Breaking the Delusion about Essay Writing


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Essay writing

Essay writing is one of the hardest and complicated tasks. Modern technology is seeking ways to make this task convenient for students. Writing an essay requires typing some words on a blank piece of document, and process of assembling thoughts for an essay require a bit of hardwork.


Essay writing tasks have not changed a lot since the days of paper and pencil. An essay requires tons of hardwork, in-depth research, logical organization of thoughts, and state-of-the-art style of writing. Majority of the students consider essay writing as a boring activity, and they claim that it is just a time-consuming and worthless activity. There are 4 reasons that tell you that essay writing is a beneficial and not a burdensome activity. Here are the four reasons that tell you why essay writing is a beneficial activity:


Reason #1: Students gain knowledge by writing an essay.

Reason #2: Students intellect develop if they write an essay.

Reason #3: Students have to welcome feedback by writing an essay, which enhances their critical thinking skills.

Reason #4: Essay writing is a good practice to improve writing skills.


By listening to a lecture or simply reading the piece of work of others do not initiate knowledge. Knowledge is really gained if someone on his own act for it. Possession of knowledge is best achieved by writing. Writing an essay is a good way to adopt facts, which are heard or read. Writing activity also stimulates the intellect of a writer. Writing an essay is a healthy way to improve your writing skills, and it is one of the best practice for future written exams.


Essays are crucial for growth and assessment of students’ skills—reading and writing skills, analytical and critical thinking skills, research skills, and the ability to write under pressure. All these skills are evaluated in the complete essay writing process. 


Essays are tools to measure students’ level of knowledge and skills that significantly affect students’ grades and academic performance.


Essay writing is a big challenge for students, even the most perfect writers sometimes confuse Do My Essay . An essay affects too many different things in students’ academic lives, and they include grades, reputation, admissions, and abilities. Essays produced by students reflect their thinking skills.


Essay writing is a burdensome activity for students. It is a need that students comprehend the importance and benefits that writing an essay brings—it is essentially valuable to students’ academic growth.


So, it is a wrong perception of students that essay writing is a waste of time and a burdensome activity. Appreciating the skills and knowledge that an essay offers break this pointless delusion.


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