is so strong, it destroyed all surrounding power lines and poles. Basically, shutting off all the power.

The blast-wave continued racing towards the Brooklyn house, until, the protective hieroglyphs spells, shielding the house, were dissolved into nothingness.

This allowed the wave cut right through the mansion in no time, the power cut off. Light Bulbs and lights all around the residence, blew up. Releasing showers of sparks all over astonished magicians. Cries of pure terror filled the darkness. Screaming and cursing . A great rumble was heard as the whole mansion swayed. 

A loud FREEAAAAKKKK!!!!! bawled as soon as the vibration of the building halted. The loud screech of the griffin bellowed until, all was silent... The schilling sound slowly faded away into the complete darkness.

"Carter!" Sadie silently hissed. "What the Horus was-" Then!

Start of Carter P.O.V

His ears cannot take it. They were not made for this. They felt like exploding at any moment, from this unbearable high pitched sound that boomed through the darkness so suddenly. He yelled in pain, covering his ears (which didn't help much). His voice was unherd . His eyes were shut tight and tears streamed down his cheeks.

Who? Carter thought. I'm stronger than, this.... GET UP! 

He struggled. He felt like a little child again, terrified of the horrors of darkness. He couldn't stand up. The whole house shook, which made his feet feel like jelly. He stated to constantly hear glass breaking.

Horus, a little help? Carter prayed in his head. He knew it was useless, since the gods have been utterly silenced. But, normally, his godly host would've heard his cries and remarks at this time, especially this time, he would have certainly replied. 

He was not surprised to the fact  that, there was nothing... Surely, something was wrong. All of this was wrong. It would explain, why the lights have shut off.

How long will it take?! He thought again. This is, crazy! What are the chances of a disaster to occur at this moment?

Carter curled into a ball. He is all out of ideas. He was just now, walking with Sadie only seconds ago, now, the whole house sounded like it was being abducted by aliens. This is what it should feel like when he was pulled in the Duat. But, he somehow knew, it wasn't the case... This was legit.

At last, the rigging stopped. Carter open his eyes, holding his breath.

My gods! He thought in relief. His warm hands left his ears slowly and slightly, in case, another sound blared. His eyes were the size of dinner plates, filled with fear.

A STONE WALL EXPLODED! Carter fell back onto the ground, holding the rail. His heart jumped many beats. He shouted in a sudden shock.

Light poured into the darkened house. At last, he could see, but, it wasn't pleasant. Oh boy, not even close...

At first, it seemed like a mixture of limestone, cars and lightning bolts bursted it's way through the entrance. Kids cried, adults ran in fear. The mountain of debris fell to the ground with a thunderous crash. A car, flipped into the house amongst the chaos and landed onto Kufu's New Samsung Curved TV.

Whoops... Carter didn't see that coming. Well, that's no NBA for us this week then , he thought. He was afraid to see the baboon's reaction. If, he survived... Poor thing...

A gust of harsh cold wind raced it's way inside the mansion. In moments, everyone was yelling in fear or in protest. Can this day get any worse? There was not a chance a monster could disable the shielding without powerful magic. But for some reason, he knew that it was more...

As soon as the 47 foot tall, honeycomb cyborg emerged out of the white smog, he lost all his confidence as pharaoh of the House of Life. Carter made a whimper inside his throat. He has never seen anything, like this, in his entire life.

It lumbered its way into the mansion, holding its golden electric spear in a rifle position. Carter knew it was all over... It made many magicians yell even louder! Scrabbling into their bags to use some magic items. Carter was astonished by the uproar, he couldn't move.

The mech's twin arms from around its back twisted, like it was reloading. It smelt of burning petrol. Smoke puffed it's way out of the sockets. Carter was already too stunned, he didn't want to be in front of these bad boys to see what they released. It's four yellow robotic eyes scanned the havoc it had created. It slowly turned its head. And spoke...

"Pity...", muttered a broken metallic male voice.

