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No Follow Links - Click through

I think one fact that SEO experts and practitioners often ignore is click through. If a link doesn’t directly impact your rank, they pass. This despite the fact the link might actually drive direct traffic. This ‘attitude’ flies in the face of online marketing whose sole goal is more buying customers to your site.

What does this have to do with no follow links? A lot. As I said, many times people skip the opportunity to create a no follow link in the name of SEO. Yet from my experience and experiments, no follow links often generate much higher click through than do follow links placed in similar venues.

Ok? Let me give you an example.

Social Media. Most links are no follow in the form of comments, forum posts, etc. However, they can drive a lot of referral traffic, which will increase your android app rating. We are addicted to social media and inclined to click through on relevant content (the key phrase being relevant).

Bottom line - don’t pass on a link in the name of SEO. Especially at a high traffic, socially driven, relevant site.

No Follow Links - Its all about balance...

This thought relates to an article I recently read providing insight on Google’s algorithm. It presented an interesting thought - although I have yet to confirm its validity. Google likes balance. Meaning... If a site has all do follow links, Google will view it suspiciously.

To me, it makes sense. Spammers are going for rank. Therefore it is likely they are going to care less about balance, going for do follow links wherever possible.

Legitimate site owners are going to have a presence that includes do follow and no follow links, social media, etc. In addition, social media is primarily no follow, yet important in judging a sites true value and popularity.

Bottom line, no follow balance make sense to me. And in any case, as part of your broader marketing strategy, no follow links are a part of social media and can be crafted to drive click through traffic.

No Follow Links :: In conclusion

Don’t pass on no follow links in the name of SEO. Don’t pass on no follow links simply because they are no follow. No follow links can help if they drive direct click through traffic and if balance truly matters, then no follow links will become more important.

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