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My name was Ava Roberts, I was 16 and lived with my mum, dad and younger sister Mary-Jane and My older sister Freya. I lived in Melbourne and I went to school at Bayview High. I was in grade 10, I lived a pretty normal life with my two best friends. Gracie Molton and Harmony Dangers. Then everything changed we got new neighbours and they had a boy my age named Noah Adams. Let me tell you he was trouble, well at least that is what his parents said to me. They told me they moved so he could change and stop getting in trouble. Maybe it was time my friends and I, made a new friend. 

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New People Next Door (Ava's POV)

Today was a normal day, my family and I hanging around in the pool.       Enjoying Summer while it lasts. I was splashing my younger sister, Mary- Grace, when we heard a truck pull up next door. Mum and Dad got up and checked what was going on before turning back to say "Looks like we are getting new neighbours." I wondered who they could be.... The next morning.. I woke up to the sun shining on my face and my alarm blaring in my ear. I got up and put on a pink cropped tank top and black shorts and black converses. I tied my hair in a high ponytail and headed to meet the new neighbours. I knocked on the front door and girl about 13 opened the door. "Hello, is your parents home I asked," She ran off and got her mother. "Hi I'm Ava, I live next door." "Nice to meet you dear, I'm Emily." Her hair was long and blonde and she looked about 40, she was very pretty. Not long after a man about the same age came to the door his hair dark chestnut brown and piercing blue eyes. His name was John and they were the Adams family. They had two girls and one son. The girl who answered the door was Charity, she had just turned 13 and had long blonde hair like her mother and the same eyes as her father. They had a younger daughter Bella who had just turned 8. She had long dark chestnut hair and the green eyes of her mother. And then there was her son Noah. He was my age 16 and was a troublemaker, he had blonde hair like his mother and the same colour eyes as his mother too.  I invited them over for a BBQ. I was looking forward to meeting the family next door and I know my family would be happy to meet them too. 



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Family BBQ (Ava's POV)

After returning from the shops, I head upstairs to have a shower and get ready. After my shower I put on a floral sundress and some black strappy sandals. I leave my hair out and head downstairs. My dad is already cooking the meat and my mum preparing the salad. My sisters getting ready. I help my mum with the salads and set the table. After that My sister's came down and then there was a knock on the door. They were here. I opened the door and there stood a family of 5. "Hi" I said, "come on in." I looked at them all and they looked happy. Then my eyes landed on him. Noah he was drop dead gorgeous, but he was a bad boy and wouldn't go for a girl like me. After they came we all headed to porch and sat down at the table. We all talked and ate and soon it was time for desert and I got up and headed to the kitchen to get it. As I was getting it out the fridge someone spoke, "Need any help," it was Noah. "No it's fine," I replied. That didn't stop him from helping  me. He grabbed the forks and spoons and headed outside. Well that was weird I thought. After desert they left and I found out that Noah would be going to school with me..OMG I HAD TO TELL THE GIRLS!!!!

Group chat: My babes💖💕💕


Gracie: What?!?!?! 

Harmony: Yeah what ?!?

Me: I got a new neighbour and he is HOT!!! But a bad boy apparently and he is attending Bayview High in grade 10!! And he's been to my house... 


Gracie: OMG YESSS!!! GO FOR IT AVS!!! 

Me: Maybe.... anyway going to sleep love you all xoxo

Harmony: Night xoxo 

Gracie: 💗💗

I completely forgot that Noah's room was right across from mine and he was staring at me,... "Yes?," I ask. "Nothing," he replies.. with that he smirks and shuts his blind....

I curl up in bed and slowly fall asleep dreading school tomorrow....ugh!!

A/N__Sorry guys for the short chapter and the long time to update I have had friend issues and home issues.. Sorry but I will write another chapter right after I upload this one!!! Love you all thanks for reading!! Don't forget to comment about the book please

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