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Scottie was in his usual spot behind the counter of his Aunt's Cafe pretending to wipe down the counters, but what he was really doing was watching the activities and fine specimens of beefcake coming and going across the street at the newly opened Bar and Lounge trying to catch a glimpse of one man in particular. The Den, as it called is owned by the most deliciously built giant of a man that God has ever created, Nolan Price.

 Scottie, or Scott as was his christened name is a cute little thing that suffered from a severe case of social anxiety disorder. He has lived with his bossy, over protective Aunt since his mother up and left him as a child on her doorstep never to be seen or heard from again. He never knew who his father was and because of his small stature and crippling shyness, he was always a target of ridicule all through his school years and most of his college years.

 Now at twenty-two with a degree in business management, he has practically taken over the behind the scenes day to day operation of his Aunt;s business, Heavenly Delights Cafe. It didn't stop her though from coming in and trying to make him overcome his social awkwardness by making him deal with customers, hence that was how he met his burly Sex God one fateful day when The Den was still under construction, and the luscious man came in to buy his crew lunch. He had left Scottie tongue tied and trembling the whole time, so much so Scottie had fled to the back of the store leaving his startled Aunt to wait on the equally shocked man. Now he avoided the big man at all cost staring at him from afar, but what little Scottie didn't know was that he caught and spiked the commanding Nolan's attention and it will be just a matter of time before the Dominant man will have little Scottie marked as his own.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1




 I breathed a sigh of relief as my hand touched the handle to the door of the café, I gave a slight tug and the door opened and a refreshing gust of air conditioned coolness billowed over my heated skin as I entered Heavenly Delights Cafe. I was happy for the main reason alone that I was out of the morning rush of people on their way to work or school. I don’t do well in crowds and especially with strangers.

 I felt like they were always judging me, looking at me and seeing every flaw that I may have. Just talking to someone I don’t know caused my stomach to roil with nausea and my mind to go blank. Most people just thought it was me being shy, especially my Aunt, but no one understood how inadequately I have always felt around others. I never know what to say or how to act and people get impatient and downright mean, school was a prime example of that and I have learned to keep to myself.

 I smiled at Camille and Tory behind the counter as I passed them heading straight for the sanctuary of the little office behind the kitchen. I almost made it too if his wasn’t for the fact that when I passed through the swinging door I ran right into Aunt Molly. “Oh Scottie, baby there you are. I need you to man the register today, Camille is waiting tables with Tory since Miguel called out, something about a severe headache, and it’s most probably another hangover again. Anyhoo, I have already went through the order tickets and ran the hours through that handy quicken program you installed on the computer so the paychecks will be ready on time.

So out you go.” She rambled as she proceeded to divest me of my messenger bag and pushed me back out into the dining area before I could even attempt to think of some way out of what she was pushing me to do.

 I found myself standing in the middle of the dining room. I turned to protest but Aunt Molly had already disappeared back into the kitchen with the door swinging back and forth in her wake. Resigned that I had no choice in the matter, I hunched my shoulders and dragged my feet as I made my way behind the counter. Camille was there slicing the freshly baked pies from the kitchen. The smell of the warm apple filling was making my mouth water. I made a mental note to get a piece later.

 “Hey Baby Boy, Molly is having another intervention to cure your shyness again?” She asked as she ruffled my honey blond hair, after setting the last pie in the class display case.

 I just pouted and nodded as I typed my security code into the computerized cash register and checked the cash drawer to make sure the money count was right. A group of ladies from the Dental Office down the street came in to pick up their morning coffee and donuts they ordered daily. Camille moved off to retrieve their order and I braced myself because they were headed my way to pay for their order.

 “Hey Cutie, how are you today?” The pretty blond asked as she and her friends stopped in front of me.

 “Fi..fine.” I managed to stutter out as I rang up their total.

 “Aww, you are so cute.” The brunette said and I blushed red to the tips of my ears. “I mean look at those gorgeous blue eyes.” She gushed and I felt my face getting even hotter.

 “Stop it, Paula; we all know how shy Scottie is, stop embarrassing him. Here you go babe, no change.” The blond said and handed over some crisp bills, giving me a five dollar tip.

 “Thanks for your business.” I mumbled and they awed again before waving their fingers at me as they left. I sighed and put the tip in Camille’s tip jar, she was the one to serve them after all. I shook my head and pulled out my Kindle from under the counter and pulled up the book I started reading last night. I gave the polished spotless counter a once over before I went back to my Kindle. I mean the girls from the local offices always came in here for meals and whenever I was out front they always made it a point to try to talk to me and pull me out of my shell, little did anyone of them know that I batted for my own team.

