Submissive Part 3 & 4


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Part 3...A Curious Boy

Thomas is a curious little thing, too bad he is painfully shy. He covertly watches his fellow classmate Sammy whenever he gets the chance. Rumor has it that Sammy  is a submissive, and the stunning collar he wears around his neck is symbol of his Dominant's ownership. Thomas is a brilliant art student. One who has been quietly researching the BDSM lifestyle and he's dying to know what it is like to have that kind of upfront honesty in a relationship even if it's a brief one. Thomas was intrigued by the thought of belonging to someone, and being strictly honest and straight with the person you are with. He so wanted to know what it's like to have someone fully devote themselves to you and your well being. He wasn't so sure about the canes, and the pain factor of the lifestyle, but even that didn't deter his curiosity. If he could just develop the nerve to approach the only person he knew that could possibly introduce him to what he wanted, then he would be fine or at least he hoped so.


Part 4...My Little

Callum O'Connor was referred to Club Bliss by his friend and current employer Nolan,  owner and Master Dominant of The Dungeon. His boss had set up a meeting with friend and the owner of Bliss, Julius. Callum was very impressed with the club and the assortment of Dominants that Bliss had to offer. The security screening done at Bliss was almost as amazing as Nolan's club, The Dungeon. But as Nolan's head chef at the club, he didn't want to mix business with pleasure. After overcoming a heart wrenching past, Callum finally felt that he was ready to immerse himself back in the lifestyle after what happened with his last Master. Hopefully he didn't make the wrong decision, and hopefully he can get a second chance in finding the connection to a Dominant he so desperately needed.

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Chapter 1 (A Curious Boy)


Chapter 1 

Part Three



"Your little admirer is watching you again." Kyle whispered in my ear and he leaned over and pretended to grab something from the center of the table. We were sitting in the middle of the University's café courtyard. We were at our usual agreed upon meeting spot and we had settled to eat our lunch and study after classes. 

Rolling my eyes, I just ignored Kyle's foolishness and returned my attention back to my psychology book and pretended that I didn't hear what he'd said. For three weeks now he'd been going on and on about some pixie like little blonde girl watching me all over campus like she was deranged stalker. Every time I looked to the spot where he indicated, there was no one there or there wasn't anyone looking our way. But as usual, the drama queen kept it up and wouldn't shut up about it. 

I tried my best not to let the exasperated sigh escape my throat when he scooted closer and elbowed me in my side. 

"Sammy, I'm not playing, just turn your head towards the left and you'll see her. No, no, no... Don't make it obvious." He chirped when I turned my head quickly to the side and to my surprise. 

 My eyes collided with a pair of big, shocked blue eyes. The girl jumped like someone had startled her and she quickly turned away before she disappeared around the side of the building and into the mass crowd of students shuffling either to class or to lunch.  

"See, I told you. Now do you believe me?" Kyle slapped my arm with a hint of smugness to his voice. He was ecstatic to be proven right after weeks of me telling him he was off his rocker. 

"Huh, I guess you were right, but it still doesn't change anything. I have no idea who that girl is, and I'm not interested. I don't swing that way, and I have my Master." I pointed out as I shrugged my shoulders and attempted to get back to the chapter in my textbook. 

"Oh come on, Sammy. Aren't you at least a little bit curious as to why she's been stalking you for weeks now?" Kyle bounced in his seat like a hyperactive little puppy. 

I slammed my book closed and shoved it into my backpack. "Okay, there is only one way to put this nonsense to rest and get you to shut the hell up about. I have a quiz at the end of the week and you are making it impossible for me to study. So come on, let's see if we can find the girl and find out why she is so interested in what I'm doing." 

The next thing I knew, Kyle released an ear splitting squeal, jumped up from the table, grabbed me by the wrist and we were off. He dragged me across the courtyard, shoving people out of our way and I had no choice but to keep up with him, or else I was sure that even if I lost my footing he would have continued to haul me off into the direction the slender girl was last headed. 