Ugh?! He wasn't sure if he heard it right since their was a ridiculous amount of background noise. But, since he had the senses of Horus, he was hundred percent sure he heard it clearly. 

Are you serious? Is that his pick up line? Carter didn't take it too seriously. It had a slight accent to it, but Carter was unsure what it was. Nonetheless, he was still horrified seeing his family getting freaked out so badly and so suddenly. His house HAS JUST GOTTEN DESTROYED! Why, was this thing terrorising the city? Who is its master?

"WHERE IS RAMESSES?!!" shouted the King of Show-offs (judging by his crown) it totally looked, out of place, to Carter. But then, he took it ALLLL BACK.

The mech's electric spear lit up in a golden light, soon shrouded by giant crackling lightning bolts. The spear charged up for a few seconds until it popped making sounds like a drill. Tendrils of electricity, individually shot out and grabbing the threatening magicians like giant electric hands (literally) and, from what it looked like, killing them instantly.

Ok, Carter was wrong. He was starting to wake up now. All he could hear, was the deafening power sergers of the jagged, electric yellow hands. Flinging the smoking carcasses of his own kind. And the howling, and the cries of agony. Not to mention, the amount of spells being casted. The terrified magicians had their staffs and wands out to battle this thing.

As if a miracle, the lights took effort to flicker back on again. At least, he was able to see what was happening more clearly.

To Carter's horror (and also his worst of fears). The hieroglyphic spells (which was once casted by the magicians) were exploding into multiple shades of colours on contact on the robot's armour. It soon revealed that it was ineffective! He once thought the spells would actually own this guy, and his crappy decepticon costume.

His jaw dropped...

But, he was once again, wrong. This dude, might actually be a threat after all... Carter started to stop judging this thing... It had power. It was impossible...

Sweat broke to his forehead. His mind was racing and was rather overwhelming Carter.

The man's robot suit was spell proof!

"ACTIVATE THE PORTALS, ALL OF THEM! Wailed Zia in a loud and thrilling tone. 

She jumped down the spiral staircase savagery, taking three steps at a time. Stunned Carter and Sadie leaped down after her. Struggling to keep up and shielding their heads from the showering debris, Zia yelled at the top of her lungs.

 "WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!". She waved her arms as she bolted.

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2: Carter

Carter has a bad habit of underestimating new villains. No matter how hard they ran, or how hard they tried, Carter still felt extremely vulnerable. He could hear Sadie's curses as they sprinted to, well, wherever Zia wanted to go now. He had no freakin idea. A giant goof in a inscrutable robot suit is blasting Magicians with lightning. He couldn't think of anything, but the urge to sprint, desperately trying to stay alive.

Carter thought he might get shell-shock. Blasts, explosions and elemental conjunctions were popping from one place to another. It was MADNESS! People were retreating, fighting and shouting, like it was like WW 2 all over again.  To his astonishment,  a magician transformed into a 45 foot tall avatar of his lion headed god, to battle the menace. 

Well, at least that guy's god was sensible enough and listened when aid was needed. Unlike Horus... Well, yes, the gods of Ma'at were supposed to retreat if Chaos is stopped. But by the looks of it, Chaos was back, once again.

Shut your gob, Carter! His heart was jackhammering his rib cage. It was Horus, speaking into his mind.

WELL ABOUT TIME! Carter yelled back. He was both annoyed and shocked at the same time. You mind giving me a hand here!?

No reply... Well, that's beautiful then... 

At that moment, the robot's huge cannons on his shoulders charged up to a high pitched futuristic sound. A tornado of fire balls (well, it looked like that anyway) arched across the mansion, utterly obliterating the house... The stream of flaming fireballs wasn't like anything he has seen in his career. Rapidly, the scorching arch swallowed many magicians. Sounds of machine guns vibrated as the flames are released. It carnage the floor to ash. Debri was all that filled the air. The entire Brooklyn house was ablaze, falling to the ground, before his very eyes..