 They were all pretty in their own way but girls have never done it for me. Give me a rough and tough big burly ton of muscle and I melted like ice cream that has fallen onto hot pavement. I have never gathered the courage to even admit that I was gay outside of my head, and I probably never will seeing how scared I am of people and I doubt I will ever find my Mr. Right. I was nothing special, I looked like I was no older than 18 years old, I was short at 5’6 and I barely weighed 150 pounds, with a face and body that never seemed to sprout any kind of hair other than on my head and my groin. The only that stood out on me was my crystal like ice blue eyes and the uniqueness of my hair color, an amber honey gold mix. My skin was pale and I tended to blush bright red without provocation at any given moment.

  I was brought out of my own head when the last of the breakfast crowd came to pay their checks. I managed to keep my eyes down and only fumbled only once as I handed back change and wished them a shy good day. I dispersed the tips to the correct employee jars and locked the register. I picked up a bowl and helped myself to some fresh fruit and cottage cheese. Making my way back to the register I sat on the stool next to it began to enjoy my yummy fruit. After a couple a bites I heard the chime of the bell on the front door and I looked up and almost choked on the cube of watermelon I had just put in  my mouth.

 My eyes popped at the two magnificent specimens of muscular male Gods as they sauntered right up to the counter and picked up a menu to study the choices of food and baked goods the café offered. I desperately looked around for Camille or Tory but they were sitting at a table by the kitchen door eating their own breakfast. I had no choice but to wait on the men and my stomach rolled at the thought. I have never seen them before and they were so gorgeous. I could already feel my thought processes freezing up and my hands beginning to sweat with sheer nerves. I was tempted to run into the kitchen to beg Aunt Molly to come out and do it, but I already knew she would just make me come back out and do serve them on my own.

 So I gulped and put my fork down and stood. I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans and shuffled slowly over to where the men stood. The big blond one was pointing at something on the menu and the dark haired one was looking at what he was pointing at. Picking up the order pad I reluctantly stepped up and pen poised over the pad. “Ma..may I, um…help you?” I quietly muttered.” Feeling all kinds of stupid over my quivering voice. I felt my face flame as both men turned their laser sharp gazes onto me, one blue and the other a gorgeous gunmetal gray almost black. I quickly lowered my gaze to my now shaking hands at the intensity of the dark gaze now trained on me.

 “Oh my. What do we have here?” The blonde blue eyed Adonis said as he elbowed the dark God.

 “Quit it Dean.” The deep voice rumbled and I felt a shiver skim down my spine at the husky cadence of that voice brushed over my senses making me hyperaware of him.

 “What Nolan, this cutie here is absolutely stunning. Hey what’s your name.” He asked as he leaned his tall frame over to try to capture my eyes.

 My hands were now shaking so bad I had to lay the pad and pen down of the counter. I clasped them together in hopes of trying to hide my nervousness from them.

 “Dean, stop being so forward, can’t you see that you are making this young man uncomfortable.” The commanding voice once again sent a wave of tingles over my flesh causing goose bumps to form all over my body. “Hey my name is Nolan, and this ass here is Dean, please forgive him.” He said as held out his hand for me to shake.

 I took a breath and raised my eyes to his face and a gasp almost escaped my throat. I found myself reaching out and his large warm hand completely wrapped around my much smaller one and I jumped at the contact of our skin, it felt like a spark of electricity shot through my palm and jolted straight to my heart. His nostrils flared and his eyes took an intense glint that had my whole body reacting like never before. Totally embarrassed to be standing there gawking at him like a idiot, my face flamed a furious red and I snatched my hand away and I scurried away from the counter straight through the dining area and into the kitchen. I ran by flustered Aunt and straight to the office where I slammed and locked the door.

 I slid down the closed panel onto my butt on the floor and wrapped my arms around my drawn up knees and buried my face. Tears of shame rolling down my heated cheeks. Oh my God, one touch from that gorgeous hunk of man sent me flying away in panic like some unstable lunatic. God I hope he was just passing through the area and not someone settling around here. He was definitely new, someone I have never seen before today and I hope it remained that way I was too mortified for any other outcome.

 Rocking back and forth trying to console myself, I didn’t know how long I sat there huddled like that until I heard a light tapping on the door. I knew who it was before I heard my Aunt Molly calling my name from the other side of the door. “Scottie baby, open the door.” She said as she rattled the knob.

