The Surprising Science of Happiness


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Chapter 1

    What can science achieve in telling us about happiness? Gilbert in his talk and mass media essay writing describes how development of the brain predicts how people conduct in a certain situation by stimulating an experience; a capacity that is unique to every human being. However, it is the ability in some way that flaws and individuals prediction’s which are always neglected by the human capacity to adapt to the oncoming circumstances. An individual can find happiness in various situations if only they could reshape their effective natures. Gilbert refers this to the psychological immune system. A person’s ability to find happiness in a certain situation could be done by a single factor is the increase in choice. The moment the situation is irreversible, people adapt to it but the moment the situation is unfavorable and reversible people desire to change. Therefore, people should preferences that would lead them to one future over the other. However, the minute those preferences drive them too fast and too hard because that would lead to overrated differences between these futures then people would be at risk.

Gilbert believes that natural happiness occurs when people receive what they wanted. Furthermore, the synthetic happiness is what an individual makes when don’t get whatever he/she wanted. Gilbert believes that people have a very strong opinion that synthetic happiness is a kind that is inferior. This kind of happiness is due to an economic situation that can teach people that winning is an important thing that brings fulfillment and joy, whereas losing can deliver people a second place that is referred to humble. Synthetic happiness is the happiness that is real only when one acknowledges what one has is much better than what he or she has lost. This could sound super artificial, but this feeling was tested on a number of patients suffering from anterograde amnesia. Usually, it is difficult for one to fake synthetic happiness when one cannot remember it.

TED provides an appealing case for the communication theories. TED utilizes a wide range of platforms that it tends to use in transformative and innovative ways. However, Ted has received a lot of criticism which turns the conference into an elitist echo chamber of over privileged and rich individuals. The talks that TED delivers are educational and informative. Professionals, experts and artists are given the opportunity to talk about their projects to open minded people. For the speaker to be successful, the speaker should be able to keep the crowd of people interested through the speaker using visual aids and a skillful use of speech. Therefore, the TED talk is a good way to spread the message to potential viewers.

The TED videos are short and usually last for about ten to fifteen minutes; nevertheless, the talks usually cater for all people in various fields. Music which technically is not music but just mere sound effects are computerized industrial feel. The reverse cymbal that is a technique that is used in the music production with the sound that cymbal makes is usually in a reversed manner, where it starts in a quiet tone and finishes with a crescendo. The producers of TED videos use this kind of technique in order to bring an energy and excitement in every beginning of a small segment of the video.

The audience mostly consists of professionals in the sphere of information technology. There are two categories in the TED talks where the first audience is in attendance. Their experiences differ from one type of viewer to other. The in house viewer experiences more than web viewer.

The video uses different points and techniques to keep the speech fresh and to grab the attention of the viewers. The speaker does not hold a microphone; he uses an ear mounted microphone system. Also, the speaker uses his hands in order to emphasize his point. Moreover, on other times he uses his humor to soften the foreseeable bad news. The speaker (Ralph Langner) mentions that Stuxnet virus that acted like a lab rat that did not like cheese. The joke caused a lot of laughter in the crowd. It is very important for the speaker to relay a little bit of humor. The subject matter of the speech was quite unsettling. The speaker symbolizes the cyber-attack occurred on the United States soil and the amount of damage that happened could have been catastrophic and that many people could lose their lives.

Ralph uses more and more humor and the previous joke about the rat and cheese acted like perfect transition that informed the people about the attack was actually directed on a certain target and was not just some random virus that was expected to infect the unsuspecting computer. The speaker engages the concept and the method that the attack is carried out by calling it the reality blocker. The reality blocker acts as a pre-recorded source just like in Hollywood movie, where the heist camera has a prerecorded video that was meant to fool the unsuspecting security guard that watched the camera video stream and is meant to keep on the security. By using references to the movie, it facilitates the viewer in comprehending how that happens without seeing the real thing happening. The choice of a word makes the attack understandable and the speaker puts the attack in words and terms that related to the audience. The speaker has a great experience in speaking and he exactly knows where to stop. The point that he gets the attention of the audience is the moment he incorporated the speech with an informative with the sense of shock.

The speaker uses another humor that comes at the end of the presentation. He goes ahead to warn the crowd that they should be ready and later on says thank you. This event causes the crowd to applause in an eruption. The host of the talk walks on the stage to catch on Ralph Langner before he exits to ask him questions. The host wanted to inform the speaker that he did not mention who was responsible for the attack. The speaker responded with a short uncomfortable laugh and said that his opinion was that Mossad was involved, but the force that was leading that people thought was, was not Israel. He continued to say that the force that was leading and which was behind the cyber’s super power was the United States. The whole crowd went silent one could even hear a pin drop.

The speaker used the image to show his presentation by means of the actual code of Stuxnet. This fact underscored that the audience who had attended had moved above the normal average of computers and programming as compared to an average person. After the speaker had presented a number of informative words and gave the audience to understand the slides, he adds that more and more elements to that picture. In order the viewer to understand, the code dissecting process needed to be clarified by the use of bullets, and that was the exact thing that the team was looking for. The element of using bullet was used to help the viewers understand about the possible target in Iran.

The fact that the attack was identified, it was definitely the best time for the speaker to describe how that the program was used to attack centrifuge. The audience could tell that the speaker was excited from his voice since he described Stuxnet and told what for it was used. His hands were used to show the extent and the magnitude of the attack. Through the visual aids, the speaker revealed the picture of the black robot that was to be affected by the Stuxnet and which was at one time infected and that it would spin at a very fast rate that it would eventually crack. The source code was highlighted in red and in bold number that read 164. The number was very significant because of reoccurrence. Reoccurrence facilitated to identify the kind of machine that would be the target by Stuxnet.

At last, the speaker managed to achieve excellent and wonderful presentation. The audience was definitely entertained and he did a very good job in getting the attention of the viewers by using imagery techniques and the emotional appeal. The whole presentation had a great impact because multimedia was heavily used. The video was well edited and created a very comfortable view for the audience especially the web viewers. The whole should therefore listen and it should be prepared.

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