People Throw Rocks


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Chapter 1

People throw rocks at things that shine. 

So hide your excitement behind a smile.

If they see you're different, you'll never get in.

They will mock and tease and make you cry.



It's not the physical hurts, but the verbal ones that stay with you forever. 

A crowded hallway is the loneliest place for the ones who are different. 

A wallflower just listens, they will never bloom. 

If you show them the depths of your soul, you'll never be forgiven.



Control your temper, hide your personality.

Don't let the people throw their rocks.

Just pretend to be one of them.

Don't trust anyone.

People will always take advantage of trust.



They have to see you as perfect.

So hold in all your fears;

All your worries;

All your pain.



If they knew what hides behind your smile; 

You'll be laughed at and mocked;

Tormented and treated like dirt.



Become like them, and join the crowd of forgettable faces.

Be like everyone else, don't try to stand out.

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I like this very much. My favorite line is "A crowded hallway is the loneliest place for the ones who are different". This is very good.


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