My Highschool Life


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Mary, Alysha and Lana's story of how friends, boys and school affected their lives.


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As the bell rang we raced to class we Lana did anyway Mary and I took our time and slowly making our way because all we had was Maths in Bay-view High. When we got there Joey and Jesse were being idiots as always Lana was already sitting with Maya, Sassy. Mary and I went to sit with Joey and Jesse instead because unlike Maya, Lana and Sass we liked hanging out with guys and we both had our crushes. Soon after the 6 most most annoying boys turned up Collin, Joseph, Harry, Liam, Mason and Toby. They come and sit with us 

Liam looks at me and snorts 'Still here.'

'Shut up,'  I reply bluntly.

I have never liked him and he has never liked me as i was about to say something the POPS or the most popular group in the school walk in with the short skirts and half t's. Brittany the leader with her twin Alana far behind and Renee and Tiffany close by. They walk up to Mary and I and snorts

'OMG girls I didn't even recognize you I thought you were guys.'

'HAHA Britt very funny now why don't you go and take that fake smile and sit over there in the dumpster where you belong,' I say in a bitchy tone.

Oh and that got a cheer and laugh from the class.I am always the one to have a smart or bitchy for everything but mainly with THE POPS and Liam and Harry. Her eyes go as red a blood and i swear she was going to say something but Ms Monte came in and she went back to being a innocent little spoiled bitch.

We all look at her innocently and act like nothing ever happened.


Mary and I sit with the guys yet another day, we don't know yet but we think we have a shot with our crushes. Maya gives us a death stare and walks away with the others. She has not been happy lately but what can Mary and I say we are getting along with new people and Maya is the one that said making new friends are like opportunities for a new beginning so she can't talk. Today was different i mean all the boys welcomed us and everything and then thins turned ugly. Our friends were talking to our enemies. After about 10 mins our friends sit down at the POPS table and Britt comes over and says,

'Well, well, well it seems you girls hanging out with the guys has now broken your friendship with your friends that are girls LOSERS.'

We couldn't believe it after about 5 mins of staring the bell goes and we head off to what we call Snorence or Science.



In Science we try to talk to the girls but they ditch us and head t the back seat where the POPS sit we still couldn't believe our eyes they were ditching us for our arch enemies. Anyway we head back to the table with the boys and begin chatting. Then Mr Wilson walks in and makes our shut up and begin on our task. Half way through class Mary, Jesse, Joey and I all get a detention for talking during class. So at lunch we have to serve that  detention So not fair well at least it is only for half of lunch anyway back to work. During this last 45 mins of class Liam, Harry, Colin and Joseph get a  detention for not doing their work. Our old friends and the POPS just give us nasty looks and go back to doing all their work perfectly not talking in glitter pens and acting all innocent I wish the teachers knew what THE POPS were really like, I mean they are awful bitches in the yard ad when a teacher or adult is present. After the 45 mins it is Lunch time where 8 of us eve though there are only us 2 girls serve  detention. YAH!!!!

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The teacher on detention is Mr Wilson the teacher we just had oh and man do I hate him. He gave us homework I mean just us the people who got detention so unfair

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