 Getting up I swiped a hand over my face and brushed of the butt of my jeans. My hands still shook as I turned the lock on the door and stepped back. Aunt Molly quietly entered the room and closed the door behind her. She took my hand and led me over to the small couch in the corner of the office and pulled me down to sit with her. I knew she was going to give me another lecture about standing up and speaking and stop letting my shyness get in the way. I have heard it a million times before and I have long since stopped trying to explain to her my true feelings on the subject. She just didn’t get it.

 “Scottie, you know I love you like I gave birth to myself. Those poor gentlemen out there thought that you were ill or something the way you ran off like that. Mr. Price or Nolan as he asked to be called owns that new Lounge opening up soon across the street, and Dean the other guy is his friend and business partner, they came over to order sandwiches and coffee and drinks for their building crew, and instead of showing them our famous neighborhood welcome you run off like a overwhelmed teenager. Not nice at all young man. I did the courtesy of taking their order and Cook is fixing them up now, you and Tory are going to take the stuff over when it’s ready and I want you to apologize for being rude.” She  declared and she got up and brushed off her apron and went back into the kitchen leaving the door ajar.

 Pushing myself off the couch with a heavy heart I walked out of the office and towards the restroom. I pushed the door open and saw Tory standing there drying his hands on a paper towel and I stepped up to the sink and turned on the faucet. I splashed some water on my face and washed my hands. Tory handed me some paper towels and leaned against the wall while I dried my face and he studied me for a minute.

 “Scottie, why did you run like that. I mean those two men were some fine looking pieces of beefcake, and I never knew you were like that.” He said and I instantly snapped my head towards him.

 “What do you mean like that?” I cautiously asked him wondering what he was getting at.

 “Scottie, I have worked here for over two years and I have seen every secretary, cute little dental hygienists, and sale girls in the area come in here and attempt to flirt with you and you are totally oblivious. I have also witness the college jocks and frat boys from the university too and you watch them through those long pretty lashes of yours from your hiding place behind the cash register. So, I have come to conclusion love that you prefer a him rather than a her, just like myself.” He said and my eyes went wide as his outright confession.

 “Um..” was all I managed to get out before Tory interrupted me.

 “It’s okay Scottie, I know and I also know that it is more than being shy that has you so skittish, and Molly is refusing to believe it. I have a cousin and even some friends at the university that suffer from what you are. It’s called Social Anxiety Disorder and I know someone that can help you.” He said as he came over and handed me a card.

 I read it and frowned, it was for a Behavioral Therapist and I wondered if I maybe should go see this lady. “Thanks Tory, but I don’t know.” I said as I pocketed the card.

 “It’s okay man, just think about it. Life is too short to be too scared to live it. Now let’s go see if the Sex God’s order is ready. I am dying to see those too pieces of deliciousness again.” As herded me out of the bathroom and back towards the kitchen. At least one of us was anxious for this confrontation as a lump began to form in my throat at just the thought of going anywhere near that man again. My body betrayed my frazzled mind by giving off a shiver of anticipation that I totally didn’t agree with, but I just squared my shoulders and helped Cook pack the delivery bags with enough sandwiches to feed an army.

 Tory bagged the sodas and thermal containers of coffee and fixings. We grabbed the carry out bags and made our way out of the café and across the street to newly constructed entranceway to what looked like a club. Another big guy in worn ripped jeans and a leather vest saw us coming and stepped up to help us with our load.

‘Right this way Gentlemen.” He said as he led us inside.

 My eyes struggled for a bit from going from the bright sunshine outside to the dim interior of the bar. Once they did I stopped in my tracks and my jaw dropped at the sights confronting me. Tory who was right behind me bumped into my back because of the suddenness me stopping in middle of the walkway.

 “Scottie, get a move on this shit is heavy.” He whispered as I clamped my jaw shut and scrambled after the guy as he led us deeper into what I was slowly realizing as some kind of Fetish Bar.

 Words failed me as he led us through a doorway to a huge top of the line kitchen area. He helped us with the thermal bags as he placed them on the stainless steel counters as he called out on the top of his lungs that lunch was here. I unconsciously scooted closer to Tory’s taller slender frame as several construction workers and huge leather wearing men came through the door and swarmed the food and drinks. I so wanted to go back to the café but we had to get that guy Nolan’s signature before I could. I tried handing the receipt book to Tory, but he smirked refusing it with a wink and went back to batting his eyes at the leather vest guy who looked very interested in Tory too. I wondered if all the guys here were into men, but my nerves got the better of me as I looked for one man in particular.

