Black Eye


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Chapter 1

Eva is seeing the psychiatrist. She says she sees ghosts and has regular nightmares. But not any regular nightmares, she can't sleep. So what she is seeing is real. I believe her but no one else does. We still wonder where she gets her spooky stories from though. She is always unsure and afraid. Eva only started this habit a few years ago.

 She tells me her night mare. "Kathy, here's what I really see and hear."

"What is it" I reply afraid.

"I sit with 5-6 friends in a square. Rebecca will sit in the top right corner, you will be in the left top corner, Sue will be on the bottom right corner and Jerome will be in the bottom left corner. Then I will be in the middle and you will be next to Jerome. There will be a triangle of sand and sugar with a circle in the middle.... Where I stand. You will say Come come, where ever from, the shadow may lay but your shadow will shine rays of moonlight."

"And..." I say pretending to be interested.

"Someone becomes possessed from the Black Eye"

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Chapter 2

 This thought kept coming to Eva and Kathy kept listening to her story over and over again.

Years past and they were 17. Kathy was sick of being told the story and said

"If it's real... Let's do it! I'm sick of it!"

Before Eva could say anything, she rushed out in to the blackness of night to fetch sand and sugar. She came barging in and Eva had the chill of horror flooding her spine. Kathy ran up stairs and bought Rebecca, Sue and Jerome. They sat in their positions and Eva poured the sugar and sand in the desired way. Kathy resighted the poem while Eva sat in the middle. Eva nod at Kathy to signal her to start. She began chanting the worlds about 4-9 times.  

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Chapter 3

 A chill ran down everyone's spine as the silence proceed. The dripping candles went out, the flickering lights continued flickering and Eva suddenly opened her eyes. We hear a whisper travel the air telling us that she's here. Sue stammered to say who but we all stopped her except for Eva. She fell silent and twisted her neck. The flickering stopped and the one candle at the top of the candle which still was lighting went off. We opened our eyes and saw Eva wasn't there. 

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