Pain and hopelessness serged inside his stomach, to the point Carter was nauseous. The adrenaline he was receiving was intensifying. Sounds blaring, his ears bleeding. So many thoughts, Carter thought he will collapse.

Many people near him, coughed out loud in terror.  As Carter lumbered, heartsick. He was too overwhelmed to care at this point. Nothing matters but surviving. 

 He struggled to not cry like a child. His bravery, gone. His heroism, gone. His home, gone. WAS THIS A DREAM? A VISION? WHAT ON EARTH IS MY BA TRYING TO SHOW ME HERE? IT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE!? 

Of course, Carter's hopes failed him. This is real.

The golden robot peacefully strolled his way through the battlefield of fire, electric staff crackling like hail stones against a tin roof. The twin cannons on his shoulders smouldering, and hissing from its rampage. The four golden lenses - which was where its eyes should have been - glared vigorously. It's almost like, the thing was, hunting for something... And if that was the truth. What did it want from Ramesses?

The twin cannons extended swiftly making quick mechanical sounds. The two cannon's sockets morphed into one larger socket as it was lowered over the "thing's" crowned head. Like a scorpion tail, the pitcher rose in the air, igniting in red angry flames, combustion and whirling inside. It struck with blinding speed and smashed into the ground. It was almost as if Chaos itself, bellowing and roaring in agony.

Carter's face felt like it will melt off. Officially, Brooklyn house had reached mass destruction. A tsunami of orange holographic death, spreads in seconds, annihilating the very air. Offensive magicians disappeared from sight! They ceased to exist. What? Carter, with horrified disbelief, searched for survivors. His vision shock from the blast. He had no time when Zia yelled, "Amos! COME ON!",over the weeps of children, the cries of his friends. Carter's respiration system was on fire. To breathe, it took effort. Even more to run to the end of the flaming mansion. His uncle was here! But it wasn't enough to cheer him up. Carter gagged out loud.

Another roar blared again. The wave of hell vacuumed across the floor. Bellows of death flooded the burning mansion soon afterwards. The noise made it harder for Carter to sought for Amos. Eventually, he found him, desperately he thought about good things. He can imagine that. 

An earsplitting crack filled the room as the towering statue of the god of wisdom Thoth, tumbled to shards. The House of Life is officially doomed.

"OH GODS!!! UNCLE AMOS!" Screamed Sadie as she buried her face into his broad arms. "WHAT'S. WAT'S HAPPENING?!" She had that shaking voice again. Carter hadn't heard her wailing like this since they started out as magicians, forced to fight Set. Maybe, this was too much for the poor thing to handle...

"I'm afraid I don't know..." Amos managed over the commotion. His wide eyes looking at Carter behind his glasses.

"EVERYONE! GUYS! WE MUST EVACUATE THE HOUSE, YOU HEAR ME?!" And Carter was listening. "HE'S AFTER  RAMESSES AND THE OTHERS! STICK TOGETHER, AND I WILL CALL REINFORCEMENTS!" As soon as Amos finished his sentence, the giant robot yelled amongst the chaos. It had its pointer on its right temple. Like given a status report.


The roof suddenly exploded in a shower of flaming wooden ash. It caved in completely, glass shattered, walls cracked. 

As what looked like Armageddon, plummeting towards him, Sadie shot up onto her feet, emitted a spell with 100% willpower and effort, right plam raised high in the air. Head looking to the raining roof.



A massive hieroglyphic of bright purple light expanded quickly above her, Carter, Zia and Amos.

The hieroglyphic shone in a grand light purple luminous dome, exploding upwards. It continued to close in around the group, all rubbernecking at the sunlight force-field that suddenly appeared by a miracle.

Carter's mouth was slightly open when the entire dome shook. The whole roof had fallen upon Sadie's shield, vibrating and absorbing the impact which echoed the interior of the dome.

Carter was stunned out of his mind. This was the largest force field he has ever seem conjured by a magician! He worried of how much effort it took Sadie to speak this.