 I looked around trying to see Nolan, but my height prevented me to see anything other than huge shoulders and massive chests. In any other scenario I might have been euphoric bliss right about now, but I was too nervous.

 “Looking for someone, little one.” A deep voice whispered into my ear and I almost jumped out of my skin.

 I spun around on my heels and my nose smacked right into a hard chiseled chest. I squeaked and jumped back and looked up wide eyed up into that shimmering dark gaze. Nolan was standing there smirking down at me and I gulped and shoved the receipt into his hands. He raised a brow and never broke eye contact with me as he signed the receipt and handed back to me. My hand shook as I attempted to take it from him but his warm hand clamped loosely over my wrist and he leaned down. I was almost hyperventilating by this point and my heart slammed against my rib cage as his searing gaze flicked to my lips.

 I gasped and snatched my hand out of his loose grasp and hustled myself out of there as quick as fast as I possibly could. I didn’t even care that I left Tory behind as I flew across the street and into the café. I slammed the receipt on the counter in front a startled Camille and rushed straight for the washroom, where I locked myself in for however long that it would take me to calm myself down. That man was definitely not good for my frame of mind. 

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2




Walking around in the main bar I was pleased as I studied the shiny countertops of the sprawling elaborate bar. The design was just how I had envisioned for the club. I had wanted it to be the main point of the club where you can get to the bar from any direction. It was smack dab in the middle and it was circular, so there will be several bartenders at all times to serve to the clientele. The view from the bar is also 360 degrees, you can see the stage area, and the dance floor. The main dining area was also easily accessible.

The private door to the members only playrooms and the Dungeon also beckoned to you from the bar. The bright red paint on the door contrasted with the dark gold and black walls, it drew the eye to it and peaked your curiosity to want to know what was behind that door; especially when you add two muscle bound leather wearing pieces of deliciousness to guard said door in question.

“It’s perfect man.” Dean said as he sauntered over to me and slapped me on the back. If I was a lesser man the slap from the gentle giant would have knocked me on my ass.

“Perfection is the word for it.” I slightly shouted over the sound of a power saw firing up nearby. I checked my watch and I was very surprised to see that it was almost lunchtime. “Come on, let’s get some food for these hard working boys.” I said nudging Deain the the ribs trying to get his attention off of one of the sweaty construction workers who decided to take off his shirt at that moment, to my best friend’s delight.

Giving me a wolfish grin he acknowledged that I saw him staring before he said. “Let’s go to that Cafe across the street, everyone around here says the food there is really good.”

“Sure, let’s go check out what they have to offer.” I said and little did I know that was the best decision I would ever make in my life.

We called out to Max, our head of security, that we were doing a food run and we walked outside and across the street to the little cafe. Dean pulled open and held the door for me and I stepped inside. It wasn’t quite yet lunchtime or at least the lunch rush hadn’t begun for the place yet. It was cool and fairly quiet. The aromas wafting through from the kitchen though was making my empty stomach rumble. Dean was eyeing the pies like they were the only things on the face if this earth, I mean he always had a wicked sweet tooth, it almost compared to high sexual appetite.

He grabbed the menu from the counter and I must admit it, they had a pretty impressive variety of soups, sandwiches, full meals, and all kinds of pastries and desserts. I even saw real old fashioned milkshakes on there, and I decided right then and there I was going to have a large vanilla one. I just hoped they were as good as the promised to be. I was checking the out the sandwich menu’s when I heard a sweet little voice stutter asking us if he can help us.

I looked up to see the owner of the sweet stutter and, Damn, he was pretty. He was a small little thing, his skin flawless with hair like spun gold. His lips were a pretty pouty pink, but what really caught me was those big blue crystal blue eyes. I went instantly and painfully hard, my poor cock throbbed like it has it’s own pulse and my blood heated and zinged through my veins.