My heart was pounding away a mile a minute in my chest as I skidded to a stop in the hallway in front of the art building. For the millionth time I cursed my ineptitude to just work up the nerve to go over to them and ask that guy Sammy about the rumors behind the stunning piece of jewelry he was wearing around his neck. I'd just realized a couple days ago when the weather had gotten warmer and people started shedding the outer layers of clothes that his best friend wore and equally stunning necklace around his neck as well.  

The rumors I've heard from listening to some of the other students around campus is that those necklaces the guys are wearing are more than just pretty decorations. They are actually collars. They represented the fact that both of those stunning boys belong to someone in the BDSM communityEver since that photo shoot I'd assisted my mentor with, I've been burning with curiosity about the lifestyle.  

My photography instructor as well as my mentor here at the University had allowed me to assist him one weekend not so long ago. It was a private photo shoot of his client's club and some of it's patrons. Bliss, was the name of the establishment and it is reported to be an upscale, members only private adult bondage establishmentBliss provided a safe, clean, and elegant place for it's members to indulge in their preferred kinks in private and semi private venues.  

 I'd almost tripped over my own feet and swallowed my own tongue the whole time I was there hiding behind all the photography equipment and lights as I gawked at the larger than life men who were called Dominants. The subs had called them Master, or Sir. The men and a few of them were female known as Dommes and addressed as Mistress. All of the submissives were indulgedfawned over, and spoilt by their partners. The Doms made them their sole focus and priority at all times. 

The connection I witnessed between the men and women, the level of trust, and open adoration on both parties faces and their actions towards one another had made my heart ache. I found myself wanting that. I wanted it desperately Me, the poor little cast off orphan who no one has ever wanted. A throw away baby. My own mother had thrown me in garbage when I was born. It was only the actions of a good Samaritan digging me out of the trash why I'm even alive today. So finding someone who will look at me, want me, and will take care of me like those meand women took care of their subs would be a miracle in my book. Nevermind the leather, the collars, and the kink.  

Hey, actually thought all of being tied up and at someone's mercy could be hot as hell depending on if end game turned out to being fucked within a inch of your life by one of those hot ass men. But shy, mousy little me would never stand a chance in any situations like that. I'd have a heart attack and drop dead right then and there if I was ever brave enough to approach Sammy and his friend to ask them about learning the lifestyle 

My heart had finally calmed down enough for me to go my assigned studio space. I needed to add the photos I'd taken over the weekend to my collection for my final presentation that's coming due in the next few weeks. I pushed off the wall just as two guys came barreling around the corner almost trampling me to death. 

"Whoa...There she is" The blonde exclaimed as he skidded to an awkward stop causing his friend to slam right into his back. It was a tangle of arms, jackets, and backpacks before I recognized the two in question and my heart rate kicked right back up into high gear all over again. I was trapped and mortified to the point of rendering myself speechless. 

 It didn't even occur to me that he'd referred to me as a 'she.' If I wasn't so surprised that they had noticed me watching them, then I would have gladly point out that I was indeed, a male. It's understandable though, if I had a nickel for every time made the gender mistake was made with me, I'd be a billionaire by now. I couldn't help the fact that I was what is described as androgynous in appearance 

It didn't help that I preferred my bone straight, curtain of blonde hair to hang long over my shoulders and down my back, stretching down, reaching to just under my shoulder blades. My eyelashes were thick and long, and I've been told they make the blue in my eye pop even more. My lips were naturally tinted pink and I didn't have a lick of hair on my face or my chest. All my life I've been mistaken for a girl, so it shouldn't surprise that these two would have made the same assumption as well. 

"Alright, girlie. Why have you been stalking us?" The cute blonde asked me while his dark haired friend wore an confused expression as he looked to his friend then back at me.  

"Um...I...I... Just wanted to know about your..." I managed to quietly stutter out before words failed me altogether so I just pointed to their collars as my face went thermonuclear. 

"You want to know about our collars?" The dark haired guy asked and all I could do was nod my head while keeping my eyes firmly on the tips of my sneakers.  

"Hell, you could have just come up and asked. We don't bite." The blonde snickered and his friend just shook his head.  