She was still standing in the same position, arm up, legs spread out and bent. But her arm looked flushed and stiff, shaking violently, as well as her entire body. He knew this wasn't time to get too comfortable, Sadie was about to give way.

As the last of the debri of stones, wood and glass continued to smash and roll off the exterior of the shield, Sadie flops her hand down. The massive dome responds. Vanishing in mid air. 

Carter yelled as Sadie fell forward.


In vain, he carefully jogged towards her, (Sadie, now on all fours). Carter tried to not roll an ankle since the floor that was once a carpet but is now a rocky pile of wreckage.

As he reached Sadie's side, the Earth shook.

 What caused it, made Carter feel guilty for being so stupid. Dropping to the ground, was a multitude of massive figures. Each of unique colours. Each made the earth shake as they landed. He knew he was screwed . The one closest to him was enough to give anyone nightmares.

Two thick purple triangular eyes, knitting, over a completely black, or blank, robotic body. It's almost like Bast had slashed the robot's face with her giant claws, leaving two scars that haven't been treated, and remained till it was infected and swollen.

The whole figure was a cyborg, like Mr. Robot King over here. Carter cringed at the weapon it carried, a strange poison purple sword, twin spikes stuck out on the top of the hilt and the base of the oozing blade. Yes, it was literally.

Purple poison dripped from the deathly tip of the sword. The robot's massive black hand wrapped around it, almost as though King Kong himself on steroids is ready to turn Carter into a poison sandwich.

"AGHHHH!!! NOOOOO MERCCCCY!" Yelped the black robot, in a dark gargling voice. 

Amos broke Carter's disbelief by grabbing his shoulder.


Carter, with half delirious Sadie, Zia and Amos sprinted desperately for their lives as a stream of liquid poison sprayed upon the ground, where they were once standing.

"Admin, Cygni! FIND THE OBJECTIVES!" Boomed a sonorous voice. So loud and deafening, Carter's rips rattled. A white and gold robot and a dark blue jagged one, leaped up into the air. They jump so high that Carter stared. The two stabbed their swords into the wall as they steadied themselves from the great fall. Things got unpredictable at this moment... Very strange indeed... Even worse, the rest of the mob scattered, blasting mourning and half-dead magicians. 

"THE YOUNGLINGS ARE MINE!" That same growling voice. Carter looked and he found its owner... He never wished he did. An evil red aura glowed all around the robot's dark green (almost black) edges. His body was bulky and so broad, Carter though how on earth was someone or, something, could possibly have the stamina to move around. A dark red mask circled around the robot's outer shell covered parts of its body. Its black face was surrounded by a dark red helmet that only left its hot red luminous eyes and a saturated green smirk (that when slightly to the left) exposed over its bulged chin. 

Carter couldn't spend too much time awing or, trembling, at its finely made weapon. It was a science fiction looking pitch-fork, each point curved like devil horns. The lethal item was covered with cybertronic mechanisms and wrapped in cords which enabled it to erupt completely in strange flaming patterns. In his horror, Carter though he saw a vague flaming spirit of a falcon (Horus' symbolic animal), the scarab of Khepri, a kite (Isis' symbol), and the animal of Set. That thought, was put aside as though it never occurred to him. 

"BEGONE! FOR WE ARE THE INHERENTS OF THE HOUSE!" Resisted Amos behind him. His circular glasses flared from the reflection of the hellish pitch-fork, made Amos look menacing, like Set in his primal form. "YOU'RE NOT WELCOMED!"

"SHAMEFUL FOR A GODLING CHIEF LECTOR!" Laughed the robot. His laughing tone was HORRENDOUS.  "Amos Kane, if only Set was here to protect you. Why don't you instead, protect yourself." He boomed back calmly and so deep, Carter though he had a massive bullfrog in his gullet. 

Before Amos could make a move, the bot flung his pitch-fork towards Carter and the group in a igniting ring of death. Carter flinched so much, he covered his face, almost falling over. Amos leaps to the far right in blur as he hit the deck...

