Mini Dave's New Adventure Animated Series


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Episode one: "Bicycle is missing!"

 Once upon a time in my house of 108 Burtonwood Drive at my master bedroom while I sighs: "we are so boring today," Dave. "Maybe you take me to the park by your bicycle now," Dionne? "Of course! That's sounds so amazing idea," Dave! 

Outside of my house near to the sidewalks further his big roommate Dionne gasps: "Oh no! My bicycle is missing," Dave!? "Don't worry about it. I'm solve on the suspects is my pals, Mr. Bone, and your partner Alvin Seville who takes your bicycle away," Dionne. "Oh boy, I better go in now," Dave.  Scene case arrival in the junkyard from home still my mini roommate Dave suspects: "Did you steal my big roommate Dionne's bicycle," Vience? "No, I didn't take this that I swear," Dave. "Okay, I get to go now. Bye, Vience. Huh? He's out! Next suspect is Mr. Bone!"  He sighs him. 

Scene case arrival at His rival talking dog Mr. Bone's club house although my mini roommate Dave suspects: "Did you steal my big roommate Dionne's bicycle," Mr. Bone!?  "Ha! No way! I didn't take stupid bike," Dave. "Oh! I better go now, Mr. Bone. He's out. Last suspect is her partner Alvin Seville!" Finale case arrival at his house moreover my mini roommate Dave suspects: "Did you steal my big roommate Dionne's bicycle," Alvin? "No, I misplaced my bicycle at your house, but I got her," Dave. "Oh! Maybe! You put me in my big roommate Dionne's basket that we go home and get your," Alvin. He exclaimed him. Back to 108 Burtonwood Drive from The Seville's house finally my partner Alvin Seville sighs: "I am sorry about this. Here are you," Dionne. "It's okay. Thank you bring my bicycle back here," Alvin. She said him by my American Sign Language. "Welcome. Bye," Dionne.  He manners me. "What's about go to the park," Dionne? My mini roommate Dave still in my basket of my bicycle since he asks me. "Sure, I guess so," Dave. 

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Episode two: "Hansel and Gretel"

 Tonight in my bed while I read my favorite fairytale of "Hansel and Gretel" to my mini roommate Dave seems so exhausted now... "(Yawn) I am tired now," Dionne. "Okay. I will carry and put you in your dollhouse now. Go to sleep now. Sweet dreams," Dave. "Okay, good night," Dionne. 

His nightmare dream in Hansel and Gretel fairytale... "Oh? (Yawn) it's a candy house!? My stomach really growling that I will eat this. Yummy! That's sounds so delicious! Huh?" "Grr! I'm cursing you by my magic hungry power to zap you will eat any junks food," mini Dave! " "Ahh! Whoa!? I feel so weird that I better go home now." "Ha! He will be fattest soon Ha! Ha!" 

Arrive afternoon in my house of 108 Burtonwood Drive since I was making some chocolate cake now, but my mini roommate Dave come in the kitchen from the witch's candy house previously. "Are you okay," Dave? "No, I am so hungry now. Yummy! I eat your chocolate cake now. (Whoosh) Burp! I'm so full now," Dionne. "Oh no!? They are gone!? Where are you going now," Dave!?" She gasps him by my American Sign Language. "To the ice cream truck is coming here that I will rush to eat all of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream now."(Whoosh) "Don't eat this!? Huh? I am so concerned about my poor mini Dave's problem. Oh! I will call my partner Alvin Seville by cell phone now." 

Scene in McDonald's restaurant while my partner Alvin Seville stop to ride his bicycle then get off of it finally he suspects: "what's up," Dionne? "Look at there," Alvin! "Impossible!? How he get fat now," Dionne? "I am not sure that I attempt to stop my mini roommate Dave still eat all of hamburger and French fries but he get bigger and fatter now," Alvin. "Oh well? Excuse me, look at your chocolate candy and follow to me," big Dave? "Yummy!" (Bang steps) "whoa! I think our problem is Dave is a giant now," Alvin!? "Don't worry about this. I will keep an eye on him while you will go find out who did this," Dionne? "Of course, I agree with you," Alvin. 

