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Chapter one

“Run” I panted. I grabbed my seven year old brothers hand. His blue eyes were filled with terror as we ran towards the front door. It was hanging wide open

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Chapter 1

         “Run!” I gasped. I grabbed my brothers hand and pulled him down the entry way and towards the front door, but it slammed shut in our faces. 

“No!” I yelled. Then I heard a chuckle that made my heart stop. A shadowy figure stood in front of us. 

“Oh yes my dear Keegan.” He said he licked his lips. His eyes were red as blood and his hair light as snow. I pulled Tyler close to me. We lost our parents to this man. I’m not loosening him too. I backed up but we hit the door. Tyler whimpered as the man got closer. I cursed him as he stood right in front of us. 

 “Now now, such language should not be use in front of the young ones.~. He said. He grabbed my arm. I smacked his face. He let go of me and hissed. 

  “You little brat! You are going to pay for that!” He pounced flashing me his fangs. I pushed Tyler away and threw my arms up to protect me. I was knocked back and smashed my head into the wall as his nails dug into my arms. Tears slid down my face as he leaned over my neck to feast on my blood. 

“Stop!” A tiny voice yelled. The man paused. I opened my eyes. Tyler. 

 “What do you want little one.” The vampire asked. Tyler balled his hands into tiny fists. 

“Take me instead.” He was shaking. I tried to get free of the vampires grip. 

“No! Tyler get out of here! Let me die!” I yelled. Tyler stood there his lip quivering and tears running down his face. The vampire looked back and forth between us then smiles. In one quick motion he brought his foot down on my ankle. I screamed. Tyler shut his eyes. The vampire tackled him to the ground and bit his neck. Tyler thrashed for a minute but then quickly realized it was useless I reached for him but he was to far. 

“Tyler!” I cried into the blood red carpet. Tyler looked at me and smiled. 

“I-I will tell mom and dad hi for you... and Ginny too...” his blue eyes seemed to fade. I screamed at the vampire. 

“You monster!-“he laughed. He got up and dusted himself off leaving the corpse of my brother on the ground. His milky eyes seemed to stare at me. 

“What a nice meal~” she said wiping his mouth. I glared at him. 

“I will kill you for this!” I said. He laughed. 

“You could never kill a vampire. You would have to be a demon hunter. They only have the power to kill vampires ghosts and demons.” I looked at him. 

“Why am I still alive then?” I asked. He laughed. 

“So you have to die with the fact that it’s your fault your brother died.” I cried. 

“N-no! He-he” I sobbed. 

“He gave his life to save you. It’s your fault.” I tried to stand. I stifled a scream. My ankle was on fire. He got closer to me. 

“You are going to die guilty.” He laughed. But he started to choke. A silver blade stuck through his stomach. He cursed and vanished. I limped over to Tyler. 

“Tyler.” I sobbed. I felt someone touch my shoulder. I whipped around.  There was a girl standing there she looked about fourteen. Her electric blue eyes searched me before she asked. 

“What happened?” I stared at her. 

“My family-“ she sighed. 

“Another family...” I stared at her. 

“Who are you?” I asked. She smiled and leaned down and touched my face. 

“My names Kia and I’m a demon hunter.”

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