Interesting Topics to Write a PhD Dissertation


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Interesting Topics to Write a PhD Dissertation

Buying a Ph.D.  from online writing services has become a norm nowadays. This is mostly due to the fact that scholars find it hard to search for suitable topics to focus on in their paper. However, in as much as a writing service can be a legit alternative, you need to know how to pick a viable and interesting topic for your paper.


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Viable Topic Choices for your PhD Dissertation


You may think that writing a successful dissertation is all about following all the guidelines and the structure. It is. However, it also depends on the topic you choose to focus on. Picking a topic for such a paper is where most students find the real challenge. For this reason, have a guide on some of the best topics you can choose for your paper.

Below are some key ideas on some of the most interesting topics you can base your dissertation on, depending on your field of study.


Technology is one of the most common research and study fields around the world right now. Picking a topic in this area can really pay off if you pick one that has sufficient information and has not been over tackled by people. Here are some interesting subjects you can work with.

1.Influence of technology in raising young children

 You may decide to look at how technology has influenced children under the age of 5 or 10. This is a topic that has sufficient information to draw a suitable literature review, and it has not been overdone by many people.

2.Technology and genetically modified food

Here, you may decide to look at the influence played by technology in the genetic modification of food. You can also compare genetically modified foods with organic foods. There is sufficient information available to come up with a suitable thesis statement and the literature review.

3.Human gene modification and alteration

If you are pursuing a biological science course, this is a viable dissertation topic you can pick. As such, before you decide to buy phd dissertation paper online, you can try to work with this subject matter. You can analyze all the effects of human gene modification and alteration process done and come up with a hypothesis.

4.Sperm and ovum donation

This is another topic that has not attracted a lot of interest and  publications. What makes it more attractive is that it has sufficient information to help you develop a hypothesis and support it sufficiently.

B.Accounting and Commerce

We are always in business, right? Therefore, there is always something to base your thesis on and write about. Below are a few considerations you can make.

5.Online baking and payment options

The money world is changing very fast especially due to the growth in technology. Many people are now relying on online banking and shop online with payments being made online. As an accounting student, you can draft your dissertation based on this subject matter.

6.Roles played by commercial and retail banks and how they differ

This is a wide topic that you can split into two or three. You can decide to work with the difference between roles for commercial and retail banks. You could look at their roles collectively as well.

7.Market efficiency in new emerging markets

If you are a commerce student, this is a very suitable topic for you. You can use your existing commerce knowledge to elaborate on all the viable ways to measure market efficiency in emerging markets.


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Among the sectors that shall never cease to exit is the field of agriculture. Take it up as a chance to explore problems encountered, how to solve them and means to make it more advanced.

8.Roles and effects of organic farming

People must eat to survive. However, many people are not fully aware of the difference between organic and inorganic farming. You can tackle the effects of organic farming on human health and nutritional value as well as the role this kind of farming plays.

9.Hydroponic farming systems

This is a new farming system where inputs and nutrients are put directly in water for the plant to absorb. Not many people have shown interest in this field, thus has a lot of potential for research.

D.Social Issues

With all the differences people have on earth, there are tones of social issues to tackle, don’t you think? Ranging from racism, gender issues, humanity topics and intercultural differences, you have a filled pool to swim into here.

10.Gender roles around the world

You can actually focus your paper on how roles in society are shared among different genders in different parts of the world. With such a topic you must dig deeper into different cultures and ways of life.

11.Women leadership around the globe

An interesting topic that not many people want to talk or write about. For your paper, you can focus on strides taken by women in leadership and what is the expectation for the future. You can also compare women leadership to men leadership trends and outcomes.




It goes without saying that picking the topic for your paper is the first step in writing, otherwise, you will waste ink on disorganized research and essaying. Make sure that you select a strong topic with sufficient information sources. This is the only way you can guarantee an excellent grade.Good Luck!

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