The sound of a grand mechanical blender filled the air. When Carter came to his senses, he vaguely saw Zia, head down,bracing the impact of the attack with her left hand up vertically, holding an unusual shield. With all the bright flaming energy pushing her back, the shield was a golden representation of a massive scarab shell. Khepri's Shield. It only lasted 5 seconds when Carter found himself off the ground. A quick repelling blast flung, Zia and the robot back as if they were two different poles. 

The attacker had no time to yell as he was knocked back so far he smashed through the limestone walls, balconies and outside onto the terrace. The swimming pool exploded immediately, as an entire wave of water flooded the debri covered floor inside the house. 

At this point, the roof of the 21st Nome was probably all in pieces on the ground now, judging how Carter can clearly see the grey hopeless sky above him. Smoke brewing into the air made the lighting darker than usual. Many of the robots now seemed to just be moping around, possibly waiting for an order. Everyone, except Carter and a few friends are the only remaining magicians left alive..

He prayed that the flaming cyborg had fallen into the East River. He could use a cool off for a change...

But out of the lifeless wreckage, was the robot he liked the least. The yellow jacket king pridefully prowled towards him, staff lapping with electric arms. Feet rattling the warehouse beneath him.

Carter's chest ached with an unknown feeling. He wasn't sure how every time he sees this "thing", it makes him feel, extremely uncomfortable and painfully annoyed, like I-am-gonna-rip-your-head-off annoyed but actually meaning it. Just the thing's presence radiates a disturbingly amount of negativity.

Maybe, it was because the thing's priority is targeted at him now, after watching in terror at what it can do. Or the Horus senses are kicking in again, he loooovves giving people a beating when pissed off to the core. At the moment, its towering shape was crushing Carter's confidence to zero.

He stumbled backwards, never daring to remove eye contact with the thing. As it drew closer and closer, Carter's stomach ached more and more with fear. At last, what seemed like ages, the robot stopped and scanned them, taking its time. Tension filled the atmosphere.

"My brother said you and your sibling are very unpredictable. I am also." The robot spoke in that disturbing broken voice but it was in a concerned tone.

Carter's anxiety didn't help him think of an appropriate answer. 

"What did you do with Zia?" Carter spits out the first words in on his mind.

The robot didn't move a muscle.

"Dead. Like you and your sibling too, if you don't confess your secret. You have the bow. Give it to me, thief." The thing's staff charged up again. Carter's flinched because the sound was so loud and sudden. It reminded him of a Lightsaber from Star Wars, that Sadie had been watching with Walt lately...

What the devils was he talking about? Thief? Carter never remembers stealing anything his entire life! How on earth was he the thief of something that he doesn't even know exists? What has been going on these last few months. What has Ramesses gotten himself into?

The robot pointed his flashy staff at Carter and Sadie, ready to fire. Perhaps this was the end... The end for Egypt and the whole world...


Behind the robot, a roar broke the tension. A man leaps from the rubble. He was somehow floating inside a glowing red aura. Red, means chaos in Egypt... But wait, doesn't that mean...

The man exploded and grew inside a red figure. It made a loud gargling sound as the energy orbits Amos. At first, it looked like that other robot in red. But seconds later, the figure morphed into a shelled scarlet combat avatar of the greyhound (with bunny ears) headed god Set. It produced a sound that was a mix of a howl and a growl.

The Red Lord's head, had an overall, feral vibe. It's eyes were two small beady red discs. It's mouth was extended, gums of red muscle fibre. It had rows of needle-like teeth that made Set look more like a Goblin Shark than a mutant wild bunny dog.

Patterns and carvings, in-printed from ear to nail, on the blood-like exoskeleton. Smooth, shiny and reflective, the avatar's chest and body is overly ripped like a bodybuilder on drugs. 

An Egyptian red skirt, (which was also made out of the shiny red metal) went to his shins. A forked tail, thrashed around like a cobra from Set's behind.

Carter's instincts told him to retreat and wait. Which he immediately dose so. 

