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Welcome to my world of weirdness. I may include all of the short stories I've written (including the crappy ones) and just hope you'll like them.

Please note I'm still in school. So I may not post regularly.

I just got this app and I'm used to using Wattpad, so please ignore me if I'm being stupid.

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~Short Story 1~

 I hate the rain.

Every time it rains, something bad has either happened or will happen. No doubt about it.

Yet it had to be so fucking calming.

I stare at my reflection in the window, my long silver blue hair oily as ever, skin as pale as can be, ginormous bags under my dead blue eyes, an emotionless face laying on small arms that are  hugging small legs on a spinny black chair, and some barely noticeable cuts on my cheeks.

I’ve locked myself up in my room, I don’t want to go out.

My big brother went missing a few weeks ago.

Majority of people assume he’s dead by now. Mother still is in high hopes of him being alive and okay. Dad’s distant now, and I’ve been mentally fucked up.

Oh- I didn’t introduce myself.


I’m Bryce. Bryce Oliver Rose.

My parents thought ‘Bryce’ would be a good name for their second child, and they planned on their second child being a boy.

I totally surprised them when I showed up.

I’m a girl.

I’ve lost track of what day it was. I’ve only been paying attention to how long Shiro was gone.

Shiro disappeared on Wednesday, May 15th.

So, that means I’m eleven years old.

Shi was fifteen when he went missing.


I don’t respond.

Mother is trying to get me to come out of my room.

I don’t want to, I’ll have to face the fact that Shi isn’t coming back.

“Brycie, honey… please come out. Your friends are worried, dad’s worried- I’m worried- everyone, is worried about you sweetie.”

The only thing I can hear is the rain lightly falling outside.

“...I’m… sorry, Bryce. But you have to come out sooner or later.”

She’s silent, I can hear her stand there. She slides two plates under my door and leaves me alone.

I know what the plates have- food and water.

I had ran in my room and locked my door shut when I heard that my brother has gone missing. Many times before father and mother have tried opening the door and busting it open. Both failing, miserably.

I have my own bathroom connected to my room, and thank god because this way I don’t have to depart from my room to deal with the chaotic arrogant world. And although I have a connected bathroom, I don’t shower- at all. I just, don’t feel like it.

For the first time all day I look away from the window. My room’s a mess, just like everything else in my life. There are clothes everywhere, stuffed animals at random spots from when I chucked them across my room, ripped papers and photos, and plates in the worst spots.

Walking around in here is like walking in a minefield.

I look back out the window.

A bit away there’s a road, and across the road is a happy little playground.

There’s a little kid with a yellow raincoat on, jumping in puddles as if all was well. Next to the kid was an older and taller person. They had an umbrella in hand, and they had a kind of solemn smile on their face.

I hate that person’s smile- it reminds me of Shiro.

I get up and immediately almost fall over. I haven’t moved in a while.

Carefully making my way to the plates, I hear my computer go off.

It’s such a cheerful ding…

I pick up the two plates and sauntered over to my computer desk.

It’s messy, like my room. There are sticky notes, everywhere- along with a lot of art supplies.

I make some room for the plates and sit down on another swivel chair.

My computer going off made me realize how dark my room is- it actually takes a bit for my eyes to adjust to the brightness.

It’s a notification from some stupid social media app I used to use a lot.

‘Shiro Okano Rose turns sixteen today! Wish him a happy birthday!’

I mentally yell at the computer, ‘Shiro disappeared, dumbass. How can I wish someone a happy birthday when I don’t even know where they are?!’

Looking through older notifications, I notice that my friends have given up on talking to me.

I have so many texts that say about the same thing: ‘Rosie! Why won’t you come out?’ ‘Rose, please talk to us.’ ‘Bryce. We’re worried. You missed the art contest- you used to love entering your art for it! Please… come out and talk to us.’

It’s all numb. I feel so empty.

Shiro, was there when no one else would be.

