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SEO Company in Jaipur- At Your Service Search Engine Optimization can be a bit complicated, but if you get the tips and tricks perfectly, even beginners will become a pro in the process of SEO. In order to improve the well-being of your website audience and rankings, you can easily use some tools and tricks as SEO experts. Given below are some tips wherein you can digest them easily for the sake of your business, take a look:


  • Research Competitors and Keywords: Keyword researching is an essential element to understand the set of your website and of course your competitors. Don’t worry, you don’t need any SEO guru for this, however, you can use free tools such as SEM Rush for all your potential and current keywords related to your products and services. Although, there is the limit to the keyword research per day, on the other hand, it turns out to be helpful in the stats and leads. You can also get the list of phrases keyword for those who are looking for some content ideas.
  • Usage of Keywords: Using keywords is fine, but it turns out to be beneficial if you know the correct way to insert the keyword(s). It must include:

 1: Meta description

2: Page title

3: URL

4: Text to links within your website

5: H1, H2, H3, tags and much more


 If you want to avoid any kind of guesswork, prefer choosing tool like BrightEdge that provides recommendations for certain keywords that can be used according to the page. It alerts that what all keywords are missing in meta descriptions and titles, and also suggest what keywords can be used.


  • Social Media: Automation is one of the virtual ways wherein SEO experts make their lives less complicated. For social media channels, try to schedule the posts in advance and keep up with the engagement without any interruption. Facebook is the best way to schedule the posts. We already know that engaging audience is a must; so try to be active on social media channels.


  • SEO Analytics Platform: Whether you are in-bounding marketing strategy is focusing on social media marketing or on-page SEO, SEO analytics is the reliable platform to track all your marketing plan’s current outcomes and performance. The free tool such as Google Analytics can be used to understand all the leads and traffic of your website.


  • Outside Links: The external links plays a big role in fluctuating the page rank of your website. But, if you get the external links right on the point, the views are increased with the best notch. You can sign up for Ahrefs to make the pages popular. This tool gives you results for the domain based on all the external links to your website. This will provide you with the heavy niche or field.


  • On That Note: We hope that everything has been cleared regarding the coverage of SEO. To know more in detail(S), get in touch with the team or you can simply ping or email. We will be happy to assist you.

 Till then - Happy SEO

 Thanks for reading!

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