SEO Myths - You Need to Stop Believing


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SEO Myths - You Need to Stop Believing


Writing your best shot with proper data and stats, using the best keywords, creating the market space, competition with your competitors, and promoting the blog on every channel and link. This all is done to gain the leads, traffic and hit the ranking on every search engine. Everything you see on Google is the magic of SEO, but before that, you need to let go-off some myths only if you are serious about getting the traffic on your website. Take a look:


Myth 1: SEO is a One Time Version: The foremost myth that everyone believes that if the website is created and handed over to the team of SEO Company in Jaipur, then the work is to the limit when it is on the top rank on all the search engine. This is not the right pick, SEO is considered as the long term process till the time your website is working and is live. Over the time period, you need to retain the position of your website and get the best conversions. Also, the most important thing is, you need to maintain patience because website takes around 3-6 months to get on the top page. If you are liberal with SEO, you won’t be the highlighted on any search engine.


Myth 2: Backlink is just a Key Factor: Just to say, the architect of the website must be user-friendly and can be operated with an ease; your visitors must not fight to look for the information on your website. The overall structure of your website should be interactive and attractive, which includes content with images, gifs, videos, text and infographics.


Myth 3: Blogs for Bots: The building of the content is crucial for every website and it should the purpose of every user who is engaging on your website. But make sure your content is written in a simple language. Generally, the website developers are engaged in getting bots by creating a content with not-so-relevant blogs to see themselves on the top ranking. Certainly, these kinds of blogs are uploaded for the sake of ‘blogging’ not for the audience usage.


Myth 4: Forgetting Keyword Research: We already know that keyword is an important part of SEO and it becomes mandatory to understand each and every aspect for the services you are providing and what audience you are referring too. In case, you are not coming on the top charts, the competitors will take over your audience and market. Therefore, you must be precise about your keywords and also when your visitors are more active. Forgetting keywords cannot be missed!


On That Note: Well, the story here is not yet finished; the number of myth’s cannot be defined, but you need to be sure on one thing - SEO is an important part of ever single element you are performing on your website and it is a long term relationship with your business. Make sure you are loyal to it!


Till the time happy SEO!


Thanks for reading!

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