The Dragon's Consort


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Unbeknownst to humankind, there's another world out there right underneath their very noses. One that is full of magic, a paranormal realm beyond the veil of reality where humans reside. A world known only to the mythical creatures, immortals, shifters, and supernatural beings who have for centuries inspired fairy tales, folk tales, and bedtime stories mortal people read to their children at night.

Some of these same beasts also made up the tales of horror, mystical warnings of death, loss, evil doings, and mayhem elders told their young to keep their behavior in line. This place was called Dragos, named for the most powerful creatures to ever grace the land, dragons, the supreme rulers of all things, paranormal. They are considered to be the royals of their society.

In the Dragos, like with so many others diverse societies, in order to keep the peace amongst the powerful clans, there had to be a hierarchy of power. Of course, it's the strongest who have persevered and survived, thus the dragons who have reigned supreme since the dawn of time. No one questioned their power, they were revered, respected, loved, feared, and worshipped by all.

Because even with their combined strengths, the shifters, witches, vampire, and other supernatural soldiers who their joined forces, their powers still weren't strong enough to defeat the demons and demigods who would love nothing more than making the proud beings their slaves. One Dragon alone, a single magnificent beast, had more strength and power than a whole clan combined. They protected and guided over all who called Dragos home.

Dragos flourished as well because of the dragons, the richness of their hordes provided not only for them, but for all the clans as well. Businesses, schools, hospitals, financial institutions, shops, markets, and even their technology thrived with the combined efforts of the all the species working together to make sure, everyone prospered. Most considered it an honor to work the multiple employment opportunities provided. They greatly appreciated the education, homes, and simple things, like food and clothing, and the ability to provide for their families through hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

For this reason, and to show their gratitude, once a year at the Yuletide celebrations when a son or daughter of the powerful dragons reaches of age, they are offered a consort of their choice from the different clans. An eligible young men or women are selected by the Dragon family's representative, an official invite is issued to the Yuletide ball, and the young people are gathered in front of the prospective dragon for one to be chosen as a consort.

Being a consort to a dragon was great honor, one that placed you right up there in the hierarchy of Dragos society. It was as if you were a chosen mate. A title consort can also have multiple meanings between the pair involved. The relationship can be a sexual one, and/or one born of mutual friendship with each party providing platonic companionship to each other. But one thing is for sure, being a dragon's consort is for life, even if the dragon chooses to find a mate and produces heirs.

It is very rare for a consort to split from his or her dragon. It happens only if both parties are deemed totally incompatible. That's why the potential consorts are vetted by a dragon's family member, with the dragon's specific input on desires of their likes and dislikes during the entire process. Another reason for a separation occurs when the dragon releases his or her consort from their service if the person has met someone they would like to take as a mate.

The Yuletide this year was fast approaching and this year's celebration was deemed very special because the one of the first-born sons of the dragon family has reached of age, and it was time for a consort to be chosen for him. Volos, the strong, handsome warrior was born into one of the very first founding dragon families of Dragos.

His birth was a much-celebrated event, because with his entrance into the world, the dragon's den began to flourish once more and more females and chosen birthing males amongst the species began bearing viable young ones, thus populating the dwindling numbers and strengthening the species.

Volos was very special indeed. His father Uther, owned the largest horde in the dragon community. A huge, powerful pitch-black beast, a commander of the dragon army who has protected the creatures of Dragos, and their homes for centuries with dignity and honor. His mother Tanith, was considered the mother to all paranormal residents of Dragos.

She oversaw to the wellbeing and prosperity of all the families living in Dragos. She was loved, respected, cherished by all who knew her. Volos was fast in following in his father's footsteps, his dragon was equally strong and his dragon's scales were as dark as night. A magnificent beast, with an enormous wingspan. In human form, he was considered good looking, with chiseled, muscular body, a head of midnight black waves and piercing lavender eyes that seemed to look straight into your very soul.

He has his father's intelligence, cunning, and strength as well as his mother's compassion and wealth of heart. He was much sought after and admired by both the males and females of the combined clans. Sexuality in Dragos had no labels or no preferences. It was all about who appealed to your sexual appetite. Who you were attracted to.

That's why this year Yuletide event was so much more than the ones of previous years. All the clans were atwitter with anticipation of offering their eligible candidates hoping Volos will choose one of them as his own. Thus, elevating the chosen clan's status almost overnight.

