A Distinguished Trip to Sin City - Las Vegas


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At the onset of the twentieth century, Las Vegas dint even exist in the map of Nevada and now it resembles a shimmering ensemble of precious stone jewelry amongst the arid deserts of Nevada. This place is an ultimate weekend getaway destination in the world and houses nineteen of the twenty-five largest uber class hotels that sees about thirty-seven million tourists and visitors each year. A city of no-expense-spared casinos, Las Vegas, is lively and happening city around the clock. There is no dearth to the kind of entertainment that is offered to the guests of the city. With its larger-than-life settings it is the perfect archetype of a dream destination for people all over the world.

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If you are in Las Vegas you are in for a colorful treat of costumes, lights and architectures. The city has a lot of flare and elaborateness to offer in the form of 24/7 amusement shows characterized with a plethora of dancers, acrobats, white tigers and singers. If you do not know where to start getting acquainted with the show in Las Vegas, then you can safely buy tickets to Jersey Boys Las Vegas. You definitely will not regret it. If you are the adventurous kind, you can also relish the world's largest roller coaster ride that houses itself in the Sin City (Las Vegas). You can also choose to volunteer in adventure activities like reverse bungee jumping wherein you are shot 160 feet into the air and at a speed of 45 mph. Another attraction that falls into the same category as the reverse bungee jumping is "The Ride" which is a humongous mechanical arm that stretches out 64 feet over the edge of this place and spins you at a force of 3 G's. It gives you the high that no alcoholic beverage ever would.

Yet another attribute of the city that attracts many tourists are the shopping centers as divergent as the city itself. With a range of arcades, mega-malls, ethnic stores, Las Vegas has a lot to offer to their sopping savvy customers. Shopping arcades like Windows that dazzles with merchandise from Tiffany, Chanel, Armani, Hermes and many more is a must visit. Then you have high profile malls called the Fashion Show Mall that has seven anchor stores viz. Bloomingdale's Home, Dillard, two Macy's store, Neiman-Marcus, Robinsons-May and Saks Fifth Avenue. If you are in for some ethnic shopping like Asian furniture, homeware and art objects you must visit the famous Chinatown Center, a shopping complex that is located in Spring Mountain Road. Nature lovers should make it a point to visit the stores in MonteLago Village at Lake Las Vegas. It resembles a picturesque Italian hill town with shops that are characterized with Mediterranean-styled buildings of ochre, burnt sienna and off white.

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