I stood there speechless for a moment willing my synapses to start firing again when Dean beat me to the punch by flirtatiously responding to the young man. I watched to see if this sweet boy in front of me would react like all the other boys and fall for Dean’s charm; but the only thing I noticed was that the attention directed at him seemed to make the young man nervous. I told Dean to tone it down a bit and I introduced myself to this stunning young man, holding out my hand. I wanted to she if that beautiful skin was as soft as it looked, and I was struck how tiny he was. He was soft  as his small hand was firmly encased in my hand giving him a gently shake.  I had to fight the urge to caress the pale skin on the back of the hand I was holding. I felt a shiver of heat race over my skin and it shot straight to my groin and my cock twitched in the most delicious of ways. I slightly leaned over to discreetly inhale his scent and I picked up on his mouth watering fragrance of citrus and vanilla as well as his own delicate musk.

He looked up at me and his hand quivered in my palm, I was momentarily struck by the innocence in his eyes, yummy,  but there was also fear and that stumped me for a minute. Before I could make a comment he ripped his hand from mine and made a mad dash to the back of the restaurant. My brows must have hit my hairline as I looked at Dean shocked beyond belief.  

“Huh, and you thought that me calling him stunning set him off, well what do you call that Dr. Smooth ass Dom. You sent the poor kid fleeing. Nice.” Dean chuckled but abruptly cried out, “Hey!” instead when I slapped him on the back of his neck, hard.

Before I could growl out a response at him an older woman came blustering out of the kitchen and made her way behind the counter. “Oh Gentlemen, please excuse my nephew, he is such a shy soul, been trying to break him out of it for years. Anyway, my name is Molly and welcome to my cafe,  Heavenly Delights.” She said and I instantly found myself not liking this woman too much by just how blase she threw off her nephews actual fright, what I just witnessed with that sweet boy was far from shyness but I just let it go for now and placed our orders. She guaranteed us that our order would be ready and delivered within the next half an hour, and once again attempted to apologize for her nephew’s behaviour. I had to stop her right there and let her know that he did absolutely nothing wrong and that there was nothing to apologize for, but I could see from the stubborn set of her face that she didn’t believe me, so yeah, I did not like this woman at all.

It just gave me something to think about because I was definitely going to find out as much as I can about that little cutie, I already knew his sexual preference from his reaction to me; so I was at least half way in my way.

“I can smell the wheels turning in your head, that and the fact you haven’t paid any attention to anything I have said over the last ten minutes. What you thinking so hard for?” Dean said as he bumped me through the door of the bar trying to make me stumble. I swear he’s like a big ass kid sometimes.

We continued through the renovated space until we were behind the closed doors of my office. “What did you get from our encounter with that little delight across the street. Heavenly definitely describes him.” I said as I waited for Dean’s input. He may be childish and an uncontrollable flirt,  but he was great judge of character, a great Dom, and my best friend.

“I told you, little man is absolutely stunning but he is really skittish, too skittish to be just plain shy, and if it is shyness, he has an almost debilitating case of it. I can more than see that he has sparked your interest; and thank God for that. I thought you were going for priesthood, all the subs have practically given up on you.” Dean  razzed me as he draped his large frame over the plush wing chair across from my desk.

I sat down and let myself wonder about him, I didn’t even catch his name. I frowned as the thought crossed my mind, how was I supposed to get to know him if he panics and runs? Talking to his Aunt was going to be useless, the woman doesn’t see anything wrong with his reactions. She is downplaying them to something she can correct if she literally pushes him at people and that made my blood boil a little hotter at her callousness. I mean, I have only glimpsed the boy once to see that his wariness was more than being timid, it was actual fear.

 I felt this sudden surge of protectiveness for him and I wanted him, so much so it shocked me for a moment. Like Dean had said, the subs have held no interest for me lately, they were all the same, they were either coyly pretending to be innocent or they were outright sluts vying for your attentions. They were beautiful every single one of them but none has held my interest for a repeat performance. That little piece of deliciousness had my entire attention from the minute he stuttered if he could help me.

 Dean was busy playing some game on his phone and I was busy bouncing around in my own head when we heard Max holler that the food is here. Dean immediately shot out of the chair with so much force he almost knocked it over, he was long gone by the time I made it to the door. I just shook my head and watched the stampede into the kitchen, one would have to wonder if they were ever fed.  I waited another moment before making my way into the crowded room. I looked around and Dean already had a sandwich half way down his throat. Max was eyeing a slender cutie and helping him serve out the sandwiches.

Walking further into the room a noticed between the break of muscular bodies a little gold head turning from left to right. Curious I sauntered over and a huge smile spread across my face as I noticed my little man standing there, desperately looking for someone, he was kind of half hidden behind his co-worker who was currently eye fucking Max. I hustled some of the neanderthals out of my way to get to him. His back was facing towards me and I leaned over and whispered if he was looking for someone in his ear. He almost jumped at least five feet into the air and he spun around wide eyed as he caught sight of me. His pretty pink lips caught my attention when he nervously licked them and making me want to lick them just to see how they felt and how they tasted.