No one knew that Volos already had his sights set on a shy, pretty little vampire he first spotted a year ago when assisting his mother in helping the residing vampire coven to adequately prepare the newly trained instructors on how to handle the volatile young ones until they could control their baser instincts and cravings in a classroom setting.

Azriel, a gorgeous young vampire male had then been in training to teach the little ones. Since then, the beautiful young man had become a very capable educator, and he was simply adored by his students and their parents alike. Most of all, and completely unaware, Azriel was secretly desired by Volos who was determined to make Azriel his consort. 


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Chapter 1



Walking through the training compound, I couldn't help but to take pride in my fellow warriors as they were put through their paces. The yard was alive with energy and power. I actually felt the resounding reverberations of the swords clanging together, goosebumps feathered over my skin with every swish of the razor-sharp blades cutting through the air before making their impact against shields and body armor.

The continuous clash of weapons and the grunts of the fighters pounded through my chest as if they were my own battle symphony. It was as if it were me out there going head to head with my sparring partner under the bright afternoon sun. Tilting my head back under the golden rays, I blew plumes of smoke through my nostrils, content and totally at one with my father's army of warriors.

"There's nothing quite like it, is there son?" My father's deep, proud baritone punched through the sounds of weapons and men practicing their battle skills all around us.

Turning my gaze towards my sire who was staring right back at me with his brilliant lilac eyes, one of the telltale traits of the dragon species. Eyes the color of jewels, lilac indicating the alpha male, the strongest. The most powerful of the species, with strength, intelligence, and the capacity to connect with all members of the species. Emerald green coming in second, with grace and beauty, and golden amber, with compassion and empathy.

My father, the current leader of the clans, whose eyes were brilliant purple in the heat of battle, and shimmering amethyst when interacting with my mother. They would change and turn vivid shades of violet when going about his everyday chores, and interactions with the citizens of Dragos.

Uther, the Great was the title everyone in Dragos had lauded upon my father even before I was hatched. A mighty warrior, a brilliant but cunning leader and protector. He was fair in his judgments, and generous to all the multiple creatures who called Dragos their home. As his first-born son, I knew the shoes I had to fill were extremely large, and it has been my pleasure and my honor so far to train and learn under his guidance. I still find my beautiful mother stories funny when she explains my father's reaction to my birth. How he had preened with pride when I'd hatched as a youngling in my dragon form.

According to her, and I always thought she was bias when she claimed how breathtaking I was with my pitch-black scales. She would always break out into peals of laughter when she said my father's chest puffed out like a peacock when he'd brought me up to his face and blew a gentle plume of smoke in my face, initiating our first bond. Everyone indulged her when she chose to tell the story over and over again, because everyone worshipped the ground my mother walked on. She was Tanith, the first and only consort to Uther, a supreme healer and mother to all.

Mother always went on to say that my father had been in a state of euphoria when I'd blinked my eyes open for the first time. The brilliant magenta orbs that I was born with had made themselves known to all who had witnessed my first moments of life. A strong alpha male dragon, a leader born to the strongest male in the land. My parents have both told me my birth was one of the proudest moments in their lives, closely followed by the births of my siblings.

My sister Vanis, and my twin brothers, Veles and Vritra. My brothers were the babies, the last born to our parents at the moment, but they still have plenty of life and love left between them and with the way our father looks at our mother. I am sure that they are not the last younglings hatched to the mated pair. Vanis was a handful, a spoiled and over privileged princess, but I loved her ever since the moment she popped open those emerald green orbs and huffed an indignant plume of smoke in my face.

She is currently training with our mother in the arts of healing. Father dotes on her every whim, but that is to be expected for she is the exact carbon copy of our beautiful mother all things except her attitude, which could definitely use some work. Veles and Vritra were another story, both of my brothers were very unique and rare to our species. Why, because they were both born with the condition called heterochromia. Veles left eye was brilliant purple and his right eye was shimmering amber that reflected a violet sheen in sunlight. Vritra eyes were the same as Veles but on opposite sides.

Where Veles was the sweet, soft spoken introverted one. Vritra was the exact opposite, a loud mouth cocky extrovert with no filter between his brain and his mouth. They both followed me around like puppies. Most of the time I didn't mind because Veles was so sweet and docile, I just wanted to wrap my wings around him and protect him from any negative things that comes his way.

