Giving My Heart Away.


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Chapter 1

Β "Sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh and that's what life is made of "

It wasn't long ago when my mother Marylyn died that all hell broke loose,my dad started acting weird like coming home drunk,sometimes he comes and beats me up blaming that am the reason why mother left until he gets knocked out, but I couldn't blame him for his action because he is in a critical and very delicate condition .Β 

As soon as he fainted, I laid him on the sofa and grabbed his blanket to cover him up Incase he feels cold and I ran as fast as my feeble legs could carry me toward my rooms, the pain was intolerable, but I still persevere it , if tears we gold and heartache were silvers I could have all the reaches that my pocket could hold.

Just then as I was about to sleep I remembered that my dad's medicine has finished as he was suffering from liver cirrhosis due to the amount of excessive alcohol he was consuming .

It was late midnight when i bought the medicine and started heading back to the house, as I was walking in the forest I heard weird noises ,my heart started beating like a drum, it was like the tree were warning me not to proceed but I paid no heed and continued with my journey but in a faster pace.Β 

Suddenly, it started raining can this night get any better and I took shelter on a roadside bench I didn't want the tablets to get wet because if so I have to face the music including getting beat up by my sister Hannah and of course the one and only my father and worst of all enduring his wrath as my mother used to tell meΒ  "tame his wrath to keep it warm and safe."Β 

I was left in my thoughts until I heard laughter and chatterings ,many questions s...started criss-crossing inside my head, l couldn't move, move myself it was like unknown force was holding me back, three men approached me one of them was bold with big muscles like "the rock" the other two looked alike between the two of them one had a broken teeth and a bruised eye, the three of them looked so scary and creepy too on top of all that they smell a rat.Β 

As I was gathering my stuff (medicine) I saw something on the board that made my blood to freeze in my vein, my heart started pumping in my chest ,it was a wanted poster and it has the pictures of the three men who are standing right in front of me and it says "anyone who sees them should run for their dear life and call 911,they are not only robbers but also murderous, they rape girls and cut them into pieces so citizens be aware of the three because precaution is better than cure......"

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