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Year 1, Day 1

    I’m just the dust in the air. Not a single thing at all. Just… nothing. I was nothing till I felt things being tugged together. It felt so odd to me.

    “Eureka Mofar Sama! Eureka Mofar Sama! Eureka Mofar Sama!” Strange words. I can’t understand what they mean. Something was touching me. Wait. What? I have feeling? I can feel things?

    “Open your eyes child,” A crackly, yet somehow soothing voice called to me. “Your master awaits you. So awake!” The voice startled me, making me open my eyes.

    I can see? I can feel? I can hear?! I’m sitting in a cauldron of warm water. A movement above me caught my attention. It was still a little dark in the room, being dimly lit by candles.

    “Can you see, child?” A wild looking lady asked me as she reached in and grabbed my arm to pull me up and out of the water. I hadn’t answered her, and she was impatient, so she growled at me. “Answer me!” Can you see?!” She asked me again, and lightly tossed me to the ground. “I’ll ask for the final time, can you see, servant girl?”

    I nodded my head as I looked to her. She looked old with black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a green dazzling looking dress that made her look important. Did I ever want to have a dress like that!

    “Y-yes ma’am, I can see.” I said clearly. I can speak too! Already I was liking this.

    I had a parcel of clothes thrown at me. “Put that on.” She told me. “Oh! And continue to call me ‘Ma’am’, or ‘Master,’ or even ‘Master Wilda.’” She said slyly as she walked into another room. She had a bit of a cackle as she left, which worried me a bit.

    I quickly looked at the clothes I was given, and blinked a bit. It was a gray, faded, and patched up dress that was smelly and had dead bugs falling out of it.

    I began to gag as I held it out a distance from me to shake out the rest of the bugs before I put it on my body. The dress felt dirty to me, so I had to remember to get it cleaned later today.

    “M-Master?” I called out nervously, holding my hands close to my chest as I turned my feet inwards and played with my fingers. “Master, where are you?”

    Wilda came out of the room she was in before and looked to me. She made a face and shook her head before raising her hand and flicking her fingers in my direction, making my hair be tied up in the back and out of my face. “Come, I’ll show you the house and what I want you to do in each room.” She gave me a small tour of the house, and told me to keep all the rooms tidy, including the barn that was behind the house.

    “I want you to start in the living room and my bedroom first. After you finish the house, then clean the barn. Make sure that Benna, my cow, is cleaned up well and milked.” Wilda continued on and on, making sure I knew about everything I had to do. I was even made to listen to it twice.

    “Master... Where will I sleep?” I asked after she finished her explanation twice. She had stopped in her tracks and slowly turned to me.


    “Where… will I sleep?” I asked again. “Wouldn’t I become tired as well? D-do I get a bedroom too?”

    I could see that Master Wilda was thinking, and thinking hard about it. She looked around the house and lightly tapped her chin with her slender finger. “Hmm… you want a room for yourself… Oh! I know! There’s an empty stall in the barn.” She clapped her hands and looked to me. “If you can make yourself a bed, and whatever else you want in the stall, you can have it, but only after your chores.”

    I had smiled to this and nodded, getting the broom to start cleaning up the wooden floor of the rustic looking living room.

    “Oh, servant girl, make sure you stay out of my way, as well as listen to me when I tell you to do something.” She had been going to her spell casting room, the only room she told me not to go in. “That also means to stop what you’re doing. Like if you’re just cleaning, to… oh, I don’t know… cook me food or something. Stop to do that for me.”

    I simply nodded to her and continued to sweep as I watched her leave into the other room.

    I continued to sweep and clean the living room and her room till they were spotless, which took me till midnight. Master Wilda allowed me to go off to bed after I had milked Benna though.

    The barn was sort of smelly, obviously like a cow. Hay wasn’t even in Benna’s stall, so I had to put some in there. Benna instantly began to eat the fresh hay in her feed box. I grabbed a stool and a bucket off of the back wall and began to milk Benna.