Other times, I want to just shift and take flight, leaving them behind because Vritra would have worked my last nerve and I just wanted to smack in his mouth. I can't take one without the other because they refused to be without the other for any amount of time. Another rarity for them was that they were hatched from the same egg. Mother didn't lay two eggs as expected, she laid one, and they somehow survived together and hatched together. They haven't been separated since, and no one dares to try unless they want to incur not only my father's wrath, but mine as well.

"Are you going to wow us with your combat skills today, son?" My father's deep rumbling voice brought me out of my thoughts. I didn't realize when we came to a stop on top of the turrets looking down onto the training field where his warriors were diligently practicing.

"No, not today. I was thinking more of going out amongst the clans and talking to our people. You know just to make sure there aren't any pressing concerns. Then I was going to spend some time with the younger ones in the education wing this afternoon." I managed to say while keeping my face free of any emotions.

In all actuality, the main reason for me showing up day after day in the education halls is to see the perfection of Azriel. The pretty little vampire who taught the youngest of the young ones their basic letters, numbers, and the like before they moved on to more advanced learning. When mother had the education, rooms expanded into an entire wing off the main castle, I was on hand to help her and the builders who turned her ideas into reality. The staff of teachers were consulted in regards to make sure the space was optimized to their needs since they were the ones using the space on a daily basis.

That explains how I came face to face with the most gorgeous creature I've ever laid my eyes on. Every move he made was one of grace and beauty. I could have stood there for hours just studying him, the way his luxurious curtain of blonde hair fell over one slender shoulder and his crystal clear blue eyes lit up when he spoke to the little charges in his care.

Azriel's brilliant smile showing off the sharp tips of his fangs. His sweet smile had left me wondering what he would look like when his fangs dropped and his eyes shimmered black or blood red as a mark of his species when they felt extreme emotions. He was simply stunning. I've never in my life reacted to another being the way my body right down to my very soul reacted to him.

My feelings towards him seemed just to intensify every time I saw him or managed to get close to him. The only drawback was the way he reacted to me. Anytime I set foot in the same room with him, it was like the young beauty tried his best to avoid me at all cost. He barely spared two words other than those of respectfully greeting me due to my position as the heir to my father's legacy.

I've always left our encounters disappointed and confused. Frustrated was too mild of a word to describe what I felt when I leave his presence. I'm left wondering if there would be any possibility of making him mine. With the Yuletide fast approaching and the definite plans in place of parading a horde of potential consorts for me to choose from left me feeling apprehensive.

Many a times I wanted to turn to my father and ask him to break tradition and let me pursue the person I want as my consort, traditions be damned. But I knew that was not the way things worked. I'd be fighting centuries of the way things were done for the high-ranking Dragon species of Dragos.

My spine snapped to attention when my father cleared his throat and looked at me with a knowing glint in his hypnotic eyes. "You've been spending a lot of time in the education hall. Are the young ones that entertaining to watch? I mean, I've taken great pleasure and pride in seeing the next generations multiple species residing in Dragos, and how smart the little cherubs are. But I've never felt the need to visit them on a daily basis."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my father raise a speculative brow at me, and I wondered if I dared open my mouth and admit my attraction to Azriel. Would he allow such a mating without all the pomp and rituals of the Yuletide presentations? Then the thought hit me, and I decided if I was going to be bold, I might as well go all the way and simply ask since my father was well aware of the families who were placing their sons or daughters as candidates for my consort.

Straightening my spine, I stood tall and proud as Uther the great's first born and heir to his throne, so to speak. My father lips curved slightly at the corners and I felt he knew more than he was letting on, but I still turned to look him in the eye. "Father, I have to admit that there is a young man who has caught my eye. It's not a fleeting feeling of lust or fantasy. I truly want this person and I know what I am about to ask is stepping out of the bounds of our sacred traditions, but do you think that..."

"Let me stop you right there Volos because I cannot tell you if a certain person may or may not one of the chosen for your potential consorts. Trust me, you are not the first to have found someone you are attracted to before the Yuletide ceremonies, and I'm sure you won't be the last."

"Dad, that's so cryptic. That's not telling me anything." I actually splayed my arms wide and whined like a little kid to my father.