He got me into art.

He helped me study for school.

He let me hang out with him even when his friends were there.

He, was the best big brother I could ever ask for.

...I can’t.

I’m tearing up.

Click, clack, click, clack.

Something’s hitting my window.

Why… now..?

I plod towards to my window to see a tall hooded figure throwing pebbles at my window from the backyard.

When I opened the window, the person was searching for more pebbles. This person has intrigued me, I want to see why they’re here.

“W-what do you want..?”

The person looks up at me, I can’t see their eyes- but I can see their smile. It’s sweet, and a bit… solemn.

Why does everyone have to seem so damn solemn all the time?

“Ah, Bryce! I want you to meet me somewhere later, okay?”

I don’t bother questioning him.


I have nothing better to do anyway.

If I get killed, I’ll just end up joining the rest of my family.

If I go missing, I’ll be like Shiro.

The person’s smile grows a bit, “Thank you Rosie, I’ll see you soon...

I nod and shut my window, not questioning much except for how this person knew my name.

I drifted back to my dirty desk and drank a bit of the water. How? I lifted the plate up to my mouth and leaned my head back while slightly tilting the plate upwards.

Honestly, I need to eat a little bit if I plan on meeting this person. I haven’t ate all day, so if I’m gonna get kidnapped, it’s better to get kidnapped on a full stomach.

As I put the water plate down, water all over my dirty clothes, I look at the food mother gave me.

‘My sweet Brycie! Feel better soon. Have some cookies, and a sandwich.’

‘I made your favorites!’

Mother has been giving me plates of food and water each day since i’ve locked myself in my room.

I pick up a chocolate chip cookie and take a bite out of it.

It’s been a while since I’ve had something sweet to eat.


Okay, I ate, had something to drink, surfed the internet a bit, and got changed into actual clothes.

I look at my reflection in the mirror, I still look like shit.

I just have a plain dark blue t-shirt on, jeans, and sneakers.

I’m missing something…

I look around my room and grab a dark grey hoodie and a black beanie, put them on, and then look at my reflection again.

Better. I still look like shit.

It’s been a few hours since the guy told me to meet him somewhere. I don’t know if he’s coming to tell me where to go or what.

After a few minutes of thinking, I decide to just climb out my window and hope to see him soon.

I open my window, and there’s a ladder. A metal ladder. Letting me climb down to the ground safely.

I note the rain has slowed a bit once I set foot on the patio, and see a note in a little baggy:

‘Meet me by B&O Rosies.’

I’m starting to question who this person is, but either way I start my walk there.

‘B&O Rosies’ is a rosefield my brother and I found a while back. No, it’s not actually called ‘B&O Rosies’, Shiro thought of the name when we found it. ‘B’ stands for Bryce, ‘O’ is the o in Shiro, and Rosie is what me and Shi used to call each other.

I tear up a bit.

I miss Shi…


About an hour later I finally make it to B&O Rosies to see that cloaked guy looking at the roses.

Um, hi..?” I nervously say, I haven’t talked to others in a while.

The man jumps and quickly looks to me while standing up, “A-ah-! I didn’t notice you. You startled me a bit there. Heh heh.” 

I shrug, “Why did you want to meet me here, and how do you know my name when I don’t even know you?

The person grins goofily, “You actually… do know me.”

He takes off his hood and reveals his face. His eyes are a light grey, and his face is covered in freckles. The similar messy silvery light blue hair is all too familiar…

..S-... Shi..?

He just nods and opens his arms for a hug, to which I run into and hug him like my life depended on it. 

It sorta felt like it did...

Before I can ask him anything, he grabs my shoulders and pushes me away, “Bryce, before anything, we need to show mom and dad that I’m okay. Got it?”

I nod, tears in my eyes and flowing down my cheeks.

He takes my hand, and smiling solemnly, he leads us home. I smile at him.

Oh how I’ve missed you…

Big brother...

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~Short Story 2~


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