    I got done almost a half hour later, and weakly brought the bucket of milk inside and in the kitchen, where Wilda started to mix frogs legs and trolls breath in with it.

    She shooed me off and allowed me to go to sleep in my barn, not wanting me in the way. So, of course, I left the house.

    I went back to the barn and began to shovel hay to make a bed. I found a old sheet and dusted it off, putting it over the hay I just shaped into a bed.

    “How is it that I know how to do this stuff?” I asked Benna quietly, only to get a low moo in return. “Yeah…. I don’t know either, strange.”

    I tucked the end of the sheet under the hay to keep it still just before I flopped down onto my crudely made bed. I would have to fix it up later, It being slightly uncomfortable with it poking me, but also greatly comfortable to my tired body with its softness in some areas. My eyes slowly began to close, and I was out as quick as one could blow out a candle.

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Year 18, Day 246

    For the next eighteen years, I had continued to clean the house and cook, and did all of the dirty chores Master Wilda forced me to do. In the beginning, she’d beat me for messing up the food, or missing a spot I was supposed to clean.

    I was bruised pretty well for the first year and a half, till I got into the grove to double check a room to make sure it was cleaned, and paid ten times more attention to the instructions in her cookbook. Master Wilda seemed sort of happy with me after that.

    I have grown to fear Master Wilda over the years though. I had seen how she was, and what she really was. Heartless. Cruel… Evil.

    She took a few animals and people from the town a couple miles away and used spells on them that ended their lives in a snap. I try to not be around when she does her spells on them. I get emotional and begin to cry, sobbing like it was I who was being hurt by her magic.

    I didn’t understand why she was like that though. I constantly asked myself it, pondering over my thoughts and questions as to why. I unfortunately get not a single reasonable explanation, besides ‘She just is.’

    “Servant girl!” Master Wilda called to me in my barn from the house. “You insignificant thing get in here and clean my house three times as better as yesterday! I’m having guests over at my… humble home.”

    I was half jogging up to the house, slipping my dress on as I did so. I had to sew up a hole in it from last night. I had gotten my dress caught on Benna’s stall latch.

    Master Wilda had glared a bit at me as I slinked past her and got the broom. “It needs to be cleaned before suppertime, then you can have some bread from yesterday and go back in your barn.” Master Wilda was seeming old. She usually took in beautiful women and girls, and sometimes handsome and youthful young men, inviting them for the best meal they’d ever tastes, and steal their beauty and youth till nothing about them was beautiful anymore. Then she’d poison them and take their lives, using their body parts as ingredients for potions.

    I had seen her do this gruesome deed once before. Three girls. All beautiful and young. They had screamed as they attempted to get out once they realized what was going on, but they were too slow for the witch’s powers.

    “Splenira Mofar Ruka!” Master Wilda screamed three times, draining all of their lives and beauty, straight from their hearts and souls.

    It was terrifying to watch them age physically go from almost flawless skin and full of color, to pale and wrinkly skin, to not moving anymore at all.

    How could someone do something like this? It’s horrific!

    Her favorite pet baby dragon, Annabelinda, Just sat on her personal chair quietly, watching with a quiet intense golden glare from her eyes.  As if the golden dragon was influenced to like the pain of other as well.

    After I saw this, I gasped and ran into another room. Never would I be too slow to work when Master Wilda says that she’s having ‘guests’ over her home.

    I had the house cleaned most of the way when her ‘guests’ arrived. I quickly hurried up and finished the kitchen before I went to Master Wilda to tell her of her guests being at the house already.

    She seemed happy and shooed me away from her as she walked out of her room to the front door. She opened it to see a young couple, of maybe seventeen or so. She welcomed them in and offered for some tea.

    “Servant girl!” I hadn’t made it out of the room quick enough. “Make me some tea for the guests and I.”

    “No, no, no. We don’t like tea. We just came to talk.” The boy said as he looked down to the girl next to him. “You said you could help us be together without out parent knowing, or let them actually accept us being together?”

