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The song

 I sat on the rocky-red wall, combing my golden locks, when I heard a soft gentle tune that was calling me. People called me strange because of my peculiar nature however inside and out I was a beauty.

" when you hear me sing,  please think of me  and how I should just change this world but for now I will just sing for you i love you" the song echoed through my soft ears as I rocked myself carefully, I was alone, my parents had evacuated but I missed the train; they never came back. The song made me think of what had tragically happened.

" I am sorry, my dear friend when I upset you so bad ,will I forget you are you still mad? but now were no day all  when I upset you so bad will I forget you are you still mad but now we are older,  we are free to do whatever we please"

My head was banging with questions but her soft gentle voice melted my heart, I went pale and closed my eyes and thought of her lyrics as the days went by. Every day she would sing by the hour.

I might as well find out who is singing, so I leaped down and I felt older, everything looked so modern. just a minute ago, the town was lifeless. 

I saw a young girl that looked just like me, and she was crying, I looked forward and a train was chugging away, inside the carriage were two crazy people running around in the train... it was my parents!

A tear drop fell on my cheek as I watched the train travel away.

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