"Shut up Kyle, she's probably shy and didn't want to ask two strangers about something so personal." The dark haired guy said and my shoulders slumped with relief. A least one of them understood how I was feeling.  

I took a deep breath and decided to clear the air right now. "Um...I don't mean to pry or anything. It's just that I'm interested in the lifestyle. I have been for a while now, but I don't know anyone other than you two around here who are familiar with it. I noticed your collars and I've been trying to work up the nerve to talk to you. I'm Thomas by the way, Thomas Cavanaugh." 

"You're a dude?" The blonde blurted out while he bent slightly at the waist to get a closer look at my face. "Damn, you're really pretty for a guy." 

His friend pushed him out of the way while shaking his head. "I apologize in advance for him. He has no home training, it's a good thing he's a submissive. His Master will hopefully succeed in training him properly.  His name is Kyle, and my name is Sammy. Pleased to meet you Thomas. We'll gladly help explain the lifestyle to you if want." 

Kyle started hopping around like someone had ignited a fire under his ass. "Oh...We should take him to the club and introduce him to our Masters. My Sir will gladly help explain all there is to know about BDSM if you are truly interested in learning and practicing it. Hold on let me call Master Julius and then we can go." Kyle gushed excitedly before pulling out his phone from the pocket of his jeans.  

With a series of taps on the device's screen, Kyle made his phone call and talked a mile a minute into the mouthpiece before ending the call. He spun on his heel with a big grin on his face. He grabbed s both by the wrists and hauled us towards the parking area. For a slim guy, Kyle had a firm grip. Sammy and I were dragged off before I could even start to panic about the fact that I was on my way to speak to two Dominants. It was bad enough trying to approach two submissives, and now suddenly I was going to be taking to men who made control and dominance their lifestyle choice, oh help. 


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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 




 Snapping my briefcase closed, I watched the sheriff bailiffs put the metal handcuffs around Reynaldo Jimenez's wrists before leading the stoic criminal away to serve his allotted sentenced time in the state penitentiary for his crimes. I turned to the convenience store owners who were the victims of the accused crimes. The man had been found guilty on all counts of trying to rob the mom and pop grocery store at gunpoint. I graciously accepted their praises and felt the tightness of the trial melting away off my shoulders, glad that I was able to provide the couple with justice. 

Mr. Jimenez's trial and sentencing had taken two years of hard work. The court hearing had lasted two weeks in the courtroom. It was my job as the State's prosecuting attorney to present the evidence necessary to prove that the accused guilty of his crimes. I was confident that my stellar team of legal aides as well as myself with my legendary tenacity to win my cases would successfully lead me to win this one as well. Even with my confidence, and as per usual with all my litigations, I had poured my time and efforts tirelessly into this case over the last few months. I was determined that I would have a positive outcome for the unfortunate victims. 

Now that I have achieved the win, I needed to unwind. I was officially on vacation from the office for an entire week. I needed to find a pretty little companion, have a decadent meal, and then I was going to bound the little beauty to one of the plush beds in my private room at the club and fuck the little darling senseless. If the little angel proved to be good, then maybe I'll keep him for the remainder of my time off and have some sinfully sweet entertainment over the next few days. 

With those plans in place, I walked out of the courthouse with purpose to my steps. Getting home took longer than I'd anticipated, but hey it's Friday and people had plans. Maybe not the same ones I have for the evening, but folks were out and about taking full advantage that it was the end of the work week and it was time to relax and unwind. They were going to make use of the multiple restaurants, night clubs, wine bars, and nightlife the city had to offer.  

Showering didn't take long, I threw the damp towel in the hamper and slipped my butter soft leather pants up my toned legs and zipped them up. They rode low on my hips, just the way I liked them. The pretty little boys whom I liked to play with seemed fascinated by them, especially when I  gave them a glimpse of their reward hidden behind the zipper. I swiped some a little product through my hair, just enough to keep the coffee colored waves out of my face. I left my stubble in place, the scruff was yet another tool I can use to stimulate my chosen sub's baby smooth skin. My cock jerked with anticipation at just the mere thought of how I was going to spend my evening. 