    Master Wilda smiled and nodded. “Of course my child, Mother Wilda can do anything for two fine children as yourselves.” Her smile began to grow wider and scarier, causing me to back up slowly to another room to now be called upon again.

    After a few minutes of them ‘planning’ on what to do, I heard Master Wilda’s voice begin to lower to a whisper, and I couldn’t hear her at all.

    I knelt to the ground and slowly crawled to peer around the corner. The couple were frozen and staring up at Master Wilda with their jaws hung slack. Their eyes wide with fear and shock.

    “Splendira Mofar Ruka! Splenira Mofar Ruka!” Master Wilda kissed loudly as she stopped looking nice. She was staring into their eyes intently. Stealing the youth and beauty, yet again, from more young people.

    The color of their skin stated to whiten and began to wrinkle just slightly as she sucked the life and beauty out of them. The girl was screaming and begging to not die right then and there, while Master Wilda just continued to cackle and take the life out of them.

    When Master Wilda was maybe halfway done, and the young couple seemed like they’ve lived most of their lives, but wasn’t close to dying yet, a noise erupted from outside. It didn’t seem to bother Master Wilda, but most defiantly caught my attention.

    A moment after the noise was heard, it grew louder, and louder. When the noise was almost to the door, Master Wilda glanced to the door with wide eyes, losing the grip on her magic, letting the couple become young again.

    The door had burst open by the food of a muscular looking man with a scruffy beard. Next to him was a man who wasn’t as muscular, he was more of a large man, and didn’t have a beard. Behind the two men was a medium sized crowd of people with pitchforks and torches lit on fire.

    “Wilda, you witch! Stay away from our children!” The muscular man cried out and held his pitchfork up.

    The man behind him motioned for the couple to come to them quickly. When they went to them, they were quickly shoved to the back of the crowd.

    Master Wilda had raised her hands, lighting in her eyes. “How dare you take my youth from me?!” She cried. The look in her eyes told me that she was going to use some electricity to show she was mad. I quickly ran from around my corner and in front of the crowd, looking up at Master Wilda. “Get out of my way Servant girl… or you’ll be sorry for it.”

    Her threat meant nothing to me. I wanted to save these people. They didn’t wand the couple harmed, neither did I.

    I stood my ground and lightly raised my hands before I was pulled backwards and a pitchfork was japed in Master Wilda’s direction.

    “You have no right to talk to this girl like that!” One of the men cried out to her.

    “I have every right to! I created her, she’s bounded to me till I no longer want her!”

    I laughed a bit. “If I was, wouldn’t I have distracted you long enough to think of a spell?” I smirked as her face twisted in confusion.

    The man holding me back, let go, and everyone looked at me as I slowly walked forward to Master Wilda. Words formed in my head as my lips started to feel cold. “Frenziontous Montia…” My breath had an icy chill to it as I lightly blew at her, making it seem like a small blizzard was on her.

    Master Wilda gave a shrilling scream as the cold ice caressed her skin, engulfing her body and immobilizing her for the time being. I heard gasps behind me as the smoke, from the ice touching Master Wilda, had blown away to see that she was frozen in the ice.

    “She’s a witch…” I heard a female breath. “She’ll hurt us with her magic if we anger her…”

    “But she can’t see! How can she hurt us?”

    “Are you people serious?!” The girl who had been with the boy had cried out. “She basically stopped Wilda from hurting Johnak and my father!”

    Everyone was looking at the girl now, same as myself. She was pushing past people to get to me, same as the boy right behind her, but they were grabbed and held back.

    “Leave, girl… now!” Someone growled at me, pointing a pitchfork at my direction. A gasp escaped my lips as I jumped back a couple steps. “Take anything of yours, then leave immediately.

    I quickly nodded and darted out the back to the barn. As I entered, I was greeted with an angry growl and a massive head in front of me from Annabelinda, who had grown immensely over the years.

    “She’s not dead! Just temporarily unconscious…. You can leave or be captured by these people because of you waiting for Master Wilda to awaken.” I unlatched Annabelinda’s stall, as well as Benna’s, just before I went to my stall of a room and picked up a blanket and my three dresses made of rags.

