When twenty-three-year-old Tessa Montes suddenly finds out her days are numbered, she makes a bucket list of things to do before she dies. However, on the night before she dies on her deathbed, her fairy godmother appears, giving her the gift of life under one condition: she has to make anyone fall for her. It’s easier said than done.

Accidentally Married

Her body was sore as she woke up because of the blinding sunlight. She felt an arm heavily lying on her stomach, a cold bedsheet covering her body and when she slowly removed the arm to his side, she saw herself naked alongside with a pounding headache killing her head. She saw a naked man sleeping peacefully on a stiff bed. She...

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So Late So Soon

Nora Biggs is an event planner working in the affluent community of Glenn Cove. She has been contacted by a lawyer who tells her that her father, whom she's been long estranged from, has died. One of his last requests is for Nora to pull off an uncomfortable situation, but which pays considerably. By her father's request, a magician...

Defenders of the Lost Tome

Tragedy falls on the life of young Xander. Nineteen years in a dystopian kingdom led him to lose everything. Not until a mysterious man offered him something of unknown value. This led him to a journey for the lost tome revealing a discovery of a prophecy that will destroy all of mankind. It shall be fulfilled one by means of frozen...