By the time I threw on a loose, silky button up shirt, slipped my feet into my boots, and grabbed my keys. I was more than ready to get to my destination. I made sure I had my wallet before stepping up into my Escalade. With my height standing at a 6'5my long legs and broad shoulders, a little sporty car was never an option for me. I worked out religiously every morning long before the sun came up to keep my body and my mind in optimum condition. Pushing thirty means that I have to keep on top of my game if I wanted to continue to indulge in pretty boys of my choosing, and not the other way around. 

"Good evening Master Michael, it's so good to see you. How have you been?" Gabby, the young sub greeted me as I passed through the security doors of the club and stepped into the elegantly appointed foyer of club Bliss. 

"I am well, Gabby. Thank you for asking. How are you and your Master doing?" I inquired as I handed him my outer coat and slipped the checked ticket stub into my back pocket. 

The boy beamed beautifully at me at the mention of Auriel, his Master and it was surely something to see. I felt a little pang of envy slip through me and I wondered just for a moment if I'd taken a permanent sub, would my boy feel that way about me? Would the mere mention of my name cause him to light up brighter than a lighthouse beacon calling sailors safely into home port. 

"My Master and I are coming up on our one year anniversary together in December and he has promised to take me away on vacation to celebrate." 

"That's splendid, I see Aury is taking wonderful care of you and you of him. That's the way it supposed to be. You have a good evening, boy." I responded before making my way further into the club's main room. The gleaming bar beckoned and I made a beeline for it. 

"A lime spritzer please." I ordered and waited for the beefy bartender to make my drink. 

Looking around, I let the ambiance of the club soak into my pores, and whatever tension I was still carrying seemed to melt away with the sexually charged atmosphere surrounding me. The smell of leather, the sound of low conversation peppered with decadent laughter here and there just drew me into the relaxed mind set I was looking for. The tasteful music filtering through the sound system was at the perfect volume, just enough to be heard without the patrons having to shout at each other to carry on a conversation. 

Paying for my fizzy drink, it was necessary not to imbibe in alcohol if I was planning to play with a sweet boy later on tonightThere were rules and the safety measures for all involved parties set in place for a reason. When a Dom especially disregarded the rules of safe, sane and consensual, then they disregarded the lifestyle altogether and aren't fit to carry the title of Master. It's the Dominant's responsibility to make sure that the submissive is fully aware of the rules for their protection. That is one of the main responsibilities in the culture I kept in the forefront of my mind as I made my way through the main room greeting other Doms and their subs as I settled further into my dominant mindset. 

There wasn't a set preference for my sub for the evening other than being a dainty little beauty who would present beautifully. He would kneel at my feet and wait for my instructions. I wasn't sure if I wanted someone new or request one of my previous submissive I'd played with in the past. I wasn't worried about it at the moment. I was just reacquainting myself with everything I've come to enjoy about the establishment until someone manages to catch my eye. I had no doubt that I'd find a partner for the evening. Julius' submissives were a selection of the finest 

boys in the city. A Dom could find whatever he was looking for in a sub within these walls. A virtual plethora of willing flesh to tantalize and tease to one's heart's content. 

After making a full circuit around the main room. I chatted up those I knew and I was introduced to a few of the newer members before extracting myself. It was nice to see the club prospering. Julius had always been a long time friend, ever since our younger days when we both attended the same college and kept the same circle of friends. Julius' degree was in law. He was a dynamic corporate attorney before he grew bored with his high profile job and the corruption of big businesses and chased his real passion in life. His vision was to provide a place for consenting adults to practice BDSM and all that comes with it, in a non-judgemental, safe environment. 

It wasn't until years later after meeting the man had I found about that Julius' interests in the lifestyle and his dream to carry on his mentors legacy His mentor had taught him as well as a few others that their desires for kink, for something more was not something to be ashamed of, but something to embrace. People had the filthy habit of judging those who walked a different path in life. They were sometimes cruel to the point of being crazed when they didn't understand a person's need for desiring something different in their lives, and with their chosen partners. 

