Meaning of Life


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Chapter 1

What is our sole purpose in life? What is the one most important reason God breathed life into us? What is the Meaning to Life? Many scientists have asked this question, but they also want everyone to believe the world was created with a big bang.

 I have asked myself these same questions thousands of times, wondering if there's any purpose or reason at all as to why I was born. We were given this life for a reason. What is that reason though? Maybe the meaning to life is what you do for others. 

"We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives. Now it's time for us to more than just survive. We were made to thrive." (Casting Crowns--Thrive). God has a purpose for everything He creates, including us. Some people think that the meaning to life is to enjoy the moment and not take life too seriously.

 What's the use of life if you don't live it? Is there any meaning to life at all? How can you really prove anything? What if we're all just animals, using every means to survive, but still just wandering aimlessly about the earth, not really meant to do much more than just survive. I mean, "Survival of the Fittest" here, am I right?

 So many people in this world live everyday on autopilot, but God knows everything that has ever happened or ever will happen. God knows your every waking thought and anything you do before you ever do it. If God knows everything, why did He create Adam and Eve and the serpent? Shouldn't He have already known that they would disobey Him?

 When God created Adam and Eve, He said that they were to rule over the earth. Why would He give humans power and dominion over everything? He could have chosen dogs, or cats, or even fish. So why choose humans?

 Humans were only supposed to protect and care for all of these: the creatures of the earth, the plants and trees and fruit, and protect and take care of their of their fellow humans. Once evil came into the world, though, we were also given the task of bringing bad people back to God.

 How many people are actually succeeding and accomplishing at these things everyday of their lives? Not a single person in this world is doing all of this everyday of their life. 

Why can't we all just try a little bit harder everyday to these things? 

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Richard Lowe

Your book sounds interesting, and I can understand where you are coming from, but to me, it needs a little more detail, I have almost finished my book on a similar thing, check it out and let me know what you think it's called time to rethink


I'm not trying to say any of this is the exact meaning of life, though. The meaning of life is different for everyone. 

If you read this and get some cool ideas about what you think the meaning of life is, then PLEASE tell me your thoughts and ideas in the comments. If I like your ideas, then the next time I update I will throw in your thoughts.


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Francis Rosenfeld

You asked for thoughts and ideas, here goes:

Throughout my life I assumed that meaning must fit in the common framework of understanding and by this very definition it can’t defy its rules. It turns out those rules are at best a subset of broader organizing principles which are difficult if not impossible to understand and at worst an artifact of our reason, meant as a place holder for the real thing so we can function at a basic level. It’s not that these rules we are so sure of are wrong, or useless, they just are not at all what we think they are about.


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