Put The B in bagerah


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Chapter 1 goodbye

It was a Tuesday morning the jungle, they have just woke up to a beautiful song by the little blue bird , bageera  was just warming up to a Sunday afternoon until he realised it was actually Tuesday he decided that maybe to visit baloo, however baggera knew that  he was just snoozing in and playing it cool.

"When inside, baggera noticed that baloo wasn't there. it was strange, quiet, dark. "Hello hello are you home?"

" Yes baggy I am here, just wait there " all of a sudden there stood baloo great and tall, he looked quite worried and upset " baggy I need to tell you something. the thing is, I'm going to be going away for a month,I hope you understand but just tell me if you don't want me to go I'm sure I could stay"

" oh Baloo, well you can go, I don't mind I'll be alright. do you want me to look after the place ( you know when you're gone?) oh wait where are you going? 

"Oh I will be going down to the black lake you know whether vultures are"

" okay well you best be getting on the way it's a 10 hour journey!"

" you know what you're right well don't get the beat baggy ha ha ha  goodbye"

" cheerio"

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   Dear reader just a quick reminder that this is not your full but if you would like a full book please like and please become a follower thank you for reading this and I hope you have enjoyed this please can you note to self this is not the Jungle book in the future this is a fanfiction written by me this is not copyright

Thank you

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