Dionne And The Beanstalks


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Big Chores

Once upon a time morning in the castle of upward clouds... "Yawn. I would take a shower then dress up my light blue shirt and black pantyhose with black boots on." My new pal Giant Dave Seville woke up now. After breakfast... "Oh well? Maybe I will ask my normal size friend Dionne about this. Banging walk loudest!" Meanwhile in my master bedroom at my house... "Aha! I'm finished tidy now. Huh?" "Good morning Dionne!" My new pal Giant Dave Seville knelt down on the ground near the window. "Good morning Giant Dave, What are you want to talk about?" She open it up and mannered him. "I am curious to ask you would help me on my chores at my barn and field?" He favored to ask me. "Of course! No problem." His new normal size friend nodded his head and repeatedly. Whatever funny happen upward of clouds at the gigantic barn... "Bring a pail that I need squeeze the milk from the cow's udders," Dionne. My new pal Giant Dave sat on the stool near the cow. "Sure! Whoa! It's bigger than I am," Giant Dave. His new normal size friend exclaimed. "Let me take this. Sighs. I have to squeeze milk in the pail bucket." He giggles at me. 

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Giant songwriter

 Once upon a time in outside of my backyard... "I have to water my flower now. Oh well? That's a beanstalks here? I never seen it before. Sighs. I will climb up and find out that." Arrival at the clouds... "It's a castle. Okay. I will go there." On the doorstep... "I might knock this. Huh?" "Fi Fum Fo! I smell the English man here. Oh well?" "Hello, My name is Dionne Allen," the giant. She mannered. "I thought you were the English man," Dionne. "No. I'm not." "Okay. My name is Dave Seville of the giant songwriter. That's nice meeting you." He introduced. "Put me down now," Giant Dave? "Positive! Here are you." "I better go back down to my house by the beanstalks." She told. "Wait minute... I'm alone here," Dionne. "Are sure about that," Giant Dave? "Of course! Nobody wants me because I'm freaky and fifty foot height. Big sobbing!" He cried like a waterfall on me. "Whoa! I will be your new friend. Want help me to water on my flower at my backyard?" She exclaimed. "Absolutely! I guess so," Dionne. Return back to my backyard of my house from upward of his castle by the beanstalks... "Aha! Thank you for helping me water on my flowers," Giant Dave. "Welcome. Huh? I hear growling come from?" He mannered. "It's my stomach that I am hungry." She repeatedly. "I have lot foods at my castle. Come on my hand," Dionne. Meanwhile in the castle of upward the clouds... "They are bigger than I am?" "All right. I cut it into a tiny piece now. Here are you." "That's better. I'm so thirsty too," Giant Dave? His new normal size friend is sitting on the table. "Yeah. I pour my water pitcher in the tiny cup. Here are some," Dionne. "I take it. Sipping!" "Sighs. Maybe I should be your pal that's okay with you?" He asked me. "Definitely! I agree with you. I need to go back down my house now." She smiles at him. "All right. Here are you." "Bye," Giant Dave. His new normal size friend waved say bye to him and left now. 

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