Lion And The Bear


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 Once upon a time in the jungle, there lived a big brown bear and a fearsome lion.the lion had no freinds however the big brown bear had many freinds. The brown bear lived in luxury whereas the lion had nothing, they were misunderstood. The bear did not want the luxury he wanted a peaceful life and the lion wanted freinds and to have a home, this was difficult because all the animals were scared of the lion, he was intimidating. 

One day while the lion was hunting for food, he encountered the brown bear, "hello" the lion said 

"Good morning"

"Where are you off to?"

"Going to find a place of peace in this jungle!" Said the brown bear 

"You can stay with me!" The lion happily said

"Why thank you "exclaimed the bear 

A year later they were best mates, and they lived together in a little bungalow on the coast of the jungle and lived happily everr

The end

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 what does this mean to us today? well it simply means that are friends are opposite to us, opposites attract this means that we should be freinds with the less fortunate people because, well you know we can all be friends that makes the world a better place if we share with others but then we get the best of life just like the bear he lived in luxury but he dint want to.

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