Twisted Hearts


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I've seen the hardest men fall and the bravest men break. But never have I ever seen a broken man become such a legend of his own. A team that relies on each other's gift to make them stronger is very odd. So that leads me to believe it's not at all what it seems.

I lived alone in a small abandoned cave with only my equipment, my pet and me. I ain't that talkative with anyone nearby because they don't know I exist. I have always been under the radar ALWAYS. 

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1. Worth the Fight~Nightcore

A cavern for a body,  The deeper darker kind For all I hear are echoes,  Repeat inside my mind I thought the shade around me,  was making me feel blind I thought I was a hero,  but I was just a child......


I slugged off my black peacoat and dropped it over a coat hanger inside the bar. I mumbled a few things while ordering a Highball. I think everyone in the bar thought I was bear with a sore head. When the bartender who looked like some had beaten him to a pulp finally gave me my drink an hour later. 

"What's the occasion?" Someone spoke nearby who I didn't bother to look at.

"Can't I have a drink without an occasion?" I revolted not wanting a conversation.

"Hey, no need to have an attitude." I figured out it was a guy pretty quickly by his graveled voice. 

"Just leave me alone alright!" As I finish the last sip of my drink to look over at the man. He had blond hair along with green eyes which were an unnerving shade.

"The name's Cael......Cael Cope."

"I don't........" I tried to reply but he stopped me there.

"I already know your name so let's skip that. My boss has hired me to take you out and to be honest I don't want this to get messy so can you just not out up a fight." What the hell did this know it all think he is, and why would I not put up a fight for my life? He pulled out a gun while I swung for his leg. He made a solid leap over it and firing causing the bullet to pierce my arm. 

"I told you not to fight back!" He seemed crooked I noticed as I got closer to him.

"I don't like a know it all's plus I don't listen well." I said half cocky while kicking his ass. I grab his wrist making sure it wasn't pointed towards me at any way possible. I slowly flip his arm and send him towards the ground then taking the gun and throwing it across the room while still pinning him.

"I'm not done with you yet!" He was now pissed off.

"Your done man," I patted his shoulder while I heard police sirens round the corner. I rushed over towards my coat while grabbing the gun along with a paper. 

"Hey!" I heard as I rushed into the darkness trying to hide from the oncoming police men. By the time I made it to my house my bleeding arm was now stuck to the coat.

"Dammit I just got this coat!" I growled throwing the coat onto the sofa. I scavenged the bathroom cabinet looking for first aid but I didn't see it.

"Well I be darned" A male voice spoke out to me and I already knew who it was.

"Put the gun down Nick" I replied calmly not breaking a sweat while turning slowly towards him. He had a pistol pointed at my chest not bothering to budge.

"We're really going to do this? I'm injured dude" I raised my hands while I whimper in pain.

"I didn't think you would be dumb enough to show up here." I murmur a few incoherent words while putting my knees to the wooden floor beneath me.

"Nick, please...." I pleaded feeling my blood drip down my arm. I had a tank top on so the gunshot wound was out in the open. He finally looked towards my arm and saw why I couldn't make out anymore words. He lowered his gun but still keeping it pointed at me.

"Your going to have trust me on this, okay?" He slugged my limped arm over his shoulder carrying me out towards his black van. 'Real conspicuous'.  My eyes fluttered shut as Fury drove towards a tower that was well lit in the dark night. 

"What are we gonna do know?" Said a voice who I didn't know.

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