Finale scene at the witch's candy house since I knock the front door that a witch hears someone knock it then go to open the front door finally take a look at me now... "What are you talking about this," kid? She evil laughs me. "It's you did to my poor mini roommate Dave been eating my chocolate cake is gone and another junk foods are gone cause him so bigger and fatter become into a giant recently," creep!? His big roommate Dionne really so disappointed her by my American Sign Language. "Ha! Too bad! I cursed him my magic hungry power make your pint-size Dave to eat some junk foods and get fattest soon," kid. She evil laughs me. "Oh my gosh!? Come with me. I need you to uncurse my poor roommate mini Dave right now," creep! "Okay, I hate my life," kid. 

Meanwhile scene on the street that whenever my partner Alvin Seville was still babysitting on my poor roommate mini Dave still a giant and eating his favorite chocolate candies but my partner Alvin Seville take a look at me with a wicked witch comes here from her candy house ago... "What are you doing with a crazy witch," Dionne!? He exclaimed me. "Shh! Don't be mad at her now. We need a witch to uncurse my poor mini roommate Dave by her magic hungry power to break her curse before he will be fattest soon," Alvin. "All right, old witch? Uncurse on Dave right now!?" He demanded her. "Okay, uncurse hungry power," Dave! (Zap magic) "oh? I feel so weird and what happened to me," Dionne!? "I explain you later, Dave.  Huh?" "Ha! I will zap both of you," kids. "Oh no! She tricked us," Alvin!? "Stay away Dave," Creep!? "Ha! Both of you can't stop me. I will serve him be my dinner because your pint-size Dave is fattest now," kids. "Oh no!? Help!" 

End of his nightmare dream is over in my master bedroom while I tap my finger really so big than he's a shrinking man since my mini roommate Dave yell: "Ahh! Phew! That's close... I just have a nightmare dream about a witch cursed me by hungry power made me to eat your chocolate cake, candies, and junk foods become me so fattest and she served me as her dinner," Dionne!? "Shh! It's okay. I promise you that I never to read you on Hansel and Gretel again," Dave. "Sure," I guess so," Dionne. 

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Episode three: "Chicken pox"

 Next morning in my bed at 108 Burtonwood Drive since my mom suspect: "Oh wells? Your temperature is 100 really so fever now," Dionne. "I can't do on my novel today because of I have a worst chicken pox now," mom! "Don't worry about it. You will be stay in your bed and don't itch your rash skin what your Dr. Shaver says about this," Dionne? She suspects me by her American Sign Language. "Yeah, no problem," mom. "I have to go take some candies and pound cakes to the customer at the barber store. Just stay in your bed until I come back here few minutes," Dionne.  

Peeking in the window of my mini roommate Dave notices me while he said: "Oh! Poor Dionne! I might give her a celebration to help her on Dionne's novel by her lap computer now."  

On my bed awhile I was sighing to watch some Animals planet on my TV but my mini roommate Dave jumps over me from the window and he suspects: "Oh wells? I am curious that could you let me to do your novel on your computer in your office," Dionne? "Huh? Of course! But, call my partner Alvin Seville will lift my blue laptop computer up then you will type my novel until done it and save this but don't print or send my novel to my client until I will feel better soon," Dave? "Oh boy, no problem," Dionne. 

In my office room my partner Alvin Seville suspects: "You mean type her novel on computer right," Dave? "Yeah! I jump and type on the keyboard seems so big than I am a shrinking man," Alvin. "Maybe you let me to do Dionne's novel for you," Dave. He said him. "Sure," I agree with you," Alvin. 

After typing is over that my partner Alvin was finish to proofread on her novel then he said: "Aha! We will save it until our Dionne will be feeling better soon," Dave? He smiles him. "Of course! I guess so," Alvin. 

Next day morning in my office that wherever I work on my novel by my blue laptop computer but his big roommate Dionne stops to type then turns to look down at my mini roommate Dave comes in now... "You seems so fever and tell me what's wrong with you," Dave? She take him from on the floor finally put my mini roommate Dave on my desk really so big than he's a shrinking man although his big roommate Dionne suspects him by my American Sign Language. "I am sick with a worst chicken pox that why you spreads me recently," Dionne!? "Ha! Oops! I forget to tell you about this," Dave. She chuckles him by my American Sign Language. "Oh brother, Dionne!" 

The end!

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