 Julius wanted to create a safe haven so to speak, where like minded people could come and honestly learn the truth about Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, Masochism. They could be educated properly on what safe, sane, and consensual really means. They could have a place where they could practice RACK (Risk-awareness consensual kink) under the proper supervision of Dungeon Masters who made sure that the scenes weren't taken too far and no one got hurt beyond the level they wanted to experience. From the looks of things, it seemed that my friend had accomplished his dream, and I for one was extremely grateful to be a member of Julius' Bliss. 

My skin prickled with anticipation as I passed through the security doors leading down towards the playrooms. The dungeon, a semi private area where scenes were played out for all to see. The place where performances and demonstrations of the various tools of the trade and techniques in kink were held on stage for all to learn and master.  It was the place to meet and greet others with your intentions on how the evening would progress was out there for all to be aware of with no pretenses, no half truths, no worries. A place where all your cards and expectations were on display for all those willing to accept what you were offering or what you had to offer in the name of pleasure, respect, and mutual need.  

No sooner had I set foot in the dungeon's main room, I heard someone calling my name and I turned to the large circular seating area only to see Julius waving me over. I smiled and made my way over and sat down on one of the soft leather sofas next to my friend. I greeted everyone seated in the small group. Julius sat to my right, his brother and another Master Dominant, Aubry was seated on his other side, and next to him was Master Sloan. 

"Well, well, well. Look who has finally returned to us. Tell me, has putting the criminal element behind bars keeping you so busy, you can't even stop by for a drink with friends?" Julius teased as he raised his glass towards me before taking a drink of what I knew to be only chilled green tea with honey. His boy, Kyle had him on a healthy diet regime, and we all teased him mercilessly about it. We all knew about his legendary fondness for a juicy steak and hearty mashed potatoes. 

"It has been busy, it's a thankless profession, but I choose to do my little part in keeping the fine citizens of this State as safe as I can by putting away as many criminals as I can. You know and I know that sometimes justice isn't always fair. So I have to be prepared to do all that I can, when I can with the cases I work to see that the hand of justice strikes true." 

"Well said, my friend, but you're going to burn out if you don't take some time out for yourself." Sloan replied and I nodded my head in agreement with him.  

"True, it's a work in progress. Now onto a better topic for the evening. Where are your beautiful boys. I saw Gabby upstairs behind the greeting desk. So that leaves, Sloan's Sammy and your unforgettable Kyle, Julius?" 

"Huh, my boy is definitely unforgettable, that's for sure." Julius smiled fondly and the rest of the men around the table chuckled at the look of sheer adoration The Dom's face. " He and Sammy are helping our newest little lamb prepare for his debut tonight. As a matter of fact Michael, I do believe that Thomas will be a perfect fit for you. I've been telling you for over a year that having a permanent sub is a blessing beyond belief for us set in our ways Dominants."  Julius informed me with a mischievous glint in his eye. 

"Huh...I do recall telling you that I'm not ready to take a permanent sub. I'm not even sure if I want one. Not with the variety of flavors you provide here in this decadent den, my friend." I pointed out only to hear the men seated around me snicker at my comment. 

"You say that now, but just you wait. We all used to think just like you do until our boy's came along and brought out every possessive, caveman gene we dominants seem to carry in abundance in our bodies. Like Julius said, now that you are sitting here and I think about it. Thomas is not going to simply push but he is going bang every button you have with a sledgehammer when you set eyes on him." Sloan uttered with total seriousness underlining to his words. 

I sat there not knowing whether to be afraid and run or satisfy my growing curiosity and stay and see this Thomas. The way my heart rate accelerated and my feet refused to move. I guess it was the latter. I've been wondering more and more about having a boy of my own, but I’ve never really put any serious thought into it. Now my friends have thrown the topic literally in front of my face and I might as well consider the possibility of having someone who belongs to me and only me, and that boy would have to be exceptional 

 Julius was a Master in more ways than one at pairing Doms with their subs, and that piece of knowledge scared me shitless after his most recent statement about this Thomas, a new submissive he'd explained. An untainted sub who I can teach to please me and only me. The idea was taking firm roots in my brain and I suddenly found myself impatient to meet this new submissive.   

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Prologue (My Little)

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