    I put the dresses on the blanket and tired the blanket around them, making a temporary sack for me to carry around, due to my banishment.

    Annabelinda watched as Benna raced out of the barn with her stubby legs, then me, slowly following behind. As I got close to the forest, I picked up my walk to a jog, and Anna took to the sky due east, while I went north.

    Before I had gotten to the forest though, I stopped and looked to the sky at Annabelinda and her golden beauty. There was some rustling behind me from the house, people coming out the backdoor to see what else was on Master Wilda’s land. With a sigh, I quickly took off in a jog into the forest.

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Year 18, Day 247

    I had been jogging through the forest for the rest of the day, and most of the night as well. I had finally stopped running when I had found a fairly large clearing early in the morning, right when the sun popped up and was shining through the trees its orange-ish glow. I needed to rest. It wasn’t an option.

    My legs hurt, and I wobbled to the nearest tree to sit down by it. I moved my bundle of clothes wrapped in my blanket behind my back so the tree wouldn’t scratch my back from the bark.

    “I live because of Master Wilda…” I told myself. “I live still because of the young girl and her lover. If it wasn’t for them saying I saved them, I would be dead by now…” My eyes drifted to the sky as I lightly licked my lips. They were dry.

    An agonizing growl had come from somewhere close by just as I closed my eyes. My eyes shot open and I quickly looked around. Nothing was there. He growling let itself be heard again, and I looked to my stomach. I was terribly hungry because I had no food since two days ago.

    My arms folded around my stomach, and I sighed as I shook my head. I’d have to find food really soon. But for now, I have to rest or I’d be toppling over.

