Blood Thirst


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"What is your wish?"

"I crave for revenge!"

"Deal,now your soul is mine....."

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Chapter 1:Soul Contract

Livila walk down the hall,blindfolded she hold the bat.Shivering she hit the "pinata"

blood spattered all over her body...

She scream crying,a shadow apears next to her:

"What's wrong?"

"This is wrong,I can't do this anymore"

The shadow glares,Livila turned back.She had blood all over her face....

"You told me-"


"I take it back,Emily!"

"Too bad"

Livila body exploded.Human flesh was laying all on the ground.Emily walked to it and stepped on it:

"Think you can live a good life now huh?"

Emily took a glowing piece of gem inside the flesh.The glowing piece cried:


"Your soul you already sold it,now I need a new meal"

Emily said as she suck the glowing light from the piece of gem....She returned home.Life as a witch sure wasn't easy.People this day too afraid of gore she can't even get a whole piece of soul gem!As she thought she vanishes

"Now who summoned me?"

A little girl looked at her with hateful eyes...Emily looked at her:

"What's your wish"

"I crave for revenge"

"Deal,now your soul is mine"

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