The big man just winked at me and almost knocked me off my feet when his beefy hand slapped me in between my shoulder blades before he walked off whistling like he hadn't a care in the world. Never mind that I'd just brought up a serious concern of mine to him. Ugh, parents can be so annoying. Swirls of heated, black smoke curled into the atmosphere around me as I let out a frustrated breath. 


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Chapter 2



The hairs on the back of neck stood on end and my skin prickled with awareness. I knew as surely as I know my own name the exact moment when entered my schoolroom. I didn't dare shift my eyes away from the little pup in front of me who was proudly reciting my multiplication table. Some of my students raised their heads from their work and shrieked with excitement as they rushed towards the mighty warrior and soon to be King, the head of all the paranormal beings residing in Dragos.

Cagan's little, lisping voice stuttered to an abrupt halt when he heard all the commotion and he too excused himself before racing his way across the room to seek Volos' attentions. I had no choice but to rise up from where I was sitting, and turn around to respectfully welcome the warrior and humbly thank him for his honored presence in my classroom.

If I didn't already know that his interest and his attention to the younglings were genuine and sincere, I would've thought he had an ulterior motive for his daily visits to the educational wing. Some of the gossip mongers were already spreading rumors that he was scouting potential consorts for the upcoming Yuletide events.

Gossip fueled by Volos' own sister, Vanis and her best friend, my sister and the bane to my existence, Amery. Two of the most insipid and snobbish women I have had the unfortunate opportunity to know in my life. Amery was older than I was, and through sheer manipulation of our father's constant coddling of her, and spoiling her rotten over the decades that most of the time she has usually gotten her way with things.

So far Amery has managed to hold out for a match with a consort she's deemed worthy of her time and beauty. Let's not forget the main requirement that her potential mate must be a rich and powerful as well. She's had her eye on Volos since they were children. They were close in age, but to Amery's utter frustration, the warrior has never shown any interest in her.

Recently, she has been doing all that she can to gain his favor. She's finally gotten up off her lazy ass, and although she isn't actively teaching the young ones. She's taken to barging into my classes and pretending to volunteer her unwanted services while her best friend works on the healing arts with the elders and her mother in the designated rooms down the hall.

It was more than obvious there were several reasons behind her new determination to catch Volos' eye. Tee first was this being Volos' much anticipated Yuletide event and his turn to choose his consort. And the second reason was the fact I'm sure Amery picked up on our father's impatience at her taking so long to show her interest for a suitable mate. Our parents now had two children who were now of age to be eligible choices as consorts. They are hoping for the both of us to make a match, but I doubt that I even want to participate if I have to go up against Amery.

Amery and Vanis, the two of them usually spent their time together plotting on ways to gain what they feel they felt was their due because of their looks and their station amongst the different paranormal beings living in Dragos. The way they perceived themselves always made me feel like I wanted to puke. They didn't care for anyone but themselves and they saw no other who they deemed good enough to present a challenge to what they felt they were entitled to. Yes, they were beautiful, and they used their looks to hide the ugliness underneath. I've listened to their selfish conversations when the spoke freely to each other in my house.

To them, I was a laughable nobody. The meek little vampire that wasn't good enough to gain their attention, much or less that of the mighty Volos. So, I was duly ignored by both women. Therefore, I could be in the same room with them and they wouldn't even know it. Sometimes, I felt like Volos knew exactly who and what his sister was, and by association, the kind of woman my sister was as well.

If you have observed the handsome dragon as much as I have, and you were quick enough to catch it. You would see the twist of derision on Volos' face when the two of them made it a point to accost him and his friends, who were also fellow warriors as they tried to curry their favor. He would quickly mask his emotions and present a pleasant front for the sake of not offending them outright in public.

"Good afternoon, Azriel. I see that you are doing an extraordinary job as usual with the younglings. They adore you and seem to hang off your every word." The deep cadence of Volos' voice washed over me like warm honey, and I could swear I smelled a spicy-scented smoke, but I kept my eyes respectfully lowered as I thanked him for his kind words.

Silently, I praised the fact that my voice didn't waver. I was sure my response was going to come out like a warbled squeak, since my insides were shaking with an awareness that I've only ever experienced with Volos' close proximity, much or less when he spoke directly to me. Something else that was also occurring more frequently as well.