    My eyes close slowly as I find bliss in the thought of resting now. There was nothing more than sleeping, drinking, and having food in my mouth that I wanted at this moment. The cool breeze, the soft grass, all lulled me into a deep sleep that I’ve been needing for a long, long time.

~~~~                ~~~~                ~~~~                ~~~~                ~~~~                ~~~~

    I had been sleeping for almost five hours straight, and stayed still in the same spot. I even had a strange dream that I’ve never had before. It was the strangest of dreams…

            I was walking down the dirt road, just a couple miles from where I had been sleeping. How’d I know that I wasn’t far from where I was sleeping? I don’t know. Anyhow, as I was walking, I had heard a noise that sounded like clashing pots and pans, and continued to walk down the road. After a few minutes of me walking, I came across a small family. They were setting up a camp for dinner.

            The aroma of the food that was boiling in a pot had begun to make my mouth water. Potatoes… carrots… eggplants… all being brewed together into a hearty stew. I could already taste the food in my mouth.

    The squawking of a crow woke me up from my slumber. “What in the world was that?” My stomach made gurgling noises to me and I sighed. “It was just a dream… Just a dream.”

    My stomach was still growling, and I moaned as I clutched my sides and allowed myself to fall over to the side. I landed with a thump on the ground, and moaned some more as the slight pain went through my body.

    The crow squawked again as it sat on its perch. Its’ black eyes were beating down on me. It squawked again and lightly cocked its head to the side, and its eyes seemed to be asking, ‘Are you following me?’

    I slowly got up and watched the crow for a moment before quickly picking up my bundle of clothes and slowly start to walk to the bird. My eyes kept on it as it squawked and jumped from perch to perch, then began to fly when we were near a road and it was out of tress. The crow squawked happily as it began to fly north.

    I sighed as the bird flew away from me, and I just walked in the direction the bird flew away from me. Why did I follow the bird again?

    I walked for a few minutes, the ground hurting my feet a bit, along with the fact my legs were sore. This walking would probably get to me again very soon, I didn’t know when thought.

    Soon, I felt like I was back in my dream again, and that’s when I heard the clanging of pots and pans and various other things ahead of me. Yes, this was like my dream again. My walking sped up, and I saw a small camp, with the things being laid out to continue to set up the camp. There was an elderly woman who was already cooking their food for the morning.

    Potatoes, carrots, and eggplants. My dream was really seeming like it wasn’t a dream anymore. Just like my dream, my mouth was watering and I slowly approached the small camp with the utmost caution.

    I had noticed that, in the distance, that there was a family. It was a family of five. The family consisted of two young girls, twins, a young boy who seemed to be older than the girls, and two older people. The two older people was a man and a woman, both whom I assumed to be the parents of the group. All of the people were working together, gathering various things together and set up. Will all five of them working on different things all at once, the small camp began to form fairly quickly before my eyes.

    The boy, who seemed to look a bit older than I, looked up and his eyes went wide. He dropped some sticks he had been carrying, and began to walk to me. He was walking slowly though, as if he was unsure about me, as if I wasn’t real to him.

    I had stopped walking and stood down the road, away from him. A strange feeling came over me as I watched, and felt, him approach me. What in the world was this feeling? My heart was pounding, and I could barely breathe for some odd reason. And this boy… well he looked kinda cute to me.

    “H-hello.” He said as I stared at him. “Sorry if this sounds rude, but you seem like you’re not real, are you though?”

    I blinked, completely in awe of his presence. “Oh! Am I real? Y-yes, last time I checked I was.” I blushed deeply and looked down at the ground. I quickly took a deep breath and looked back up to this boy. “Why… do you ask?” My voice was shaky, but only slightly, and I made sure that it was still audible.

    The boy chuckled and a smile was on his face while he nodded to me. “You… don’t seem real. To be honest, you almost seem like a spirit, or a ghost.”

    “Well…. You’re like a dream to me… or I mean how I got her was told to me in a dream, then a crow showed me the real way here, so… I have no clue what I’m saying honestly. Jeez, I feel like such a fool now…” My cheeks were a deep red as I began to cover my mouth to shut myself up.

    He laughed and nodded as he smiled more. “It’s actually quite alright. In a way, it does make sense to me. But you seem to have this glow around you, and your eyes, they’re a golden co-”

    “My eyes are golden?!” I had blinked a few times and the boys look on his face told me he was confuse. “Last time I checked, I didn’t have an iris or a pupil in both eyes.”

    He had taken a step back and raised an eyebrow to me as his head tilted slightly. “But your eyes… look golden, they have a pupil to them as well. Not at all is there nothing there. Let me take you to my mother and have her see if you have eye color or not.”

    He had grabbed my hand with his, and he quickly dragged me to his parents, making me fall a couple times as I was struggling to catch up. “Mother! Look at this girls eyes! Are they not golden with pupils?” He asked her eagerly.

