"In Another Beautiful Reality"


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"In Another Beautiful Reality"

by Donovan Taylor

We all live in reality, whether we admire it or not. At times, we may not like the predicaments were placed into, whether by our own careless choices or by the universe itself. All humans, at some point, question whether they were born at the right time or at the right place, and if that unfortunate circumstance led them to live lives of cruelty, boredom, or danger. The world, although cruel as it maybe, and our lives, no matter how dull they’ve become due to the regular routine each of us goes through, offers a chance for escape. Airplanes are able to transport people to new lives and new adventures, to discover new people and unravel new mysterious about themselves they didn’t knew existed, like a college student flying out of state for the first time to visit the school of their dreams, possibly in a picturesque city like Paris or New York, taking in the lights, the environment, and the buzzing of people.

Many people can escape, but many remain trapped in their own lives, in their own minds. Fortunately for people whose minds are filled with words, unable to express themselves to the full of extent of one wish they could, and for people who are tired of their mundane lives, tired of even themselves, books are able to offer that gateway to a new world. A new reality. Books offer many realities, fictional and not, that people can dive into, feeling as though they were a part of the adventure themselves. An elderly man longing for his youth could be reading about a young adult novel about a relationship or the bonds of friendship. A woman with a loss of faith could be reading an autobiography, or even a novel, about loss of faith and the light that soon followed. Our reality may be dark, and one could say that’s it’s unfair in many cases, how people are able to afford to go on adventures, and are brave enough to connect with people and do things quiet individuals would read in novels; going on road trips, gazing at the number of stars in the night sky, lying side by side; partying, let the alcohol and music clog your veins until you’re in a state of euphoria; long heart to heart conversations with your good friend, asking and answering life’s greatest questions. There are an infinite number of realities that occupy our minds, trying to morph themselves into reality for us to enjoy. A beautiful reality is out there for everyone. We just have to find it.

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I really enjoyed reading this :)

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Thank you so much! There’s more to come soon.

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