"Carter, I'm here, don't worry. Set has got the upper-hand at the moment. We wait only until absolutely necessary. Chaos magic is great at the moment." Horus insisted with a pinch of edge.

Set lumbered towards the robot, who looked frozen on the spot. He seized the robot's mid-section with two strong clawed hands.

Carter clearly heared the robot grunt in surprise or assument. It began to wiggle and struggle out of the the iron grip of Set's hands.

As it did, in a blink of an eye, the bot pulled out its two arms, cartwheeling them backwards. Set, blown to the head roars attempting to bite the second arm conducting a blow, but missed by the skin of his teeth. 

As this happened,  the robot turned, broke out of reach of Set's grip, facing him, ready now.

Immediately, the robot begins to savagely pummel Set's upper-body, with duel punches . The greyhound headed avatar is bewildered to the point of hopelessness. Then the robot swings left handedly, fore-handing his staff at Set. A saturated yellow pulse of a blast radiates on impact. Amos in the Set avatar, croaked as he crumpled onto his back from the force.

Urges of advancement combats Carter's brain. What on Geb was he doing here? It's quite obvious that Amos isn't going to make it out smoothly. Carter must FIGHT! 

"RELEASE!", Horus yelled.

He gritted his teeth and broke into a walking pace. In a second, someones arm barricaded his  aproch. Sadie resisting him back.

"Carter, hold your horses!", she breathed, staring at the duelling instead of her brother.

"Maybe... She's right...", Carter said stupidly in his mind. But, as he continues to watch the fight, that urge of advancement grew ever so stronger...

Lividly, Set raised his varmint head from the ground, arms bracing behind him. While on the floor, he quickly summoned a red sceptre with a club-head of a greyhound on top. Its curved head and two pointed ears almost looked like a crescent pick-axe with two jagged points on top.

The robot thrusts his spear at Set's masculine chest. With blared teeth, he rolls into his right side towards the robot and pushes his sceptre upwards as the electric spear came in contact in a desperate blocking manner.

Set now relying on his reflexes, tucks and rolls horizontally to the left just in time to dodge the determined jab from the robot, now on its knees to reach the floor, the robot's spear stabs the ground instead of Set.

With haste and no chance to spare, the robot's pitches vomited out another stream of flaming balls of molten lava. Well, Carter began to notice something strange. As Set covered his head in the last second, the raid flow of fire pushed him back frourosiously. The flames melted to now what looks like liquid rock, as it flared and scorched the metalic shell of Amos' avatar.

Sizzling like a barbecue, Set moaned like a cow and huffs as his entire 47 foot tall body slouches over into a ball. Slightly flickering.

"NO! He's giving away! RELEASE THIS INSTANT!", Horus yells angry in two tones. Carter remains frozen with burdensome.

Set still bent over, breathing like crazy, the robot ran his right hand from the base of the spear-head, of the yellow staff, down into a comfortable and consistent position next to his other hand. Clenching with both hands on the staff, the robot's head slightly moved downwards and Carter could somehow tell it was glaring eagerly at Amos, even though its face was hidden behind a helmet.

Frustrated, Set shot up onto his feet, spun in a 180 circle, sticking out his elbow. He jabbed at the robot, but the electric staff blocked the strike sending Set to stubble for a moment. 

The robot took opportunities without thinking. It thrusted with both hands on the staff at Set's now exposed face. The robot smashed his staff stiffly at Set. Left, right, left, right. Set's head or his body in fact was knocked left and right from the four intense whacks of the staff. This made a nice clearance for the robot.

Recklessly, it reeled back the staff. Spun around with fury, ninja style and when all the force was all applied, the robot swung with all momentum at Set.

The robot grunted while it smashed the staff across Set's face like back-handing in tennis. Set stumbled backwards as the force was too much to absorb. His face hit the ground first, feet in the air and tumbling in shocking agony.


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GLOSSARY (Gods and terms mentioned in The 100th Son)

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