I was barely able to say anything else to him before Amery and Vanis swooped in and butted into the conversation. Never mind that the children were still clinging to Volos massive arms and powerful legs, vying for his attention as well. Their chatter ceased at the appearance of the women, they were well-mannered enough to remain quiet and await their turn until the adults in to room have finished speaking.

To prevent any arguments or any untoward comments in front of the young ones. I shooed them back to their work, of which, they reluctantly complied. I tried my best to act as if my sister's selfish actions didn't bother me in the least, and ignored the whole lot of them as they continued on with their inane chatter. They eventually drove Volos into quickly extradite himself from their clutches and making his way out of my classroom.

Shaking my head, I resumed with my afternoon lessons and afterwards, I handed out the children's treats of candied fruits and fresh juices before their parents picked up the exhausted youngsters and hauled them home for the evening. Straightening the room after seeing the last of my students off didn't take long and soon, I was walking through the main gardens stalling on making my own way home. I really didn't feel like listening to my mother and my sister chirp about the Yuletide preparations or what the colors of my sister's gown should be.

I wasn't presumptuous enough to think that I would stand a chance against my sister when it came to the Yuletide ceremonies. I didn't believe that Volos would chose me over the beauty and vivaciousness that my sibling presented, but there was something about the warrior that made the sun shine even brighter for me when I laid eyes on him.

With another heartfelt sigh, I trudged the path to my humble home. I prayed that Vanis wasn't spending yet another evening in our house, giving my sister the inside scoop on her brother's likes and dislikes. They could spend hours in Amery's room across the hall from mine with their heads bent close, whispering to each other. They were like night and day, with Vanis' dark hair and olive toned complexion, and Amery with shimmering golden locks, almost a shade lighter than my honey blond hair and the fair skin tone depicting our vampire heritage.

Deciding to take the long way home, I detoured through the palace's extensive gardens and headed for the open field of flowers and the forest surrounding our homes. A shadow fell across me and the whoosh of air blew through my hair, before a puff a fragrant smoke circled around me. I looked up and a squeak of surprise left my lips as I stared right into the glowing amethyst eyes of a huge, beautiful black dragon.

Another puff of smoke poured from its nostrils, the spicy scented plumes had my fangs dropping and my cock swelling to full capacity behind the ties of my trousers. Volos, I've never seen his dragon up close before and I must say he was a breathtaking sight. He was as beautifully formed as his beast as he was in his human body.

He was all power and pure muscle. I tilted my head to the side and studied the enormous dragon as intently as he was observing me. My muscles tensed and a flush of embarrassment tinted my cheeks when the huge head angled itself closer to me and he nudged my abdomen, nearly knocking me off my feet. Volos inhaled my scent and closed its hypotonic eyes as if it was savoring the flavor of my arousal.

I thanked the fates that my clothing was loose enough to hide the evidence of my over excited shaft. I' sure this magical creature smelled it on me, but to see it as well would just have me praying to the fates that Volos will sneeze out accidental fireball and obliterate me from this embarrassing predicament altogether.

Another plume of scented smoke permeated the air around me, and before I could blink, the mighty beast was gone. I looked up into the sky only to see the shimmer of iridescent scales glittering under the evening sun as the elegant beast took flight. Volos soon disappeared from my sight. A confused frown pulled down the corners of my mouth. That little encounter left me wondering about the meaning behind the few minutes those brilliant eyes met mine. I wondered what the beast and/ or Volos was trying to tell me. I wondered if I should seek him out and outright ask him? Would that be too daring of me?

With a delicate shrug, I put the encounter to the back of my mind and I turned around and figured I might as well head home, where I could mull over this situation in the privacy of my room. Again, I could only hope for a peaceful evening at home without my sisters constant jabbering taking up much of the dinner conversations.

Maybe my brother, Ardent and his wife would hopefully have stopped by for dinner. I recalled my mother mentioning their possible visit this morning before leaving to teach my little darlings this mornings. If anyone could shut my sister up, it was our older brother. He's never let Amery get away with her ways. Ardent saw through her and he called her on her behavior each and every time, much to her dismay. I would love dearly to see him and his wife, Malika again.

Hopefully this time around, they would've brought their twin younglings, Nazeer and Nema with them. They were too young the last time to visit, so our parents had gone to see them instead. I was in the middle of training as an educator, so I wasn't able to make the trip. Maybe luck will be on my side and I wasn't going to be stuck once again the shadow of my sister's blinding spot light yet again tonight. 


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