    The lady looked to me with a confused look on her face. The man that was next to her, was having the same look as the lady. Their heads were shaking slowly, and the lady began to clear her throat.

    “Prewitt… darling… no, she doesn’t have an iris or pupil. Her eyes are pure white. No pupils. No irises.” The lady said, looking to the boy confused, and like he was a bit of a mad man.

    I looked to him and raised an eyebrow to him as well. “Told you I don’t have an eyehole.” I mumbled and shook my head. “I think you’re seeing things… Prewitt, was it?”

    He smiled slightly, nodding as he sighed. “E-yup… my name sure is Prewitt. But! I am one hundred percent sure your eyes aren’t pure white. You actually have golden eyes and pupils.” He was being persistent about me having eye color.

    “What’s your name, darling?” The lady suddenly asked me, making me jump in surprise. “Do you… even have a name?”

    My head slowly began to shake, black hair swaying in front of my eyes. My head then hung down as I sighed deeply while hearing the lady gasp quietly. I wanted to do the same, and cry at the same time for not having a name. But why did I want to cry?

    “She said she saw how to get here in a dream, I think… And she looks like she’s not real to me… like a vision almost, having this golden glow around her…” Prewitt was gushing over me, looking at me with these eyes he got from, I guess, his mother from the looks of it. I’ve seen his expression before, especially how his eyes looked to me, when there were couples in the room, and the boy was smiling to the girl, then they’d quickly kiss, before Wilda took their lives.

    I felt my head nod slowly after, looking at Prewitt’s soft lips. My eyes glanced up to look at his face and smiled to his bright green eyes that were somewhat framed by his shaggy dirty blond hair. How did I not notice that their hair and eyes were all the same, except for the fathers, whose eyes were blue, and he had more of a brownish hair color?

    The two girls had begun to giggle as they approached us from getting firewood. “We got the firewood for you Prewitt, since you’ve been amazed and distracted by your ‘vision girl.’” They chimed together. Their green eyes seeming mischievous, and it didn’t help that the two were twins too.

    “Maura, Kishi… stop that look! You’re scaring the poor girl.” Prewitt’s mother came to me and wrapped her arms around me, embracing me in a hug while smoothing my hair out. Had I really given a look of fright? “She’s a vision… to Prewitt, and had a dream of coming here to us… Dunixi! What is that one language that you know about?”

    The father raised an eyebrow, looking to me, then back to his wide. “The language of the sun fairies.” His voice was gruff, which compared to Prewitt’s, seem very deep and loud. “What word are you wanting Leilani? Meaning of what word, that is.”

    “Either vision… or dream, whichever one.” Leilani’s voice said sweetly as she let go of me gently. “You told me it once before… I don’t remember it right now though…”

    Dunixi then began to laugh loudly. His blue eyes looked to me and he smiled kindly as he nodded. “Aislinn. It actually means both vision and dream really.”

    I felt my eyes grow wide, and my mouth curl to a smile. “Y-you’re giving me a name?” The word ‘Aislinn’ sounded too good to my ears, I didn’t want to not hear it again. “I like that word, and I like it a lot too!” I stretched up onto my toes, biting my bottom lip while I waited in anticipation.

    Prewitt was laughing at me, same as everyone else. The twins were leaning up against each other as they laughed, and Leilani was somewhat hanging over Dunixi. Prewitt was at least trying to not laugh after he noticed my confused look on my face.

    “Sweetheart,” Leilani started, slowly stopping her laughing fir as she took a couple steps closer. “Yes, we were thinking of giving you a name. And Aislinn will be your name, since you want it so bad now.” Her words were soft, matching the look on her face. She gently placed her hands on my shoulders, smiling at me still. “Now, Aislinn… I think you should get cleaned up, then eat with us. You seem so thin! Prewitt, since you didn’t get the wood you were supposed to, you get the bowls and silverware set up for us to eat brunch.” Leilani was looking up at her son now.

    Prewitt nodded, his hair slightly flowing up and back down as he did so. The twins quickly grabbed my arms and pulled me to where they had a bath ready.

    “It was originally for Prewitt, but you honestly need it more than he does.” One of the twins told me, I think Kishi. “The water is fresh, and we’ll see if mother has any clothes that can fit you.”

    I nodded and watched the girls leave me and go around the caravan, leaving me in a private area. After I was sure I was alone, I began to peel off my ratty dress I wore. I reached my hand in and felt the water. It was warm. It felt good to my skin. I then climbed into the wooden tub and relaxed for a moment, then I began to scrub away the grime on my naked body.

    Since I had been living with Wilda, or more in her barn, I didn’t bathe much, especially when she had me working till I needed to go to sleep most of the time. When she didn’t like my smell, she’d shoo me away, or even throw some of her magic on me that made me smell better, like a flower of some sort.

    Leilani had indeed come back over with some clothes, telling me that the clothes might be big on me, but she can make them fit better if I told her. After she had left, I just stayed in the warm water as I relaxed.

    When the water began to feel cold, I quietly moaned as I got out, reaching for the towel that was hanging on a nearby tree by the caravan, making for a good towel rack. I quickly dried myself off, not wanting to be too cold from being in the water, then reached for the clothes that were left on a nearby stool by the tub.