I caught his gaze with mine and I tried to gentle my features as much as possible. I knew I can be really intense, especially when I see something I want, and I wanted this sweet pup like no other. He just made my mouth water and my palms itch to run my hands all over that flawless gorgeous skin. I just knew his was the type of skin to pink up very prettily with a slap of my palm or a flick of my whip. A moan almost escaped my throat at the thought and I had to stamp them down.  I had to make the kid comfortable with me first, and the only way to do that seemed to be overdosing him with my presence, make him get used to having me around.  The best way I decided to do that was to become his shadow, everywhere he turned I was going to be right there.

I was really getting into my thoughts while staring at his perfection when jerked me out of my head space by thrusting a receipt book in my hand along with a pen. I took it from him and never breaking eye contact with him as I signed it and handed it back. I couldn’t resist getting another feel of his incredibly soft skin, so I loosely encircled his wrist with my fingers, gently rubbing the warm flesh there, and of course, he snatched his hand away and bolted out the door, leaving his co-worker behind.

I let him go, I casually followed in his hurried wake and watched from the sidewalk to make sure he got back into the cafe unharmed. I now considered  him my responsibility and the first thing I needed to know was his name. So after he scurried back inside the cafe safely I turned on my heel and went to find his friend. Coming through the kitchen entrance, I saw the friend handing Max a piece of paper and giving him a sultry wink before sauntering off with a little swish to his hips, and Max was watching totally enthralled with the little show.

He was about to pass me when I stopped him and asked him if I could talk to him for a minute. He nodded and followed me out to the bar where is was decidedly a little more peaceful than the packed kitchen and we had less of a chance to be overheard. I asked him about my little man and he happily gave me all the information I needed. So my sweet boy’s name was Scottie, it suited him perfectly. His friend’s name was Tory and he went on to share that Scottie maybe suffering from undiagnosed Social Anxiety Disorder. I was concerned about that and I asked about the Aunt and he confirmed that she refused to believe that anything was wrong with Scottie, even though Scottie had tried time and time again to tell her how serious his fears of strangers were. Again I could feel my blood boil at the thought of how nonchalantly the woman had dismissed Scottie’s distress earlier.

 I asked Tory to keep this conversation between us, I didn’t want Scottie to get anymore spooked of me than  he already was, and when Tory warned me to be careful with Scottie I almost smiled; it was like a kitten threatening a lion. Tory went on to say that Scottie has never admitted out loud to being gay much less or have had any type of personal relationship with anyone, male or female. I nodded my head in understanding and I promised him that I wasn’t out to hurt Scottie. I wanted to take care of him make him mine. Tory’s face busted out in a huge smile and told me it is about time that someone did take care of him and not dictate to him like his Aunt  has been doing all these years; and with that he made his way happily back across the street leaving me standing there with the heavy realization of what I just said about making Scottie mine.

I didn’t have time to ponder the seriousness of what I wanted when a luke warm hoagie slapped me across the face and an ice cold soda was shoved into my chest. I had to hurry up and catch the items before they fell to the floor and now with my arms holding what I expected was my lunch; I turned to growl at the one person who had the nerve to do it. “Dammit Dean!” I shouted at his cackling retreating back as my best friend in the whole wide world hauled ass down back down the hallway heading for the doors to the Dungeon. He slipped through and disappeared behind the revolving doors.

Shaking my head at his antics I just made my way back to my office. I sat behind my desk and placed my lunch there.  I unwrapped the sandwich and lifted the bun to see which one my dear friend picked for me, and yum, it was roast beef. I was halfway through the pretty good hoagie when I realized I was sipping on a Pepsi-cola when I specifically remembered ordering a large vanilla milkshake. Gleefully, I finished my sandwich and slurped down the last of my soda before throwing the items in the wastebasket next to my desk.

It looks like I was going to have to make another trip over to the cafe to inform them that I didn’t get my much coveted milkshake that I was so looking forward to. I grinned like a Cheshire cat as I consulted my watch. I would give my little man some time to regain his composure before giving him another dose of myself. Yes, I would have to be patient and take my time with my beautiful boy, otherwise he will bolt, and I want him running towards me not away from me. So nice and slow and frequent doses of my presence is just what he needed.

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