    At first, I thought the clothes were just a jumble of colorful cloth. When I had taken a closer look, I noticed a red puffy blouse with puffy sleeves, a purple and blue skirt with red embroidery, and a black scarf with some jingly bells hanging off of the edge of the cloth.

    I slipped the blouse onto my body, then started to get the skirt on as well. I had smiled to myself as they actually fit completely perfectly. The shirt sleeves were hanging off my shoulders, and the bottom of the sleeves clings to just before my elbows, seeming puffy. The skirt went to my ankles, transiting from a light purple to a bright blue after every red embroidery squiggly line. The black scarf, I just tired it around my waist, above my skirt like I saw Leilani did with hers, and lightly began to spin around after it was on. I heard a light jingle of the bells at the end of the scarf and began to laugh as I liked it.

    I heard someone around the caravan who was laughing as well, and the laugh was getting louder as they began to approach me. Then I saw Leilani and smiled to her.

     “You like the bells?” She asked, leaning on the side of the caravan a bit.

    I couldn’t help but laugh and nod to her, making myself spin again, almost falling on my butt from catching one foot on the other.

    Leilani couldn’t help but laugh at me, shaking her head and lightly placing her hand to her forehead. “You may need some dancing lessons to be perfect on your feet, but for now, you should come with me. You need to eat.’ She reached her arm out to me and gently urged me forward, which I did go to her.

    I walked with Leilani and allowed her to lead me to where the group was going to be eating their food. Here was Dunixi, then the twins, Prewitt, and then two empty spots in between Dunixi and Prewitt at the low circle table where the food was laid out at, and those spots were for Leilani and I.

    Prewitt waved me over to him, a smile on his face as he patted the seat next to him. “I made sure you had someplace to sit, and enough food to feed you as well, before these two pigs begin eating.” He motioned to the twins, whose mouths opened and they both gave him a glare.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at them and rolled my eyes as I began to walk to the seat next to Prewitt, letting Leilani be next to Dunixi. “Was it the stew I had smelt earlier?” I asked him quietly.

    “Yeah, it sure is the stew. My sisters made it themselves after mother started looking for clothes for you, which by the way, you look great in.” He had bragged slightly before his compliment, which got me to smile. His eyes gleamed a bit as he gave me that crooked smile that he had started to give me now.

    I gave him a light smile in return as I nodded while a bowl of stew was placed in front of me, and I practically started to shove spoonful’s down my throat. The good was, in fact, the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten ever. Wilda never really gave me anything but the scraps of her food, or gave me the stale food that was in her kitchen that she didn’t want to eat, so this was technically heaven to me at the moment.

    I noticed out of the corners of my eyes, that both Prewitt and Leilani were watching me eat. Dunixi was laughing quietly as he ate his food.

    “Seems like she likes it girls.” Dunixi chuckled, digging into his own food.

    I smiled and nodded, covering my mouth so I could speak. “I sure do! Best thing I’ve ever had in my life actually!”

    Kisha and Maura were smiling at me, same as Prewitt and Leilani. The family smiling at me, and already accepting me after just less than half an hour, made me feel good inside.

    We spent the rest of the day talking, and I told my story of what happened to me, and why I was there now. They listened with anticipation, and all said that they’d be glad to have me with them while they traveled.

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Year 18, Day 254

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Year 18, Day 285

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Year 18, Day 286

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Year 18, Day 300

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Year 19, Day 147

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Year 19, Day 148

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Year 19, Day 155

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Year 19, Day 277

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Year 19, Day 278

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Year 19, Day 280

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Year 19, Day 281

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Year 19, Day 283

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Year 20, Day 1

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Year 20, Day 179

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Year 20, Day 180

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Year 20, Day 216

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Year 20, Day 217-Aislinn

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Year 20, Day 217-Prewitt

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Year 20, Day 217-Aislinn

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Year 20, Day 217-Thanos

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Year 20, Day 217-Aislinn

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Year 20, Day 217-Prewitt

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Year 20, Day 222-Prewitt

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Year 20, Day 250-Thanos

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Year 20, Day 251-Prewitt

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Year 20, Day 251-Aislinn

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Year 20, Day 259

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